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50 Members in Online Group Page within 2 days Nina Nirnay Akshaya Asif Ateeth Nirman Natalie Sky Martin

Calvin Ateeth Teena Task-Force Team Priyanka Pavan Fran Donnelly Jeanie Not on the first meeting

Group Project Not on the first meeting Not on the first meeting IS member

Jean-Philippe Osta Delphine Burbaud

Current Situation


Not on the first meeting Class The broad vision of the association Foundation work and projects for the 2nd meeting Idea Factory Specifics(Martin, Nirnay,Calvin) Adminitration Club Registration(Teena)

1st Meeting(10.3 Mon 10:30~11:40,15 participants)

Other Entrepreneurship Associations(Ateeth) Information Session HEC Incubateur, Center for Entrepreneurship (Nirman) MBA Associations(Nirman) Timeline Next Meeting(10.7 Fri. 8PM) External Information

Duo Conseil Junior Conseil

Internal Information

Professors in Entrepreneurship Dept.(Akashaya,Natalie) Entrepreneurship Clubs in the context of Venture Ecosytem

Benchmarking(Jun, Teena, Calvin)

External Associations and Clubs(Jay, Nina, Asif)

Entrepreneurship Club

Naming the Club(Everyone) Defining Specific Aims 1. Make all the members entrepreneurs 2. Become a entrepreneurial family

Separate into Groups and Projects Party...:) General Session(10.24~25) Official Launching Day(10.24) Place for inviting all the registered members Groups by Programmes/Duration of Stay/E-mails etc. Covered in Fri. Meeting

Grouping and Profiling Urgent Admin. Issues Registering the club in School Inviting French Participants Eat Together Make Strong 'bond', not 'networks'

More of an 'rapport' rather than 'network'

Organizational Issues

Main core weekly activities Making External links with other associations in France and Abroad HEC alumni working in similar field Meet Professors HEC Incubateur&Center for Entrepreneurship


Separate Team Projects

Dealing with internal issues

Organizing Events

Business Plan Competition or "Fun" Events TEDx or similar format of events

Working Closely with other Consulting Associations in the school Consulting A channel to actually practice our knowledge and involve with start-ups Get to know the real 'Start-up' Learning the actual practices Start-ups Assigning a specialty for members(Nirman) Case Studies New Business Models Innovative Companies Case Study Write up Writing a case of 'real' or 'imaginary' company How does VC Works? How does Start-up Works?

Case Studies


Marin, Nirnay, Calvin is working on more specifics Come up with new ideas Idea Factory Ptiching Ideas 'Round' System Invite Judges

Inviting Start-up runners TEDx or Events Organizaing Start-up Forum

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