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A. Fill in the blanks with the correct answer. 1.

________________ are the ancestors of ancient Israel as well as our ancestors in faith. 2.________________ is the gift of God for us that enables us to take part in the divine life. 3.________________ are those less serious acts against Gods laws or grave acts against the commandments of God that we commit without full knowledge or complete consent. 4.________________ is a stable and supernatural disposition that God gives us to enable us to live with God and to act by the love of God. 5.________________ are graces that God gives us when we receive the sacraments. 6.________________ are interventions of God at the beginning of our life or during our whole life as children. 7.________________ are special graces that God gives us for the good of the Christian community. 8.________________ are acts of disobedience that we do against God, our neighbours, and ourselves. 9.________________ are those grave act against Gods commandments that do with full knowledge and consent. 10. Abel was a ______________, and Cain was a farmer. 11. Abraham and Sarah had a son called _____________. 12. Adam and Eve had two sons; they were ___________ and ____________. 13. Adam and Eve ____________ the plan of God. 14. All men and women after Adam and Eve are born with _____________. 15. All men and women were created in the ______________ of God. 16. First among the patriarchs were _____________ and his wife _____________. 17. God called Abraham and made a _______________ with him and his descendants to become the people the people the people of God and worship the one true God. 18. God created the ___________. 19. God gave men and women a mission: Fill the ____________ and conquer it. 20. In _____________, original sin is washed away and we are born in the new life of the risen Christ. 21. In the covenant God made with Abraham and the consequent birth of Israel as people of God, we see the blueprint of the _____________, the Family of God. 22. Isaac married Rebekah as his wife and they had twin sons; they were ________ and __________. 23. Sin in the Bible is missing the _______________in our life, who is God. 24. Sins that cause other sins in us are called _______________. 25. The gift of new life from God grows in us and we are strengthened when we receive the sacrament of ________________. 26. The loss of original ____________ because Adam and Eve sinned is called original sin. 27. The older son of Isaac gave his birthright to his brother __________________. 28. The son of Jacob would be called sons of Israel or ___________________. 29. Today the rainbow reminds us of the covenant of God with ________________ and his descendants. 30. We help in completing Gods ________________from the beginning in creation. 31. We need to go and celebrate the sacrament of _________________ so that God will pardon us for our mortal sins. 32. We need to make a sincere act of ________________for our venial sins so that God will pardon us for them. 33. _____________ it is the theological virtue which enables us to believe in God and in Gods love for us. 34. _____________ it is the theological virtue that enables us to trust that God is ready to help us as true Christians and enter into the lasting joy that Jesus promised his loyal disciples. 35. _____________ it is the theological virtue that enables us to love God above all and to love our neighbour as ourselves for the love of God. 36. _______________________ refers to Jesus as the One who is the unfailing source of life. He offered Himself as the Bread of Life. 37. _______________________ refers to his passion, death, and resurrection through which Jesus won the gift of salvation for the world. 38. _______________________ are gits or disposition in our relationship with God that God Himself infuses in us in Baptism. 39. _______________________ refers to the event and truth that the Son of God, the second Person of the Blessed Trinity, was born a man and became fully human in Jesus Christ. 40. _____________________ is the free act of God which sets us free from sin and from its consequences so that we may have a loving relationship with God. 41. _____________________ It is the Virgin Mary's joyous prayer in response to her cousin Elizabeth's greeting. 42. On a beautiful spring day, __________________________, in the village of Riva, two miles from the town of ______________ in the province of Piedmont, northern Italy, Dominic Savio was born. 43. As the day of his first Communion drew near, Dominic wrote down four resolutions, remarkably mature thoughts of a seven year old: a. b. C. d.

44. "Every one is called to be a saint, and do you know, it is easy to be a saint. Just do this: diligently do the

_________________________ of the day in an extra ________________way." Dominic was profoundly impressed. He began to think most seriously about what it meant to be a saint. 45. _______________________________ canonization of Dominic Savio by Pope Pius XII . 46.Died on ___________________________________ (aged 14) Mondonio, a frazione of Castelnuovo dAsti (today Castelnuovo Don Bosco), Piedmont, Italy. 47. __________________________ is the first Filipino saint. He is also the first Filipino martyred for the Christian Faith. 48. On __________________________, he was hung from a gallows by his feet, his body falling into a pit. 49. He and fifteen companions, martyred in the same persecution, were beatified by Pope _________________ in Manila on ___________________________ and elevated to full honors of the altar by canonization on ____________________ in Rome. 50. St. Lorenzo Ruiz feast day is on _________________________.