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~~~ Step Ups Dream ~~~ Address: The main headquarter: #11-159, queensclose, Singapore Office contact no.

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1. Introduction Sleep is a naturally recurring state characterized by reduced or lacking consciousness. When we sleep, the brain becomes inactive. Alll nerves are relaxed and get rid of thinking or brainstorming. On ther other hand. Sleep is still a need of our life. As a survey shows that we spend averagely one third of our life for sleeping. Lets imagine a lifetime without sleep, your brain, mustles and nerves will be overloaded and you will die soon. Thats why as a schycology, sleep can be a scale to balance the energy internally. We (Heavens Dream) understand the sleep for everyone, we see their needs for a nice sleep and satisfaction of a deep sleep. Thats the reason why we came up with this idea: ZEO PESONAL SLEEP COACH 2. Summary about our product: Zeo is a revolutionary sleep device. Your quality of sleep is central to your quality of life. Zeo is designed to help you analyze your sleep and improve it, so you can be your best every day. Its composed of a lightweight wireless headband, a bedside display, a set of online analytical tools, and an email-based personalized coaching program. It has 3 components:

Digital clock and headband

Analysis program installed in computer. So how does this device function: Everytime before going to sleep, you will wear a headband. Do you think that its uncomfortable? Thats the question which we realise when customer wants to try new thing. Almost people have the same thinking as the first time they have seen this device. Hence, it is hard for customer to accept it as well as using it instead of other traditonal ways. But getting rid of that thinking and lets try. This device will not create any affection into your comfort or get out of your head during your sleep as we have tested some customers (Kathy W. Age 32/ San Francisso, CA or James T. Age 29/ Langhorne, PA whose this device is used). For more details about what they think of this product, you can visit: http://whatiszeo3.myzeo.com/hp/3/testimonials.php During users sleeping time, the headband will record down all changes converted into patterns. This process will be automatically converted through sending signal from headband to the computer. You can use visual analytical tools installed in your computer by given CD in package to see trends, cause&effect patterns. Besides, a bedside device as a clock will find your ZQ (a term used to calculate your total sleeping time and total awakeing time during your sleep). This ZQ can show you wether you sleep too much or too little depending on your age as well for you to adjust. The graph below shows us the average score for different group ages:

The pattern showing the fluctuation of your sleep-depth. Every hour through your sleep time, there will have different colours showing how deep your sleep is. For example, around 5 PM, you are in REW state. Besides, by looking at this graph, the machine can know what time the alarm clock (a part of whole package) should wake you up instead of using normal automatic alarm clock. For example, it will manage to wake you up around 6 a.m or 7 a.m as shown on the graph to avoid creating heavy affection into your sleep as well as your mood on morning. Zeo Personal sleep coach will help you understand and minimise the factors that negatively affect sleep, so you can take control of your mights. Thats the main purpose for customer buys our products as well as our goal.

3. Why do we want to jump in this industry: Nowadays, we have had many ways to fall asleep. Drinking sleeping pill Try to relax as best as possbile after stressful or heavy days by watching movie, commady or listen to music. We still can take exercises such as swimming, football or basketball regularly. Many ways that are slightly related to creating nice sleep such as painting bedroom wall with light colours, design room spacious and windy,etc.. These ways are traditional ways that customer has used. But when they care about their sleep, these ways might be costly as decorating bedroom or hard to maintain regularly as swimming. Especially in a competitive country as Singapore where everyday is long and stressful day, everybody can not keep exercises regularly as well as drinking sleeping pill every night. Furthermore, people do not have enough time for relaxing and entertaining. They must work from morning (9am) till afternoon(5pm) officially. Besides, some people do not really care about managing sleeping times as well as factors affecting to their sleep: Internal factors: Stress and many medical conditions that might cause discomfort. External factors: eating, drinking. The medications that we take or the environment. Overall, these factors tend to reduce the depth of our sleeps, causing tired or sluggish leading to affecting their work productivity and other daily activities. But almost people do not know that clearly as well as how to correct it with the best ways. They can think of asking health advisor or whatever they want. But mostly people think of long term as well as finance, Thats the reason why we look at these factors, we see insights and we embrace the oportunity to target these groups with the main goal: Giving our customers the best sleep that they have ever had. What we are about to offer is a new invention that applied technology to manage your sleep. Its called ZEO. 4. Management team: We are new player in Singapore with the first time launching new product, thats why our managemential structure is simple enough to operate the company. Basically at the beginning, our management team is formed up with 4 positions:

The president& Chief Executive Officer ( Mr. Doan Minh Duc) Marketing manager (Mr. Sherwin Greenblatt) Service & product development manager ( Mr. Jason Donahue) Sales Manager ( Mr. Peter Meekin)

The president & CEO

Doan Minh Duc

Marketing Manager:

Mr. Sherwin Greenblatt

Service & product development manager: Mr. Jason Donahue)

Sales Manager:

Mr. Peter Meekin

The president& Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Duc was graduated from NUS specialised in management in 1990. Mr. Duc is holding doctor certificate of management certified by University of Oxford. 2001-2004: He worked in general hospital as the Manager of operation. Mr. Duc was still awarded one of the successful manager in 2005. 2004-2009: He was the vice president of KFC branch in Singapore. With a long profile of working in many industries, Mr. Duc is a senior and experienced person that most suitable for CEO position in our company. We believe in his leadership. Under him, we have: Marketing manager: Mr. Sherwin Greenblatt graduated from Massachusett university in 2001 with A ranking certificate. Besides, he is holding MBA in marketing. Mr. Sheewin is still co-worker with Mr. Duc at KFC branch. During his working time in KFC branch in Singapore as the marketing director for 5 year from 2004-2009, he has got BA certificate at NUS. Besides, working time, Mr. Sherwin actively participates into social activities such as charity distribution or to propagate social activities. These

participations help him to have good communication, understand more about people needs and wants and singapore market as well. Service & product development manager: Mr. Jason Donahue is a one of people that invented this product. With him in this invention are Mr. Michael J. Breus , Mr. Phyllis C. Zee and Mr. John W. Winkelman. All of them are electronic engineers exept Mr. John W. Winkelman (specialising in phsycology) and are experienced people with more than 8 years working. Besides 4 people as mentioned above form a product development team. Before working, Mr. Jason had tought in Brown univertity in U.S.A for 5 years from 2002-2007. This time helped him to reinforce knowledge and allow him to join into science projects as well as getting master certificate of electronic engineering. 2007-2010: he worked in an electronic company named B.I.B located in Rhode Island, U.S.A. Mr.Jason Donahue and his team have just moved to Singapore as The contract between them and the company. They will be in charge of developing the companys existing products. Otherwise Mr. John W. Winkelman will be in charge of service. Sales Manager: Mr. Peter Meekin graduated from SMU in Singapore in 2005. He is the youngest member in management board. He only has 4 year experience working before joining our company. 2005-2010: he had worked for many companies in sales department such as shengshiong, IKEA, Takashimaya or Tangs. The highest position that he has placed is the managet of shengshiong supermarket in commonwealth. But with these years working in sales field with many different industries from food&stuff, furniture to shopping items, we believe that he has a good view about market, set up suitable strategy for sales as well as finishing his job well. Thats why we position him as Sales manager. 5. Marketing plan: Because we have just jumped in Singapore market as new company for new product, thats why we have seen marketing as the most important strategy to promote and advertise our product as well as our company image. Group segment is working people who that carry stressful job everyday

First, we need to set up our product identification. Product:

Trademark: Logo: Slogan: just a finger, we touch your mind product name: ZEO PESONAL SLEEP COACH Price: $199 U.S for Zeo personal sleep coach with 1 year warrenty $299 with guided coaching with 2-year warrenty.

Objectives: First year: Total sales is Sing $ 500,000 Following 3 years: An increas of 60% sales During the second year, we will land the new version of ZEO called Zeo 1.2 to increase sales with new functions Target market: Our customers will be staffs who work under high pressure. These people will dont have time to manage their sleep or they dont have a suitalbe method. Communcation: We will keep in touch with all customer that we have sold product by phone no. or email. These methods will help us to help customers anytime when they need our service as well as consulting. Besides we still have home service, we will come and guide customers all steps to operate the machine as well as how to understand information in computer. Using website as the fastest way to reach customer, Besides we still get connection with facebook, twitter and Zeo logy blog as well. Using MRT advertisement including inside the train and at some platforms. We only advertise at some crowded platforms such as bugis, raffles, vivo and Citihall. Distribution channel: Customer can come to buy directly from company stores located in: 2nd floor, bugis junction, B2-25, Vivo city #1-22, Shophouses, Raffles place

Besides we will promote sales directly to some big companies such as OCBC, creative or Certis CISCO Security Private Limited With discout if they buy big amout for staff. Co-operation with some reatailing companies such as IKEA to spread our product. Setting up checkpoints and giving samples. We will create small groups of staff that placed at some crowded areas such as raffles place,bugis junction or vivo city, etc.. to give sample as well as promoting products. Customers who are interested in product, can try free sample for 1 week with a promise to give back product later.

6. Operation plan: We have totally around 60 staffs and we work from 9A.M to 6P.M ( singapore working time) and 6 days/ week. Service and sales staff will be at work all the time to service customer and each store in 4 our stores will have around 5 service staffs who are ready to provide information for customer. Besides there will be some small service staff groups that are in charge of home service and promoting product directly to companies. Delivery channels: Customer can come directly our stores to buy product We have calling service allows customer to buy product buy calling us via hotline with delivery fee Customer can buy online buy log in our website. Payment will be done through banking. Supplier: Our product is imported by ship from US Partner: We are working with IKEA for product sales in their chain of stores. We have requirement for our staff: They must be from 20-40 and specialised in their field They can speak at least english and Chinese (not requirement) They must never be in black record of police as well as having white profile. Besides their personality should be friendly and open.

7. Financial plan: For the fisrt year, we can not make profit. We are planning to get profit from the second year. And profit growth will be 60% sales for the coming 3 year and around 20-40% for later years. Funds will be financed by our initial capital: Sing $350,000. Besides , we will try to get financing from investors and banks. Capital from borrowing will be around 220,000 to maintain the operation for first years. The capital will make sure that we still can operate the company in the condition of making losses. Funds will be used in 3 majors: Cost of goods produced Selling expenses Administrative expenses Other expenses such as rental fee and purchasing equipment. We have analysied balance sheet and income statement as our finance for 1st year. BALANCE SHEET Unit: Singapore Dollar.
Current assets: Cash on hand Account receivable Inventories Fixed assets: Building Furniture&Equipment Less: Acumulative depreciation Liability Current liabilities: Account payable interest payable Customer Deposit Long term liabilities: Long-term debts Owner's equity: 200,000 25,000 150,000



-30,000 -15,000 -26,000




INCOME STATEMENT Unit: Singapore Dollar.

Sales Cost of goods sold Gross Profit on sales Opration expenses Selling expenses Sales Commision Transportation Depr. Of sales equipment administrative expenses officer's salaries Depr. Of officer and equip equipment Other expenses and losses rental fee Net Income 500,000 -300,000 200,000

-20,000 -12,000 -15,000 -47,000 -110,000 -20,000 -32,000

-132,000 -32,000 -11,000

8. Conclusion By running this kind of business, we (Step ups Dream ) are looking forward to success as well as the leader in this kind of industry. Once again, In coming years, our goals are: To be the leader in Singapore market and set up capable background for future strategies Expanding business into neighbour countries as well as in Southeast Asia region Finally, we hope that our business plan will give the clearest and most detailed perspective that investors have been looking for to join us.