A Tribute of Love for our Dearly Beloved Rency B.

Opening Song (Song: Hindi Kita Malilimutan by Basil Valdez) Introduction Leader: Good evening everyone. Tonight, we are offering this wonderful celebration of honoring our most beloved Rency B. Quicio whom we will surely miss and the memories we have shared together. But let this night be not a night of sorrow, but a night where moments are remembered and memories will be there to stay with us for the rest of our lives, and until the time we shall meet again! In our very special way, please join us in praying for the eternal repose of the soul of our dear relative. We offer this for him and for the rest of our dearly beloved who have gone ahead of us. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and to all of our departed. All: Welcoming Leader: We, the members of the family of our dearly beloved departed are gathered here tonight to commend our deceased Rency B. Quicio to God. On the other hand, we welcome everyone for your sincerest sympathy offered to everyone in our family, especially to our dearly beloved departed immediate loved ones. We heartily extend you our greatest appreciation for all the prayers and condolences you shared us – the masses offered, your moral as well as financial support, all your endeavor, in one way or another, have comforted us in the time we needed most comfort and compassion. Thank you everyone and we welcome you all for joining us this moment of grief and prayers. Friends may we all together then recall in silence his loving service to others and pray that God will welcome him into eternal glory. Altogether, please join us in a prayer especially for the eternal rest of our deceased relative. Music Selection/Song (Song: You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban) Leader: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. All: Amen Let your perpetual light shine upon them especially for Rency B. Quicio.

Leader: The grace of Jesus Christ and the love of God and the companionship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. All: And also with you.

Prayer (assigned reader) Reader:Loving God, You promised fullness of joy to those who seek Your face Trusting in Your Word, we pray to You for our dearly beloved, Rency B. Quicio. Who sought to further Your reign on earth by his service in the Church and for his family Though we are saddened that he is no longer with us, we entrust him to You with confidence May he now live in peace, joy and happiness.

Hear our prayer! All: Reader: All: . Lord. Your providence guides our lives. in Your mercy You have chosen us in Christ to be part of Your family. Reader:Our gospel today is taken from the All: Reader: All: Praise to you. O Lord Jesus Christ! Glory to you. relatives and friends. Unite us together again in one family. may they rejoice in your kingdom where all our tears are wiped away. above all. Who died and now lives. and by Your command we return to dust. we pray for our deceased bother. All: Reader: Hear our prayer! Give strength to her family and friends who mourn. We ask this in the name of Jesus who is God. Demetria Ramos. for the church and the world. The scripture today will be read by Mrs. those who die still live in Your presence. we certainly know that we are ready to face this chapter of our life with God’s comforting words.. may they be raised up on the last day. All: Amen Leader: May we all be seated in a while. Hear our prayer! We pray for all our deceased members who have died in faith. Help us to bear the burden of sorrow in a spirit of faith and hope. their lives change but do not end. Reflection on the Word of God (Music: Song of Ruth) General Intercessions Reader: Gracious and loving God. Yet.Father.. O Lord. Scriptures (Song: Thy Word) Leader: May we all stand as we hear the gospel reading. and for all the dead known to You alone. Hear our prayer! All: Reader:We pray for our brother. I pray in hope for my family. Rency B. Receive him now into Your eternal embrace. God Your power brings us to birth. In company with Christ. In Christ's name. The scriptures of God had become our strength these days where we needed most comfort and support. to sing Your praise forever and ever. Quicio who was baptized into Your everlasting life.

Least that we understand was him dedicating even the least of his efforts for every one of us in the family. through the mercy of our Almighty Father. we would like to rekindle the best of him. Niece Flower offering of the Extended Family (Song: Hilumin by Jamie Rivera) Flower offering of Attendees (Song: Hope by Rachelle Anne Go) Conclusion Leader: May our dearly departed. Amen May God bless us all. Moments were there we question his ways of becoming a father to us all. Brother-in-law Vicente Ramos. Now that he is gone. just so he proves us we are but only special in his life. Our God. who believed and remained faithful to the Lord. all we remember are our good memories with him… Yes. Amen All: Tributes and Eulogies Leader: Our dearly departed had been an ideal father. rest in peace. Welcome our brother into paradise and strengthen our hope that we will share in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In our last moments with him. through Jesus. Son Final Song (Somewhere by Jed Madela) . hear our prayers. though there are times. instead. human as we are. have moments that we selfishly seem to understand his being a disciplinarian. Amen All: Leader: All: Response by a Family Member Rency Paul Quicio. He had always been nice. who lives and reigns with You forever and ever. our Redeemer. especially to his children.Reader: Creator God. Brother-in-law Alona Agtang. he was not perfect but he tried to have been one! He was not perfect but we would not like to remember the bad times. and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Eulogy of Immediate Family Member(s) Wife and Children Flower offering of the Immediate Family (Song: Ugoy ng Duyan by Christian Bautista) Eulogy of Extended Family Member(s) Filomeno Mamuad.