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A literary Genre (DRAMA) Analysis

i. Title: SABINA ii. Genre: DRAMA iii. Character/Characterization




Synopsis: It was about ten oclock at ninth; they were having a novena for Marias death. After Mamerto turns toward the window, Rustica immediately finished the prayer. They talked for a moment that led to an argument about Sabina and Mr. Georges relationship. Cleta went to check on Sabina only to be horrified seeing her taking off her mourning, she asked Antero to close the windows and hide the lamp. Sabina cheerfully walked towards them and greeted them all while simply looking for her lamp. Another fight filled the house as she tried to light the lamp. They argued about Mr. Georges return to Kawakan. As they all tried to get an answer from her of what really happened, Sabina broken down helplessly and asked them to leave her alone. She ran to Mamerto and cried trying to ask him what she has done wrong. The good old man gave her piece of advice which helped her decide to fix herself for Mr. Georges return. Antero and Sabina talked again after their grandfather left. He tried to warm her sister once more but Sabina made up her mind about her feelings for Mr. George. Mr. George returned as he promised her. They talked a while and Sabina told her about her condition. They are about to have a baby soon. Mr. George was really surprised about her news. Then she told him how happy she was that they would soon be married and live a happy life. But all her happy thoughts have flown to the air after hearing Mr. George have said. She cant believe that she had been cheated all along. Mr. George was already married. He tried to calm her and left her alone in her room just for a second. Then Sabina saw Antero passing by her door. She told her brother that he is right father all. She promised that tomorrow will be right. After talking to her brother, she ran to her room and shut herself with a gun. The two men, Antero and Mr. George came rushing to her door only to see her dying body. With her last breath, she promised him that shes going to wait in a place where no one could come between them. As the neighbors and her family came to their house, they saw her dead and began mourning. Rustica declared it was indeed an evil night and then, she began praying for Sabinas soul.


Moral & Socio-Cultural Relevance As we understand the story, Sabina fell in love with a married man. Though she doesnt know about that fact, still she was judged by their neighbors. As they call her feelings for Mr. George was some kind of foolishness. This kind of behavior that loving a married man, is way out of good moral values. As a Filipino woman, we are known as conservative people. Though we doesnt know about a man being already married and suddenly we fell in love with him, still its our duty to know everything about him before having an affair with him. As we reflect it to our generation now, the views of the past people and the present about this kind of behavior are just the same. Some people disgust and very much disapproved those who involves themselves into a married person and some was very much understanding. This kind of behavior affects how other people see and thinks of us. As we relate this story to our society now, some people see Filipino woman, in a negative manner. This is because some peoples belief is that one belongs in its own kind. It means that if youre a Filipino then surely you belong to a Filipino. This is based on the old culture of Filipino people of the past that has now are slowly being put aside.


Storys Significance (To the Lives of WOMEN) The story has somehow left me an important lesson. It made me realize things I never consider worth thinking of. One of this is that, in everything a person is doing, we should consider if its for the better or for the worse, or simply right or wrong. We should consider what will be the result of our doings before deciding anything and we think more twice. As a person, it is our duty to know first every single person who is trying to be friends with us. We must know them deeply and know every single detail of lives for us to know if we could trust them. The story tells us to be leastwise enough to think and weight every situation we are into. We should also consider that the statement\s of other people though we dont have to believe immediately on them. Its for you to find out whether they are telling the truth or not. The story made me see of how each of the family protects and care their member and their reputation. This showed me that no matter what you have done wrong; still they are their willing to comfort you and protect you from any possible danger of your

life. This proves when they keep on warning Sabina regarding what would be happened if she continues on loving the American. This story also made me realized that not all seemingly god people we think they are, are actually good. Sometimes looks can be very deceiving. Another thing is that, however strong your love for someone may be, still your positive views about it will all wither in just a single revealed secret. In love, you should at least be truthful enough for your relationship to last long.

vii. Reaction The story really got into my inner self. It made me see how strong real love when you have found it and you has nothing else to do but to fight for it. The story merely made me cry. How can time be unfair when you have found your happiness only to find out you cant be totally happy because of something in between you and him? At first was so disappointed of Mr. George of what he has done to the very innocent girl Sabina. I felt like being angry to him for he has fooled Sabine. He must have told her hes married at first. But later on, after reading the drama, I realized that its not his fault that he lied to Sabina. He just loved her so he couldnt bear hurting her feelings. On the other hand, I pity Sabina for being so nave and innocent. She was to blinded of her feelings to Mr. George that she never considered her familys concern to her. Though how much theyve tried warning her, still she didnt hear it. The story affected my views in life, especially in the matter of hearts. It left me one thing to consider in every decision I make. I must of everything very carefully and that I should not be afraid of the result viii. Glossary of terms (mini dictionary)

Brunt heaviest part Consternation great fear or dismay that makes one feel helpless Embroidered- decorated with or made of needle work designs Frail weak Frenzy a wild, excited fit or condition suggesting madness Holster a leather case for pistol, often worn a belt. Meddle to interfere Mourning an expression of sorrow for the dead, such us the wearing of black Notion- an opinion, belief Novena A recitation of prayers and devotions for a special purpose during nine consecutive days.

Omens something that is looked on as a prophetic sign of what is going to happen Peep- a brief glance or secret look Recoil to react suddenly, as to fear, pain or danger by, shrinking or leaping back Reverence to regard with respect and awe Scorch to harshly/strictly Sternly brave /courageous Stubborn hard to persuade or convince; hard to handle Twilight light in the sky just after sunset or before sunrise ix. BIBLIOGRAPHY