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intelliSUITE Admin Migration

Feasibility Study Report

23/11/2010 Version 1.0

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Feasibility Study Report

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The purpose of this document is to determine the feasibility of migrating the admin module of the IntelliSUITE, which is a web based Reconciliation & Exception Management System. . Banks and other financial institutes to perform reconciliation of their ledger and statements use IntelliSUITE. The admin module has been developed using ASP, and needs to be redesigned in the latest UI technology. The aim is to obtain general information about current system and processes, system objectives, assumptions & constraints. This document also supplies the comparison of alternatives.

The study aims to evaluate the feasibility of redesigning the Admin module of the IntelliSUITE system in the latest UI technology, and also to evaluate whether all the features of the existing system can be accurately migrated to the new technology.

v. 1.0 2010

Feasibility Study Report

It is also desired that the redesigning results in a much more aesthetic and user-friendly design. The feasibility of this is also evaluated. The feasibility study takes into account the following factors: The features provided by the legacy module The overall look and feel of the rest of the site, which has already been redesigned in the latest UI technologies like ASP.NET 4 and Flex 4. The interactions between the Admin module and the rest of the system. The interactions with the middle tier and App server built using C#. Net. The feasibility report investigates whether it is possible to redesign the module within the given time and technology constraints and if there are any issues related to the integration of these within the main system, which will make use of this module.

The feasibility study involved an intensive and detailed study of the existing legacy module and the other parts of the System, which have been developed using the latest UI technologies. As a part of the feasibility study, many sites using Flex were studied, and features of the technology noted.

IntelliSUITE- a web based Reconciliation & Exception Management Systems developed by SunGard Technology Solutions (STS) for banks and other financial institutions. 2. http://flex.org/showcase-all- A showcase of the best websites built using Flex 3. The legacy module implementing the Admin functionality of the IntelliSUITE system 1.

At present IntelliSUITE customers are using WebUI front end application built using ASP for the Admin module. The middle-tier app server is built using C#.Net. Currently, the IntelliSUITE admin module involves a lot of scrolling, as there are many data elements in a set. The file explorer is similar to the one used in Windows, which is not suitable for the large amount of folders in each category. Screen-space is not utilized completely. Only the middle 40% of the screen used while browsing the files, which is not efficient. Navigation for a novice user is very difficult, as the design is not intuitive and requires thorough understanding of the system and its structure. Currently IntelliSUITE admin module UI displays detail fields in a non-tabular format. This makes single data record wrapped in two lines which gives a dreary look. In non-tabular format, it is not easy to read and comprehend data record. One record is segregated into multiple data fields. From end-user perspective, there seems no logical flow of record from left to right.

v. 1.0 2010

Feasibility Study Report 2.2 SYSTEM OBJECTIVES

The objective of the system is to provide more security, maintain scalability, and support high Availability. The system makes use of the newer technologies like Adobe Flex. It also makes use of more secure version of protocol (HTTPS) which will make application more suitable for the internet. The system should also be able to efficiently utilize the space available on the screen, and provide a much more intuitive and user-friendly design.

The main issue with the current system is the look and feel is very old and labored. It is not very easy-to-use, especially for new users of the system. Another issue is that the rest of the IntelliSUITE system has been already been re-engineered using Flex 4, and therefore the Admin module doesnt align with the look and feel with the rest of the site.


T he Admin module should effectively communicate with the rest of the site. The IntelliSUITE is a web-based product, and hence it must be accessed using a Web-browser. The Web-browser must also have Flash support, as the application is built using Flash Builder 4. The system will not run on 64-bit machines.

v. 1.0 2010

Feasibility Study Report

Parameter Look Security Server Requests Support ASP Very old-fashioned and nonattractive Handling HTTPS requests is very complex There is a refresh everytime an operation is performed No special softwares need to be installed on the client machine Flex Attractive and Dynamic Handling HTTPS requests is easy Flex implements Dynamic UI, which means a refresh need not be performed each time data has to be retrieved Flash 9 or later should be installed on the host machine


A system thus implemented will provide a much better interface for the Admin module of the system, and will enable effective communication between the rest of the site and the Admin module. It will also make efficient use of the entire screen, and minimize the scrolling effort required.

v. 1.0 2010