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History of Investment Promotion Agencies Investment promotion agencies are the main institutions for providing an increased level

of welfare. There has been a considerable growth in the number of Investment Promotion Agencies that operate throughout the world and an increase in the resources dedicated to investment promotion since the 1980s. The mission of an Investment Promotion Agency is to successfully to successfully attract foreign investment flows. An Investment Promotion Agency typically undertakes a series of functions ranging from the promotion and building of a country, to target the most appropriate investors and make pre and post-investment decisions.

Investment Promotion Agency managers and empolyees make great efforts in a highly competitive environment since 1980s. And ever since then the competition has intensified even more. Based on this environment Investment Promotion Agencies are constantly required to develop specific measures and methods for performance evaluation in order to beter themselves and keep up with the competition. Invest in Turkey is one of the major promotion agencies in the world. Evaluation of Success of Investment Promotion Agencies It is said that most Investment Promotion Agencies do not have a specific way of evaluating their success. Its true that its hard to indicate any specific quantitive and/or qualitative measure to do properly evaluate an Investment Promotion Agencys success. However there are well-developed evaluation methods for Investment Promotion Agencies public sector programmes, with the help of well-established procedures that governments and organizations had developed over time. These organizations, which help evaluation of Investment Promotion Agencies, include Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the United Nations (UN), and the World Bank. These organizations present a generic methodology to evaluate Investment Promotion Agencies, based on accepted researches, which can be adjusted to fit the specific circumstances of Investment Promotion Agencies worldwide. Most important key to evaluate an Investment Promotion Agency and to improve performance is to learn from experiences. Once an investment promotion agencies set its goals and its role, that Investment Promotion Agency should know what it should be doing but is not, what its doing but can even do beter and what it should not be doing. These are the most important elements for an Investment Promotion Agency to improve and rise up in a competitive business. Investment Promotion Agency managers constantly face a series of tough decisions to make, in a daily basis; from the most valuable role the investment promotion agency should follow to what and how we can do beter what we do, from carrying out with the recent investors to to attract new investors for the investment promotion agency to improve and grow and so on. In order to answer those questions and make the most appropriate decisions investment promotion agencies should take evaluation very seriously.