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Ode to the women of the street

They have been around since ...

Some dream of changing lives Because only this are by necessity Others do it for pleasure There are also many others who had no choice SLAVE Carmen fell in love with one of its customers Like so many other "Carmens" Rebekah conceived a son said to be illegitimate Like so many other "Rebekah" Mary was never holy and made their own righteousness Been to jail ... Like so many other "Marys" The working day live with the prejudice

The ladies of the night meets the very hypocrites The abuse during the day
And they know the secrets of many men And they are hated by most other women To them there is no cold or heat

There are only people looking for a little fun At any time, place, station ... Have been portrayed by famous writers In books, music, film and television Consumption of married men unhappy Queens of the first of many boys They are known by various names Call girls, courtesans, prostitutes, whores,


Barbara! Cat without owner Savagely attacked Of impure desires, lust ... Babi for friends! Closely satisfied with their lust

Tared, dissolute, BITCH!

For it is only words Barbara wants (and search) only pleasure But like everything without limits is dangerous ... At a public place she was spotted with two men [All hands up, the police] And now Babi merely enjoy the female body ... In his cell!

Latrodectus mactans
Let's girl, shoot! Put all your murderous wish at your fingertips and make me feel a pain Intense and final Honor your nickname And try to forget this day The day that you were mine And made his wildest fantasies Enjoy I'm still with her scent And you're still wet I'll be just another one in your list But will this happy after wild ride You are evil Cruel ... But it's the most delicious of all the women I've ever tasted I am prepared for the "bang" Let's girl ... It will not shoot?

black widow

The proposal
Andrew and Renata said goodbye with a warm kiss. They had a serious commitment, were only occasionally.

Knew almost nothing of each other, which made it more mysterious and exciting.
One night Andrew was home alone when you receive a call from his neighbor who said he wanted to talk seriously with him. His neighbor was Matthew, Andrew sweet spot, a bisexual conviction. - Andrew, I'm here! - Come in, the door is unlocked! - Hey, all right? I brought my girlfriend. This is Renata! - Hello, good evening! - Good evening! Andrew did not know the new girlfriend of Matthew and took a big scare when he saw who it was. Even tense, Renata and Andrew managed to hide the embarrassment of the situation for Matthew did not notice anything. The three started talking and Andrew tried to hold his excitement.

In front of the beautiful breasts and Renata's full mouth and the muscles of Matthew ...
Andrew was "freaking out" and to "worsen" the situation, the subject being treated for Matthew and Renata was like to spice up the couple's relationship. A few minutes later and several theories, already red with shame Andrew receives the following proposal: - Would you stay with us? Sex with a couple? Andrew takes a deep breath and answered: - Why are we wasting time?

One summer afternoon ... 3 young people at ease. A bed, a sofa, music and drink ... Kidding, teasing, pillow fight ...

Almost naked, fell one over the other and looked at each other blankly.
The third smiled ... Great atmosphere!

The dream
I felt my arm being pulled tight. I tried to drop me but I

Still dizzy and fell to the ground, I had my arms tied back, ripped my shirt and my eyes blindfolded. When she was
took a blow to the head. becoming aware, I heard a deep voice, a gravely told me: - You are my prisoner. Drink this now because it'll make you some questions and only your sincerity in responding to them is that freedom will bring you again to return to their world. I panicked and received a strong slap in the face and then felt his hand opening my mouth and pouring a liquid flavor inexplicable. Every sip I was numb. The senses disappeared, were confusing. So that being that I did not even know who he was or what it was, began the interrogation. - Who do you think I am? - I have no idea but I beg to go! - Do not be stupid, I told you the rules. I ask you reply and is free. My breath was panting. I felt an intense fear. Then the

mysterious voice began the interrogation: - Do you prefer men or women? Be honest, I said! - Men! Although he has been dating a girl. - How was your 1st kiss? - He was 13 and school class forced me to kiss a girl who liked to go out and kissed me.After earnest under the grandstand with 5,000 people jumping at the sound of a double hinterland. But why such a question? - Shut up, the respondent here is you! At this point I felt something warm dripping on my chest. Then deciphered that it was a candle. I begged them to stop. He would not listen and continued burning my skin with those drops hot. - And your 1st time? - I was 16 and felt a great excitement, a gentleman of some 60 years invited me to leave. It was strange, but exciting ... a little bizarre. - Men who attract you and do not attract? - Always enjoyed regular guys, not neurotic, who had brains, or good conversation. I feel nothing to see muscular men. Tobacco also takes away the charm. - What you always asked her boyfriend pro? Let him shave from time to time, or shave the hair. I have a fetish for bald crazy. But as you know I have a boyfriend? Who are you? - I sent you only answer what I ask. Shut up! At this point take another slap in the face ... - Tell me crazy that you did sexually speaking. - Had my 20 years and went to an agricultural festival. I went into a toilet and the shower was a pawn. Subject and was pulled for about 10 minutes talking with him just to

admire her fantastic body. I left and returned 10 minutes later. He had left his underwear on the clothesline washed, leaving dry. I stole it! - Naughty thou ... tell me a wrong you've done. - Leave me one of my ex calling and knocking on the door in the rain. I pretended I was sleeping and left him outside. Oh, we just fought it ... - And no regrets? Tell me one big regret. - When attending rock festivals, once a beautiful blonde gave me a ride because they simply "wanted information about discos in town and went the same way I do." Even realizing their true intentions, I was faithful to my boyfriend at the time and I did not get the boy. That was in 2005 or 2006 .. I dunno ... - Interesting ... Now tell me a longing. - The school days. Once I was with several friends in the mass graduation. We were almost all with rock band t-

The old ladies butts in and cursed when we were leaving the church or laughing during the sermon of the priest. Ah, good times "annoying teenagers."
shirts, torn clothing and so on. - Great, you have reserved a spot down there, lol. To my dismay the creature laughed ...

- Hey, since you liked the story, why not let me go? - Why is exciting to see you blindfolded and under my domain. Guess what I'm doing right now? - How do I know if I'm blindfolded? Right now I took another slap in the face and felt his hands caressing my body, down my chest, stomach and coming to my sex. Total excitement, intense movements and a splendid enjoyment ... Still panting, I got another drink in my mouth and soon passed out ... - Glauco, it will not get out of bed today? - What time is mom? - 10:00 am in the morning. You always wake up early. Has something happened? - Nothing, it must be the cold that made me oversleep. I had some weird dreams ... - It's okay, do not worry. That was just a dream, but it seemed so real? I thought to myself ... I get up and felt some pain in the body and a strong smell of paraffin. When looking in the mirror I saw my whole body, marked red ... Note: The above are fictional texts read and written by Glauco Silva. Any similarity to actual persons or events is purely (and tragic) coincidence.