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Health and Safety News, 2011/10/14 edition


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Archive - Friday, Oct. 14, 2011


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Health and Safety News

Published by Marcus 29 news spotters today
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Call experts 2011

ec.europa.eu - The European Commission invites scientists to join its Advisory Structure of Scientific Committees and Database of Experts The Scientific Risk Assessment Advisory Structure established under Commis...

Power cables electrocute teenager in Brize Norton

bbc.co.uk - 13 October 2011 Last updated at 16:26 ET A 17-yearold has been electrocuted after coming into contact with high voltage power cables in Oxfordshire. Police and ambulance crews were called to a gar...

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Industry news-1 - IOSH

iosh.co.uk - Posted 09:34A 19,300 fine has been imposed on a London builder who admitted breaching rules on asbestos.Fadil Adil, from Bromley, south-east London, oversaw the demolition of a former restaurant...

Blind Cord Safety Campaign | Current Campaigns | RoSPA

rospa.com - Add your name to the list of supporters of RoSPA's Blind Cord Safety Campaign. Support our campaign Donate online Ensure your home is safe with a free Make it Safe pack, which includes an advice le...

48 Tree safety - IOSH

iosh.co.uk - 13 October 2011 NR 48/11 Safety experts call for landowners to take more responsibility Health and safety experts today (13 October) called on landowners to take more care and responsibility wh...


HealthSafety CEMEX fined after man killed in explosion: http://t.co/jbrzRqhR
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See all Napo's films OSHA European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
napofilm.net - The Napo series of films are produced in computer graphics. They feature characters in the world of work, faced with safety issues. The main character, Napo, and his partners express themselves in ...

HealthSafety Dorset manufacturing firm fined after worker injured: http://t.co/WrzDAltP

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HealthSafety Battersea laundry firm fined for ignoring safety notices: http://t.co/9Cv0qsif
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How safe is your electrical safety program? | Article

army.mil - Occupational Safety and Health Administration 29 CFR 1910.331.335, "Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices" regulation has been in force for over 20 years. And yet, surprisingly, many Army units...

Farm worker injured after power-isolation error - incourtcontent | SHP

shponline.co.uk - A worker lost two toes following an incident in which he became trapped in a live conveyor inside a grain pit at a farm in Fife, Scotland.Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court, sitting on 11 October, heard that ...

Online Crane Operator Hand Signal Training

safetycommunity.com - If you've got anyone working around cranes, it is vital that they be trained in hand signals. The crane operator obviously isn't going to

http://paper.li/HealthSafety/1305899694/2011/10/14[18/10/2011 09:18:19]

Health and Safety News, 2011/10/14 edition

be able to hear a worker when he or she suddenly sees a dan...

SHPOnline safetycommunity

Health and Safety in Manufacturing

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Workplace Safety Survey | InjuryFree

injuryfree.com - Home Signup for our newsletter! Signup for our newsletter! Sign up to receive our bimonthly newsletter, the BEEA+ Bulletin, as well as InjuryFree news & event updates. Signing up...one moment plea...

industrytoday.co.uk - A RoSPA seminar next month will look at health and safety challenges that are shared across the manufacturing sector.Posted via Industry Today. Are you into it? Follow us on Twitter @IndustryToday ...


Safety Network - Safety Resources, Safety Events and Safety News - slowhand's article
safetynetwork.info - U.S. Department of Transportation Releases New Faces of Distracted Driving Video Published on 13 October 2011, 4:15 PM Last Update: 17 hour(s) ago by slowhand WASHINGTON U.S. Transportation Se...

Safety Graphic Fun: Toilet Safety

juliasmexicocity.typepad.com - Time for a collection of toilet safety from around the world. Okay, I get the top two "no" images, but geez, if you have to hurl, a toilet seems a good place for that. Or wait -is that guy yodeli...

Health & Safety Professional, South East

shp4jobs.co.uk - At the Anderson Group we are involved in a diverse range of Construction, Redevelopment, Remediation, Design and Build and new Development Production activities. Training and personal development ...

Health & Safety Training


See all Simple and inexpensive measures would have prevented lift-truck incident - incourt-content | SHP
shponline.co.uk - A Lincolnshire farming company has been fined after an agricultural worker was hit by a forklift truck at a farm where pedestrians and vehicles were inadequately segregated.A Lithuanian agency work...

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Hazardous materials emergency in Abbotsford

bclocalnews.com - Abbotsford Fire Rescue Hazardous Material Team responded to a call on Peardonville Road Thursday morning. John Morrow photo A hazardous materials emergency is under way at a construction recycling ...


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Journalists arrested, attacked whille covering student protests in Chile

newssafety.org - 06 Oct 2011Journalist Casualties: 0Media Staff Casualties: 0Under Investigation: 0Chilean journalists were attacked and arrested by police Thursday, Oct. 6, while covering riots that resulted from ...

Lowe's Nailed for Repeat Violations at Three Pennsylvania Stores -- Occupational Health & Safety
ohsonline.com - Lowe's Nailed for Repeat Violations at Three Pennsylvania Stores The inspections were conducted under OSHA's Site-Specific Targeting Program for industries with high injury and illness rates. Propo...

http://paper.li/HealthSafety/1305899694/2011/10/14[18/10/2011 09:18:19]

Health and Safety News, 2011/10/14 edition


Community radio reporter becomes second Brazilian journalist attacked in same week
newssafety.org - 13 Oct 2011Journalist Casualties: 0Media Staff Casualties: 0Under Investigation: 0On the evening of Oct. 3, Brazilian journalist Francisco Cidimar Ferreira Sombra was attacked and gunmen fired seve...


See all Huhne: UK's nuclear policy is most expensive postwar failure | Environment
guardian.co.uk - Chris Huhne said nuclear power was still 'a key part of our future energy mix'. Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images The climate change secretary, Chris Huhne, has described the UK's nuclear policy ...

Kant in Health and Safety

safety-matters-in-business.blogspot.com - Health and safety is an area that all companies must maintain, but what is it that obliges them to do so? Reasons could be legal, professional, financial, social or moral to name a few. The papers ...


Hurst reappointed to CCOHS council

ohscanada.com - OTTAWA, ONTARIO (Marketwire) Today, the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Canada's Minister of Labour, announced the reappointment of Mr. Donald A. Hurst as the representative for Manitoba to the Council of G...

$1 Million Award Supports Smart Systems R&D -Occupational Health & Safety
ohsonline.com - $1 Million Award Supports Smart Systems R&D The University of Maryland at College Park's Institute for Systems Research will work with NIST to develop test methods and measurement tools, essential ...



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NIOSH FACE: Oregon Case Report: Logger killed under rigging when carriage drops
safetyphoto.co.uk - A 45-year-old logger, working as a chokersetter in a skyline yarding operation, was killed when he was crushed by the skyline carriage. The chokersetter was new to logging, 1 week on the job, and w...

BIW worker injured when forklift tire explodes

kjonline.com - October 11 By Dennis Hoey dhoey@mainetoday.com Staff Writer BATH Colleagues say that a Bath Iron Works maintenance worker, who was injured Monday afternoon while changing a tire, made it through ...

Acorn Health and Safety, Bristol

acornsafety.co.uk - The list to the right is a selection of some of our more general health and safety courses. The list is not definitive but provides an overview of the typical content of our training programmes Our...

OSHA publishes new educational materials on protecting workers from hazards found in laboratories
safetyphoto.co.uk - WASHINGTON The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) today published new educational materials (http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/laboratories/index.html) for laboratory managers on protect...

Health and Safety - Consultancy Services

acornsafety.co.uk - Introduction It is often the case that during our initial discussions with customers it becomes apparent many do not understand their legal duties as employers. Furthermore many organisations find ...

http://paper.li/HealthSafety/1305899694/2011/10/14[18/10/2011 09:18:19]