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Brampton Bulletin

B r a m p t o n P r i m a r y S c h o o l S t r i v i n g t o R e a c h t h e B e s t Week ending: 30.9.11 Autumn Term: Issue 4

Inside this weeks issue: Year 4 Visit Forthcoming Dates Boys Will Be... Ideas Week 2 Menu Music News Building News Gold Book Entries Weekly Attendance And finally

On Friday 23rd September, year 4 headed off for a glorious day at Hever Castle. When they arrived at the Castle, the children were given a guided tour in which they learnt lots about Henry VIII and his six wives, particularly Anne Boleyn who lived at Hever as a child. The children were so well behaved on their tours that the guides said They had never had a group like it! After a wonderful picnic in the sunny grounds of the castle, year 4 headed off in their groups to explore the Castle gardens. The children managed to find their way through Hever Castles Yew maze and Henry VIIIs tower maze, before ending the day by spending some time in the fantastic adventure playground. Year 4 had a wonderful day, and their teachers were very proud of how they behaved! Well done year 4!

Forthcoming Dates: Friday 30th October Charity Coffee Afternoon Monday October 3rd Y5 BattleHastings trip Tuesday 14th Oct Harvest Festival Wed 19th-Thurs 20th Oct Parents Evenings Friday 21st Oct School ClosureStaff Training Day Monday 24thFriday 28th October Half term Monday 31st October School Photos - Individual Friday 4th November 2nd Family SEAL group Tuesday 8th November Governors Meeting

Brampton Primary is a restorative school where the initial response to conflict is to find a solution where things are put right, the victims needs are met whilst also meeting the needs of the wrong doer and meet all the schools responsibilities.

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Brampton Bulletin




Last year we took part in a Bexley project called Boys Will be...Brilliant and Gary Wilson, author and leading figure in work with underachieving boys came to speak to our children, staff and parents. Here is a recap of some of his points which we hope you will find helpful: A lot of boys dont .do as well in tests as girls do; read as much as girls do; work as neatly as girls do; like doing homework; organise themselves very well; come prepared to lessons; work hard in case they are made fun of; work too hard when they are young but still expect to do well at 16. The truth is it shows. What can WE do about it? Is he having breakfast? If not by 10.30am he has the reaction speed of a 70 year old! Boys need lots of praise and encouragementsome would say even more than girlsto keep them on an even keel. Gve lots of encouragement to boost confidence. Reading is absolutely vital and fiction is particularly important. Boys need to reflect, reading fiction really helps. Many need to see males reading because they think it is for girls. (Our own recent survey showed that only 2 Dads out of 60 read to their infant at home.) If he has a reading habit, encourage it. Seeing other males around the house reading can help. Also talk to his teacher for reading suggestions. THE BIG ONE! Remember if we do everything for our boys we hugely disable them. Give him responsibilities around the house DO NOT do everything for him. Standing on the sidelines of a junior football match as a permanent reserve, in the hail and the snow, will do little for their self esteem. Guide him towards out-of-school activities that he will not only enjoy but at which he can also succeed. Boys are at school for about 15 per cent of their time, there are hundreds of learning opportunities outside of schoolstarting in your front room. Try to create some opportunities at home for learning at home by discussing the news or TV programmes. Boys are led to believe (by other boys and by their role models and heroes) that expressing emotions is nor what boys do and it is vital that they do not end up having t choose other means of expressing themselves. Persuade him that talking over feelings is best, as it helps release tension and anger. It is important that he sees that you are interested to know that he is on top of thingsand praise him for it. Check his book bag regularly. It is vitally important that he is organising HIMSELF. Make sure he gets HIMSELF properly organised in time. Planning and preparation help prevent poor performance. Peer pressure or the anti-swot or anti-boff culture is very common among boys and one of the biggest causes of boys underachievement. It is really important that you are alert to any signs. Contact your sons teacher if you feel he is under pressure from others not to work.
Presentation with the Mayor Congratulations to Jacob Orchard who attended the Circus Stars presentation with the Mayor of Bexley on Saturday 24th September. He was chosen by Bostall Heath library for his efforts during the summer reading challenge. He enjoyed meeting the mayor and having his photo taken. There was a visit by Guy Bass (a children's author) who was very entertaining! He was also given some prizes, including a book token, bowling voucher and book. Each of the libraries in Bexley was allowed to choose up to 3 children.

Issue 4

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SCHOOL M EALS W E E K B E G I N N I N G - 3 R D O C TO B E R 2 0 1 1
Monday Meat
Cheddar & Tomato or spicy Chicken Pizza served with Pasta

Beef Lasagne

Roast Beef with Roast Potatoes & Parsnips

Pork Pattie with Mash & Onion Gravy

Jerk Chicken with Chipped Potatoes

Fish or alternative Vegetarian Desserts

Vegetable Chilli Tuna or Cheese Cauliflower & Tomato & Thyme served with Crusty Wraps with Sweet- Broccoli Bake with Fish with Mashed Bread corn Salsa & Rice Roast Potatoes Potato Chick Pea Dahl with Rice Steamed Lemon Sponge with Jelly with Fruit Wedges Chocolate Sponge with Chocolate Orange Sponge Finger with Fruit

Jacket Potato with Cheese, Beans or Tuna

Warm Apple & Cinnamon Cake

A choice of salads, seasonal vegetables, fresh bread, fresh fruit platter, fruit yoghurt, milk and drinking water are also available daily. Peanut Allergies Please can we remind everyone that we are a Peanut Free school in our cooked meals and we ask parents not to put any nuts or items containing nuts in their childs packed lunches. Thank you Coffee Afternoon Apologies again for the confusion over the date for this afternoons coffee fund raising event in support of the MacMillan charity. Mrs Heasman will be helping Amanda Reed hold the event in the Cherry Tree Room from 2-3pm. Any donated cakes would be much appreciated and it is a chance for new parents to meet Amanda! Music News Congratulations to Sorrel Bulpitt of 6M, who last week in assembly was presented with her Music exam certificate. She has now achieved a Grade 3 with merit for her trumpet playing. Well done to Sorrel. Unfortunately we have been informed by Bird College that our Music Tutors are unable to start any new pupils at the moment. Building News We are pleased to have taken delivery of a new temporary toilet block for the juniors to use until the new north wing is completed. We held a practice fire drill this week to ensure staff and children are familiar with evacuation procedures on to the field and we are pleased to announce no problems were reported.

BRAMPTON GOLD BOOK Striving to Reach the Best Every week we print the names of those children who have achieved in either their work, conduct or behaviour around school and have been entered in the Gold Book. They have been mentioned in Mondays celebratory assembly. After 3 mentions children receive a bronze certificate, 6 mentions for a silver, 9 mentions for a gold, 12 mentions for a Super Gold and 15 mentions for a Platinum certificate, 18 for Diamond, 21+ for a Head teachers Award and 24 for a Special Head teacher Award and Badge.
1B Laurel Broughton 1B Jamie Lee-Brown 1B Tilly Mentz 1W Shyanne Lorde-Perry (Bronze) 1W Ryan Davidson (Bronze) 1W- George Jarvis 1W Ruby Halliday 3WJoseph Solan 3WJeffrey Calistus (Super Gold) 3WNiamh Crawley (Gold) 3WHCarl Jones 3WHLouie Rayner 3WHHenry Gilson 3WHTejal Vadukul 3WHJames Brooks 3WHEmily McLagan 3WHElois Turkson 3WHRohan Shokar (Super Gold) 3WHRicky To 3WHPavleen Bajwa Unfortunately there is not enough space to mention the childrens achievements here but if you are interested to see your childs mention please pop in and ask to see it.

Weekly Attendance

Week ending 23.9.11 RB: RJ: 1B: 1W: 2B: 2PW: 3W: 3WH: 4C: 4H: 5B: 5C: 6S: 6M: 99.2% 99.1% 98.7% 95% 98.3% 98.3% 99.3% 98.7% 99.3% 96% 97.3% 98.3% 95.3% 99.7%

HOUSE POINTS Week ending 23.9.11

1st Yellow = 163 2nd Blue = 151 3rdGreen= 136 4thRed= 134

Congratulations to Yellow House members!

And finally.......At the End of the Day Our arrangements at the end of the day for dismissal appear to be working well but we would ask parents to be patient with Years 4 and 5. The teachers have to ensure that all children in the class are ready to leave together and they have to stagger their departure through two narrow points on the path around to the hall. Staff dont want to keep the children any longer than necessary but need to ensure the safety of all children. Remember if you like what were doing tell us and others! If you dont, please help us improve! School Office; 020 8303 2873 Fax; 020 8298 0286 Email:admin@brampton.bexley.sch.uk

Well done to 6M and the other classes above 96.1%

Our School Total was 97.9%! Raffle Prize Winners The winners in this weeks draw for a treat with Miss Fisher were Maya Broughton in 1W and Jake Lieu in 6M. Well done to them for showing the appropriate behaviour.

Were on the web! www.fronter.com/brampton www.brampton.bexley.sch.uk