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(Letter of Appointment of Ms. Shonali - effective from 19th September 2011)

Name: Shonali Add : Mob : ; email Id: shonali1987@indiatimes.com Dear Shonali, This is with reference to your application and subsequent interview; we have pleasure to offer you an appointment on the following terms and conditions. A.

Designation : Business Coordinator Appointment Date :19th September 2011 Job Location : Chandigarh

Your job functions and responsibilities as " Office Coordinator" will be as defined broadly in the enclosed Annexure B. REMUNERATION Basic Salary House Rent Allowance Conveyance Allowance Special All : Rs. 4,219 per month : 50% of Basic : Rs. 800 : Rs. 5333 per month

After a successful completion of probation period, you will be eligible for future increments or promotion or any other salary increase based on merit considering your periodic and consistent overall performance, business conditions and other parameters fixed from time to time at the discretion of the management and shall not be considered merely as a matter of right. 1. MEDICAL REIMBURSEMENT: Subject to the rules framed for this purpose, the Company will reimburse medical expenses incurred by the employee for self, his wife, dependent children and dependent parents up to a maximum amount of Rs. 1,250 per month which is added to the take home salary. However, a bill against the amount of Rs. 15,000 per annum should be produced any time before the end of the financial year. LEAVE TRAVEL ASSISTANCE: Subject to the rules framed for this purpose, the Company has distributed and added the amount of Rs. 4,'219 per annum to the take home salary. However, it's mandatory to produce the bill against this amount anytime before the end of the financial year. COMPANY BONUS: (Variable Pay/ Yearly Benefit) That you will be eligible for performance bonus which will be determined based on your Personal performance and Company performance as a whole. However on the full performance the maximum amount of company bonus will be Rs 41,250 per annum.




PROVIDENT FUND: (there will be no deduction of PF and Income tax now) As per rules applicable under the Employees Provident Fund act.


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(Letter of Appointment of Ms Shonali .- effective from 19th September 2011) 5. INCOME TAX: The company is obliged to deduct Income Tax at source as per provision of Income Tax Act / Rules. Accordingly, you are required to submit all required proof of permitted savings / investments and other details from time to time to enable the company to comply with the provisions of law. In the event of non compliance by you as aforesaid if the company is required to pay any interest or payment under Income Tax Act, it shall deduct the amount as may be paid or payable from your salary or other payments and you shall allow the company to comply with these requirements without objection.

C. GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. WORKING HOURS: Your sign in time is 9:30 AM till 6 PM. You are not allowed to sign in late.

2. LEAVE i. There are eight paid casual leaves and two paid medical leaves for 6 months which you can avail. Exceeding the number it will be considered as leave without pay and will be settled accordingly, ii. In case of a sick leave you are required to inform your Reporting Manager of your absence at the earliest.
iii. For the application for the casual leave you have to apply

through mail to the concerning Reporting Manager and the HR before 15 days or ASAP. 3. RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES iv. That during the course of your employment you will discharge your duties effectively and diligently to the best of your ability and shall devote your whole time and attention to the interest of the company and generally carry out duties and work as assigned to you and shall obey and comply with all lawful orders and direction given to you by the Directors of Company. You shall honestly, diligently and faithfully serve the organization and use your utmost endeavor to promote the interest of the company. v. You will always be alive to the responsibilities and duties attached to your position and conduct yourself accordingly. In keeping with your responsibilities and accountabilities, you must effectively perform to ensure results and you will be expected to work extra hours to achieve this whenever the job requires. vi. That you will be just and a faithful employee of the company in all matters and shall not at any time except under the legal process divulge to any person and shall use your best endeavor to prevent the publication or disclosure of any trade secret or manufacturing process or any other information concerning or in respect of the items as manufactured or marketed by the Company or dealing transactions or affairs which may come to your knowledge.

vii. You will also maintain absolute confidentiality of all information related to technology and technical documents, business transactions, clients and other matters. Further, you will not give to any one, by word of mouth or otherwise any particulars or detail of our manufacturing process, technical know-how, security arrangements, administrative and/or organizational matters whether confidential, secret, or otherwise which you acquire during the course of your employment at any time, while in employment or afterwards.


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(Letter of Appointment of Ms Shonali.- effective from 19th September 2011) 4. PAST RECORDS Your appointment is subject to condition of submitting the experience certificates and other testimonials as stated in your employment form. If any declaration given or information furnished by you to the company proves to be false or if you are found to have willfully suppressed or concealed any material information, in such cases, you will be liable to re noval from services without any notice. TERMINATION NOTICE


i. This contract of employment can be terminated by fifteen days notice on either side or on payment of fifteen days salary in lieu of notice and either side is not bound to give any reason. ii. However, in the event your service is terminated for fraud, theft or withholding of any information as per the appointment letter or for any other form of misconduct, notice pay will not be payable and you shall be liable for such action considered appropriate by company. iii. On termination of this contract, you will immediately give up to the company all correspondence, specifications, formulas, books, documents, effects, market data, cost data, drawings or records etc. belonging to the company or relating to its business and shall not retain or make any copies of these items, iv. Your employment shall also be governed by rules and regulations laid down by the Management in relation to conduct, discipline and other matters. v. That during the period of your employment, you will not work directly or Indirectly for any other person, firm or company, either with or without Remuneration, nor will you engage yourself or be interested directly or indirectly in any trade or business either as employer or employee or partner or advisor or in any other capacity. vi. Should there be any Income tax liability arising out of these reimbursements/ allowances, it will be entirely to the employee's account. vii. Any infringement, non-conformity to the terms of employment and company policies, rules and practices will render you liable for action as deemed appropriate by the Management.


D a t e : , (Letter of Appointment of Ms Shonali .- effective from 19th September 2011)

We welcome you to our organization and trust that your association with us will be a long and happy one.

Yours Sincerely, For Biohouse Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Sonakshi Gogia Manager - People & Processes (HR & Supportive Function) I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and hereby signify my acceptance of the same.

Employee's Signature

Annexure: Job Responsibilities