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Sunday, January 21, 2007 Washington D.C.

APM Terminals

Largest marine terminal operator in North America 2nd largest marine terminal operator in the world Operations in 13 ports in U.S.

United States Terminals


Oakland Los Angeles APM Terminals Virginia New Orleans

New York Baltimore Portsmouth Charleston Savannah Jacksonville


{ Port Everglades Miami

Todays Industry Environment

Worlds trade with USA continues to grow USA ports have limited capacity to expand Existing terminal capacity will be exceeded by 2010 in most USA ports Hampton Roads is a high growth market (13% over last 2 years)

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APM Terminals Virginia

Hampton Roads Terminals

Craney Island NIT



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Terminal Specifications

Phase 1 - 2007
3205 Berth 1 mil TEU capacity 6 Cranes 6 on-dock rail tracks 230 acres

Final Build-Out
4000 Berth 2.1 mil TEU capacity 10 Cranes 12 on-dock rail tracks 291 acres


50 ft channel 55 ft alongside

Highway Exit

Truckers will access the terminal via a dedicated interchange 9

On-Site Rail
6 on-dock rail tracks upon opening 12 on-dock rail tracks at full build-out CSX and N-S providing service


RMG Cranes
Semi-automated Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes will be introduced in US for yard operations


95% of all trucks will be serviced within 11 minutes


STS Cranes

6 Ship-to-Shore Cranes have 100-ton lift capacity


State-of-the-art security system Direct interchange provides only 1 point of entry/exit form the terminal US Customs on terminal Radiation Portal Monitoring Loaded containers will be enclosed with secondary perimeter fencing


Environment / Design
$5.8 million contribution to Elizabeth River Trust Fund Created 41 acres of wetlands and stormwater run-off ponds 110 acre preserve provides buffer from surrounding area Electric vs. diesel wharf and yard cranes vs. diesel Appointment system for trucks Dual access rail will result in intermodal savings Turntimes will be unprecedented and offset trucker shortages Unparalleled security due to stack, and terminal design Ability to handle future growth

APM Terminals Transportation Assistance

$20 million for interchange on Route 164 (APM contributing over $3 million $9.3 million for on-terminal rail through the Rail Enhancement Fund (50-50 match with APM) $6 million in Rail Preservation Funds for Commonwealth Railway improvements


APM Terminals Transportation Assistance (Long Term)

Relocation of Commonwealth Railroad to Route 164/I-664 median ($15 million authorized in SAFETEA-LU, state match in budget, $30 million gap exists) Third Crossing/Craney Island Connector Route 460 to interstate standards Resolution of U.S. Navy ROW issues


APM Terminals Financial Assistance

$500,000 from Governors Opportunity Fund ($500,000 match from Portsmouth) $4 million in state tax credits through enterprise zone program Enterprise zone job grants



As the most advanced terminal in the world, it will be the model for all new terminals built APM Terminals Virginia offers an unprecedented opportunity in terminal security This terminal will provide a platform for aggressive economic growth for the state of Virginia APM Terminals Virginia provides the potential to make Virginia the gateway to the East Coast and rail cargo to the Midwest

Then and now 2 YEARS LATER

Sept 22, 2004

Nov 10, 2006 Oct 20,


Opening July 2007


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