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Unit 3 Contextual and Professional Studies 1 FdA Art, Design and Media Pathways

Pack 3 Contextual Issues Reader

Pack 1 Module Handbook (Brief) Pack 2 VRF Reader Pack 4 Module Support Pack

Mike De-Vere

Contextual Issues Reader for Unit 3

Contents 1. Chart: 2. Transcripts: 3. Texts: 4. Presentation:

The schedule for this unit Six slide lecture transcripts Supporting articles, forms and texts Guidance on Referencing/Plagiarism

How to use this Reader

BRING THIS IN EACH WEDNESDAY This reader supports the majority of your taught sessions (transcripts), contains texts and articles for you to read around these contextual issues and some guidance on plagiarism and referencing sources in your writing (full details in the Module Support Pack).

ANOTATE THE LECTURE TRANSCRIPTS The slide lecture transcripts in section 2 set out the main headings, issues and images used in the lectures and you should record the key points made in the sessions in the spaces provided. (Note that there will be small variations from the version delivered)

USE THIS READER TO CHOOSE AND WRITE ON ONE ISSUE Note that you are only to write on one of the three issues covered in class (see Module Handbook for full assignment details). In January you will use the transcripts and texts, including their formative exercises and proformas, to complete this writing (along with the sources listed in the Module Support Pack.)

GO ONLINE FOR SPARE COPIES, MORE DETAILS AND FURTHER SUPPORT Moodle allows you to access an online version of these lectures Tumblr gives updates + reminders + contact with me + link to Scribd Scribd allows you to download spare packs and handouts


Each Wednesday; room 303, Chatham Building, MMU. All Saints/Oxford Rd Two sessions (1.00 pm and 2.30 pm), examining two themes in parallel Themes: 1. Modernism and its impact on Design, Craft and Media today 2. Three selected contextual issues for FdA Art, Design & Media pathways Assignment: Writing on one Contextual Issue in the VRF (Visual Reference File) L: L1 L6: VISITS: SCREENINGS: STUDY SUPPORT: lecture (view online): see Powerpoint transcripts the six styles required by the VRF assignment tours of VRF Manchester (bring your digital camera) modernist clips and VRF selections of students appointments to support your writing and learning TBA


I am available for appointments each Wednesday morning at Fielden (michael.de-vere@themanchestercollege.ac.uk)

Weeks (WED)
01: 28/09 02: 05/10 03: 12/10 04: 19/10 05: 26/10 06: 02/11 07: 09/11 08: 16/11 09: 23/11 10: 30/11 11: 02/12 12: 07/12




V: Orientation Tour of City Centre Manchester L: Past Art and Analysis Introductions / Writing Summaries th L: 19 C Origins+Preview Student Services L1: CuboFuturism Online Material: Demonstrations L2: Abstract Styles Captions/Screening of Clips No Class: Sample Exercise (dps) for next week Feedback on Writing Stereotypes 1 L3: Dada Stereotypes 2 L4: Surrealism Peer Review and Captions L5: Pop Art Screening of Films L6: Expressionism Semiotics 1 Prof David Crow L Modern Design Semiotics 2

Speaker: MMU LC Speaker from MMU Speaker from LC Summary Writing in Exercise in

13: 04/01 14: 11/01 14: 18/01 16: 25/01 01/02

Screening of Clips L: Postmodern Design L: High & Low Culture 2 V: Visit or Case Study No Class: Assessment

Research/Plagiarism/Referencing High & Low Culture 1 Recaps, Assess. Criteria, Support Delivery of Assignment

Draft work in