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Subject: Sirah Term:

Topic: The Life Of Rasulullah s.a.w Week:

Objective Time Instructional Objectives Suggested Activities Resources
Textbook –
Important events in the life of Workbook: Muhammad
Learn the biography of Rasulullah (S) in 2 the Prophet (S) from birth to Lesson 1 - 4 Rasulullah: The Last
chronological order period his last days in Madinah Prophet.

Lesson 1 – 4

Begin to develop an awareness of time in Place the birth, Revelation

history and migration of Rasulullah Place a series of their own
(S) into chronological order. family pictures into
Begin to understand that Prophet Muhammad chronological order.
(S) is the last and final Prophet of Allah.

Learn about how Rasulullah (S) received the 1 Rasulullah’s (S) role in Workbook: Textbook:
first revelation. period spreading Allah’s message of Lesson 5 – 6 Lesson 5 -6
Islam in spite of many
hardships; his migration to
Madinah from his beloved
Recognize the relationship between 2 city of birth, Makkah; his Workbook: Textbook:
obedience of Allah’s commands by His periods suffering at the hands of the Lesson 7 -10 Lesson 7 – 10
servants and Allah’s reward for them Kuffar for the sake of Allah
(SWA), etc Reference Book:
“Love Al-Madinah Al-
Learn about the personality of Rasulullah 1 His mannerisms during Workbook: Textbook:
(S). period interaction with others, his Lesson 11- 12 Lesson 11-12
way of walking, sitting and
Study the certain traits and characteristics of talking, etc.
Rasulullah (S).
Food which Rasulullah (S)
Learn about Rasulullah’s (S) noble liked; some of the ‘Adiyyah
characteristics such as truthfulness and which he recited, personal
honesty. hygiene and cleanliness, etc.

Know that everything that

Rasulullah (S) did is called
his Sunnah and that we
should follow his Sunnah.

Rasulullah (S) returned to Mecca and 2

performed the Haj periods Lessons from the Haj Workbook: Textbook:
Lesson 13-15 Lesson 13-15
Know that Muhammad (S)
was a beloved and obedient
Prophet of Allah (SWA).

Recognize the relationship

between obedience of Allah’s
commands by His servants
and Allah’s reward for them
2 Workbook: Textbook:
Learn of Rasulullah’s (S) way and know that periods Lessons on the Quran and Lesson 16-19 Lesson 16-19
everything he did is called his Sunnah and Solah. To know the benefits
that we should follow his Sunnah. of reading the Quran and
performing Solah
Islamic Mannerism according to the Sunnah 2 Workbook Textbook
of Rasulullah (S) periods To inculcate these habits in Lesson 20 – 22 Lesson 20 – 26
our daily lives. Lessons on
persona hygiene & Reference book:
Islamic Mannerism according to the Sunnah 2 cleanliness. Workbook ‘Teachings of Our
of Rasulullah (S) periods Lesson 23-26 Prophet (S)
A selection of Ahadith
for Children.
Learn about the importance of relationships 2 Workbook
with family members and the community periods To inculcate love for our Lesson 27 -30 Textbook
parents and maintain friendly Lesson 27-30
and good relations with our
neigbours and the muslim