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A market research team interviews 160 students,asking each of them wheather he reads any of all of the magazine: A,India Today;B Business India; C, Today. The team returns the following data:

Category A B C AC

Number 60 50 50 30

Category AC AB ABC

Number 20 30 10

Are the returns consistent? Ans- Given, Total no of students, n(U)=160 No of students reading India Today,n(A)=60 No of students reading Business India,n(B)=50 No of students reading Today,n(C)=50 n(AC)=30 n(BC)=20 n(AB)=30 n(ABC)=10 Hence, n(AUBUC)=n(A)+n(B)+n(C)-n(AB)-n(BC)-n(AC)+n(AUBUC) =60+50+50-30-20-30+10=90<160 {n(U)} So the returns are consistent. 2. Two types of defects in shape and in weight were located in the production of an item. In a sample of 100 items 20 were defective due to shape and 24 due to weights. 10 items had both types of defects. How many of them had exactly 1 defect? Ans: Say , no of items which were defective due to shape,n(S)=20 No of items which were defective due to weight,n(W)=24 Given,n(SW)=10 N(SUW)=n(S)+n(W)-n(SW) =20+24-10=34

Hence no of items which had exactly 1 defect,n(SUW)-n(sW)=34-10=24

3. In a certain examination 75 % pass in group A and 82 % in group B and 15% fail in both the groups. Find out what percent are pass in the examination? Ans: In group A 75 % passed,hence percentage of students faied in group A , n(Af)=25% In group B 82% passed,hence percentage of student failed in group B, n(Bf)= 18% Now given that n(AfBf)= 15

Hence,n(AfUBf)= n(Af) + n(Bf) - n(AfBf)= 25+18-15=28 So 28% failed in atleast 1 subject. So 100-28= 72% passed in the examination. 4. In a recent survey of 400 students in a school it was found out that 100 students reads magazine A and 150 read magazine B , 75 read both the magazines. Find out how many read eirher magazine.

Ans: Given, no of students reading magazine A,n(A)=100 no of students reading magazine B,n(B)=150 no of students reading both the magazines, n(AB)=75

n(AUB) = n(A) + n(B) n(AB)=100+150-75=175 Hence no of students reading either magazines=n(AUB)-n(AB)= 175-75=100 5. In a survey students in a music school, the number of students learning one or more instruments: Tabla,Veena, Guitar were interviwed. The data is given below:

Category T V G TGV

Number 25 32 43 3

Category TV TG VG

Number 10 12 4

(i) (ii)

How many students were learning none of these three musical instruments? How many students were learning only the guitar?

Ans: Given,no of students learning tabla,n(T)=25 No of students learning veena,n(V)=32 No of students learning guitar,n(G)=43 And,n(TV)=10 n(TG)=12 n(VG)=4 n(TVG)=3 n(TUGUV)=n(T)+n(G)+n(V)- n(TV)- n(TG)-n(VG)+n(TVG)=25+32+43-10-12-4+3=77

(i)Hence no of students which were not learning any of these instruments=100-77=23 (ii)no of students learning only guitar,n(G)-n(GV)-n(GTVc)=43-4-9=30