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The current study seeks to analyze the cultural aspects of Southeast Bank limited, Dhanmondi Branch in order to fulfill

course requirement of Management of Organizations. I have largely used my own pretty long four years of experience in this institution as an employee to assess its cultural traits. However, I also tried to view my organizations cultural impression on its customers from their point of outlook and so I exchanged opinions with some of our clients and thereby attempted to combine their feelings in my essay. Before going in details to our core discussion, I would like to put some light on some basic definitions such as recruitment and selection.

Definition of Recruitment Recruitment involves seeking and attracting a pool of people from which qualified candidates for job vacancies can be chosen. A proper recruitment effort starts with performing a job analysis, which is the process of determinations of the tasks that comprise the job and of the skills, knowledge, abilities and responsibilities required of the holder for successful job performance, followed by job description. Job description explains what the job is and what the duties, responsibilities and general working conditions are. The following figure illustrates the relationships among job analysis, job description, human resource planning, recruitment and the selection process.

Figure: Relationships among Job Analysis, Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection.

Job Analysis

Human resource Planning

Job Description


Selection Sources of recruitment: 1) Internal Sources Job posting and bidding: It is an internal method of recruiting in which notices of available jobs are posted in central locations throughout the organization and employees are given a specific length of time to apply for the available jobs. 2) External Sources Advertising:To entice potential applicants and to inform them about the basic features of the job in question. Main sources of job advertising: Newspaper Professional/Technical journals 2

Internet Posters at gate

Employment Agencies:Two types of employment agencies:

A)Traditional Agency:This type of agencies reecruit for lower level positions.A candidate visits the agency for a short interview and an assessment is taken into the agencys books.Recruitment consultant thenwork to match their pool of candidates to their clients open positions.Suitable candidates are short-listed and put forward for an interview with potential employers on a contract or direct basis. B) Headhunters:This type of agency seeks candidates for high-evel positions. Empolyee Referrals:Many organizations involve their employees in the recruiting process.These recruiting systems may be informal and operate by word-of-mouth folowed. Walk-ins/Unsolicited Applications: Walk-ins and unsolicited aplications are also a source of qualified recruits. Campus Recruiting:Generally,organizations send one or more recruiters to the campus for initial interviews.The most promising recruits are then invited to visit the office or plant before a final employment decision is made. Definition of Selection or they may be structured with definite guidelines to be

The process of choosing, from among available applicants,the individuals who are most likely to successfully perform a job. The selection Process 3

Southeast Bank Limited at a glance Southeast Bank Limited was established in March 23,1995 with a dream and a vision to become a pioneer banking institution of the country and contribute significantly to the growth of the national economy. During the short span of time the Bank had been widely acclaimed by the business community raging from small entrepreneurs to large business houses and industrial conglomerates, including the top-rated industrial borrowers for visionary business outlook and innovative financing solutions.Thus within this period of time the Bank has been able to create an image for itself and has earned significant reputation in the countrys banking sector as a bank with vision. At present the Bank has 77(seventy seven) branches led and controlled by Head office which is situated at 52-53 Dilkhusa C/A, Motijheel, Dhaka. The Bank was established by leading business personalities and eminent industrialists of the country with stakes in various segments of the national economy. The incumbent Chairman of the Bank is Mr. Alamgir Kabir, FCA, a professional Chartered 4

Accountant. Mr. M. A. Kashem a member of the Board and Mr. Yussuf Abdullah Harun were past Presidents of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI). Southeast Bank takes pride for bringing women into the banking profession in a significant number for gender equality. At present, 32% of SEBLs employees are women that will rise to 45% over the next five years. The number of total employees is now 1,800(one thousand eight hundred).The organogram of Southeast Bank Ltd is as follows:










Recruitment Sources followed by Southeast Bank Limited

As Southeast Bank Limited is a large organization it has separate HRD (Human Resources Department) which comprises by 11(eleven) employees. Mr.Shahid Hossain is the Head of HRD and he is a DMD. We can notice from the organogram that DMD is the 2nd top managerial position, just below the MD. So, its obvious that the HRD Head holds a very important and powerful position in the organization by his designation. As Southeast Bank Limited is a large and expanding banking institution, it intakes new employees on regular basis.The Bank mainly follow the three sources as stated below: 1) Advertisement: Trainee Junior Officer(Cash), Trainee Officer and Probationary Officer-these 3 (three) posts are treated as the entry level posts. Applications for Trainee Junior Officer(Cash)and Probationary Officer, are invited from prospective freshers through advertisement in national newspaper and the Banks own web site. The Bank publishes advertisement in two to three reputed national dailies like The Daily Star, Prothom Alo. The calls for vacancies are kept also available in Web-site. Mid level positions i.e from SO to SPO are also sometimes recruited through advertisement. Some non-officer grade employees like position for the Bank Security Guards are also recruited by newspaper advertisement. 2) Directors References: Many people have been recruited under the reference of the recommendation of the Board of Directors. Specially, the Trainee Officer post is almost fully controlled by Directors references. The Directors also influence recruitment of Trainee Junior Officer(cash). 3) Empolyee Referrals: Top level managerial positions like AVP and above are mainly filled by empolyee referrals.Some mid level employees are also recruited by empolyee referrals.Even the

Conclusion 7

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