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3- Issue 4 Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gonzales Cannon

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Chief cautions against assumptions in city probe

Gonzales Police Chief Tim Crow, who is heading up the citys continuing internal investigation into missing funds within at least one city department, on Tuesday confirmed that some city employees have lost their jobs during the investigation but cautioned against speculating about the reasons for those terminations. Since the investigation began in July, at least three city employees have lost their positions. All were part of the citys Parks and Recreation Department, including Director of Community Services Billy Malaer, whose termination was announced Aug. 8. Gonzales City Council appointed Crow to act as the community services director until the investigation is complete. Interim City Manager Charles Windwehen announced in July the start of the investigation in a press release: The City of Gonzales Police Department is conducting an internal investigation in the theft of cash or goods. As a result of this investigation, one city employee has been terminated, with criminal charges pending. The investigation is ongoing. Crow said Tuesday that the public should not make assumptions linking the original investiINVESTIGATION, Page A3

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Making a difference

City to develop smart phone app, media to draw tourists


Tourism, say hello to technology:

for history. Tourism Committee member Ken Morrow told the Council that all three of Texas top tourist destinations -- the Alamo, the San Marcos Outlet Mall and the Texas Hill Country -- are within an hours drive of Gonzales. If we were able to get just one percent of the Alamos visitors, we wouldnt know what to do with so many people, he joked. With the help of a strategic marketing plan being developed in conjunction with the Lower Colorado River Authority, the comTOURISM, Page A3



October 20, 1541 On this day in 1541, the Spanish explorer Francisco Vzquez de Coronado, in a letter to the king of Spain, became the first man to describe the vast Llano Estacado. The Llano Estacado (Staked Plains), the southern extension of the High Plains of North America, is a high mesa lying south of the Canadian River in northwest Texas and northeast New Mexico. Coronado had been appointed in 1540 to lead an expedition to the Seven Cities of Cbola, wondrous tales of which had been brought to Mexico by lvar Nez Cabeza de Vaca. Coronado found no gold, however. Say what you will about the Ten Commandments, you must always come back to the pleasant fact that there are only ten of them. H.L. Mencken

Today in Texas History

Want to learn more about Gonzales history and the hundred or more fascinating history-filled sites around town? There will soon be an app for that. Gonzales City Council on Tuesday gave its formal approval to plans by the citys Tourism Committee to expend around $24,000 in funds from the citys hotel/motel tax revenues on technology and content embracing that technology to improve the citys visibility for outsiders with a zen

Ernest Duck Jarmon of Waelder tends his community garden, which he intends to become an ongoing community resource to help provide nutrition for those less fortunate. (Photo by Cedric Iglehart)

Gonzales to revisit ordinance limiting garage sales in city


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Waelder man turns once-fatal prognosis into fruitful project


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WAELDER A fatal prognosis became the impetus for a labor of love that will benefit an entire area populace. Ernest (Duck) Jarmon has planted a community garden in Waelder. The disabled 66-year old said he intends for his undertaking to develop into a continuing nutritional resource for his neighbors in need literally, a gift that will keep on giving. Theres a lot of elderly people around here who live on a fixed income that need more food, he said. This is my way of contributing to society. Jarmon was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1982 and at that time, doctors gave him about a year to live. Ever since then he made the decision to not only aggressively pursue life, but to enhance the living situations of others. I had a brain tumor and the good Lord brought me through it, Jarmon said. Here we are almost 30 years later and Im still here. I was blessed, so my

thing now is to do everything I can to be a blessing to other people. Born and raised on a farm, the garden served as a perfect avenue for Jarmon to bring his humanitarian intentions to fruition. I love gardening, he said. Its something that Ive always loved to do. Jarmon had the idea for the garden several months ago and thought he had found its location when the Waelder Independent School District agreed to allow him use of one of their properties. However, the district was forced to rescind their offer after Ernest (Duck) Jarmon their insurance company expressed reservations. Undaunted, Jarmon continued to pursue his passion and was rewarded four months ago when he was given use of three lots on the Kataski property. Today, the fledging field is located at 811 Highway 90, appropriately situated about a block from the J&B Grocery. I talked to the owner and she told me that I could use her property, explained Jarmon. I was hoping for some rain while I was waiting around GARDEN, Page A3

A controversial city ordinance regulating garage sales in Gonzales could be headed for repeal. The Gonzales City Council on Tuesday accepted without comment a petition from citizens seeking a repeal of the ordinance, which limits citizens to holding two garage sales per year, assesses a fee for permits for those sales, and provides a stiff fine for violations. The ordinance was passed with little fanfare in September after some citizens had complained that some residences were holding permanent garage sales -- effectively operating a re-sale business without a license. The petition drive was initiated by Gonzales resident Mike Hanson, who called the ordinance an assault on individual property rights and un-American. Hanson last week presented the petition with some 400 signatures of registered voters, and he told the Council Tuesday Wed have had a lot more signatures if everyone I talked to had been a registered voter. If this moves to a special election, people will vote for it overwhelmingly. He maintains the city

already had an ordinance regulating garage sales and simply needed to enforce it, and that the Secretary of States office has also ruled that holding more than two garage sales in a calendar year constitutes operating a CITY, Page A3

The Used Car Factory, New Braunfels Donald R. Wagner, Moulton Gonzales Chiropractic, Gonzales Michelle Avett, Seguin Melissa Blaschke, Shiner David Burger, Manor, Tx. Johnson Oil Co., Gonzales

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business and that could be enforced also. A lot of the people were talking about, they hold a

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The Gonzales Cannon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gonzales Police Report

Gonzales Police Department News Release for the week of Oct. 17: 10/05/2011 Reported Indecency With A Child At 700 Blk St. Paul St. 10/10/2011 15 Year Old Male Issued Citation To Appear In City Court Charged With Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia At 1800 Blk Sarah Dewitt Dr. 10/11/2011 Reported Theft At 1600 Blk Sarah Dewitt Dr. 10/11/2011 Reported Hit And Run At 1700 Blk Sarah Dewitt Dr. 10/11/2011 Reported Criminal Mischief At 2100 Blk Harwood Rd. 10/11/2011 Reported Theft At 1300 Blk St. Peter St. 10/12/2011 16 Year Old Female Issued Citation To Appear In City Court Charged With Disorderly Conduct At 1800 Blk Sarah Dewitt Dr. 10/12/2011 Steven Herrera 36 Of Gonzales Arrested And Charged With No Drivers License At 1100 Blk St. Andrew St. 10/12/2011 Simon Cantu 68 Of Gonzales Arrested And Charged With Public Intoxication At 800 Blk St. Joseph St. 10/13/2011 Reported Criminal Trespass At 2000 Blk St. Joseph St. 10/13/2011 Reported Harassment At 700 Blk St. Paul St. 10/13/2011 Reported Credit Card Abuse At 100 Blk Dunning St. 10/14/2011 Reported Burglary Building At 500 Blk St. Louis St. 10/13/2011 Simon Cantu 68 Of Gonzales Arrested And Charged With Public Intoxication At 500 Blk St. Louis St. 10/14/2011 Reported Burglary Habitation At 900 Blk Church St. 10/15/2011 Simon Cantu 68 Of Gonzales Arrested And Charged With Public Intoxication At 300 Blk Thorton St. 10/15/2011 Reported Credit Card Abuse At 300 Blk St. Paul St. 10/16/2011 Reported Burglary Building At 400 Blk College St. 10/16/2011 Mario Vasques Cardenas 49 Of Gonzales Arrested And Charged With Public Intoxication At 1100 Blk Division St. 10/16/2011 Mark Donival Leazer 43 Of Gonzales Arrested And Charged With Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon At 100 Blk Wallace St. 10/18/2011 Reported Assault At 600 Blk Dunning St.

Gonzales Co. Sheriffs Office Report

Gonzales County Sheriffs Office report for Oct. 9-15: 10/10/11 Griesenbeck, Judy Lynn, 08/1966, San Antonio. Commitment/Sentence Burglary of a Building. Commitment/Sentence Theft of Property >$1,500 <$20K. Remains in Custody. 10/13/11 Perez, Edgardo Estrada, 09/1986, Liberty. Commitment/Sentence Driving while Intoxicated. Remains in Custody. Arizpe, Joe Angel, 09/1991, Gonzales. Commitment/Sentence Theft of Property >$50 <$500. Remains in Custody. 10/15/11 Rodriguez, Norberto, Jr., 06/1992, Smiley. Public Intoxication. Released on Order to Appear. Total Arrest, Court Commitments, other agency arrest and processings: GCSO 05 DPS 04 GPD 15 WPD 00 NPD 01 Constable 00 DWCSO 00 DEA 00 TPW 00 GCAI 00 Total 25

Gonzales County FTA List

Gonzales County Court Failure to Appear List for Court Date October 13, 2011 Jessy A. Aguilar, Theft of Property Bruce H. Barker, Theft of Property David W. Brockermeyer, Possession of Marijuana Max R. Castillo, Jr., Interference with an Emergency Telephone Call Jamarcus L. Davenport, Driving While License Invalid Juan C. Hernandez-Sanchez, Driving While Intoxicated Nakoyia V. Jarmon, Cruelty to Animals Bobby Johnson, Possession of a Dangerous Drug Robert T. Longoria, Assault Family Violence Dantrey D. Polk, Evading Arrest

Theft suspects photographed

Surveillance photos used to help identify three suspects wanted in connection with a felony theft at the Gonzales Walmart store. (Courtesy Photos)

Sheriff warns of scam targeting elderly

channel. In-store surveillance images of the mystery shoppers leaving the Gonzales Wal-Mart with stolen merchandise were 10/10 dent is being investigated. also broadcast on KSAT Deputy Mike Gibson was dispatched to a locaDeputy Chris Rosales was dispatched to a location on FM 530 to assist at the scene of a one-ve- tion on Hwy. 77 North in reference to a disturbance. 12 News, late Tuesday hicle rollover. night. Within minutes Deputy Mike Gibson spoke to a complainant on 10/14 the Gonzales Police DeHwy. 90A West in reference to a burglary. Deputy Allen Rutledge spoke to a complainant partment phone was Deputy Jimmie Heiman was dispatched to CR on CR 1 in reference to a stolen vehicle. The vehicle ringing with answers. 388A to assist with a vehicle pursuit. was later recovered. Deputy Jimmie Heiman was dispatched to a loWe circulated the pic10/11 cation on 6th Street in Shiner in reference to a dis- tures hoping someone Deputy Jim Jakubek arrested two subjects for turbance. would be able to identify outstanding warrants. them, and it worked, Deputy Jimmie Heiman was dispatched to a lo10/15 cation on CR 284 in reference to a stolen vehicle. Deputy Noe Miranda was dispatched to Hwy. Gonzales Detective Capt. The incident is being investigated. 90A West to attempt to locate an 18-wheeler spill- Allen Taylor told The ing mud on the roadway. The truck was located and Cannon Wednesday. 10/12 the driver was issued a citation for having an Several callers identiDeputy Chris Rosales spoke to a complainant at a unsecured load. location on Hwy. 77A in reference to fraud. Deputy Jimmie Heiman was dispatched to Hwy. fied the suspects as Pe77 North to attempt to locate a reckless driver. dro Diaz, 34, Jennifer 10/13 Gonzales, 31, and StephDeputy Chris Rosales spoke to a complainant in 10/16 reference to a criminal trespass notice. Deputy Noe Miranda was dispatched to a loca- anie Morales, 30, all of Deputy Chris Rosales was dispatched to a loca- tion on Hwy. 111 in reference to a disturbance. Seguin. tion on CR 225 in reference to a burglary. The inciThey will all be charged with felony theft because all three have more than two previous convictions of theft, Yoakum Police Department Weekly Incident Re- 12, Yoakum, 900 Irvine; Offense, Runaway (C.I.N.S.); Taylor said. port for Oct. 10-16: Disposition, Rel/Parent. He explained that the 10/10/11 Case #11-409, Burglary-Vehicle, 114 W. Grand; information received Case #11-402, Kolterman, Steven, 37, Yoakum, Disposition, Investigation. 900 Irvine; Offense, W#FE11-107-Injury to Child; Case #11-410, Castillo, Santos, 34, Yoakum, 507 from the phone calls Disposition, Trans/DCSO. Maple; Offenses, W#L2011-14385-Assault-Fel. 3 was consistent, and tips Case #11-406, Burglary-Residence, 504 Davis; (F/V) and W#2011-14386-Assault-Sexual-Fel. 2; led him straight to the Disposition, Investigation. Disposition, First, Bond/$75,000/Trans/LCSO, 2nd, suspected vehicle also 10/12/11 Trans/LCSO. Case #11-407, Terroristic Threat, 407 Aubrey; DisCase #11-412, Harper, Haywood, 31, Yoakum, 818 pictured on the security position, Investigation. Simpson; Offense, Public Intoxication; Disposition, camera shots. The ve10/13/11 Bond/$500/Rel. hicle, a black Chevrolet Case #11-408, Runaway (C.I.N.S.), Juvenile Male, Monte Carlo, was located at Diazs mothers residence in Seguin WednesFayette County Sheriff volved also represented please contact the Sheriff s day. Gonzales County Keith Korenek reports a themselves as an attorney Office or your local law enJudge David Bird signed new scam being utilized by requesting monies to help forcement agency. criminals targeting elderly this troubled person and citizens in the area. assured them they would Sheriff Korenek reports receive a full refund as long several persons have been as the person showed up for contacted over the tele- court. phone by an unknown perSheriff Korenek urges all son representing themselves citizens to be wary of such as a family member inform- phone calls and to confirm ing that another friend or the validity of these claims loved one has been arrested prior to taking any action by law enforcement and that or sending any money. If money is needed to get them you have any questions or if Scott T Dierlam, Agent Car and home combo. 1212 E Sarah Dewitt Drive out of jail. The persons in- you receive any of these calls Gonzales, TX 78629 Combine your insurance and

Shawn M. Roper, Possession of Marijuana David L. Segar, Theft of Property Christopher C. Shelton, Driving While Intoxicated 2nd Paul I. Tovar, Driving While Intoxicated Paul I. Tovar, Assault Causes Bodily Injury Christopher Tumlinson, Violation of Probation By NIKKI MAXWELL Austin C. Weldon, Make Alcohol Available to a newseditor@gonzalescannon.com Minor The next County Court date is November 10, Their faces were pub2011. If these people come on this date a warrant lished in newspapers, on will NOT be issued. For further information you may contact the County Attorneys office at 830- Websites and seen on the City of Gonzales cable 672-6527.

Wal-Mart theft suspects identified, warrants issued

warrants for three suspects Wednesday afternoon. Taylor said he has leads on the locations of Morales and Gonzales, but for the sake of the investigation could not elaborate. Diaz was arrested Oct. 9, on charges of theft of property (less than $15,000), and having two previous convictions. His bond was set at $10,000. As of press time Wednesday, Diaz remained in custody at the Guadalupe

Lavaca Co. Sheriffs Office Report

County Jail. Diaz was arrested in 2008 for stealing property from the Gonzales Wal-Mart store. The theft in question this time occurred on Oct 6 at 3:40 p.m. Approximately $1,500 worth of merchandise, including car stereos, was taken that day. Anyone with more information about this case, please call the Gonzales Police Department at (830) 672-8686.

Gonzales Young Farmers 5th Sunday

Oct. 30, 2011

Yoakum Police Report

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Gonzales Cannon

Page A3

Special Ops walk

A small group of retired and active-duty Air Force personnel came through Waelder on Monday morning as part of the Tim Davis Memorial March, marching from San Antonio to Hurlburt Field in Florida From left is retired Maj. Tom Newman (Lackland AFB), Lt. Col. Pat Barnett (Hurlburt Field, Fla.)Senior Airman Stone Hazletee (Pope AFB,N.C.) and Senior Airman Tyler Knaub (Nellis AFB, Nev.). The teams march in honor of fallen Special Operations personnel. The March spans across five states in the southeast United States and consists of six Relay Teams spanning 812 miles. The Special Ops Walk began on Oct. 16, st 5 a.m. in San Antonio Texas. (Photo by Mark Lube)

City of Gonzales Finance Director Joe Cavazos is scheduled to retire at the end of the month, according to City Manager Allen Barnes. His last official day will be Monday, Oct. 31, Barnes told The Cannon Wednesday. Cavazos has been employed by the city for 8 1/2 years. He has served as finance director for that entire period. Ive enjoyed being here, but my wife and I felt it was in our best interest for me to retire, Cavazos said. The citys finance director serves as

Gonzales Finance Director CITY: Council will meet scheduled to retire Oct. 31 to mull ordinance repeal
the chief financial officer, responsible for all aspects of budget planning, preparation, and management. According to the job description posted by the city on an employment Website Tuesday, the person in this position is also responsible for establishing internal control procedures, investment management, accounts payable and payroll. Anytime you lose a long-term employee the organization changes, Barnes said. Everybody at the city wishes Joe well in his future endeavors.
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What is the clothesline at county courthouse?


If youve driven by the Gonzales County Courthouse lately, you may be wondering why theres a clothesline on the lawn. Heres why. The Commissioners Court signed a petition Oct. 11, supporting Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Gonzales County. Part of that awareness is The Clothesline Project, a visual display that bears witness to the violence against women. During the public display, a clothesline is hung with shirts, each decorated to represent a particular womans experience by the survivor herself, or by someone who cares about her. This project began in Massachusetts in the fall of 1990 with 31 shirts. Since then, projects have begun in communities all across America and in other countries. The purpose of the project is four-fold: To bear witness to the survivors as well as the victims of the war against women. To help the healing process for

garage sale so they can pay their electric bill, he said. Council voted to accept the petition and to authorize City Manager Allen Barnes to schedule a council meeting within 10 days to discuss the matter. Also on Tuesday, the council took a first look at a planned bond sale to help finance the repairs needed to the citys water plant. Robert Henderson of RBC Capital markets told the council it has several options for selling the bonds, from making a public sale to making a sale to private lending interests to negotiating with various lending entities or even selling the bonds to one of several state and federal agencies which lend money for capital projects. It has been many years since Gonzales sold bonds, Barnes told the Council. Henderson said his company will look at various markets and rates and make a recpeople who have lost a loved one ommendation to the council in November or are survivors of violence. To educate, document and raise societys awareness of the extent of the problem of violence against women. To provide a nationwide network of support, encouragement and information for other communities starting their own Clothesline Continued from page A1 Project. mittee is looking at using new technology to siphon off those tourist dollars -- starting What goes on the clothesline? Women are asked to send blouses or with a smart phone application which would shirts of durable material preferably give tourists a quick reference to every location in town they visited. with the following color code: One of the bed and breakfasts in town has a list of 5,000 e-mails of people who have WHITE For women who have died stayed there, Morrow noted. If each one of of violence YELLOW or BEIGE For women who them tells 100 people about Gonzales, look at how fast it grows. And the first thing theyre have been battered or assaulted BLUE or GREEN For women survi- going to do is go on Google and look for information. We need to have something there vors of incest or child sex abuse BLACK For women survivors of for them to see. The smart phone app would take about gang violence $7,500 to develop, Morrow said. In addition, For more information on the project, contact the Mid-Coast Family Services another $16,500 would be set aside to create digital content for not only the city website office in Victoria, at (361) 575-7842. but also those of the many museums, historic homes and history-related businesses like

prior to the anticipated Dec. 6 offering of about $6.3 million. The Council also gave approval for Barnes to codify the citys financial policy as part of the budget process. Normally this would be part of the budget process, but when I started looking at it I found we had no codified policy for the city, Barnes said. It will be part of the budget process coming up in the next few months. In other action, the council also approved the use of Confederate Square for the first Pet Parade being sponsored by the Gonzales Learning & Career Center Oct. 29; passed a resolution approving the citys annual Main Street Christmas Parade; authorized Barnes to execute an interlocal agreement with Gonzales County regarding the Exploratorium on Fair St.; and received updates on progress on the St. George St. repaving process and work being done at the city-owned cemetery off College St.

TOURISM: High-tech plans to lure tourists

the bed and breakfast locations. That content could also be featured on sites like YouTube to further enhance the citys reputation for history. We are using Hotel/Motel tax money to promote Gonzales and bring people here to get a tour of Historic Gonzales, Morrow noted in his presentation. People plan their trips using the Internet. We are building a historic archive of Gonzales sites that will be a benefit to every citizen and help promote tourism. Councilman Gary Schroeder told Morrow hed researched developing a phone app himself and the price the Tourism Committee received from BarZ was better than the one hed been quoted during a weekend meeting of the Texas Municipal League in Houston. Its past due, Councilman Bobby Logan added. The future is here, we just have to catch up with it.

INVESTIGATION: Chief says no timeline on internal probe

Continued from page A1

gation to last weeks report on a new probe into possible theft at the city-owned Independence Park Golf Course. This is a separate investigation, he said. Crow confirmed Tuesday that Belinda Walker was the employee released in July and that Ricky Bazan was no longer employed by the city at the golf course, but added he could

Warden addresses Lions

Texas Parks & Wildlife Game Warden Dan Waddell was the guest speaker at the Monday, October 17th meeting of the Noon Lions Club. Waddell, a native of San Angelo, Texas, was assigned to Gonzales County about 3 1/2 months ago and Continued from page A1 has been a Game Warden for seven years. Prior to becoming a Game Warden, Waddell served a tour of duty in the military and also was a Border Patrol officer for the city to hook my water up, so as soon for seven years. He spoke to the Lions about hunting, fishing and boating laws as they did I went over and started plantand answered members questions. Waddell was the guest of Lion Stephanie ing. Its been doing real well. Gacke. (Courtesy Photo) Flourishing in the garden right now are carrots, spinach, purple bottom turnips, and a variety of other greens including mustards, collards, and Swiss chard. Because it was so late in the year when I started, I just stuck a bunch of greens in there for this fall, Jarmon said. Next year when its time to plant, Im going to put a little bit of everything in. Im going to ask the people what they would like and Ill plant a row of it. Whatever the garden yields, all of it will be made available to the community for consumption. Jarmon said he is not charging anything for the crops and donations 1801 Sarah DeWitt Dr. Gonzales, TX will be accepted, but not required. The Next to the Courthouse Annex Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Mon.-Sat. 5 a.m. - 9 p.m.; Sun. 5 a.m. - 3 p.m. most appreciated donations will not be monetary in nature, but in commitments 830-672-2551 Home of the Silverado of time.

GARDEN: Man dedicates efforts to help neighbors

not comment about the reasons for those departures. He said no charges have yet been filed against any of those who have been terminated, and that the terminations may not necessarily be related to the reports of thefts. Crow said there was no established timeline for a conclusion of the probe. As we continue, what we will do is present our case to the prosecuting attorneys and let them decide, he said.

y ail D

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It would be nice if some of the people here would come out and give me a hand, said Jarmon. Theres a lot of work to do in keeping this up, so I would certainly welcome the help. While planning his garden Jarmon talked to several members of the Waelder City Council, who all expressed their support. The City is currently donating water to Jarmon for the gardens irrigation. Councilman Alfred Thompson told the Cannon he would like to see further involvement from the City, including possible funding to help Jarmon defray maintenance and material costs. We havent discussed it yet, but its probably coming because I know he wants to do about three more gardens in other parts of town, said Thompson. Im sure were going to give him some kind of additional help because were totally behind the project. Its important and its great to see what Mr. Jarmon is doing for his community. I wish we had more people like him.

Page A4

In Our View
The Gonzales Cannon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Theyd be embarrassed if they saw themselves

Back in 1994, I covered Bulldogs fans were celDances with my last Little League game ebrating their teams win as the sports editor of the over Cuero this weekend Chihuahuas Rosenberg Herald-Coastin a sportsmanlike fasher. I was so disgusted by ion, there were a couple the antics displayed on of loathsome trolls who and off the field that day felt it necessary to post that I swore Id never again slanderous and disturbGeneral willingly help promote ingly graphic comments Manager those people or their kids. on our website about the The scene was a tournaGobblers, Cuero High ment involving 12-yearSchool and even the Cuold all-stars. I remember standing along ero cheerleaders. the first-base fence shooting photos talkNeedless to say, I deleted the coming to one gentleman I called Billys Dad, ments. My website will not be used for who was out there doing what you should such juvenile behavior. be doing: cheering on your kid and his There is another handful of regulars team, urging good sportsmanship, and re- who like to stand just behind the sideline fraining from critiquing the game officials, fence around the 25-yard line at another coaches and other players. local schools games, muttering constant As I shot photos and we chatted, I could imprecations about horrid officiating hear some of the worst vulgarities be- and how stupid the head coach is even ing shouted out by adults and directed at when that team is winning. the kids on the field, the umpires and the It only took a quarter to realize that coaches. I heard several kids themselves their opinion of the coach was based enusing language that would make a sailor tirely on the fact that someones kid had blush. not earned a starting job. The upshot came when a batter lined a And some of the invective Ive heard shot back to the mound that hit the young hurled at referees would blister paint. pitcher in the mid-section, felling him like Admittedly, some of the officials youll a tree. As the coaches and the pitchers par- see at these levels of the game are not NFL ents rushed to the mound to tend the in- caliber. They occasionally blow calls. jured boy, the batter danced on first base, But have you ever noticed the people crying loudly, I got YOU! I got YOU! most critical of referees are those least and no one corrected him. In fact, his fa- likely to volunteer to put those striped ther could be heard screaming Way to go, shirts on? Id figure if they were such you got that little (bleep!) sharp-eyed experts, theyd be ready to I left the field and never said a word step in and correct the problem. about that tournament in the paper, nor It is up to us who profess to be rational ever again covered any Little League game adults to take care of this situation. We aside from running photos. can make all the rules we want, but it is The sad part is that the ugliness on dis- only when individual members of society play that day continues to manifest itself in begin ostracizing this childish and churlalmost every sport at almost every level. ish behavior that we can put a stop to it. While every organization has rules prohibIts easy enough, and doesnt even have iting that kind of behavior and some make to involve getting up into the face of the an effort to enforce it, we as members of unsportsmanlike fan. All you have to do society need to take it a step further and is say, Sir (or Maam), thats not right for enforce it ourselves. you to say that. Although Ive turned over day-to-day Make them take a breath and think. Resports coverage here at The Cannon to mind them where they are. Remind them Mark Lube, I still cover some events, and who they are representing, and what there have been some times Ive wanted to kind of a picture their disturbing behavturn around and charge into the stands to ior paints of themselves, their team, their deal with the low-lifes who seem to think children and their community. that buying a ticket entitles you to heckle Back in 1994, Billys Dad shook his the players on the field, their coaches, and head as he listened to the vulgarities even the cheerleaders. being shouted, and observed: The sad Really, people: is your sense of civility thing is, a lot of these people would be so warped? really embarrassed if they heard themWhile the vast majority of Yoakum selves.

Dave Mundy

Our three terriers provide hours of mindless entertainment. Usually its while watching them wrestle each other from one corner of the living room to the other, making gutteral growls as if they actually mean to tear each other apart. After they tucker out, they curl up together sleeping in a furry pile of twitching ears and wagging tails. Lately weve spied on them while they track and chase squirrels in our back yard. It may sound ridiculous to some people, but I find it fascinating watching my sweet, cuddly puppies switch into predator mode and stalk unsuspecting tree rats as they gather fallen pecans on the ground. Bandit has lived in cities most of his 14 years but now he has become a bit of a country dog. One year old Stumpy and his sister Bella were born here so their wild sides come naturally to them. Old coot Bandit seems to lead the pack though, and when one of them spots a long-tailed critter moving in the grass they all perk up and sprint toward it. The puppies move faster than Bandit (who has a bit of arthritis), but they all seem to arrive at the base of the trees a second too late to catch their prey. But once in a while, one of their targets misses the branch he is aiming for and falls to the ground...Where my sweet, furry, lovable darlings are happily waiting to rip the squirrel to bloody pieces. And those pieces have been turning up in the most unusual places. When I got home from work Monday night, I immediately launched into mommy mode. The boys did their homework while I cooked dinner and tried not to drop my cell phone into a pot of boiling spaghetti sauce.

The mighty hunters leave Mom a prize

Reality Check
Nikki Maxwell
News Editor
While talking on my phone, I heard my dogs barking at the back door, wanting to come in and greet the family. I opened the door, let them in, and hurried back to stir the sauce on the stove. I cut up some chicken, and saved the fat and skin for them as a treat. Bandit and Bella circled my feet waiting for their treats, but Stumpy was missing. Usually he was the one practically sitting on my foot waiting for me to drop some food while Im cooking, but he wasnt even in the kitchen. I know I saw three tails wagging as I let them into the house, so where was he? The answer was waiting for me in the dining room. I peeked under the table, where their communal doggy bed is, and there he was. Stumpy was curled up with his big white belly spooning something that looked like a dirty sock. I will never forget the look on his face pure happiness and pride. I leaned closer to see what he was chewing on and jumped back in horror. It was a squirrel tail, with one leg still attached! Stumpy had the tip of the bushy tail in his mouth like he was flossing his teeth with it. He laid there, fat and guilty. There was no denying his crime. I didnt call CSI or draw a chalk outline around the body. I did what any normal, city girl mom would do...I screamed and yelled for my boys to remove it from the house right away. Poor Stumpy looked so confused, and I almost felt

sorry for him. He was proud of his conquest, but hopefully my reaction caused him to question his decision to bring his trophy into the house. He wasnt the only guilty party though. I inspected Bella and found some dried blood on her front paws. Plus her belly was bulging more than usual on her skinny frame. I wasnt mad that they killed a squirrel, thats their nature. Terriers are hunters. Thats what they were bred for years ago, so it is written into their DNA. Besides, the tree rats drop nuts on my car in the driveway, so I dont mind a few of them disappearing. I just dont want to wake up with a bloody squirrel head in my bed, ya know what I mean? But hey, at least I dont have to worry about the game warden knocking on the door Its squirrel season year-round here in Texas. I do however have to convince my kids that no matter how much they beg me, I am not going to make squirrel stew out of the leftovers. Sorry guys, I have to draw the line somewhere.

Conservative minorities need to speak out

Conservative minorities need to stand up and be heard. Liberal black and Hispanic leaders on are attacking black and Hispanic conservatives by using the race-card in the same way they try to silence white conservatives. This is a poorly disguised effort to prevent the conservative message from being preached to and heard by minorities. As a conservative Hispanic in Texas, I oppose Governor Rick Perry and other state leaders who soft-step on the immi-

El Conservador
George Rodriguez

George Rodriguez is a San Antonio resident and the first Hispanic in the nation to lead a Tea Party organization. He is a former official in the U.S. Justice Dept. during the Reagan Administration.

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gration issue. Perry supported in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants and favored free public education for all children, regardless of their legal status. His position is the result of listening to some Republican Hispanics who fear that a strong position on immigration will drive Hispanics to the Democrats. However, illegal immigration cannot be excused or condoned when there are millions of undocumented aliens in Texas and in the nation. I have taken a strong position on illegal immigration, and liberal Hispanics have called me a racist and a Nazi. No Hispanic leaders spoke up. In fact, one GOP Hispanic leaders actually criticized me for my strong position. The truth is we cannot pick and choose which laws to obey, not even for political reasons. Perry has listened to

Hispanic apologists who fear liberal Hispanics, and his presidential campaign has suffered because of it. Then there is the example of the recent attacks on Herman Cain by liberal minority leaders like Al Sharpton, Travis Smiley and Harry Belafonte. Because Cain is a conservative black who believes in the American dream, Sharpton has questioned whether Cain is black enough and Belafonte has called him a phony. Again, these attacks need to be answered by conservative minority leaders, and the media needs to hear and publicize them. Liberal black leaders should be ashamed for criticizing a successful black man. Conservative blacks and Hispanics need to stand and be heard by the public. They need to answer when

the race and class cards are used against conservatives. Race and class unity are a myth, and conservative minorities should not be afraid to disagree with other minorities. They need to be seen and heard in public and in the media. As a conservative Hispanic, I will not apologize for my stand on any issue, including immigration. Liberal minority leaders have led minorities astray for 40 years. Its time to replace them with new role models and leaders. Perry is wrong on providing public help to undocumented alien students, and he should not listen to Hispanic apologists who fear their own shadow. As for Herman Cain, he should be should be praised and supported for being a great American success story.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cannon News Services Kay Bakken gave a very


DAR chapter reviews early Gonzales history

favorable report on the latest addition to the Museum (panels on the Amphitheater). Guest, Glenda Gordon, made a formal report on the Gonzales County History Harvest to be held in the city on October 15. Our Registrar, Kay Bakken presented Cecile Virginia Hoffman Ellis for membership in the DAR. Ms. Ellis, who is from Shiner, was unanimously accepted. Member Virginia Hallmark gave the program Early History of Gonzales as follows: Spain made little effort to occupy the Central Texas area until 1685 when France established a colony on Matagorda Bay. In 1800, the entire population of Texas did not exceed 7,000 including Europeans, Americans and a few civilized Indians. In 1820 Moses Austin presented his petition to locate 300 families upon the vacant lands of Texas; Spain ordered Austin to leave at once. Fortunately, Baron de Bastrop, a close friend of Austin, and Spain was able help in the colonization. Unfortunately Moses Austin died but arranged for his son, Stephen F. Austin to continue the colonization. Green DeWitt was a very successful impresario as he settled 400 American families in Texas. His friend, Baron de Bastrop helped him secure the land. Beginning of Gonzales: Dewitt appointed James Kerr as his surveyor-general. Kerr and his 6 man crew arrived at the junction of the Guadalupe and San Marcos Rivers. The beautiful rivers, rich lands, and beauty of the country made Gonzales a suitable capital for Texas. In 1825 the men arrived at Kerrs Creek and erected cabins. Francis Berry soon joined them. Issam Smith and wife arrived next. Kerr drew up the plans for the town and named it in honor of the provisional governor of Coauhuila-Texas. The first Indian fight happened when John Wightman was left alone at the cabin and killed by Tonkawas. Two other men and 6 slaves had been at the Berrys house. They returned late and found Mr. Wightman dead. All returned swiftly to Berrys and then to Burnhams on the Colorado. Later the colonists moved from Gonzales to a small Lavaca River settlement and began to plant crops. The Mexican Government forced them to abandon their crops in the field and return to Gonzales, which had begun to flourish. It now had a fort for protection against the Indians. Block houses had been built. Mostly the houses had two large rooms with a doorway in front and back. Food: Wild turkeys, deer, and fish were all plentiful. There was no salt though, so they founded a salt factory under a grove of very large trees. There were few laws: No liquor to the Indians; dont run horses through the streets. Indians did not understand ownership. They were children of the forest. A brave just wanted a good fast horse. A few horses were stolen, cows occasionally. There was however, lots of petty thievery. In this period in history (1820), Americans were fairly well acepted by the Indians. Mexicans, however, were not. Nationhood: March 3, the day after Texas declared her independence, five delegates were appointed to draft a suitable flag for the Republic Texas. General Lawrence De Zavalas draft was selected. Mexican War in 1845: Battle of Buena Vista. General Taylor had 2200 men and Santa Anna had 4000. The battle raged for 3 days and nights before Santa Anna retreated. Texas lost 600 men. It was so bad that Mexican women came and helped bury the dead. In the 1850 Germans and Czechs began moving into Gonzales. Also plantations were developed by Southerners from the United States. The Constitution of Texas Republic had been printed and distributed years earlier, It added evidence to the wonderful capacity of Texas people for self-government, of their ability to establish order out of chaos and of their power to enforce law and order. This was true when Texas was a Republic and is now recognized as not only one of the largest states in the union but one of the most successful. Ms. Hallmark was ap-

The Gonzales Cannon

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The Thomas Shelton Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution held its monthly meeting Oct. 7. The meeting was opened by ViceRegent Rosannah Green. Chaplain Evelyn Reininger gave the prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, Americans Creed and Pledge to the Texas Flag. Fifteen members and guests were present. Kay Bakken gave the President Generals Message emphasizing the 121st Anniversary of the DAR. Janet Saylar gave the National Defense Report. The Indian was then passed for the donation to Indian Schools. Kathleen Janik presented the treasurers report; the 2011-2012 budget was discussed and approved. Glenna Winegart presented a reusable shopping bag to a member to emphasize Conservation.

plauded for her research and presented with a gift by Rosannah Green. The viceregent then thanked the hostesses Inez Lasell, Olivia Harless and Ida McGarity for their lovely table. The meeting then adjourned. November Meeting: Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm. Be at the Chapter House by 2:30 p.m. Nov. 4.

Jack Wiech plaque presented

During the Oct. 17 Gonzales Noon Lions Club meeting, club president Brent White presented District Governor Andy Rodriguez with a Jack Wiech Fellowship plaque. The prestigious award represents a $1,000 contribution by the club to lthe Lions Childrens Camp in Kerrville. (Courtesy Photo)

Music Study Club studies improvisation

Special to the Cannon

DAR hostesses

Hostesses of the recent DAR monthly meeting included Olivia Harless, Ida McGarity, and Inez Lasell. (Courtesy Photo)

Gonzales County Deeds

Gonzales County Courthouse Deeds October 1-31 Allen, David Patrick to Kapavik, Larry J., w/d, Pt. lt. 3, Blk. 7, Rg 1, Orig. Outer Town Gonzales. Waters, John Bennet to J2 Minerals Partnership, Ltd., w/d, Int. in 439.11 Acres, Joseph Dillard Svy, A-177. Waters, John Bennet to J2 Minerals Management, LLC., w/d, Int. in 439.11 Acres, Joseph Dillard Svy, A-177. Zingaro, Ronald J. and Zingaro, Maureen A. to Zingaro, Ronald J. (Manager) and Chisholm Rest. Ranch, LLC, w/d, 124.45 Acres, James B. Patrick Svy, A-55. Moore, Mary Elizabeth (Indiv. Life Tenant & Trustee) and Moore, Robert Lewis (Estate) to Mills III, Morgan W., Mills, Jenna and Petru, Melanie, w/d, 5.00 Acres, Jonathan Cottle Svy, A-10. Weber, Walter Thomas and Weber, Joy Walker to Texas H.B.P., L.L.C, o/l, 504 Acres, Gonzales & Wilson Counties. Moore, Norma Blanche (Trustee), Moore Revocable Living Trust, James Gilford and Moore Revocable Trust, Norma Blanche to Texas H.B. P., L.L.C., o/l, 310.00 Acres, David O. Warren Svy, Gonzales & Wilson Counties. Overton Jr., Rennie J and Overton, Denise M. to PFM Greenwood, LLC, w/d, 9.41 Acres, William Hill Svy, A-27. J2 Minerals Management, LLC to J2 Minerals Partnership, Ltd., w/d, 439.11 AC J Dillard A-177. Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Muise, Terry Riginald and Muise, Daniella Hildegard, w/d, Lts. 130 & 131 Settlement at Patriot Ranch, Unit 1. Lamprecht Revocable Living Trust, John W. Sr & Wanda Hanks to Ford, Don and Ford, Nancy, o/l, 45/2-3 AC A Zumwalt A-503. Hanks, Leona Tresa to Ford, Don and Ford, Nancy, o/l, 45,203 AC Z Zumwalt A-503. Hanks, Edgar A. to Ford, Don and Ford, Nancy, o/l, 45.203 AC A Zumwalt A-503. Barnick, Lisa Hanks and Barnick, J. Lynn to Ford, Don and Ford, Nancy, o/l, 9.0403 AC A Zumwalt A-503. Hanks, Peggy to Ford, Don and Ford, Nancy, o/l, 45.203 AC A Zumwalt A-503. Gescheidle, Malcolm L. and Stobaugh, Nancy (Atty. In Fact) to Energy Equity, w/d, 0.261 Ac S Seely A-60 & J Cottle A-10. Gescheidle, Malcolm L. and Stobaugh, Nancy (Atty. In Fact) to Energy Equity, w/d, 3/139 Ac S Seely A-60 & J Cottle A-10. Mathis, Vic G. to Ryan, James L., w/d, 2.250 Ac. Pt. Lt. 23 & 24, RG 2 East of Water St., Orig. Outer Town of Gonzales. Wright, Frances Jeanette to Lucas Energy, Inc. o/l, 2.22 AC W C Jenks A-296. Prodential Relocation, Inc. to Barta, Shari L., w/d, 0.36 Ac J M Salineas A-59. General Land Office and State of Texas to EOG Resources, Inc., o/l, 5.1575 AC Karnes & Gonzales Co. D Taylor A-280, I&G.N.R.R.Co A-162, B Randal A-359 & F Gonzales A-233. General Land Office and State of Texas to EOG Resources, Inc. o/l, 32.995 AC W C Jones A-289, F Pate A-374 and I Baker A-130.

The Music Study Club of Gonzales, a part of the Texas and National Federation of Music Clubs, met Tuesday evening at the Irene and Gene Cerny home with Vida Burnett co-hosting. Pres.Shirley Spoon began the meeting asking Herb Karnau and Vida Burnett to present the Federation Hymn and Together We Sing as all joined to sing. The 200+ year-old folk song, ERIE CANAL, was featured with the song story which is American history of the 1700s. Secretary JoAnn Lieifeste reported she has placed the Clubs completed book of Minutes and Member Rolls in the Gonzales County Archives for reference to future historians of music culture in this area. Other anouncements included notice the Etude Music Club of San Antonio a part of TFMC District 6, is celebrating their 50th anniversary this month. The Shiner Gaslight Theater is presenting WHOSE WIVES ARE THEY ANYWAY? the first three weekends of November announced by Irene Cerny In Gonzales, The Crystal Theater is presenting NUNSENSE the last weekend of October and first two weekends of November announced by Barbara Blanchard. In Victoria, the Fine Arts Center hosts a patriotic concert of famous band musicon October 20th at 7:30 PM. The Glory Bound Singers, a large group of senior adults, will be presenting a concert of southern gospel music at First Baptist Church at 6:30 PM. Pres.Spoon also called attention to the July programs of Inspiration Point. Arkansas, Opera in the Ozarks and the top notch musical concerts scheduled at International Festival Institute of Round Top,Texas. Pres. Spoon introduced the program by Irene Cerny who, as a wellknown improvisationalist, entertained and instructed members in the art. She noted we think of octave notes as being relatively staid and uninteresting

and proceeded to demonstrate octave sounds as drama in music.She improvised from the melodies of MY OWN TRUE LOVE, WILLOW,WEEP FOR ME, SINGING IN THE RAIN and LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME all of which include the drama of octaves in the melodies. Members suggested other songs with octaves in the melodies which Irene played for us. Part I of the study course book CLARA SCHUMANN- THE ARTIST AND HER MUSIC by Nancy Reich was reviewed by JoAnn Leifeste. This new biography described Clara Schumanns life as the tragedy of a family and the triumph of a magnificent musician. The incredible story of a woman who bore seven children, had a 60 year career in the elite music circles of Europe, was domineered and constantly put down by her father, left a widow at age 37 and later published her famous husbands (Robert Schumann) music, performed with her husband, was very gifted in piano performance, played the violin and composed reams of music for piano, orchestra, and voice. We were amazed to learn so much tragedy and triumph had existed in this rediscovered artists life and times.Clara was honored by royalty but her father never acknowleged her talents and abilities yet he took credit for her success! After Pres. Spoon led members to speak the NFMC Collect, Irene Cerby and Vida Burnett served refreshments of party sandwiches, pickels and relishes, salted toasted nuts, pumpkin spice cookies and toffee crisp cookies with fruit punch, coffee and sodapop from the table laid with a white hand-crocheted cloth and centered with a fall arrangement of brilliant leaves and a quilted pumpkin figure. The Cerny home was decorated with wallhanging and pole suspended quilts in lovely fall colors, all made by the master quilter Mrs.Cerny. The November 8th Music Club meeting will be held at FBC Fellowship Hall hosted by Kathleen Janik, Dae and Joey Moss featuring American composers music.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Gonzales Cannon
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Local cities see sharp rise in sales-tax allocations

taxing districts, up 13.9 percent compared to October 2010. The sales tax figures represent sales that occurred in August. The sharpest local increase came for the city of Waelder, where a delinquent tax collection helped spur an increase of nearly 600 percent over last year. Waelder will get a check for $11,486, compared to last years total of $1,674. Every locality save Smiley, in fact, saw a doubledigit increase in its share of the state sales tax over last year. Smileys check for $700 represents a 29.42 percent drop from last year. The City of Gonzales was another beneficiary of the collection of some delinquent accounts and will receive a check for $258,739 for September, a whopping 119.2 percent increase over last year. Also posting revenue increases at or nearly double to last years totals were Cuero and Moulton. Cueros September check for $198,543 is 97.59 percent ahead of last years total, while Moulton will get a check for $16,984, a 107.7 percent increase. The city of Luling continued to see strong retail sales in August, with a scheduled check of $138,030 for September representing a 44.59 percent increase over last year. Nixon also showed strong retail growth, with a September check for $19,133 representing a 31.52 percent increase. Several cities in Lavaca county also saw healthy increases. Hallettsvilles check for $76,864 is a 24.51 percent increase over last year, while Shiner will get a check for $18,783, representing a 20.82 percent increase. Yoakum also saw a substantial jump in revenues, with a September check for $95,859 representing a 34.54 percent increase. For details of October sales tax payments to individual cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose districts, locate the Monthly Sales Tax Allocation Comparison Summary Reports on the Comptrollers Web site at www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/allocsum/compsum.html.

Employee Files subject of free seminar

AUSTIN Most of the regions municipalities saw sharp increases in their shares of the state sales tax monthly allocations announced Tuesday by State Comptroller Susan Combs office. Combs said today that statewide, sales tax revenue in September was $1.76 billion, up 11.8 percent compared to September 2010. Texas sales tax collections have now increased for 18 straight months, Combs said. All sectors showed increases in September, led by business spending, especially in the oil and gas-related sectors. Consumer sectors like restaurants and retail trade were also up. The recovery in Texas has brought sales tax collections almost back to peak 2008 levels, however the near-term outlook remains clouded due to the uneven performance of the U.S. economy. Combs will send September sales tax allocations Representatives from Holt Catapillar manufacturing company were in Gonza- totaling $505.2 million to les on Oct. 4, treating early morning visitors to Mr. Taco with free breakfast. The cities, counties, transit sysgesture was the companys way of saying thank you to oil and gas pipeline tems and special purpose workers in the Eagle Ford Shale area, who are bringing an increasing amount of industrial business to the entire region. Pictured are Adam Haby, Peter John HOUSTON Marathon Holt, Marshall Ward, Contessa Baird and Blaine Baird. Also pictured is a Holt Cat Oil Corporation announced employee greeting customers as they enter Mr. Taco. (Photo by Nikki Maxwell) this week that Lance W. Robertson will be joining MaraThe UH-Victoria Small 28 at the Randle-Rather strategy including: Texas thon Oil as regional vice presiBusiness Development Building in Suite 303. Employee Rights, Texas dent - South Texas/Eagle Ford, Center at Gonzales satelDon't let employee files Employee Files Checklist, effective Oct. 3. In this newly created posilite office is offering a free and their maintenance 10 Steps to Maintaining tion, Robertson will be reseminar to local small busi- "frighten" you. This fun, in- Employee Files and more. nesses and entrepreneurs. teractive seminar on keepSatisfactory meeting sponsible for all Marathon Employee Files Done ing employee files. Includes room temperatures are dif- operations in the Eagle Ford Right! will be presented real-life case studies of ficult to maintain. Always shale play and report to David from 10 a.m.-noon Oct. successful documentation bring a sweater or jacket to E. Roberts, Jr., Marathon Oil Corporation executive vice ensure comfort. To register, call 575-8944 president and chief operating or send an e-mail to sbdc@ officer. Marathon has continuhv.edu to reserve your ued to grow its position in the Grains Liquid Fertilizer Eagle Ford and expects to close seat. Custom Mix Feed Pellet Feed Seminar may be can- the previously announced HilLiquid Feed Spraying celled if minimum number corp asset transaction on Nov. 1, 2011. Importantly, the assets Cattle Cubes of registrants is not met. being acquired from Hilcorp

Saying thanks to the workers

Robertson takes Marathon VP post

establish Marathon as a topfive acreage holder in the core of this important liquids-rich resource play. The Company anticipates a 2011 exit rate for the Eagle Ford of approximately 13,000 net barrels of oil equivalent per day (BOEPD), and expects to grow this to 100,000 net BOEPD by 2016. Robertsons responsibilities will include strategic and tactical operational leadership throughout the entire region, working in collaboration with Marathons exploration, engineering, land and operations teams. He will have direct oversight and responsibility for the successful execution of all drilling, completion and production activities while leading

Fehner & Son Grain Co.

James Fehner -- Cell 830-857-3638 Jimmy Fehner -- Cell 830-857-3636

the development of best practices and continuous improvement to maximize the value of Marathons investments in the Eagle Ford. Commenting on the announcement, Roberts said, Marathon Oil has committed to delivery and execution success in our new Eagle Ford business. Lance Robertson gives us a proven leader for this basin to complement the outstanding team we have assembled to realize the full potential of our Eagle Ford holdings. We welcome Lance to Marathon Oil and look forward to the contributions he will make to our success in developing our significant South Texas portfolio.

1922 Co. Road 197 Christi Barnes has come to GonGonzales, TX 78629 zales to open Christies Collection Phone: 830-672-3710 at 505 St. Joseph as er sister store
to Christies in Yoakum. She will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Saturday from 104. She has jewelry, shoes, jeans, fashion tops and much more. The I-10 Corridor Association met in Shiner on Friday and toured the Ranch Hand factory, where they make bumpers, grille guards, push bars, back bumpers, dually back bumpers, steps, bolt-on receivers, headache rack systems, rails and toolboxes. Most of their products

Christies Collection opens its doors

Around the Chamber Office

Barbara Hand
Barbara Hand is the Executive Director of the Gonzales Chamber of Commerce.

J B Wells Upcoming Events

Friday & Saturday, October 21-22

South Texas Tour Team Roping

Thursday, October 20

are made for Ford products, some for Jeep products. You can see their products at www.ranchhand.com. Wilhelmina Walker is announcing the construction of Belmont Park

Estates RV Park. When completed, the business will have over 60 sites with a picnic area, kitchen, pool, restrooms and laundry with fishing nearby. The site is located in Belmont on U.S. 90-A, just past the four-way stop and behind the old rock building that once housed the Belmont Store. The website isbelmontrvpark.com. The Business and Ag Committees met Wednesday this week. South Texas Tour Team Roping will be at the J. B. Wells Park on Thursday and Wrap N3 Barrel Racers will be there on Friday and Sunday.

Wrap N3 Barrell Racers

Gonzales Livestock Market
Sponsored by

Area Livestock Reports

The Gonzales Livestock Market Report for Saturday, October 15, 2011 had on hand: 1,460 cattle. Compared to our last sale: Calves and yearlings sold $2-$5 higher. Packer cows sold steady to $2-$3 higher.. Stocker-feeder steers: Medium and large frame No. 1: 150-300 lbs.,


every Sale ay at rd Satu m 10a

w h e P.O. Box 565 Gonzales, TX 78629 webitcastliv@ w cattle ww. USA .com David Shelton Mobile 830-857-5394 Mike Brzozowski Mobile 830-857-3900

Office 830-672-2845

Fax 830-672-6087

1819 N. State Hwy. 97 Gonzales, Texas 78629 FAX BUS. PHONE 830-672-6237 830-672-7739


$131-$138; 300-400 lbs, $145-$161; 400-500 lbs, $131-$142; 500-600 lbs, $128-$130; 600-700 lbs., $119$127; 700-800 lbs., $116-$119. Bull yearlings: 700-900 lbs, $92$111. Stocker-feeder heifers: Medium and large frame No. 1: 150-300 lbs, $121-$128; 300-400 lbs, $123-$128; 400-500 lbs, $120-$124; 500-600 lbs., $116-$119; 600-700 lbs., $112$114. Packers cows: Good lean utility and commercial, $43-$52; Cutters, $57-$70; Canners, $34-$39; Low yielding fat cows, $51-$64. Packer bulls: Yield grade 1 & 2, good heavy bulls; $71-$77.50; light weights and medium quality bulls, $59-$67. Stocker Cows: $525-$875. Pairs: $775-$975. Thank your for your business! View our sale live at cattleusa.com.

to $140; 600-700 lbs, $113 to $123 to $134; 700-800 lbs, $114 to $124 to $132. Heifers: 100-300 lbs, $109 to $119 to $145; 300-400 lbs, $110 to $120 to $170; 400-500 lbs, $110 to $120 to $141; 500-600 lbs, $108 to $118 to $140; 600-700 lbs, $106 to $116 to $123; 700-800 lbs, $95 to $105 to $120. Slaughter cows: $41 to $51 to $70; Slaughter bulls: $58 to $68 to $74; Stocker cows: $360 to $694; Pairs: $700 to $960.

We also have 20, 30, 40 yrd. containers available for scrap metal cleanups Junk Cars accepted w/titles only.
OWNERS Arturo & Cruz Mata BUS. HOURS MON.-FRI 8am-5pm SAT. 8am-12pm

The Nixon Livestock Commission Inc. report had on hand, October 17, 2011, Volume, 1,782. Steers: 200-300 lbs, $140 to $150 to $180; 300-400 lbs., $134 to $144 to $178; 400-500 lbs, $125 to $135 to $171; 500-600 lbs, $115 to $125


The Hallettsville Livestock Commission Co., Inc. had on hand on October 11 2011, 1,727; Week ago, 2,225; Year Ago, 1,896. Better quality classes of calves and yearlings sold $3 to $5 higher on classes 500 lbs and up. Lighter weights sold $6 to $10 higher. Demand very good. Packer cows and bulls sold $4-$6 higher on approx. 510 hd. total. Packer Cows: higher dressing utility & cutter cows, $53-$67; lower dressing utility & cutter cows, $43$33; light weight canner cows, $30$43. Packer Bulls: heavyweight bulls,


$66-$77; utility & cutter bulls, $61$66; lightweight canner bulls, $56$61. Stocker and Feeder Calves and Yearlings: Steer & Bull Calves: under 200 lbs, $125-$160; 200-300 lbs, $125-$170; 300-400 lbs, $125-$165; 400-500 lbs, $122-$162.50; 500600 lbs, $116-$140; 600-700 lbs, $110-$125; 700-800 lbs, $106-$121. Heifer Calves: under 200 lbs, $120$152; 200-300 lbs, $118-$145; 300400 lbs, $118-$142; 400-500 lbs, $115-$133; 500-600 lbs, $110-$130; 600-700 lbs, $108-$120; 700-800 lbs, $96-$118. No. 2 & 3 Steer & Bull Calves: under 200 lbs, $95-$130; 200-300 lbs, $92-$128; 300-400 lbs, $90-$124; 400-500 lbs, $87-$120; 500-600 lbs, $83-$112. No. 2 & 3 Heifer Calves: under 200 lbs, $90$124; 200-300 lbs, $88-$120; 300400 lbs, $86-$116; 400-500 lbs, $84$113; 500-600 lbs, $80-$108. Stocker Cows: good stocker cows and heifers, $750-$930; medium stocker cows and heifers, $550$725; good cow and calf pairs, $800$910; medium cow and calf pairs, $650-$800. If we can help with marketing your livestock, please call 361-7984336.

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The Gonzales Cannon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Special to the Cannon

Prairie Lea students take part in assault on Guiness record

Collage of photos from the attempt on the Guiness World Record. (Courtesy photo)

AUSTIN Sue Gottwald, trustee from Gonzales ISD joined 35 other school board members from across Texas September 30-October 2 at the kickoff session of the Leadership TASB class of 2012. Selected by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), the group is participating in a yearlong education leadership study program. These trustees represent school districts of all sizes, with student populations of 262 to 62,000, and reflect a similar range

GISD trustee joins leadership class

of property wealth. Participants who complete all required elements of the study will graduate next year by earning Master Trustee status. This is the highest designation recognized by TASB. Meeting in conjunction with the Texas Association of School Administrators/ TASB convention in Austin, the trustees heard featured speakers Peter DeLisle, Ph.D. and Debra Fine. DeLisle, Leslie B. Crane chair and director of the Posey Leadership Institute at Austin College, focused on leadership and team building. Fine is a nationally known motivational speaker and author of The Fine Art of Small Talks. Board members also received training at convention sessions and attended the TASB Delegate Assembly, the Associations annual business meeting. Other Leadership TASB sessions are scheduled for Dallas, November 11-12; Corpus Christi, February 16-18; McAllen, April 1214; and San Antonio, June

Grade by grade, the students of Prairie Lea ISD began to make their way down to the schools football field on Wednesday, Oct. 12, to set the Guinness World Record for most people doing jumping jacks at one time. In total, counting pre-k through 12th grade, teachers, parents, and community members, there were 226 jumpers lined up in rows, stretched across the small field. Alfonso Campos, the independent witness and justice court judge, observed all the jumpers, while the independent supervisors, Joel Densman from Prairie Lea Baptist Church, Audrey Spencer from Prairie Lea Methodist Church, Darlene Boaz from Fentress Methodist Church, Denise Contreras, the Hays/Caldwell Council counselor, and Mr. Dan Jameson, a community member, watched over the rows more carefully.

Coordinated by Coach Theresa Acklin, the jumping jack record meant not only a victory for a small school, but also a way to promote physical health and fitness, encouraging kids to move right alongside their teachers, friends, and parents. Hopefully this will be a start to Prairie Lea becoming a more active school, said Coach Theresa Acklin, We werent quite sure we would be able to do it with the gym needing repairs but with a little thought and ambition, they were able to find a solution that worked better for everyone. Aside from breaking the Guinness World Record, the act of a school and community pulling together aspiring towards one goal, shows that no matter how small a town or school may be, what truly matters is the heart. (Kayley Zion is a sophomore at Prairie Lea High School.)

Sue Gottwald
14-16. Each session has a unique theme that builds on the previous session and features nationally recognized experts in the fields of leadership development and education. Teams also work throughout the year on extended learning assignments between meetings. Created in 1993, Leadership TASB has almost 600 graduates to date. TASB is a voluntary, nonprofit association established in 1949 to serve local Texas school districts. School board members are the largest group of publicly elected officials in the state. The districts they represent have combined annual expenditures of $54 billion, employ more than 659,000 people, and serve more than 4.8 million public school students.

Gonzales Jr. High Honor Roll

Gonzales Junior High School honor roll for the first six weeks grading period: 7TH GRADE ALL AS Katherine Bonilla, McKenzie Caldwell, Haley Clampit, Amanda Dixson, Samantha Fussner, Roma Gallardo, Paige Glass, Brandon Gomez, Hayden Henke, Blanca Hernandez, Madalin Kocian, Kalie Leal, Angelica Mathis, Micah Medellin, Wade Miller, Reuban Morales, Emma Morgan, Cody Oakes, Alexander Ortiz, Brandon Page, Katia Sanchez,Allyson Schauer,Josie Stowers ALL AS AND ONE B Jake Barnick, Jaren Blundell, Carie Connell, Karyli DeLaGarza, Erin Foley, Wayne Fowler, Kassandra Gallegos, Michaela Garcia, Kameron Glass, Regan Gray, Joe Guerrero, Jacey Haile, Yaritza Inocencio, Kolby Kiefer, Taylor McCollum, Cierra Nash, Regina Santillan, Jason Velasquez Banda, Nathan Walker, Kendra Williams 8th GRADE ALL AS Valeria Aguayo, Seth Aguero, Molly Barnick, Carlos Blanco, Kelsey Camarillo, Colby Cantu, Dylan Cantu, Angelica Castro, Jannine Cortez, Blake Cox, Erika Diaz, Christian Garcia, Ashley Gonzalez, Tanner Hardcastle, Ashleigh Haub, Ali Hoghoughi, Devon Lopez, Hayden Martin, Dylan Mills, Aaron Olmos, Mallory Pyssen, Javier Ramirez, Kenneth Sebourn, Alyson Solis, Clayton Wilkerson ALL AS AND ONE B Zachary Akers, Alyssa Barta, Ryan Benes, Rene Bibas, Jeremiah Cantu, Pedro DeLuna, Abagail Duwel, Joey Edwards, Tesha Landry, Kirstin McKinney, Maximiliano Moreno, Alyas Ramirez, Andrew Rodriguez, Trent Schauer, Gretchen Singleton

Post-game camaraderie

A great camaraderie was shared by Fellowship of Christian Athletics members at Nixon-Smiley High School after the game Friday night. Members met at the school gym for games and snacks. (Courtesy Photo)

Dear Gonzales ISD School and Community Family, October started with a bang of the Come and Take It Cannon. We have had some great weekends with all of the events, a good rain, and a great football game! Our students shined in the Come and Take It parade and our football team exemplified great character last Friday night! The stands were filled and everyone could not help but notice respect, professionalism and just good ball playing. Thank you Apaches! The Apaches are doing a great job both on and off the field. The Gonzales Apache football team has just been named Dave Campbells Texas Football Army Strong Team of the Week for 3A. One team a week is selected per classification. This is the second year in a row that our Apaches have received this great honor! Congratulations to Coach Lock and the Apache football team! Thank you to the Apaches Booster Club for a great Pep Rally last Wednesday night and Band Boosters for supporting the students! Our band earned a First Division at the Troy Invitational and will perform in Giddings for UIL on October 22nd. Go Apaches! Congratulations to Mr. Boucher and our Apache Band! This letter is full of thanks! What a wonderful community and just another great reason to live in Gonzales, TX. There are so many good people giving in so many great ways to help others. Thanks to the Gonzales Noon Lions Club

GISD activities off to a great start in October

Superintendents Letter
Dr. Kim Strozier
to student success over and over in our classrooms and in our community. I want to sing their praises for making a difference one child at a time. I thank each and every teacher, counselor, nurse, paraprofessional, librarian and administrator for meeting the challenge of a continuous push for higher expectations. The new STARR and EOC assessment is more rigorous and objectives are tested to a deeper level of understanding. GISD faculty are busy implementing instruction, daily monitoring and intervention to assist our students to meet the requirements that will determine future levels of performance. It is a challenge as we raise expectations and work to ensure that students will meet the expectation. Our students are our focus. Last spring we spent much time meeting with groups to gather input on the districts strategic plan. Thank you for your assistance in providing input into what has become a working plan of action in moving our district continuously forward in meeting student needs. Thank you to the Gonzales ISD School Board of Trustees for approving our District Improvement Plan which includes the following Vision, Mission and Goals. VISION: Excellence for All Mission: Gonzales Independent School District is committed to a spirit of excellence in caring service and partnerships that equip students for continuous learning supporting resilience in achieving personal aspiration, compassionate and dynamic citizenship in an ever changing world. Goals: 1. GISD will provide a broad array of learning opportunities to meet the needs and aspirations of each student to reach exemplary status, high school completion and post graduate success. 2. GISD will provide for safety and order ensuring a climate conducive to learning. 3.GISD will work collaboratively with parents and community to maximize learning opportunities and unity of focus in education. 4. GISD will retain caring, passionate and highly qualified personnel. 5. GISD will maintain exemplary fiscal responsibility. 6. GISD will provide facilities conducive to accomplish our vision objectives. We are well into our school year. As we work to achieve our goals, remember, it is important for us to communicate early regarding student performance. If you have questions or concerns that have not been addressed, please contact your childs teacher to discuss how best to provide support at home. Working together we can accomplish great things. We have two community events coming up soon. The first is entitled Rachels Challenge. The Rachels Challenge event takes place on October 18th at 6:30 p.m. at the Gonzales Junior

Dr. Kimberly Strozier is superintendent of Gonzales ISD.

for assisting once again in eye sight screening for our young children at East Avenue. Many young students benefit from eyeglasses gained from support of the Lions Club. I had the honor of receiving an invitation to lunch with the Retired Teachers here in Gonzales. It is always a treat and they are such a support for GISD. Many thanks to GVEC for contributing funds to help us get our GISD foundation off the ground! We have had a great beginning and are working with a super group who care about kids. Thank you to you all! Our teachers are making a difference every day. Great things are happening in Gonzales ISD. Teaching is a calling. I would go so far as to say that our teachers along with parent partners work together to save the nation by protecting our future through education. How fortunate we are to live in a country that supports an opportunity for every student to obtain an education. I see a commitment

High Auditorium. Our actions have such an effect on others. This program advocates the chain effect of kindness. On November 10th, we will honor our veterans in a ceremony held at Apache field. Please join us as we join together to remember and recognize the people that have fought to protect the freedoms that we hold dear. Be watching for an agenda to be posted closer to the ceremony date. There are so many exciting things taking place as we speak. The next phase of construction is right around the corner. I will keep you posted as we discuss expansion of the East Avenue cafeteria and a canopy at Gonzales Elementary. We are hearing great phrases from our Dual Language students as they learn another language. Our freshmen at GHS have presented projects for a panel of parents, community and business representatives at Gonzales High School. College Day was a huge success. It was exciting to see the students thinking of their future as they visited with the different representatives. The family support, structure, motivation, and encouragement from parents, faculty and staff are what inspire students to go to school and do their best. The best education for your children comes about when we work as a team. Thank you for being a part of your childs education. Sincerely, Dr. Kimberly Strozier

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rachels Challenge:

The Gonzales Cannon

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Powerful program delivers compelling message to GISD community

My codes seem like a fantasy that can never be reached, but test them for yourself, and see the kind of effect they have in the lives of people around you. You may just start a chain reaction. Rachel Joy Scott, My Ethics, My Codes of Life Throughout the week, the Gonzales community was privileged to hear a powerful tale of triumph rising from tragedy. An event entitled Rachels Challenge was presented several times at the Gonzales Junior High Auditorium for the general populace and students in grades 2-12, given by the organization of the same name that strives to create a safe learning environment for all students by re-establishing civility and delivering proactive antidotes to school violence and bullying. The initiatives namesake is Rachel Joy Scott, an amazing 17-year old girl who was the first person killed during the tragic Columbine High School shooting on April 20, 1999. On that day two teenage gunmen, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, went on a rampage and murdered 13 people before taking their own lives in the schools library. The compelling message from Rachel was about kindness and compassion, said GISD superintendent Dr. Kim Strozier. I think we are so busy in our lives that a lot of times we forget how much power and significance that a kind word can have for another person. Its so important that we share that message and continue to reinforce it with our young people as theyre growing. Strozier added the information contained in Rachels Challenge falls in line with the districts anti-bullying policy. As a result, GISD will be forming a For Rachel Club, whose curriculum is all about spreading kindness and compassion. The program was moderated by Doug Brandl, who became a close family friend of the Scotts and started working for Rachels Challenge three years ago. I was introduced to the story when I saw her father, Darryl, give the presentation and I was so moved by it that I told him I wanted to help out in any way I could, Brandl said. Her message is so simple that I think sometimes we forget that when were one-on-one with someone, thats when its most important. A few weeks before Rachels death, she wrote a two-page essay for her English class titled My Ethics, My Codes of Life, which suggested that being kind to one person will cause a chain reaction of the same. The paper, along with other writings found in Rachels six private diaries, was discovered after her senseless passing and became the basis for the content of Rachels Challenge. The program charges its audiences to perform five challenges that will cause of chain reaction of kindness affecting others. The challenges are based on how she wanted us to treat each other, said Brandl. She was wise beyond her years. She had such a clear vision and passion for making other peoples lives better. She went out of

Moderator Doug Brandl speaks to the audience at Gonzales Junior High Tuesday evening. (Photo by Cedric Iglehart) her way to reach out to people that other people didnt reach out to. Those challenges are: 1) Look for the best in others, 2) Dream big, 3) Choose positive influences, 4) Speak with kindness, and 5) Start your own chain reaction. An eerie and almost supernatural vibe surrounds the circumstances of Rachels death. Harris and Klebold chose the date of their shooting spree because it was the birthday of Adolph Hitler, the man responsible for the extermination of millions of Jews including one of Rachels inspirations, Anne Frank. There were several parallels between the deaths of Rachel and Frank - both girls died as teenagers, both were immortalized through their writings, and both left behind legacies that impacted the world in a positive manner. It seemed that Rachel had an innate sense of the fleeting nature of her own mortality. Friends reported of her often saying that she knew she would die young, but that her death would not be in vain because she would become a conduit for positive change. After she died, her parents found where she traced her hands on the back of her dresser and wrote inside them the words - These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott, who will someday touch millions of peoples hearts. Rachel always knew she would end up reaching people around the world, Brandl said. Somehow she was certain that she would have that type of impact. Six weeks after Rachel died, her father received a call from a businessman in Ohio. The caller informed Rachels dad that he sought him out because after hearing about Rachels story, he was beset by a dream where he saw Rachels eyes dropping tears on something that was growing from out of the ground. Rachels dad thought the call odd, but didnt give it another thought until days later when he was called by police to retrieve the backpack Rachel was wearing on her last day of life. In that backpack, he found a drawing Rachel did just minutes before she was shot - it depicted a set of eyes crying tears on a rose that was spiraling up from the ground. There were exactly 13 tears coming from the eyes, one for each person who was murdered by Harris and Klebold on that infamous day. A teacher saw that drawing and asked Rachel about it, Brandl said. She told her that it wasnt finished. Before she left the room, she turned back and said Im going to impact the world one day. Those were the last words she ever spoke. Today, Rachels Challenge is an organization consisting of a team of 41 presenters like Brandl, 23 operators and office staff, a 17-person national advisory board, an 11-member marketing team and a seven board of directors that includes her father and stepmother, Sandy. Her message has spread to six countries and throughout the United States, and has drawn the involvement of entertainers, sports celebrities, educators and Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. For more information, visit the website www.rachelschallenge.org or view their Facebook page.

Rachel Joy Scott, a 17-year-old, was the first person killed during the tragic shootings at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. Her father later discovered her writings and diaries, including an essay she had written for her English class which became the basis for Rachels Challenge. (Photo by Cedric Iglehart)

WISD revises discipline policy


WAELDER The Waelder Independent School District Board of Trustees agreed to change its discipline policy by adding a new consequence. The board voted 4-2, with Jo Ann Ibarra and Diana Olmos opposing, to implement after school detention for minor violations. District principal Mark Cantu said the policy change will pre-

vent students from missing class instruction. We noticed the correlation that the students who miss the most class are the ones who score the lowest, he said. In order to put them back into the class, wed rather do after school detention for one hour. That way it takes away from their time and not school time. Cantu further explained that after school detention, which will be held from 3:35-4:35 p.m. on Tuesdays

and Thursdays only, will also provide an effective alternative to placing students in ISS (in-school suspension). Foul language is a perfect example, he said. Right now if students use foul or inappropriate language, then they spend the day in ISS. So they miss a full day of instruction when they didnt necessarily have to. During his Principals Report, Cantu presented the board with the grading breakdown from the first six weeks. Of the 254 students in grades kindergarten to 12th, 37 made the A Honor Roll, 94 were on the A/B Honor Roll and 31 received failing grades. If you add up the numbers you can see that half of our students made the honor rolls and thats wonderful, Cantu said. Cathy Hernandez asked Cantu what was being done to help the failing students improve their grades and he explained the variety of programs in place to address that issue. Weve got the tutorials that were holding as well as mandatory student conferences and small group instruction in the classroom, said Cantu. He went on to say those programs are enhanced

through the teachers interaction with parents at WISD-sponsored community activities. The district has already held four such events in the last eight weeks including Meet The Teacher Night, the Community Walk, Family Night in the Park, and Make It Take It. Weve done this more than probably any other district in the state, Cantu said. Our teachers are working extremely hard so we have to be able to support them. Not only through what theyre doing in class, but in how they reach out to parents and whats the message that theyre sending. I want the message to be that learning doesnt stop when students leave the building, learning should continue at home. In other business, the board: * Approved the 2011 original tax roll levy of $1.5 million * Accepted the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (F.I.R.S.T.) report for the 2009-2010 school year, which showed the district received rating of Superior Achievement. * Approved a resolution to nominate Lauren Clampit for candidacy to the Gonzales County Appraisal District Board.

Business recognition

Amanda Reed of the GISD Business Office was recognized during Mondays Board of Trustees meeting for receiving advanced financial management training. (Photo by Dave Mundy)

Nursing information night scheduled at VC

Victoria College will hold a nursing information night for those interested in the vocational nursing program on Thursday, Oct. 20 at 6:30 p.m. at the VC Gonzales Center. Nurses are in high demand and play a vital role in our healthcare system. Providing patient care for the sick is only one element of nursing. Nurses today also help promote health, prevent disease,

help patients and their families cope with illness, emergencies and longterm disease and work to make healthier communities. Nurses have the opportunity to make a difference in the world on a daily basis. Many exciting and rewarding opportunities exist in nursing. Please contact Helen Hahn at 830-6720-7411 or visit the VC homepage for more information.

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The Gonzales Cannon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting Involved:
After reading about the families in Bastrop, seeing pictures of the fire at a distance, and hearing about the many hardships these families are living with, the Gonzales Junior High Life Skills class decided to help. The students decided they wanted to help the families rebuild their homes. With the help from faculty and students at Gonzales Jr. High and community support, the students were able to raise $744.00 for the families in Bastrop. On Friday, Sept. 16, the students collected all the donated items and began cooking. With the help from other peers, the students made 644 breakfast tacos. The tacos were sold to the students and staff on campus to help raise money for the families in Bastrop.

The life skills class at Gonzales Junior High raised more than $700 for Bastrop County fire victims. (Courtesy photo)

GJH students stage fundraiser for Bastrop County victims

During a fire-prevention demonstration at Gonzales Elementary this week as part of Fire Prevention Week, music teacher Jennifer Lamprecht got a little inspiration while donning the gear worn by firefighters. Firefighter Heath Lipke helps As the day came to an end, all the students with the demonstration. (Courtesy photo) were tired but very excited when they learned how much money they had raised. Each one of the students was very excited and full of smiles because they knew they had done a great thing. The Gonzales Life Skills class would like to thank everyone that helped them have such The Gonzales Master Gar- used for many years as a school the Fair Street Exploratorium a successful fundraiser. The students want to deners are planning a fund- cafeteria and most recently as building include making it a say thanks to all individuals who donated the raiser for the Fair Street Ex- a storage facility. One of the comfortable and meaningful beans, cheese, and tortillas. They also want ploratorium. The fundraiser buildings first projects will teaching environment. In adto send a special Thank You to the local busi- rummage sale will be held at support the Gonzales Junior dition to a general cleanup and ness that helped support their efforts: Mr. the Fair Street Exploratorium Master Gardener program. the installation of new electriTaco for tortillas, Soncrest for the eggs, and Building Saturday October 22 The Junior Master Gardener cal, plumbing and air condi8 am to 1 pm. Proceeds from Program is a curriculum for tioning, the renovation projPateks Grocery in Shiner for the bacon. Thank you everyone on campus for your the sale will build teaching teachers for use in hands on ects goals include a greenhouse gardens at the Fair Street Ex- science and agricultural educa- and a rain water harvesting support and generosity.

Getting a kick out of fire prevention

Master Gardeners planning Exploratorium fund-raiser

Seguin Chevrolet

ploratorium for local school children and their teachers. The Fair Street Exploratorium is a collaboration of Gonzales County, the City of Gonzales, Texas Agri-life Extension of Gonzales County, Gonzales Independent School District and the Gonzales Master Gardeners. The building, located at 623 N. Fair Street on the grounds of Gonzales Elementary School, has been leased from GISD by Gonzales County for use in developing an educational center for adults and children. Texas Agri-Life Extensions Gonzales Master Gardeners have undertaken a project to renovate the 1930s building which was

tion. Texas A&M University developed the Junior Master Gardener Program which has been so successful that it has been implemented in schools across the United States and even in Europe and Asia. Staff from the Horticulture Department of Texas A&M University will be here in Gonzales at the end of October to conduct an in-service training program for area district teachers on incorporating the Junior Master Gardener Program into area schools. The Gonzales Master Gardeners will sponsor the in-service training program which will be offered at the Gonzales Elementary School. Plans for the renovation of

system. Classes will someday include exploring science, art and conservation. Of course, its going to take a lot more than one rummage sale to make this a reality, said Juliana Hennig who is leading the rummage sale effort. But the proceeds from the sale will start the gardens at the building. Well have furniture, electronics, small appliances and household items, art work, quilts, books, toys and lots of garden items such as garden tools and indoor and outdoor plants. We hope the community will come out and support the effort to renovate this facility and make this program a reality for our school kids.


509 W. IH 10 - Seguin, TX 78155 (830) 303-4381 - (877) 309-0314

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Nixon Wild Hog winners announced

By Cannon News Services

Whitehead, and Bradley Petrek 15th place Werner Farms Captain Tyler Werner, Dylon Morrow, Kaleb Basquez, Caleb Molina, and Jeremy Fortenberry 16th place - Leesville Young Guns - Captain Caleb Molina, Reagan Tieken, Rylan Tieken, Daniel Perez, and Dylon Morrow 17th place Dollar Ranch - Captain Zac Guevara, Jordan Hernandez, John Boone, Philip Robinson, and Carlos Saldana 18th place Runnels Pierce Ranch - Captain Matt Lawton, Colt Adams, Tyler Adams, Cole Applegate, and Homer Apparicio 19th place Big Daddys Crew - Captain Lance Behlen, Jacob Tipp, Dub Whitehead, Tyler Behlen, and Charles Zella 20th place Bad for Business - Captain Ross Butler, Josh Holmes, Tel Lindemann, Westly Goldstein, and Tommy Ohrt 21st place Regulators Captain Jeff Mills, Jeremy Pryor, Logan Mactarek, Reagan Tieken, and Devon Warzecha 22nd place VOC - Captain Travis Scherrer, Travis Marback, Chris Krueger, Jeremy Fortenberry, and Cullen Jurena

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$2,000 CASH BACK2


The Gonzales Cannon Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dozens of teams and individuals competed in the annual Wild Hog CookOff, Rodeo and Childrens Games last weekend in Nixon. Winners took home trophies, plaques, cash and bragging rights. Here are the results. Ranch Rodeo 1st place JC Ranch Captain-Trevor Henderson, Skeeter Ramsey, Ty Brzozowski, David Soresby, and Justin Wahlberg 2nd place Rafter K Ranch Captain-L. B. Pearson, Charles Zella, Kaleb Basquez, Matt Meador, and Austin Patrick 3rd place Wexford Cattle Co. Captain-Neil Heard, Tommy Ohrt, Josh Baros, Colt Adams, and Colby Supak 4th place M & M Cattle Co. - Captain-Marty Rosenquest, Cody Rosenquest, Cody Leopold, Cody Churny, and Jason Goodson 5th place Rancho Seco Ranch - Captain-Gilbert Gonzales, Rowdy Yow, Colby Mangum, Cullen Jurena, and Derek Hale 6th place Thompson Ranches, Captain - Junior Martinez, Lew Thompson, Chicky Cisneros, Dillon Marrow, and Caleb Molina 7th place South Texas Cattle Co - Captain-Lew Thompson, Charles Zella, Junior Martinez, Dillon Morrow, Caleb Molina, and Chicky Cisneros

8th place Flying B Ranch Captain - LB Pearson, Cole Applegate, Joey Guerra, J.R Garcia, and Matt Meador 9th place Briscoe Ranch - Captain - Ty Brzozowski, Skeeter Ramsey, Justin Wahlberg, David Soresby, and Cody Churney 10th place C & M Cattle Co. - Captain- Cody Rosenquest, Homer Apparicio, Cole Davidson, Marty Rosenquest, and J.D Shelton 11th place - L&O Transport - Captain - Anthony Guerrero, J. R. Martinez, David Martinez, Juavie Cordova, and Coy Smith 12th place Rockin 4 Captain Cole Davidson, Ty Brzozowski, Colt Adams, Josh Buros, and Justin Wahlburg

The first place team in each event received $100. The first place team overall received $3937. The second place team overall received $2362. The third place team overall received $1575. Kids Games Pig Scramble (2 to 4

year olds)

1st place Trenton Gordon 2nd place Samantha Scott 3rd place Coy Labuhn Pig Scramble (5 to 7 years old) 1st place Ben Connell WILD HOG, Page B4

13th place Flying Dubs Captain J.D Shelton, Cody Whitehead, Dub Whitehead, Cody Leopold, and Bradley Petrek 14th place - Kixx Rentals and Services - Captain Kalob Basquez, Charles Zella, Dillon Marrow, Dub

The Butt Burners took home First Place in the Brisket category. Shown is the team with Head Cooks Brad and Brandy Mondin. Photo by Mark Lube

The Butt Burners took home First Place in the Pork Ribs category. Shown is the team with Head Cooks Brad and Brandy Mondin. Photo by Mark Lube

The HLI team took home First Place in the Chicken category. Shown is the team with Head Cook Ruben Acosta. Photo by Mark Lube

The Bar Lazy S Cowboy Cooks took home First Place in the Surprise category with Calf Fries. Shown is the team with Head Cook Robby Scott. Photo by Mark Lube

The Butt Burners team took home First Place in the Dutch Oven Dessert category. Shown is the team with Head Cooks Brad and Brandy Mondin. Photo by Mark Lube

Page B2

Gonzales Family Church Assembly of God

320 St. Andrew

Assemblies of God

Places of Worship
The Gonzales Cannon
Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth James 3:5
(Disciples of Christ)
712 Crockett, Luling

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dewville United Methodist

West of FM 1117 on CR 121

1817 St. Lawrence St. Gonzales

First Assembly of God

509 E. 3rd St. Nixon

Church of Christ

Churches of Christ

1323 Seydler St. Gonzales

First United Methodist 426 St. Paul, Gonzales First United Methodist 410 N. Franklin, Nixon Flatonia United Methodist
403 E North Main, Flatonia

Encouraging Word Christian Fellowship

Hwy. 80 in Leesville

New Life Assembly of God

Corner of Church St. & Jessie Smith St. Gonzales

Church of Christ (Iglesia de Cristo)

201 E. Second St. Nixon

Jesus Holy Ghost Temple

1906 Hickston, Gonzales

Bahai Faith

Bahai Faith Baptist

Church of Christ

Lighthouse Church of Our Lord

1805 Weimar, Gonzales

E. 3rd & Texas, Nixon

621 St. George St. Gonzales

Community Church of God

1020 St. Louis, Gonzales

Churches of God

Harris Chapel United Methodist

S. Liberty St. Nixon

New Life Temple for Jesus Christ

Belmont, Corner of Hwy 466 & Hwy 80

Clark Baptist Church

F.M. 794, Gonzales Hwy. 87 Smiley

Harwood Methodist Church

County Baptist Church Iglesia Bautista Memorial

Hwy 97 Waelder

Gonzales Memorial Church of God in Christ

1113 Hastings, Gonzales

North 2nd and North Gonzales, Harwood

River of Life Christian Fellowship

207 Steele St., Smiley 830-587-6500

St. James Baptist Church

Hwy 80- North of Belmont SE 2nd St. Waelder

Eastside Baptist Church

Seydler Street, Gonzales Hwy. 87 Smiley

New Way Church of God in Christ

514 St. Andrew, Gonzales

Henson Chapel United Methodist

1113 St. Andrew, Gonzales

Two Rivers Bible Church

1600 Sarah DeWitt Dr., Ste 210, Gonzales

Leesville Baptist Church

E. of Hwy 80 on CR 121

Saint Paul Baptist Church Shiner Baptist Church

Monthalia United Methodist

CR 112 off 97

Efeso Igesia Bautista First Baptist Church

422 St. Paul, Gonzales 403 N Texas Nixon Hwy 108 N Smiley

Memorial Heights Baptist Church

1330 College Gonzales 100 Capes Gonzales Hwy. 97 Bebe

Avenue F and 15th Street, Shiner

Episcopal Church of the Messiah

721 S. Louis, Gonzales (830) 6723407


Faith Family Church

Inter-Denominational Pentecostal

Smiley United Methodist

1 blk S. of Hwy 87

1812 Cartwheel Dr., Gonzales

First Baptist Church First Baptist Church First Baptist Church

406 N Ave E Waelder

Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church Oak Valley Baptist Church Old Moulton Baptist Church
2287 FM 1680, Moulton

Union Lea Baptist Church

St. Andrew St. Gonzales

Waelder United Methodist

2 blks from Hwy 90 & 97

Faith Temple

Union Valley Baptist Church

FM 1681 NW of Nixon

La Os del Evangelio Mission Capilla del Pueblo

W. Central at 87 Nixon


Hwy 80 (N. Nixon Ave.) Nixon

Webster Chapel A.M.E.

1027 Church St. Gonzales

Holy Temple of Jesus Christ No. 2

1515 Dallas, Gonzales

St. James Catholic Church

417 N. College, Gonzales St. John St. Gonzales


Camp Valley Full Gospel

7 mi N of Nixon on Hwy 80

Full Gospel

Agape Ministries Living Waters Church


Temple Bethel Pentecostal

1104 S. Paul, Gonzales

512 St. James, Gonzales

Greater Church



Primitive Baptist Church

1121 N. College Gonzales

Sacred Heart Catholic Church St. Joseph Catholic Church

207 S. Washington, Nixon

Full Gospel Church

1426 Fisher, Gonzales

Life Changing Church of Gonzales

3.3 miles north on 183, Right on CR 235, Right on CR 236

S of 90-A (sign on Hwy 80)

605 Saint Joseph St. Gonzales

Greater Rising Star Baptist Church

Providence Missionary Baptist Church

1020 St. Andrew Gonzales

First Evangelical Lutheran

1206 St. Joseph, Gonzales


Bread of Life Ministries

613 St. Joseph, Gonzales

Pilgrim Presbyterian Church

CR 210 off FM 1116


3rd Ave S of Hwy 87 Nixon

Harwood Baptist Church

North of Post Office

San Marcos Primitive Baptist Church

4 Miles west of Luling on Hwy. 90 P.O. Box 186, Luling 830-875-5305

St Patrick Catholic Church in Waelder

613 Highway 90 East Waelder Hwy 87 Smiley

Abiding Word Church, LCMS 1310 St. Louis


Cowboy Church of Gonzales County

J.B. Wells Showbarn El Centro Cristiano Agua Viva of Waelder Sun. Worship 10:30 a.m., 6 p.m.

Presbyterian Church of Gonzales

414 St. Louis, Gonzales

Iglesia Bautista Macedonia

St. Phillip Catholic Church

201 S Congress Nixon

Stratton Primitive Baptist

FM 1447 9 miles east of Cuero

First Christian Church



Belmont United Methodist Hwy. 90-A


Body Shop

P.O. Box 810 1839 St. Lawrence St. Gonzales, TX 78629

Phone: 830-672-6715 Fax: 830-672-6717 Email: rbs@gvec.net


Emmanuel Fellowship

Congregation Adat HaDerech Meets on Saturdays and Holy Days, 672-5953

Messianic Judaism

Family Dentistry of Gonzales

Gentle Quality Care
606 St. Louis Gonzales, TX 78629 Office 830-672-8664 Fax 830-672-8665

Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms

County Road 348, Gonzales, TX. 830-540-4516.

Logan Insurance Agency

516 St. Paul PO Box 100 Gonzales, Texas 78629

Jim Logan


Travis Treasner

(830) 672-6518 Fax: (830) 672-6368

Cell: (512) 376-0773


James Miller 4421 Hwy. 97E, Gonzales

Sub-Contractor Specializing in Site Work Foundation Pads Road Work Demolition

Stock Tanks-Brush Clearing David Ehrig 830-832-6063

Construction Company

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830-203-5325 Toll Free: (800) 358-5298 Lisa G. Gaspard Leticia M. Cenotti

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Community Health Centers Of South Central Texas, Inc.

Making a difference one life at a time since 1966 Most insurances accepted, we welcome Medicare - Medicaid. (No one is turned away for inability to pay.) Hours: Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri. 8a.m.-5p.m. Tues., 8a.m.-8p.m. Sun. 12p.m.-4p.m. Closed Sat.
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Authentic Mexican Food Including Caldo & Menudo


Home of the Silverado

FOR THE TIMES Old/New Business/Vehicle Lettering/Magnetics/Banners Metal/Wood/Special Events/Stickers/Etc... FREE ESTIMATES - 15 Yrs. Experience Call for Appt. Steve & Cheryl Turner 830-857-0270/830-522-4723


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

You have no one to impress but yourself and your God

Old age is setting in. I cant keep my days straight so you had better start double checking what I write. I dont know what happened to October but it has flown by so fast that I havent caught up with the first part of it yet. In conjunction with that I will have you note that next week Tuesday, October 25th, at 2PM is the regular meeting of the Belmont Ladies Club at the Belmont Community Center. Bingo prizes will be furnished and yours truly, Kathleen Allen, and Dena Black and hostesses. Sort of in conjunction with this, I need to tell you that there will be no Thanksgiving Supper this year at the community center. I think that the ladies are worn out. There is a collection box at the back of the church and one in the community center for your donations. You can also mail your check to Shari Lee, P. O. Box 947, Belmont, Texas 78604. Make them out to Belmont Community Center. They are deeply appreciated and needed. As just a general statement for those of you who havent passed through Belmont or paid any attention while doing so, there are now postal boxes lined up beside the road. The Belmont Post Office is now closed. For those who were giving dissertations about the traffic hazards of driving

The Gonzales Cannon

Page B3

Sandis Country Fried News

Sandi Gandre
through Belmont, you had better up your ante on that. The placement of those mail boxes creates another hazard. I dont know where I would have put them, but then I would have had sense enough to leave the post office open. At this point, I think that just need to be quiet. The pumpkin patch is now open over at the Monthalia United Methodist Church. It is a sight to see all of the pumpkins. Why dont you go by and take pictures of all of the pumpkins. They have all different sizes and you can buy one for your family. They really are beautiful. There are all kinds of groups of kids visiting the pumpkin patch. They get their face painted, and toss the bean bag and get told the story of the pumpkin. October has five Sundays, which means that there is a fifth Sunday breakfast over at the Belmont United Methodist Church at about 8:15am before church which is congregational singing Sunday. Come fellowship and eat breakfast and sing. Please lift the following peo-

Believe the truth, and it will set you free

Bonsai is an ancient method of stunting a trees growth without killing it. This art form of dwarfing and misshaping a living organism requires much skill and patience. A few years ago the most disfigured trees were sought out by collectors; miniature versions of the original specimen are in vogue now. Let me tell you how its done. The first thing you have to do is to choose which tree youd like to have. Once that decision is made you must search out the best specimen of that chosen variety. Now dig around the trunk of the tree until you find the primary root. The primary root is the one that goes the deepest and is the main part of the root system. Remove all debris from the root ball to completely expose the primary root, take a very sturdy and sharp knife and sever that root. The tree will suffer shock when this is done. To keep it from dying make sure to leave it in its location until it adjusts to the trauma of being cut off from its lifeline. The tree will slowly get used to this

ple up in your prayers: Joe Kotwig, Kenneth Crumley, Gilby, Rudolpho and Edna Garza, Elson Schreiber, Kathryn, Dena Black, Karen Roecker Mahan, Mary Jane Keith, Sabrina Flores, Mr. Washington, Bill and Marie Lott, Laddie Studler, William Fink, Doris and Alvin Hewell; Whitney, Chasidy, Mildred ONeal, Lisa Rodriguez, Debbie and Bill Read, Aunt Georgie; Danny and Joyce Schellenberg, Pete Kallies, Lillie Lay, Mildred ONeal, Doug Walshak, Louise Rossow, Selma Vickers, Hester Behlen, Teresa Wilke, Sandi Gandre, Carl and Vida Tindle; Evelyn Newman, Aunt Betty Gandre, Anna Lindemann, Ann and Bubba Bond; Shirley Dozier, Britt Hindman, Scott Hindman, and our troops and their families, and RAIN and we do need more. Wills sister, Hazel Bassett, came down for a visit and we ate over at the Belmont Social Club. She says that Dale Rivercamp can cook with such perfection that she just may come back and bring her husband Bill. We had a good visit eating while we talked. Then we went to Gonzales go visit Aunt Georgie Gandre. Hazel enjoyed that visit. She told us about her new house that is almost finished. She has a lot of things that need to be put away and be settled in its place. It is down in the woods were she is surrounded by nature. I hope that it stays that way. We all had a

good visit and she left in time to get back before dark. It seems that Hester Behlen cant make up her mind whether she should stay in The Heights or not. She gets one thing well and goes home. Then she gets sick with something else and returns. Nevertheless, she is one spunky lady. We got our cool front that cooled things off. It is sure spreading the mold around. The leaves are thick on ground and the rain is making them create all kinds of mold. We still need more rain. Connie Bond was named Conservation Woman of the year. She deserves this. Connie worked many years in Austin and for all of that time Connie just wanted to have more time to work in her yard and in her garden. Finally she was able to retire and I asked her if her dream came true. She said that it had. I cant remember which one of Kims boys was her helper in the garden. I am so that happy that Connie is able to enjoy her grandchildren. However, the droughts that we have had for two years have really hampered Connies plans. Wyatt Arp managed to coerce Larry Wexler, who plays the bass in the Deep Water band, to come along Saturday night. Larry is just one talented guy. He also plays in a band called The Shadows. They played at the Silver Center on Friday night. He played lead guitar

for them on Friday night so he was tired. This Saturday night Dr. Bob Williamson and the Kerr Creek Band will be playing. The Belmont Social Club is going to be open on Sunday from 10:30 AM to 3:00PM and closed on Mondays. I guess we will have to change gears a little bit. Dililah and Samson have been running around here talking like they really have something to say today. The weather has changed and they have to tell me all about it. Itsy is just taking advantage of the whole deal and throwing his skunk tail into the air and running at full tilt. He skidded across the floor and scared Dililah to death. She jumped a foot high. She was so mad at Itsy that she took off after him and swatted him. Itsy sure didnt like that and turned around with those big eyes of his glaring at her and that fat paw ready to hit her but she ducked and hit him from behind and the chase was on. I dont know who won that one but Hugo had to figure in on that one because his cats were getting in trouble. Oh, the Gonzales Apache Band is going to Giddings for a UIL Competition this Saturday. The trip to Troy was more for critiquing more than anything else. The highest score that they can get this year is a one. We want them to get a one. Have a good week. God Bless.

Love, Eloise

Eloise Estes
condition and will establish shallower roots. These shallow roots will be easier to cut when the tree is to be moved. Depending on the specimen this process may take anywhere from 1-3 years. When the tree is finally dug up and put into a container, the root system and limbs must be bound up with mesh wire. The wire cant be too tight or the bark will grow around the wire and harm or kill the tree. Looser fitting wire allows the tree to grow with-

The Hearty Let Us Help You Celebrate


Crystal Neitsch & Michael Ehrig

October 22, 2011


830-672-GIFT 4438
Hours: Wed.-Sat. 10-5

in the bounds set and it can now be trained to grow into any desired shape. This takes from a few months to a year, depending on the specimen. But even the mighty oak can be made into a bonsai. Its sad to think that we are able to manipulate Gods original plan to suit our own purposes. In our effort to collect and admire a beautiful and powerful creation, we produce a warped and stunted imitation instead. Do you know what is even sadder? We are able to do the same thing to one another. There are thousands of individuals who are stunted imitations of what God intended them to be. Slowly trained to grow into versions of their original design and purpose, they learn to live within the confines of limited expectations. Eventually adjusting to determined boundaries and a superficial existence, they may never discover their true capabilities. They have the appearance of being in full charge of their lives, but being shallowly rooted in wrong beliefs, they cant hold up under pressure, and will likely fall apart. Let me tell you how this is done. A word is spoken. A word is heard. A word is

taken into the heart as truth and is believed. The words we hear others say about us, as well as the words we say about ourselves are powerful. Proverbs 18:21 says that the Power of life and death is in the tongue. The words we choose to say have the ability to build up or destroy a persons spirit. The spoken word is the wire which binds and stunts-often killing-human potential. Very little is said about the importance of believing only what is true. Believing what is good and true about ourselves will give us the courage to go beyond our comfort zones. Negative and degrading words limit a persons God-given potential. Telling someone they are ugly, fat, lazy, stupid, crazy, worthless, or will never amount to anything is a sure way to stunt them. If we believe we are inadequate, we will be. If we believe we cant accomplish something, we wont even try. Once something establishes itself in the mind it has the ability to affect our life, for better or for worse. The book of Matthew tells us that good people bring good things out of their hearts, and evil people bring evil things out of theirs. Therefore, it is im-

portant to keep our minds unpolluted, because what is in our hearts comes out of our mouths. God will hold us accountable for every careless word we have spoken. Others may have wrapped a wire around you with the terrible things they have said about you. Believing the lies tightens the wire, making emotional and spiritual maturity almost impossible. Believing the lies will affect your relationships. The good news is that you dont have to remain restrained. Pick up a bible, read what God Himself says about youHis opinion is the only one that counts. Here is a snapshot of some of the things you will discover when you seek the truth. God says You are valuable. You are loved. You can not fail with His guidance and help. Each of us has been equipped with talents, skills and abilities to fulfill a unique purpose. You werent meant to be a bonsai; there are no limitations with God. You can be the mighty oak God meant you to be if you put your faith in the truth. Believe the truthit will set you free.

Get The New Look

Facials Nails Clothes Cuts Massage s


Hair It Is & Co.

1402 St. Louis Gonzales, TX. 78629

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WILD HOG: Winners named

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2nd place Matthew Shannon 3rd place Alexis Connell Pig Scramble (8 to 10 years old) 1st place Ethan Connell 2nd place Pepper Chapa 3rd place - Melody Mckinney Pig Scramble (11 to 12 years old) 1st place Nickolas Scrivens 2nd place Blaze Sandoval 3rd place Seth Wynne Pig Scramble (13 to 17 years old) 1st place Austin Ireton 2nd place Aundria Ireton Wild Hog Tying (8 to 10 years old) 1st place Santos Pompa and Chris Brown Time 2 mins 13 seconds 2nd place - Brady Egger and Austin McMain Time 2 mins 16 seconds 3rd place Ethan Connell and Cayden Kalous Time 2 mins 34 seconds Wild Hog Tying (11 to 12 year old) 1st place Amanda Munoz and Lexi Trammell Time 59 seconds 2nd place Wesley Morris and Blaze Sandoval Time 4 mins 22 seconds Wild Hog Tying (13 to 17 years old) 1st place Austin Ireton and Aundria Irenton Time 1 min 45 seconds 2nd place Emma Lay and Ryan StCyr Stick Horse Race (2 to 4 years old) 1st place Coy LaBuhn, Time: 12 seconds 2nd place Logan Aldey, Time: 13 seconds 3rd place Cruz Pompa, Time:

Stick Horse Race (5 to 7 years old) 1st place Alexis Ireton, Time: 9 seconds 2nd place Alexis Connell, Time: 9.2 seconds 3rd place Cameron Boatright, Time: 10 seconds Goat Slapping (2 to 4 years olds) 1st place Logan Aldey, Time: 10 seconds 2nd place Coy LaBuhn, Time: 12 seconds 3rd place Jaydan Fox, Time: 12.4 seconds Goat Slapping (5 to 7 years old) 1st place Skylar Aldey, Time: 10 seconds 2nd place Caleb Chapa, Time: 11 seconds 3rd place Alexis Connell, Time: 11 seonds Mutton Bustin at the Kids Games 1st place Ben Connell, Time: 9 seconds 2nd place Nathan Vogel, Time: 9 seconds 3rd place Caleb Walpole, Time: 8 seconds Mutton Bustin at the Ranch Rodeo 1st place Brayden Martinez 2nd place Case Cerney 3rd place Ruby Jean Carrola Pig Races 1st place G.D.S Sponsor 4T Lil h Ranch OwnerHoward Davis 2nd place Lipstick SponsorPhillip and Becky Morris OwnerPhillip and Becky Morris 3rd place Double Pleasure SponsorR5 Ranch OwnerLazy J Ranch Cook Off

1st Place Margarita Rowdy Rs - Head Cook Gary Ronshausen 1st Place Salsa Bar Lazy Cowboy Cooks Head Cook Robby Scott 1st Place Ribs Butt Burners Head Cook - Brad and Brandy Mondin 2nd place Ribs Rusty Pit Head Cook Wade Gordon

kitchen and three tables of bridge and lots of family and friends in attendance. For twenty-five years, friends and family met at the Wallace home to celebrate Thanksgiving with games and lots of delicious food. Lamoine loved being with friends and family, though seemingly a reserved man upon first meeting him; he was outgoing with those he knew well. He could be gruff, argumentative, and contrary and fun loving; caring and soft-hearted . . . a true contrarian and you just couldnt help but love him. He enjoyed Ray Charles, George Jones and opera. He was very articulate, a challenging conversationalist and despised politics but he could successfully debate political policy with the best. He was a multitalented, multifaceted man, and a charter member of the Table of Knowledge. He was absolutely one of a kind. Lamoine Power Cled Wallace will be sorely missed by all who knew him, but hope rings true in a paraphrase of the Ray Charles song Sweet Memories, And well be swept away from sadness, clinging to his memory. Lamoine is survived by his adoring wife of 37 years, Carol Ann Howell Wallace of Gonzales, daughter, Cheryl Renee Wallace of El Paso, sons and daughters-in-law, Bobby and Hollye Dean of Mabank, Corey and Tasha Wallace of Montgomery, Kelly and Dona Wallace of Anna, a sister and brother-in-law, Reda and James F. Eubank, III of Houston, grandchildren, Brittney Dean and her husband Marshall, Courtney Dean, Cameron Dean and his wife Jenny, Trent Dean, Lawrence Belk, Erin Linehardt, Coehn Johnson, Brea Wallace, and Michael Wallace and a great-grandson, Aiden Dean. He was preceded in death by his parents and a sister, Marsha Wallace Keith. Funeral services were held at 1 p.m. Tuesday October 18, 2011 in the First United Methodist Church with Pastor Andy Smith officiating. Interment followed in Ebenezer Cemetery. Serving as pallbearers were: Jack Rafferty, Jim Covin, Clayton Teat, Donald David Howell, Dell Whiddon, Jerry Stevenson and Ismet Dzidic. Honorary pallbearers were: Fred Robinson, Dickie Hardcastle, Phil Borowitz, Chris Hymel, Doug Payne, Danny Sloan and Tim Markham. The family had received friends at the funeral home Monday evening. Memorials may be made to the First United Methodist Church, Friends of Gonzales Animal Shelter or the Salvation Army. Services are under the care and direction of Seydler-Hill Funeral Home.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lavaca County has a proud history of providing quality foods and food products for both public and private consumption. With the growing concern of how genetically modified foods are affecting our food supplies, livestock, and wildlife, Lavaca County Taxpayers Inc. will be holding a public meeting to help us understand the impacts of these organisms. The meeting is scheduled

Modified food subject of seminar

at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27 at the Sacred Heart Family Center, 400 East 5th St. in Hallettsville. Admission is $7 for non-members, no fee for members. The keynote speaker of the dinner meeting will be attorney and farmer Judith McGeary, an advocate for Texas small farmers and ranchers. Although the National Identification system (NAIS) program was re-

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1st Place Dutch Oven Butt Burners Head Cook Brad and Brandy Lamoine Power Wallace, Mondin 1940-2011 2nd place Dutch Oven Boot WALLACE Leather Lamoine Power WalHead Cook Robin Zella lace, 71, of Gonzales, 1st Place Pork Other Butt passed away Saturday October 15, 2011. Lamoine Burners Head Cook Brad and Brandy was born September 13, 1940 in Austin, Texas to Mondin 2nd place Pork Other Rock- Cled E. and Mavis Willis Wallace. Throughout in K his life, Lamoine was to Head Cook Ross Kalous claim Friday the 13th as his particular lucky day. After several years, the 1st Place Chicken HLI family moved to HousHead Cook Ruben Acosta 2nd place Chicken Bar Lazy S ton and eventually setCowboy Cooks - Head Cook tled in the newly developing Memorial area of Robby Scott Houston. Lamoine spent much of his boyhood 1st Place Brisket Butt Burn- in those woodsy areas camping out, boating ers Head Cook Brad and Brandy down the bayou and exploring with his buddies. Mondin At Friday Mountain Boys 2nd place Brisket Rowdy R Head Cook Gary Ronshau- Camp, his uncles who were counselors dubbed sen him Little Cled after his 1st Place Surprise (calf fries) father and that name stuck through his school Bar Lazy S Cowboy Cooks years and into his thirties Head Cook Robby Scott . . . leading to confusion 1st Place Beans Careless when some (including Cookers - Head Cook Tom- his wife Carol) would call him Cled though his my Coleman family and business assoSHOWMANSHIP Butt ciates would refer to him as Lamoine. Throughout Burners his school years Lamoine was an accomplished athmoved from the USDA in lete playing football and 2010, it is back again with baseball for both Spring costly restrictions that will Branch and St. Pius High greatly hinder small farmers Schools. In his senior year, he was approached and ranchers. New regulations will harm by baseball scouts from rural businesses while wast- several Texas Colleges ing taxpayer dollars that and he was offered a could be better spent on the scholarship by University real problems we face in con- of Texas but to the great trolling animal disease, food dismay of his parents and UT, he joined the United security, and food safety. These two important top- States Air Force upon ics will be presented by Ju- graduation. After basic dith McGeary, founder of training in Jet MechanFarm and Ranch Freedom ics he was sent to Korea Alliance, attorney, and sus- and later Japan. His extainable farmer. Judith is periences and the people the greatest advocate for he met while overseas, small farmers and ranchers. both American and JapaConsistent with previous nese became part of his years, a delicious meal will fondest memories of his be offered for members and service. While serving $7 for non-members, and in the USAF he comLCTAIs annual members pleted two years of colbusiness meeting will follow lege through the University of Maryland. After the public meeting. Come and join us! For completing his service, more information, please Lamoine worked with his call 361-772-8306 or 361- father in the construc798-4410 or e-mail us at: tion business in Houston info@LavacaCountyTax- and also managed a hair solon where he learned payers.org. to cut hair, and it was here where he met Carol Ann Howell, who would quickly become his best friend, soul mate and on September 10, 1974 in Houston, Texas she became his loving wife. During the next ten years Lamoine donned many hats as he worked in construction, as a hair dresser, a convenient store owner, a restaurant owner and cattle rancher. Having moved to Gonzales in 1984, ranching became his true love and remained so. He loved to entertain and while in Houston he held an annual Pig Party where whole pigs and goats were carefully cooked and served to a large number of friends in attendance. Lamoine was a fabulous cook and an adept bridge player. He was truly in his element with a BBQ pit going, gumbo cooking in the

Anna Clair Shelton Jurek, nephews and niece, Bobby Jurek, II, Kymber Leigh Jurek and Coye Leland Jurek. He is also survived by dear friends who considered him a member of their large family for many years, Johnnie Meemaw Armstrong, John and Lisa Armstrong, John Ryan Armstrong, Amanda Armstrong, Mary Jones, Samantha Vinklarek, John Paul Jones,II, Britney Jones and Brandy Scherer. A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday October 22, 2011 at Seydler-Hill Funeral Home with Pastor Lynn Wilson officiating. Memorials may be made to the charity of ones choice.

Helen Rodriguez, 1920-2011 Mrs. Helen Rodriguez of Flatonia passed away October 10, 2011 at the age of 91. She was born August 18, 1920 to the late Manuel and Reyes (Esparza) Nava in Cistern. Mrs. Rodriguez is preceded in death by her husband, Pedro Rodriguez; her parents; two infant sons; one son in law, Kenneth Schultz; three brothers, and three sisters. Mrs. Rodriguez is survived by two sons, Pete Rodriguez Jr. of Weimar and Johnny Rodriguez of Houston; nine daughters, Frances Ramirez and husband Ysirdro of Houston, Jane Carrillo and husband Hector of Flatonia, Connie Rosas and husband Val of Weimar, Toni Castro and husband Andrew of Moulton, Mary Ramirez and husband Domingo of Gonzales, Lupe Schultz of Moulton, Dora Rodriguez and husband Adam Juarez of Gonzales, Hortensia Rosas and husband Paul Jr. of Schulenburg and Ora Lee Cedillo and husband Steve Castro of Waelder; one brother, Jose Nava of Flatonia; 39 grandchildren; 64 great-grandchildren, and 9 greatgreat-grandchildren. Visitation was at 6:00 pm Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at Smith Funeral Home Chapel in Flatonia. Rosary was at 7:00 pm Thursday, October 13, 2011 at Smith Funeral Home Chapel in Flatonia. Funeral Services were10:00 am Friday, October 14, 2011 at St. Patricks Catholic Church in Waelder with Rev. Paul Raaz officiating. Burial followed in the Waelder Community Cemetery. Words of comfort may be shared with the family at w w w. s m i t h f u n e r a l homeflatonia.com Smith Funeral Home, 128 East 5th Street, Flatonia, Texas 78941


Charles Dwayne Shelton, 44, passed away on Sunday, October 16, 2011. Dwayne graduated from Gonzales High School in 1985 and attended Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. Dwayne was preceded in death by his parents, Charles Chuck Leland Shelton and Rebecca Becky Shelton. He is survived by his sister,


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Community Calendar
E-Mail Your local information to: newseditor@gonzalescannon.com
Cmon, dress up your pooch and come join the fun! Only pets born with 4 legs, please. Leashes/restraints or cages required. Owners are asked to bring water and clean up after their pets. Registration starts at 11:30 am. Call Ann Gaines Rodriguez, 830 672-8291 for more info. There will be a public meeting for owners of property in Bastrop and Caldwell Counties at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25 at the Delhi Community Center, 6108 State Highway 304 in Rosansky. Among the issues scheduled for discussion are the new Caldwell County development ordinance, the Greenprint, paving of county roads and other matters. For more information call 512-925-0763 or e-mail kcclwoolley@hotmail.com.

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Tickets for the hilarious comedy, Whose Wives Are They Anyway the fall production at the Shiner Gaslight , Theatre are on sale. Dates for the production are the: November 4, 5, 6, 9 (Wed), 11. 12. 13. 19. 20. Doors open at 6:30 pm, meal at 7:00 and performance at 8:00 for all performances except on Sundays, which are matinees. On Sundays the doors open at 12:30 pm, the meal is served at 1:00 and the performance begins at 2:00. Please call 361594-2079 between the hours of 8:30 4 pm on weekdays for reservations. Visit our website, www.shinergaslight. org, for more information.

Gaslight Theatre Tickets

Delhi Property Owners

team members. Dress in pink and bring family, friends, survivors of any cancer, and those still battling cancer. Enjoy fellowship, a meal, entertainment, a speaker, a silent auction, and door prizes. Participants are also invited to enter the decorated pink hat contest to be judged by the attendees. Decorate at home and wear your creation to the brunch.

If you are in need of a meal, Helping Hands, a nonprofit, multi-church ministry would like to bless you with a free lunch. Meals will be distributed Saturday, October 22nd beginning at 11 a.m. in the GCAM parking lot located at 708 St. Louis Street. Volunteers and donations are welcome. Contact Linda at 361-275-1216.

Helping Hands

Fall Festival at the Leesville Community Center, Leesville, Saturday, Nov. 5. Activities: Cake Walk, Hay Ride, Costume Contest, Door Prizes, Raffle, Food & Drink, Starts at 7 p.m.

Leesville Fall Festival

The Gonzales Elks Ladies present A Night in Paris This . annual Ladys Champagne Luncheon and Style Show will be held Saturday, November 12 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Elks Lodge at 1222 E. Sarah DeWitt Drive in Gonzales. Pre-Sale Only tickets are $25 and can be purchased at Shear Designs Boutique or from Elks Ladies members. Proceeds benefit the local American Cancer Society Relay for Life event. For more information call 6722615 after 6 PM.

Nights in Paris

A Childrens Fall Festival is scheduled Oct. 30 from 5:30-7 p.m. at First Baptist Church in Gonzales. Wear your costume and please dont scare us! Well take your picture and mail it to you later. Have fun with games of skill and guessing games ... every game you play youll win prizes of candy or other goodies. Enjoy a Frito Pie and lemonade for supper.

Fall Festival

be a co-ed tournament, with teams of 6-8 players. Players under 18 must provide a minor release form signed by a parent turned in with the team roster. The cost to play will be $160, or $140 if the registration and payment turned in by October 15 (if registration and payment are mailed, the envelope must be postmarked no later than Oct 15, 2011 in order to receive the pre-registration price). Prizes will be t-shirts for the first three teams in AA, A, B and C divisions. This will be a double elimination tournament. For more information, teams are asked to contact the Gonzales Chamber of Commerce at 830 672-6532 or Ann Gaines Rodriguez at 830 263-2027 or 830 672-8291..

The Gonzales County Senior Citizens Association would like to thank the First Shot Cook-Off for their generous donation to our Home Delivered Meal Program. The GCSCA is able to provide our services through the financial contributions from organizations and members of our community. We greatly appreciate the support. The donation will allow the continued funding of our programs to serve those in our county.

Gonzales Senior Citizens Thanks

The Gonzales Young Farmers will be having a Fifth Sunday Barbeque To Go on Oct. 30. Orders will be taken through Oc. 23 and can be picked up from 11-1 on Sunday Oct 30 at the old showbarn at Independence Park. Whole brisket $35, 1/2 Brisket $20, Whole Pork Loin $30, 1/2 Pork Loin $15, Pork Ribs $20. Contact Ken Hedrick 8575332, Lanny Baker 857-3786 or any member.

Young Farmers BBQ

The annual Spaghetti Supper to benefit Grace Christian Academy will be held on Thursday, October 20th from 4 to 7 PM. Tickets are $7 and available from students, School Board members and at Memorial Heights Baptist Church. They will also be available that day, at the convenient drive-up just off of North College or in the fellowship hall for those who wish to dine in. Please come and enjoy this delicious meal of spaghetti (made with Italian Sausage and special herbs) and help a good cause. If you have questions just call 672-3838 or 672-3810. Memorial Heights is located at 1330 N. College Street in Gonzales.

Spaghetti Supper

The Gonzales Master Gardeners will be holding a fund-raising rummage sale Saturday, Oct. 22, from 8 a.m. 1 p.m. at 623 N. Fair Street, next to Gonzales Elementary School. The sale will benefit the Gonzales Master Gardeners community projects and horticulture education programs for school children and the general public. Furniture, electronics, art work, household items, quilts, seasonal and decorative dcor, toys, books, lawn and garden tools and more along with a variety of indoor and outdoor plants will be available for purchase.

Master Gardeners

The Gonzales Book Club meets on the third Thursday of the month. This months meeting will be on Oct. 20, from 10-11am at Lifords Books and Fine Art to discuss Horseman Pass By by Larry McMurtry. Everyone is welcome and invited to attend. Please join us!

Book Club to meet

The Czech Heritage Society of Gonzales County will hold their quarterly meeting followed by their annual meal in honor of Czech Heritage Month on Saturday, Oct. 22 at 6 p.m. at the Gonzales Knights of Columbus Hall. All members are urged to attend and are asked to bring a covered dish.

Czech heritage

Women of the First Lutheran Church will hold their annual bake sale and quilt raffle featuring home baked items, soup and sandwiches Nov. 5. Included will be a raffle for this quilt, 84 X 102 and titled Magnolias in Bloom. Raffle tickets are $1 each and are available at the church office located at 1206 St. Joseph Street, Frames & Things, and the China Basket. The drawing will be held at 12:30 .P.M. on that day.

Lutheran Women sale

The Heights of Gonzales will sponsor an old-fashioned military-style breakfast for veterans at 8 a.m. on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, prepared by David B. Tucy, the director of dietary services at the facility. The breakfast will include creamed beef (SOS), biscuits and eggs for veteran residents, veterans in the community and the communitys first responders. If you would like to participate, please RSVP to 672-4530, ext. 1041.

Veterans Day Breakfast

Two Rivers Bible Church is once again handing out hot dogs at Halloween at the corner of St.. Vincent and fair St. on Monday, Oct. 31 starting at 6 p.m. There will be games and candies available as well for children.

Halloween Hot Dogs

All are welcome to come to the Pumpkin Patch at Monthalia United Methodist Church, 1926 County Road 112, Cost, Texas. Please contact Jackie at 830-437-5730 for information and scheduling.

Monthalia Pumpkin Patch

Numerous local and out of town groups will be performing Southern Gospel and Country selections at the First Baptist Churchin Smiley beginning at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 22. Bring your guitar or instrument and share your talent. There is no admission charge, and the even will include a pot-luck dinner starting at 6 p.m. in the churchs Fellowship Hall.

Southern Gospel

The Gonzales Senior Citizens Center would like to invite anyone over 60 years of age to come and eat with them at 604 St. Michael St., Monday thru Friday. The center is open from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. We serve a hot delicious 1/3 RDA delicious meal noon each day. The cost of the meal is a $2.00 voluntary donation that is applied to the total cost of the meal. We would like some suggestions for activities that you would like to see at the Gonzales Center. I would also like to remind you that we have Senior Citizen Centers in Waelder, Smiley and Nixon. For more information about our activities, please call me, Helen Richter at 672-2613. For general public transportation call 672-7014 or 672-6469, and talk to Kari or Bobby. Please make your reservations as soon as you know you need transportation because it is on a first come first serve basis.

Senior Citizens Center

The Gonzales Learning and Career Center will sponsor a free Pet Parade and costume contest at noon Saturday, Oct. 29at Confederate Square in Gonzales. Free Pet Parade and Contests ($10 each for the Best Pet Costume; Pet/Owner Look-alike; Most Unusual Pet; Best Pet Trick) .

Pet Parade

You are invited celebrate October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month at the Pink Ribbon Brunch at First lutheran Church Fellowship Hall, 1206 N. St. Joseph starting at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 22. Tickets are a $10 donation and are available at the church office and Relay for Life

Pink Ribbon Brunch

(a) Irrigation of landscaped areas with hose-end sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems shall be limited to Sundays and Thursdays for customers with a street address ending in an even number (0, 2, 4, 6 or 8), and Saturdays and Wednesdays for water customers with a street address ending in an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7 or 9), and irrigation of landscaped areas is further limited to the hours of 12:00 midnight until 10:00 a.m. and between 8:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight on designated watering days. However, irrigation of landscaped areas is permitted at anytime if it is by means of a hand-held hose, a faucet filled bucket or watering can of five (5) gallons or less, or drip irrigation system. (b) Use of water to wash any motor vehicle, motorbike, boat, trailer, airplane or other vehicle is prohibited except on designated watering days between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 10:00 a.m. and between 8:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight. Such washing, when allowed, shall be done with a hand-held bucket or a hand-held hose equipped with a positive shutoff nozzle for quick rises. Vehicle washing may be done at any time on the immediate premises of a commercial car wash or commercial service station. Further, such washing may be exempted from these regulations if the health, safety, and welfare of the public is contingent upon frequent vehicle cleansing, such as garbage trucks and vehicles used to transport food and perishables. (c) Use of water to fill, refill, or add to any indoor or outdoor swimming pools, wading pools, or jacuzzi-type pools is prohibited except on designated watering days between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 10:00 a.m. and between 8 p.m. and 12:00 midnight. (d) Operation of any ornamental fountain or pond for aesthetic or scenic purposes is prohibited except where necessary to support aquatic life or where such fountains or ponds are equipped with a recirculation system. (e) Use of water from hydrants shall be limited to fire fighting, related activities, or other activities necessary to maintain public health, safety, and welfare, except that use of water from designated fire hydrants for construction purposes may be allowed under special permit from the Gonzales Water Works. (f) Use of water for the irrigation of golf course greens, tees, and fairways is prohibited except on designated watering days between the hours 12:00 midnight and 10:00 a.m. and between 8 p.m. and 12:00 midnight. However, if the golf course utilizes a water source other than that provided by the Gonzales Water Works , the facility shall not be subject to these regulations. (g) All restaurants are prohibited from serving water to patrons except upon request of the patron. (h) The following uses of water are defined as non-essential and are prohibited: 1. wash down of any sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots, tennis courts, or other hard-surfaced areas; 2. use of water to wash down buildings or structures for purposes other than immediate fire protection; 3. use of water for dust control; 4. flushing gutters or permitting water to run or accumulate in any gutter or street; and 5. failure to repair a controllable leak(s) within a reasonable period after having been given notice directing the repair of such leak(s)

During Stage 2, the following water use restrictions shall apply to all persons:

Who can separate us from the love of Christ?

Greetings in the name of the Lord! I pray you are all well and blessed, let continue our study in Romans 8 in verse 35. Romans 8:35 Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Will tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As Paul nears the end of this portion of the letter he poses a question that can be taken in one of two ways. Who will separate us from the love of Christ? The love of Christ? Is Paul referring to Christ love of us, or our love of Christ? One way to look at it is Gods infinite love for His children by sending His Son to die and pay their sin debt. It also can be viewed as Jesus love for us in that He knew that He would face an agonizing day of torture and death by crucifixion, yet He loves us so much that He endured and overcame it for our sake. I believe that it is referring to our love for Him. It is plain to see in all four Gospels that Jesus endured and did not waver from His destiny, He fulfilled it for our sake. He endured tribulation which means affliction arising from

Friends of the Gonzales Learning and Career Center are organizing the annual Come and Spike It volleyball tournament as a benefit for the Center which provides free GED and English as a Second Language classes to adults living in our area. Come and Spike It is scheduled for Saturday, October 22, with teams registering at 4 pm and a captain meeting at 5:30. Play starts at 6 pm and may continue as late as 6 am, depending on how many teams enter. The tournament will be held at the volleyball courts in Independence Park, near downtown Gonzales. This will

Come and Spike It

The 32nd annual Matejek Reunion will be held October 23, 2011 at the Yorktown Fire Station Auditorium located at 107 West Main Street in Yorktown. Everyone is asked to bring enough food for their family, item or items for the auctions. Tea, coffee, bread and eating utensils will be furnished.

Matejek reunion

The doors will open at l0:00 AM; a noon meal will be served, continuing with a business meeting at which time cash prizes will be awarded. A Live and Silent Auction will follow to raise money for the next reunion.

Under His Wings

Patrick Whitehead
external causes, distress which means the same as tribulation but with no possible escape. Now I realize that Jesus could have escaped by calling down a legion of angels to rescue Him, but this was not possible because it was not the will of the Father, therefore escape was not an option. He endured persecution which means unjust punishment or death particularly for adhering to a religious belief. T hey slapped Him, beat Him, punched Him, spit on Him and pulled out His beard. They whipped Him and nailed Him to a cross. Yet He remained attached to His mission and did not allow these things to separate His love from us. Albert Barnes commentary states this should be the question, Who shall cause us to cease to love the Saviour? In other words, the love which Christians have for their Redeemer is so strong, that it will surmount and survive all op-

position and all trials. Romans 8:36 Just as it is written, FOR YOUR SAKE WE ARE BEING PUT TO DEATH ALL DAY LONG; WE WERE CONSIDERED AS SHEEP TO BE SLAUGHTERED. Paul quotes Psalm 44:22 here. The psalmist was not only referring to the death of Gods people in Old Testament times but he was speaking prophetically of Pauls time and our time as well. The possibility of death for Gods people, the Jews, was ever present at the hands of many pagan nations in the Old Testament. In the New Testament they were persecuted and often killed by the Jewish religion that did not recognize Jesus as Messiah. Today Christians are persecuted by imprisonment, beatings, torture, and death for their belief in Jesus. Churches are burned and Bibles banned by governments and other religions. But some day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! The day of salvation is now! If you are a child of God Hallelujah! If not I suggest you begin to earnestly seek a relationship with Jesus. This is the only way to ensure a place in Heaven and to avoid the coming calamity that is in the not too distant future on this earth. Many will not understand this gloom & doom statement, but it can become joy and peace unspeakable for you. All you need to do is turn to Him, nothing you have ever done can separate you from His love when you become a member of Gods family. Amen and as always enjoy God this weekend at the church of your choice

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The Gonzales Cannon

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Found: Wedding Ring left at WalMart. Call (830) 4456597 and describe. -------------------------Lost - 5 Donkeys. 1 Black, 4 white. I-10,


304, Hensling Lane area. 830-437-2952.

for a fridge/freezer to hold supplies for event refreshments. If you would like to donate or know of one that is reasonably priced, contact Gwen Koncaba, 830-672-4530. -------------------------Gonzales Learning Center seeking donations of caps and gowns. Call 830672-8291 for information. -------------------------Job Corps is currently enrolling students aged 16-24 in over 20 vocational trades at no-cost! Will help students get drivers license

GED or High School diploma and college training if qualified. For more info call 512-6657327

at Radicke Resale, 1316 St. Louis St., Gonzales, Tx. -------------------------Full-time position available with benefits for Activity Director. Must be certified and have long term care experience. If interested, please apply at The Heights of Gonzales, 701 N. Sarah DeWitt, Gonzales, Texas or email resume to administrator@theheightsgonzales.com. -------------------------Immediate Opening. Records Clerk. Detailed Oriented & Computer Liter-

ate. Bilingual Preferred. Benefits include: Vacation, Sick Leave, Hosp. Ins., Dental, Vision, 401K, Retirement. Apply in person at: Cal-Maine Foods, Inc., 748 CR422, Waelder, Texas 78959 or fax or email resume with references to: Fax: (830) 540-3996; Email: maguero@ cmfoods.com. -------------------------Automotive & Diesel Repair Business looking for Service Writer/Clerical Help M o n d a y - F r i d a y, 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.. Please send resume

to: P.O. Box E, Gonzales, Texas 78629. -------------------------CDL DRIVERS WANTED J.M. Oilfield Service, a family oriented company is seeking professional & reliable Class A CDL employees. Requirements: 2 years experience tanker and must be willing to get HazMat endorsement ASAP. Call 830-672-8000. -------------------------AVON Representatives Wanted! Great earning opportunities! Buy or Sell! Call 830-672-2271, Independent Sales


The Heights of Gonzales Activity Department is looking

ESTATE SALE 836 St. Andrew, Saturday only, 9:00-4:30. 3 sofas, sofa bed, heaters, beds, dressers, gas stove, dining table, china cabinet, entertainment center, TVs, antiques, glassware, baby items & much more. -------------------------Garage Sale, Saturday, October 22, 8-11. 1607 Neuman St. Cancel if rain.

Join a family that is dedicated to helping other families in the community. We are looking for a person with great customer skills who is able to lift 50 lbs, has a valid Texas Drivers License, w/ clean driving record, and is reliable. Bilingual a plus. If this sounds like the job for you, then come in and apply



Now hiring Certified CDL Drivers & also taking applications for Diesel Mechanics. Call 337-802-8279.

Steve Kent Trucking

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To the registered voters of the County of Gonzales, Texas; (A los votantes registrados del Condado de Gonzales, Texas:) Notice is hereby given that the polling places listed below will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., on November 8, 2011, for voting in a special election to adopt or reject the proposed Constitutional Amendments as submitted by the 82nd Legislature, Regular Session, of the State of Texas. (Notifiquese, por la presente, que las casillas electorales citados abago se abriran desde las 7:00 a.m hasta las 7:00 p.m. el 8 de noviembre 2011 para votar en la Eleccion Especial para adopter o rechazar las enmiendas constitucianales propuestas asi como fueron sometidas por la 82a Legilatura Sesion Regular, del Estado de Texas. On Election Day, voters must vote in their precinct where registered to vote. (El Dia de Eleccion, los votantes deberan votar en su precinto donde estan inscritos para votar.)


To the registered voters of the County of Gonzales, Texas; (A los votantes registrados del Condado de Gonzales, Texas:) Notice is hereby given that the polling places listed below will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., on November 8, 2011, for voting in a special election to vote for or against the legal sale of beer for off-premises consumption only, City of Smiley, Texas. ` (Notifiquese, por la presente, que las casillas electorales citados abago se abriran desde las ` 7:00 a.m hasta las 7:00 p.m. el 8 de noviembre 2011 para votar en la Eleccion Especial para votar o para la venta legal de cerveza para de local solo, ciudad de Smiley On Election Day, voters must vote in their precinct where registered to vote. (El Dia de Eleccion, los votantes deberan votar en su precinto donde estan inscritos para votar.) ` ` `

Location of Election Day Polling Places Include Name of Building and Address
(Ubicacion de las casillas electorales el Dia de Eleccion) (Incluir Nombre del Edificio y Direccion)

Precinct Number(s)
(Numero de precinto)

Location of Election Day Polling Places Include Name of Building and Address
(Ubicacion de las casillas electorales el Dia de ` Eleccion) ` (Incluir Nombre del Edificio y Direccion) `

Precinct Number(s)
(Numero de precinto) `

Courthouse, 414 St. Joseph, Gonzales, TX Gonzales Elem. School, 1600 St. Andrew, City Bldg., 820 St. Joseph, Gonzales Gonz. Nixon Annex, 603 E. Central, Nixon City Bldg., 300 Hwy 90A, Waelder JB Wells Show Barn, 2301 CR 197, Gonzales

1 14 15 2 3578 4/6 10 13 9 11 12

Gonzales County Nixon Annex 603 East Central Avenue, Nixon, Texas


For early voting, a voter may vote at any of the locations listed below: ` (Para Votacion Adelantada, los votantes podran votar en cualquiera de las nombradas abajo.) `

Locations for Early voting Polling Places Include Name of Building and Address
(Ubicacion de las casillas electorales de ` votacion adelantada) ` (Incluir Nombre del Edificio y Direccion) `
City Hall, City of Smiley 207 US Hwy 87W, Smiley, Texas Courthouse Annex, 1709 Sarah DeWitt, Gonz. City Building, 100 W. 3rd St., Nixon City Building, 300 Hwy. 90W, Waelder

Days and Hours of Operation

Dias y Horas Habiles `
November 2, 3 & 4, 2011 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon 10/24/11-11/4/11 M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 10/24/11-11/4/11 M-F 8:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. 10/24/11-11/4/11 M-F 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

For early voting, a voter may vote at any of the locations listed below: (Para Votacion Adelantada, los votantes podran votar en cualquiera de las nombradas abajo.)

Locations for Early voting Polling Places Include Name of Building and Address
(Ubicacion de las casillas electorales de votacion adelantada) (Incluir Nombre del Edificio y Direccion)
City Building, 100 W. 3rd St., Nixon City Building, 300 Hwy 90W, Waelder

Days and Hours of Operation October 24, 2011 November 4, 2011

Dias y Horas Habiles
8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

Courthouse Annex, 1709 Sarah DeWitt, Gonzales M F MF MF

Applications for ballot by mail shall be mailed to: P.O. Box 77, Gonzales, Texas 78629 (Las solilcitudes para boletas de votacion adelantada por correo deberan enviarse a:) ` ` Lee Riedel, Gonzales County Clerk (Name of Early Voting Clerk) (Nombre del Secretario de la Votacion Adelantada) ` P.O. Box 77 (Address) (Direccion) ` Gonzales, Texas 78629 ` (City) (Ciudad) (Zip Code) (Codigo Postal) Applications for ballots by mail must be received no later than the close of business on: November 1, 2011 (Las solicitudes para boletas de votacion adelantada por correo deberan recibierse para el fin de ` ` las horas de negocio el 1 de noviembre, 2011) Issued this the 12 day of October, 2011 (Emitiada este dia 12 de octubre, 2011)

Applications for ballot by mail shall be mailed to: P.O. Box 77, Gonzales, Texas 78629 (Las solilcitudes para boletas de votacion adelantada por correo deberan enviarse a:) Lee Riedel, Gonzales County Clerk (Name of Early Voting Clerk) (Nombre del Secretario de la Votacion Adelantada) P.O. Box 77 (Address) (Direccion) Gonzales, Texas 78629 (City) (Ciudad) (Zip Code) (Codigo Postal) Applications for ballots by mail must be received no later than the close of business on: November 1, 2011 (Las solicitudes para boletas de votacion adelantada por correo deberan recibierse para el fin de las horas de negocio el 1 de noviembre, 2011) Issued this the 12 day of October, 2011 (Emitiada este dia 12 de octubre, 2011) Signature of County Judge (Firma del Juez del Condado)

Signature of County Judge (Firma del Juez del Condado)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Gonzales Cannon

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25 Color TV & entertainment center. Excellent condition. 830-672-6414. -------------------------Kitchenaide Washer, large capacity, very clean. $150. Call 361-741-2604. -------------------------GE electric dryer. Very Clean. $175. Call 208-3565. -------------------------Maytag washing machine, real clean, approximately 2 years old. $275. Call 208-3565. -------------------------For Sale: Hydraulic Motor Lift, Hydraulic Transmission Jack, 2 motor stands, Large Air Compressor, Fridgedair, double door ice box, Electric stove (range), 9 months old, Shop Grinder & vice w/ table and numerous other tools etc... Prices are negotia-


ble. Call for prices. 830-857-4997 -------------------------1979 International 5 ton Ramsy winch, rolling tailboard, Hydraulic Crane (detached), down riggers. Like new tires. Runs good. $8,000 obo. Individual, 830-660-2813. -------------------------MUST TAKE IT ALL! Barbie Dolls, some still in packages, purses, games, kitchen items, VHS


tapes (new & used), more! All for only $100! Call 713-4498861. -------------------------Power Box Asphalt Paving Machine and Roller. Good Condition. $9,900. Call after 5 p.m. 361-594-3668. -------------------------Small computer desk, wood, $40.00 obo. Large playpen, $25.00. Both in great condition. 830-203-9159.


For Sale: pickup bed utility trailer, $125. (830) 377-8814. -------------------------Deer Hunters: For sale; feeder and feeder parts; cameras etc. 830-8575720 -------------------------ATTENTION TRUCKERS. Cobra 25, NW Ltd, Classic CB, Igloo Ref. Cooler, Wave Box, Portable Microwave. $50.00 each. 361-596-4502


or 361-401-0556. -------------------------For Sale: Used 2x4s. Call 263-1181 for information. -------------------------Like new, 26 Mens 21 spd., $50 obo. Call Theresa at 830203-5212.


2000 Buick Century, large capacity Estate Clothes Dryer, Kingsize mattress & standard box spring. 857-8090. -------------------------2 Teenagers Formals-Party Dresses. 1 White w/spaghetti Strap, with rhine-


stones. 1 Beige/ golden color, spaghetti straps, gold rhinestones. Call 672-8034 or come by 1822 St. Louis. -------------------------Heavy, vinyl tarps. 15x50. UV proof, tuff boogers. $50 each. 830-660-


2813. -------------------------6 oak restaurant booths w/copper inlaid tops. Large round folding tables w/6 armchairs. Contact Tommy, 830-351-1263.
Call & place your FREE Garage Sale Ad. 672-7100





ORDER OF TAX ROLLBACK ELECTION FOR NIXON-SMILEY CONSOLIDATED INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT An election is hereby ordered to be held on November 8, 2011, for the purpose of conducting a tax rate rollback election. The following proposition will be on the ballot: _____ FOR ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) APPROVING THE AD VALOREM TAX RATE OF $1.395 PER $100 VALUATION IN NIXON-SMILEY CISD FOR THE CURRENT YEAR, A RATE THAT IS $ .13 HIGHER PER $100 VALUATION THAN THE SCHOOL DISTRICT ROLLBACK TAX RATE.





Sunday, October 23 10:00 a.m.

400 CR 488, Gonzales/78629

Annual Fall Auction

50s Chrome Dining Set, Coins, Caribou Head Mount, Oak Curio, Antiques, Primitives, Collectables. Cash or Check, 10% B.P. James MolnoskeyAuctioneer Lic. #15091


The Finance Director for the City of Gonzales serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the organization. Responsibilities include all aspects of budget planning, preparation, and management. Establishing and maintaining internal control procedures and policies are also important functions of this position. This position is also responsible for utility billing, general accounting, cash management, investment management, accounts payable, and payroll. Experience with bonded indebtedness is a plus. This position operates under the broad administrative direction of and is a direct report to the City Manager. The position requires a Bachelor Degree in Finance, Accounting, or Public Administration and five (5) years progressively responsible management experience in the Public Sector. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Government Finance Officer (CGFO) preferred. Experience with Incode accounting software suite is desirable. Position is open until filled.

Finance Director



Early voting by personal appearance will be conducted each weekday at: Nixon-Smiley CISD Administration Building 800 Rancho Road Nixon, Texas 78140 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. beginning on Monday, October 24, 2011 and ending on Friday, November 4, 2011. Applications for ballot by mail shall be mailed to: Cindy Lott, Early Voting Clerk Nixon-Smiley CISD 800 Rancho Road Nixon, Texas 78140 Applications for ballots by mail must be received no later than the close of business on November 1, 2011. Voting on Election Day, November 8, 2011, will be conducted between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. at the Gonzales County Annex. Issued this the 29th day of August, 2011. /s/ Phillip Morris
Phillip Morris, Board President



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Gonzales will hold a Public Hearing on November 7, 2011 at 5:30 p.m. in City Council chambers at City Hall to consider the request of a rezone from R-1 Residential to a C-2 Commercial at the below address: Address SE Corner of Seydler St. and Schurig Lane Parcel #12473 Property Owner/Applicant KP Enterprises, LLC

All interested parties are encouraged to attend. Please visit the City website at www.cityofgonzales.org or City Hall to view Agenda.

/s/ Bud Box

Bud Box, Board Secretary

Gonzales ISD Dr. Kim Strozier, Superintendent of Schools

-BID NOTICEThe Gonzales Independent School District is requesting competitive sealed proposals from qualified contractors for the GONZALES ISD DEMOLITION OF JR. HIGH WHITE GYM. Proposals will be received on Thursday, November 3, 2011, at 2:00 p.m. at the Gonzales ISD Administration Office, 926 Saint Lawrence, Gonzales, Texas 78629, (830) 672-9551. Proposals shall be clearly marked Gonzales ISD Bid Proposal - Demolition of Jr. High White Gym. Proposals may be publicly opened and read at the time and date mentioned. No proposal may be changed, amended or modified after the same has been submitted or filed in response to this notice. A proposal may be withdrawn, however, and resubmitted any time prior to the time set for receipt of proposals. Gonzales ISD will also be enforcing any and all applicable laws and regulations regarding criminal background checks required by the school district and/or the State of Texas. Such requirements including company employee finger printing, will be enforced prior to accessing school campus related to construction or otherwise during entire construction period. A mandatory Pre-Bid Conference will be held at 9:00 am, Tuesday, October 25, 2011, at the project site on the Gonzales Jr. High Campus. All interested bidding contractors must attend or have a qualified representative present. Included in the construction but not limited to will be: Demolition Misc Site Work The work will be awarded to under a single lump sum contract for all general construction work. Gonzales ISD has the right to accept or reject any bid or to waive any technicality which may be in the best interest of the school district. For plans and specifications contact the architect, TSG Architects AIA, 427 Saint George Street, Suite 300, Gonzales, Texas 78629, (830) 672-7801. A current, completed AIA A305 will be required upon receiving plans and specs. Contractors may obtain one (1) refundable set after receipt of deposit of $50.00 per set, plus postage and handling if applicable. A CD of the construction document set is available for a nonrefundable deposit of $50, which includes shipping.

Gonzales ISD is accepting bids for a no-drill/no surface use Oil Gas and Mineral Lease. Bids will be received until November 7, 2011, at 2:00 p.m. All bids will be received and opened in the office of the Superintendent of Schools, 926 St. Lawrence, Gonzales, Texas 78629. You may obtain the bid documents from the Superintendent of Schools at the address shown above or by phone request to 830.672.7159. Gonzales ISD is currently seeking bids to lease (no drilling or surface use) the following real property for the purpose of investigating, exploring, prospecting, mining and producing oil and gas: TRACT 1: 22.375 acres, more or less, part of Lots 7, 8, 9, 10, in Range 7, East of Water Street, in the Original Outer Town of Gonzales Survey, A-25, in Gonzales County, Texas, described in deed dated June 30, 1966, from Roy Halamicek to Gonzales Independent School District, and recorded in Volume 349, Page 232, of the Deed Records of Gonzales County, TX; AND TRACT 2: 3.028 acres, more or less, part of Lot 9, in Tier 2, East of Water Street, in the Original Outer Town of Gonzales Survey, A-25, in Gonzales County, Texas described in deed dated December 30, 1976, from W.H. Mason to Gonzales Independent School District, and recorded in Volume 428, Page 806, of the Deed Records of Gonzales County, TX; AND TRACT 3: .459 acres, more or less, part of Lot 8, in Range 7, East of Water Street, in the Original Outer Town of Gonzales Survey, A-25, in Gonzales County, Texas, described in deed dated January 28, 1991, from the Guthrie Trust and the Huebner Trust to Gonzales Independent School District, and recorded in Volume 674, Page 496, of the Official Records of Gonzales, TX; AND TRACT 4: .422 acres, more or less, part of Lot 9, in Range 7, East of Water Street, in the Original Outer Town of Gonzales Survey, A-25, in Gonzales County, Texas, described in deed dated May 16, 1996, from Edna Allen, Independent Executrix of the Estate of Oscar Filip to Gonzales Independent School District, and recorded in Volume 767, Page 369, of the Official Records of Gonzales County, TX. The information stated herein has been gathered in good faith by the District. However, it shall be the responsibility of the Bidder to determine the exact property, including the exact net mineral acres, to be leased. Gonzales ISD does not make any representations regarding the Gonzales ISDs ownership and right to lease the interest in the land. Bidders must research the county and any other records Bidders deem necessary to determine the extent of such interest. No other interests are subject to the proposed lease.

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The Gonzales Cannon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Excellent condition. 20 push mower, weed eater, $125/ both. 361-7412604, Yoakum. -------------------------Maytag Washing Machine. $150.00. Call 361-208-3565. -------------------------For sale: Float tube for fishing, like new. $50 obo. Also electric trolling motormake offer. 8575720. -------------------------Baby bed for sale. $60. Call 254-9315712. -------------------------Electric Hospital Bed, $300. 12 function exercise bicycle, $65. Prices Negotiable. 830582-1120, Nixon. -------------------------Insulated 6x8 storage building. Like new. Used as a produce cooler. $1,000. Call 512-227-6950. -------------------------Proform Treadmill. Model 380CS. Programmable, includes built-in fan, speaker for IPOD radio. Like new condition. $350/obo. Contact Liz, 830263-2103. -------------------------Whirlpool Heavy Duty Gas Dryer. Good condition. $75. Can be seen at 511 Church St. 830857-4993. -------------------------For Sale: Thomas Playmate with Color Glo Chord Organ. Good condition. All instruction books included. Call Sue, 672-2192. -------------------------Utility trailer. All wired for lights. Current tag. $575. 512-917-4078. -------------------------Commercial, Martin Luther King, Desk and many other calendars with your chosen information. Personal service at your business. Spread your website or business information all over South Texas. 830437-5142 or cell,


830-857-0876. -------------------------Prayer Shawl, 38x72, handmade, $75.00. Animal or bird cage, utility wire, 14x18, $60.00. 512-917-4078. -------------------------FREE 3 haul Fiberglass boat, 16 ft. Needs work & no leaks. Call for information. 830-5403574. -------------------------Fullsize Mattress & Box Springs, $100. Queensize Mattress and Box Springs, $175. Both in excellent condition & sanitized. 830-6723728. -------------------------2 young ladies black jackets size 14. One is leather. 672-8034. -------------------------Old Readers Digests for Sale. Call 830672-3362. -------------------------Autograph picture of Muhammad Ali/ Cassius Clay (60s), Certificate of Authenticity (11x16), $1,400. Yellow Lab Stud Service. (806) 577-3962. -------------------------Beautiful handmade orange poinsettia pottery bowl. Large. Great gift. $35. Call (512) 9174078. -------------------------Culligan Water Softner and Rust Remover, old cars, elect. water heater, 2001 Fiber Truck bed w/key, Hay Balers, Bar B Q pipe. 830-437-5759. -------------------------2 pipe BBQ pits for sale. Ozarka Water cooler with bottle. Call 361-208-3565. -------------------------128 used letter-size hanging file folders, most have colored tabs, excellent condition. $30 cash for all or $7 per 25. 830672-1106. -------------------------Computer, printer & desk, all $400. Stamina #4755 exercise machine.


Like new condition. $100/obo. 6722267. -------------------------4 tires. LT2457QR17 in good condition. $100 obo. 830-6722075. -------------------------Metal Bench, $150; Organ, $50; School desk & books of all kinds. Just out of Moulton on 532. Call 361-596-4403. -------------------------Tanning Bed for Sale. 1996, 24SF. $300. Childrens wardrobe, good condition. $300. 672-7127. -------------------------Beautiful Vintage water color painting, landscape & water. 12x19. $375. Antique very ornate picture frame. 16x20, $295. Call 512-917-4078. -------------------------Dalhart Winberg original oil painting, landscape, $3800 (512)917-4078. -------------------------For Sale: Picnic tables built with treated 2x6 lumber with bolts and screws. No nails. 4, 6, and 8 foot sizes available. For more details call 830540-4776 or 830857-3273. Delivery Available.

Solid wood double bookcase headboard, $50. 36x62 solid wood table, $40. 672-8390. -------------------------Bar Stools, 2-24 dark w/rattan cane, swivel seats, nice. $35.00 each. 2-24 V-finish ladder back w/woven seats. $15.00 each. 830263-1702. -------------------------Beautiful 6 month old dark brown all leather sofa & loveseat, 4 recliners built in. Very comfortable. Need to sell, too large for room. Store will not take back. They are custom made. Paid $4,000, will take $3,000 for them. Call 672-3613. -------------------------Cargo style sofa. $100.00. Call 361772-5859. -------------------------Custom Designed Western motif 3 panel decorative screen, 54x78 1/2, horses, brands & leather look, $395. 512-917-4078. -------------------------For sale antique set twin beds, antique wardrobe, table with chairs, sofa and two matching chairs. 830-672-7347. -------------------------For sale 3 piece antique loveseat, lamps new and used mobile chair with batteries. 1827 St. Louis 830-672-8034.

For Sale: Bully Brand Sidesteps stainless steel for a Cre Cab Silverado. New body style. Asking $200/ obo. Like new. 830857-5598. -------------------------For Sale: 1981 Chevy dually, 10 dump bed, $1,800. 1986 Chevy dually, welding bed, $1,800. 1970 Ford gravel truck, new brakes, $1,000. 1965 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup, flat bed, $600. Call (830) 377-8814. -------------------------Grill Guard and Running Boards for 2002 Durango. Westin Brand, excellent condition. $300. Call 830560-0238. -------------------------For Sale. Older Buick Regal Sport Car. Engine is gone. Body, tires are almost new. Air condition system is new. Make me an offer. 361-594-2129. Shiner, County Rd. 299, Box 577. -------------------------1988 Wrangler, new motor. Sahara special and John Deere 350 C Dozer. 90% Condition Overall. Make offer on Jeep and Tractor. Call 857-1781. -------------------------SIMPLY THE BEST deals on new Chevrolets and GMCs AND 3 over 100 used vehicles with financing to fit most credit situations. Grafe Chevrolet GMC - Hallettsville, TX - 800 798-3225 or 361-7983281. -------------------------1989 Ford Conversion Van. Super clean interior, good motor & A/C, transmissions slips, $1,900 firm. 830-437-5659 or 8576565. -------------------------2000 Jeep Wrangler SE Sport 2D, New Tires and New Sony Stereo. 107,000 miles. Great Condition. Asking $7,000 obo. Call 361-8653353. -------------------------For Sale: 2001 Crown Victoria Ford, price $3,250. Call 830-5876230 or 830-8575559. -------------------------1998 Chevrolet, heavy 1/2 ton 4WD, 350CC engine. New AC. $5,000. Call 830203-0147. -------------------------Van for Sale. $3,800 OBO. 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette. Wellmaintained, very clean. 181,000 miles. Great for family or hauling van. Call 512905-8226. -------------------------2,000 F-250, Powerstroke, Ford Diesel truck, Hunter Green, Tow Ball, Bedliner, CLEAN, 182K Miles. Power windows, locks. $6,500 cash. (512) 917-4078. -------------------------2005 Yamaha V-Star Classic with Silverado Package. Lots of extras. 1995 F-250 4x4 Supercab Diesel 5-speed. 281-3309417. -------------------------2009 Honda Trailwagon, w/dump bed, headlights, receiver hitch & seat belts. 2wd w/rear differential. $2,500. For more information, 672-8580. -------------------------2007 Saturn Ion, 56,000 Miles $5000 worth of performance parts. $9000 OBO 830-203-0282. -------------------------For sale: 1998 GMC P/U, V8 automatic, 2D Extended Cab,

181K miles, bed liner, tow-package, $3,800. 830-203-0287.

clearing, House pressure washing, office help, ranch, farm, lawn & Flower beds, Barbed wire fence repair, gutter cleaning, I do windows. One call does it all. Call Terry (830 203-1503 or (830) 857-5927.

seater, very good condition. $375. Call after 5 p.m. 361-594-3668. -------------------------For Sale: Motorcycle trailer, $100. (830) 377-8814. -------------------------2008 Honda Fourtrax with only 250 miles $3,500 o.b.o. 830-857-5236. -------------------------2 80CC Kawasaki 4-wheelers for sale. $900/each. Call 830-534-4996. -------------------------Enduro 55 lb. Thrust Minn Kota used 1 hour. $150. 916 Qualls St., Gonzales. -------------------------Boat Fender and life vests. $5 to $10 each. 916 Qualls St., Gonzales. -------------------------For Sale: 2007 Honda Shadow, VT 750 C2, 3,902 Miles. Like New condition. $3,000.00. Call after 5:00 p.m. M-F. 830540-3555. -------------------------2006 Buell Blast 500cc bike. Made by Harley-Davidson. Only 2,100 miles. Gets 62 miles to a gallon. Great fun, easy to ride, beginners or experienced. $2,500 obo. Located near Old Moulton. Cell, 830-857-0734, after 6, can call 361-5967317. -------------------------FOR RENT: 2-RV Parking Sites, shade trees, all hook ups. 5 miles East Gonzales. $350/mo. Call 263-0292. -------------------------5 RV Spots for rent. $350/mo. Electric, sewer hookups, water all included in price. Off 90A and Kelly Loop. For information call 830857-3112. -------------------------2003 Dyna SuperGlide Harley 100 yr. Anniv. Gold Key addition windshield, backrest, forward controls. Great condition. $7,500. 830875-2278. -------------------------Having Fun with piano lessons with Shelia Wright 1622 N. College St. Youth and Adults Flexible Schedule (830) 6722719.


3/2, $850/mo., $500/dep. 318 DeWitt St. 830-4459294. -------------------------3/2, like new 1,800 sq. ft. in Nixon. $1,000/mo. Call 830-857-6921. -------------------------2BR/2BA house for rent, w/covered patio, w/electricity. Lots of trees, quiet. No pets, no smoking. $650/mo + dep. 1st and last months. Appliances available. Luling area. 210-386-1399. -------------------------Home in Seguin for Rent. Two bedroom, one bath. Completely updated with all new appliances. $750.00 per month and $750.00 deposit. Call Debbie at 830-445-9583 for details. -------------------------House in country for rent. 3/2, nice yard. 361-594-3233 or 830-857-4364.


Need help with lawn or pool? Please call Gene Kridler at 830-8571576. -------------------------Lawn care & shredding. Call for free estimates. 830-2039385. -------------------------Lawn mowing service, residential & commercial. Liability ins., free estimates and low cost.. No job too large or too small. 830-263-4181. -------------------------Will mow yards reasonable rates. Call for free estimate, 830-8575147.

Willing to do babysitting at my house. 8-5 M-F. 511 Church St., 830-857-4993.

Are you looking for extra income and want to make a difference in someones life? Im looking for a Caregiver to work 2 times a month or more in Seguin taking care of a Alzheimer patient. Must have great refs and experience working with Alzeheimers patients. Call 830391-4837. -------------------------You Vacation, Ill take care of the place. Includes pets, yard, grandma. References. Mature lady. Gonzales, 512-296-4845. -------------------------Do you need your house cleaned? No job is too small or too big. $10-$15/hr. Available M-S. Call Brittany Balderas at 445-0703. -------------------------House cleaning services available. Reasonable rates. Servicing Gonzales and surrounding areas. References available. Call Barbara at 979-7778710 or email bjbrzozowski@yahoo. com. -------------------------Experienced Care Giver excellent references available for private setting in home hospital and nursing home. Day and night. 361865-0286 or 832655-9195. -------------------------Dennis Fojtek (Mechanic), Moulton, Tx. 713-408-9388. Repairs the following: tractors, lawn mowers, tillers, chain saws, trucks etc. -------------------------Private Caregiver. 20+ years experience. Hospice certified. Looking to do private duty, cook, clean, drive. 361772-2011. -------------------------Ironing done, in my home can pick up & deliver. References if needed. Call Louise (830) 582-1120. -------------------------Will clean your house. Im dependable and have references. Call Mary at 830-672-4691. -------------------------All-around handyman available. I also build sheds, 16x8 tool shed. Call 830857-1959. -------------------------Building Demolition House, barns, etc. 830-263-0663 or 830-203-0540. -------------------------Hand for Hire, Odd Jobs Done, FREE estimates. Anything you dont want to do, Junk hauling, Tree Removal, Lot



GREAT DEAL! 1997 Kountry Star 34 ft., 5th Wheel. 2 slideouts, upgraded kitchen, ducted A/H, 11 storage compar tmenbts, ceiling fans. NADA. com/RV appraised RV at $15,900. Asking $10,000. Great home for oilfield. Located in Rockport, TX. 361-6451009. -------------------------2004 Wildcat 5th Wheel RV. 28 ft., equipped to sleep 5, w/lrg. slide containing sofa & dinette. Lots of storage. Adapted to pull as gooseneck. Excellent condition. Call 361-218-1880. -------------------------2004 Fleetwood RV Pecos pop-up. Like new, only pulled from dealer. $4,000. Both units located near Old Moulton. Call 857-0734 or 361-596-7317. -------------------------1990 25ft Dutchman travel trailer for sale. Fifth wheel hitch, queen size bed and couch, rear bathroom with closet, gas stove and microwave, new tires. Gonzales area, $4,000. 830857-4750. -------------------------1976 Ford Eldorado Motorhome. V-8, super clean, good motor & A/C. New refrigerator. $3,700/ obo. 830-437-5659 or 857-6565. -------------------------24 ft. 2006 bought in 2007. Zeppelin Travel Trailer w/ slide out; Lg. corner shower, qn. bed, m/w, stove, refrigerator, sat./cable prep, tires 2-yrsold. $9,800; located near Gonzales. Call 936-203-4378 or 936-594-9809. -------------------------FOR SALE: 25 ft. 5th wheel travel trailer with 5th wheel hitch. Good condition. Microwave, stove, refrigerator, sleeper couch, queen bed. Asking $4,000. Call 830437-2359. -------------------------1996 Pace Arrow. Ready to travel. Good condition. Runs well. 830-6603883. -------------------------2009 38 Landmark. 3 slide-outs. Like new. King size bed. Great Buy. $39,900. 830-437-5211.

For Sale: Post Oak Firewood - year old - size and quantity to fit your need. Delivery available. Call for prices, 830-5404776 or 830-8573273.

3/2, Singlewide Mobile Home. All electric, excellent condition. Also, Zenith 25 in. console TV and 25 inch color TV. All in excellent condition. Call 830672-6414. -------------------------For Sale: 3br/2ba Fleetwood Mobile Home. 1,728 sq. ft. New roof, laminated wood floors, new windows, new furnace and door. Antique bath tub. 85% completely new remodeling throughout house. Must sell fast and be moved. Reduced $18,000/obo. Call 830-445-9889. -------------------------For Sale: 7.3070 Acres w/1973 Doublewide Mobile Home. 14 mi. South, FM 1117 in Seguin, TX. Mobile home is in need of repair. New water well. There are two septic tanks on property. Asking $56,000. Call 830401-0147.


Heavily fertilized, horse quality, coastal square & round bales. Bebe, Tx. 210326-6053.

Dozer BD2G - Mitsubishi, 40hp, good condition, sell $9,800 or trade for larger. Call after 5 p.m. 361594-3668. -------------------------For Sale: 4 bale hay hauler. $1,000. (830) 437-2826. -------------------------For Sale: Case 970 tractor, new rear tires. $5,000. (830) 3778814. -------------------------John Deere 350 C Dozer. 90% Condition Overall and 1988 Wrangler, new motor. Sahara special Make offer on Jeep and Tractor. Call 8571781. -------------------------For Sale: Cat D6C Dozer, power shift, hydraulic single blade, Hyster Winch w/cable, brush cab, extra set tracks pads. 830-4375759. -------------------------Ford 3000 Tractor. Diesel. $4,800. Call 830-203-9385. -------------------------1977 WW 2-horse straight load bumper pull. Good condition - ready to haul. Asking $2,000. (830) 857-5695. -------------------------Old western saddle, needs repair $150 (512) 917-4078. -------------------------2 wheel trailer. Call Robert at 830-2030540.



90 GMC R/C Stepside V-8.........$4,995 04 Deville - Leather.....................$7,995 00 Impala - Blk. Nice..................$6,995 02 Impala - Pwr. equip.................$6,995 97 Suburban LS...........................$5,999 03 Expedition - Loaded..............$11,995

Cash Cars

Shilo Pet Care Vacationing? Going out of town? Let us keep your pet. Our house or yours! We also groom. 830540-4365. -------------------------Chihuahua puppies, 6 wks. old. 1 male, 1 female. $100. also 3 month. APR Longhair male. $125. 210-3790771. -------------------------Adorable Longhair Chihuahua puppy, last one, is looking for a new home, male, 9 wks, pure bred, health, playful, raised in home with a lot of love. 1st shots, wormed. $125. 830-8759519. -------------------------Dobermans. AKC Registered, Black/ Tan, Born 7-2-11, 4 females. Warlock Breeding. Shots & Wormed, tails and dewclaws, $150. 830-857-3232. -------------------------For Sale: Dog carrying cage. Asking $40.00. Call 361208-3565. -------------------------AKC German Shorthair pointer puppies for sale. Great hunters & family companions. Male $200; female - $250. 830-203-0470. -------------------------Pups For Sale. Great Pyrenees, (1/8 Anatolian). Call Sammie Gibson at (830) 2038666. -------------------------Very cute Rat Terrier puppies. 6 wks old. $75. 830-203-0470.

We Finance Everyone Rides Bad Credit 3rd Chance Financing

Call 830-832-7600


Now Hiring
Human Resources


2006 Corvette, $16,000 miles. Very Clean. $33,000. Call 830-672-7040. -------------------------1997 Chevrolet 1500, short bed, V6, 128,000 miles. $2,600. Call 830-6727040. -------------------------1999 Dodge Quad Cab. 5.9 engine, automatic, 85,000 miles. Clean. $13,500. Call 830-672-7040. -------------------------4 20 XD Series wheels from a 2008 Toyota Truck. Asking $800/obo. Call 830857-6434. -------------------------For Sale: 94 Cadillac DeVille. $600. Call Luis, 361-433-2356. -------------------------Mercury Grand Marquis LS. Loaded, 146,284 miles. $3,000. 830-4372961.

603 W. Central, Hwy. 87 Nixon, Texas

The following positions are currently available: Production/Poultry Processing: Back Dock Hanger Packer Stacker Leg Quarters Sanitation (Nights) Mon.-Fri., 8-10 hr. days Holmes Foods Hatchery 5611 FM 1116 Gonzales, TX General Labor Apply today, Start today!!!
Must consent to and pass a criminal background check. Must have proof of identity and eligibility to work in the U.S. Drug screening as applicable to position.
Call Human Resources @ (830) 582-1619 for more information. ~ Si Habla Espanol

Call 672-7100 to subscribe. HELP WANTED

WANTED: Bobtail Truck Driver Day & Night Positions Available Requirements: Class A CDL with HazMat/Tanker Endorsements Must be at least 25 years of age Insurance, 401K and vacation included Applications available at: Schmidt & Sons, Inc. 2510 Church St. Gonzales, Texas 78629 www.schmidtandsons.com (830) 672-2018 James @ ext. 107




2006 Totally Refurbished 28 ft. BPull Travel Trailers.

EXCELLENT Value. Great for Deer Lease, Camping, Travel, Or ??? Starting at

RV Sites Available in Nixon. $350/mo. includes utilities. Call 830-857-6921. -------------------------Fire Fox Go Cart, 1

$5,950. View at www.txtraveltrailers. com.

Call 979-743-1514.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Gonzales Cannon

Page B9

Tiny Chihuahua puppies. 8 wks. Registered. S/W, tiger striped, Apple Head. $150-$175. 210-379-0771. -------------------------Cocker Spaniels AKC, 3 males, shots & wormed. $250.00. 830-540-4368 or 830-203-8511. -------------------------2 Great Dane puppies. Asking $225. 857-5147. -------------------------Rhodesian Ridgeback and lab mix puppies. With ridges $50. They are blond, brown and tan. Without ridges, $25. Will be big dogs around 75-100 lbs. Call Leia Dalton at 830-2632570. -------------------------AKC Bichon Puppys. Shots and wormed. Females, $500; Males, $450. 830-540-4368. 830203-8511, cell. -------------------------Turn your favorite pet photo into a work of art! Artist Brenda Shannon, Pastel or Acrylic. Great gift idea. (512) 917-4078. -------------------------5 Cockatiels. 2 years old. Yellow and

gray. $50 each. Call 830-534-5930.

Black Limousin & Black Angus Bulls. Also Heifers. Gentle. Increase your weaning waits. Delivery available. 979-2635829. -------------------------Reg. Polled Hereford Bulls. One year to 3 1/2 years, $1,100-$1,500. Also Reg. Heifers, 1 yr. olds. $650-$850. Call 830-540-4430. -------------------------For Sale. 3 black Brangus Bulls, 1 red Brangus Bull. 2 yrs. old. No papers. $1,200/each. 830437-5772. -------------------------For Sale. Female mare, 6 yrs. old. $500. Please call if interested. 713203-2814. -------------------------Riding lessons in Gonzales. My horses or yours. For more information please call, 830203-0470. -------------------------APHA flashy mare for sale. Broke to ride. FMI please call 830-203-0470. $1750.00. Used in Playdays/trailride. -------------------------Pretty Reg. A.Q.H.A. Cremello Colt, 6 months old. Great conformation. Good bloodline Hollywood Gold & King. $500.00. 830437-5671 or 830857-4591. -------------------------Longhorn young bulls and heifers for sale. Foundation genetics. Yard art or breeders. Gold Star Longhorns, Bob Tinstman, 830-5404591. -------------------------For Sale: Black Angus Bulls. 1 1/2 yrs. old. $1200-$1500. 830-437-5772. -------------------------Yearling smoky grulla dun filly (solid). Has halter on and has been trailered. Asking $600 OBO. (830) 857-5695. -------------------------17 year sorrel paint with blue eye. Originally trained in western pleasure - used for trail rides. Asking $1,200. (830) 857-5695. -------------------------7 year dun paint. Well trained, ready to finish your way. Asking $2,000. (830) 857-5695. -------------------------White Leghorn chickens, $7.00 each. 830-8574580.

MINI-DONKEYS. Great pets, loves people. All ages and colors, some cross designs, 36 tall. 830-672-6265, 830-857-4251, 830672-5152. -------------------------M I N I - G OAT S . (Dwarf Nigerians) 18 to 24 tall. Good weed eaters. Fun to have around. Beautiful silver and white herd sire. (7 left) 830-672-6265, 830-857-4251, 830672-5152.

3BR/2BA at 1609 Gardien St. 1,400 sq. ft, 2 living areas, lg. fenced yard. $94K. 830-203-1874. -------------------------4BR/1BA, privacy fenced-in yard. 1000 Cuero St., Gonzales. Open lot in front of house, carport. Good condition. About 20 yrs. old. $75,000. Call 830-203-0389 for information.

Looking for a good, used 3 wheel bike for adult. Call Paula at 672-3747. -------------------------The Heights of Gonzales Activity Department is looking for a fridge/freezer to hold supplies for event refreshments. If you would like to donate or know of one that is reasonably priced, contact Gwen Koncaba, 830-672-4530. -------------------------Professional Artist needs coastal round bales of hay. Will barter for artwork. Brenda Shannon, 512-917-4078. -------------------------Wanted: Any make rifle, caliber 22-250. Call 830-857-1781. -------------------------I want to buy a used shower stall & kitchen cabinets. 830437-5659 -------------------------WANTED: Old, broken and unwanted costume and vintage jewelry, chain necklaces/belts and loose beads. I am a crafter who loves beading and making jewelry, and cant afford new, full price beads. I will make an offer. I am in Gonzales. Please help me with my hobby. YOUR TRASH IS MY TREASURE! Call (512) 227-4040 today. -------------------------Wanted: Heavy duty metal shelving, 6-7 ft. tall, 3-5 ft. long, 12-24 inches deep. 832-419-5275. -------------------------Looking for a nice house in or near Gonzales. 940-2844255. -------------------------Small family owned trucking company looking to lease or purchase 5-15 acres in Gonzales or surrounding area. Prefer w/shop or building. Call 501589-5097. -------------------------Wanted: Looking for Deer Lease to pay by the day. 361596-7792. -------------------------Needed: I need to rent a 2 bed or 3 bedroom apartment or house in Gonzales or Luling area. Please call 830-822-5076.

K&S Storage Units 922 St. Peter, Gonzales, Texas. Units are available for rent with specials. First Month $10.00 - Move in special for month of August and September!!! Call 830-445-9583 or 830-857-3505 for details. -------------------------APACHE STORAGE The Store All Place is located at 2502 Harwood Rd. Gonzales, TX. 830-2035115.

ting you mobile. -------------------------Brush Busters. Bobcat, w/tree cutter attachment, land clearing, mesquite spraying, fence building, misc. odd end jobs. Reasonable Rates. Call James at 512738-0848. -------------------------Electrical wiring, troubleshooting & Repairs, new construction, additions,meter loops, ceiling fans, metal buildings, panel upgrades, etc. 830-437-5747.--------------------------Photographer - Professional, Affordable, and Convenient. Specializing in families, children and maternity photography sessions. Or relax and enjoy your special day by hiring Memories by Maxwell to shoot your birthday/anniversary party, retirement ceremony, wedding, baptism, or other memorable event. Call Nikki today to schedule your event or session. (512) 2274040. Located in Gonzales. Will travel to events within surrounding area. -------------------------No Limit Accessories David Matias, Owner 830-263-1633 1026 St. Paul St., Gonzales Window Tinting, Commercial. Call for appointment. -------------------------Need a monument or marker? Save $$ on monuments, markers. High Quality. Less Cost Monuments & Markers. 1405 Conway St., Gonzales, the IOOF Building. 830-8578070.

For Sale: Miniature donkey, male, brown and grey, cross on back. 6 months old. Great pet and farm guard. Fairly friendly. Call 830-263-1441 or 830-672-2346. -------------------------Polish crested Blue Legged Bantam Chickens. 512-2725147. -------------------------HACCP Trained person need to help write HACCP plan for poultry. 830339-0419. -------------------------Boer Goats for Sale: 1 Billy, 6 mths. 1 Nannie, 6 mth & 5 Adult Nannies. Sell as package deal or individual. 830-5600238. -------------------------For Sale: Guinea eggs for setting. Call 830-672-7384. -------------------------For Sale: Sorrel Gelding, 10 yrs. old. Big, strong, sound ranch horse. Very good looking. Needs a strong rider. Gentle, calm disposition. $850/firm. Call 361-596-4954.

5 Acres or more to lease. For Storage or Oilfield Equipment etc. 1 1/2 mile from city limits off 183 S. Call 830-263-4888 for information. -------------------------For Sale: 37 acres land. North of Waelder, TX. FMR 1296. Contact Info. 830-237-9227. -------------------------6+ Acres at end of Oil Patch Lane. Zoned Commercial for $180,000. Can divide into smaller tracts. Call 210-4160041. -------------------------Small acreage for sale or lease on US 183 just North of US 90A in Gonzales. Great for oilfield, etc. 830-203-0470. -------------------------Approximately 10 acres for lease in Gonzales. Great for commercial business. For more info please call 830-2030470. -------------------------For Sale: 7.3070 Acres w/1973 Doublewide Mobile Home. 14 mi. South, FM 1117 in Seguin, TX. Mobile home is in need of repair. New water well. There are two septic tanks on property. Asking $56,000. Call 830-401-0147. -------------------------Lot for Rent. $100/ month. 70x130 on Church St. Call 830423-2103. -------------------------25 acres for sale. I-10 & 304 area. Abundant wildlife, great hunting, pond, nice homesite. $4,500/acre. Call 713-203-2814 for information.

511 Williams, Updated, 2BR/1BA, central A/C & Heat. Insulated. Wood floors throughout, kitchen & shower hard tile. Nancy, Stobaugh, Realtor, 512-297-8500, Sale or Lease. -------------------------Brick Home for Sale. 4BR/3BA, 1513 St. Michael Street on about 1 acre. Lots of trees. 830-857-5231 or 830-857-5236. -------------------------House for Sale/To Be Moved: 3BR/1Ba frame house, pier & beam foundation, central A/H. Buyer responsible for moving house from property, $6,000. 830-857-4172. -------------------------Two story, eleven room home which includes three bedroom, two baths. Apprx. 2,500 sq. ft. on about an half acre. Corner lot, zoned for resident i a l / co m m e rc i a l. Luling. $150,000. 830-875-6975. -------------------------53.35 Improved Pasture with 3/2 older home, CA/H, on FM 1116. 5 miles from downtown Gonzales. Live Oaks, lots of new fence. After 5 p.m. call 830-437-2955 or 830-857-4242. -------------------------Home For Sale; New Construction; 2 bed/1 bath; 1504 Weimar Street; $74,900; 100% financing for qualified buyers; 830203-5065. -------------------------House for Sale. 3BR/1 bath or 2 BR and dining room, carport & storage building in back. Phone, 830-2035181, good bargain.

Buy loose gemstones and allow us to custom design your upcoming gift. Over 1,000 cts. to choose from. Call 979-743-5840. -------------------------JCK Services. Tree shearing, brush stacking, stump treatment, small brush grubbing. Call Jeff (830) 2631016 or Wayne, (830) 857-3611. -------------------------A/C & Electrical side jobs: New installs, A/C maintenance, Condenser changeouts, Residential & Commercial at affordable prices. Please call David anytime at 830-2631747. -------------------------Need help with lawn or pool? Please call Gene Kridler at 830-8571576. -------------------------Mobile Massage is now serving Gonzales & Luling. Specializing in Therapeutic Massage for pain in lower back, neck, knees etc. Also corporate chair massage. 13 years experience. LMT Steve Turner, Lic. # MT021213. Call 830-857-0270. Let me help get-




Serving Gonzales and Central Texas Serving Gonzales and Central Texas

3.7 ACS. 4BR, 3BA, 2LV.................. $150,000 New: 2 lrg. lots - Hopkins......$15,000/each 306 McClure - 3BR, 1 Bath................$65,000 Duplex, + 2 M/H set up, Moulton.....$56,000 1602 Water St.-commercial/rental..$150,000 1618 St. Peter - Home and extra lot....$70,000 2342 FM 108, bd., 2 story home..$145,000 Pending 473 Crockett 3 Lane-Settlement - 3 bd., beautiful property..................................$258,000 Land 1602 Water St.-commercial/rental....$150,000 4 acs with extra nice redone home...$155,000 70 acs., wooded, hills, game, tanks 2342 FM 108, 3 bd.,2 story home.....$145,000 .........................................................$420,000 792 90-B - Lakefront..............................$89,000 153 acs., FM 2091...........................$795,000 312 Cr. Rd. 471, Lakefront + ,3 bd., 8.7 acs., city limits...........................$120,000 1.5 acre lot............................................$150,000 11.2 acs., Hwy 90. GastRACT CONT Rd.......$5,300/Ac. Commercial $87,500 CONT trees................ CR 228 - 15 acs., M/H, RACT 4+ Acres, city..................................$125,000 153 acs., 183 N., city.......................$195,000 6 Acres, FM 2091.........................$795,000 61 acs., perfectN, 1.9 acs, across from new Highway 183 homesite.................$4,990/Ac. Sale Pending 3.94 acs., Settlement.......................$65,000 motel..................................................$65,000 10 acs., Settlement.........................$79,000 1.4 Acres - US 183S., 3BR/2BA, MH., of2-4 acs., Sarah DeWitt............$25,000/Ac. fice...................................................$150,000 Lot Live Oak...................................$8,000 1 ac.-Seydler St...............................$25,000 8.7 acs., city limits........................$120,000 Shirley Breitschopf 58 acs., trees, potential, edge of town............. 830-857-4142 ...................................................$12,000/Ac.
58 acs., trees, potential, edge of town............ Pending Land ...................................................$12,000/Ac.,


Want to buy used tractors, running or not. Call 361-2931633.

lynnette@gonzalesproperties.com Lot - Live Oak..................................$8,000 401 St. George-approx. - 830-857-3517 Carol Hardcastle 3400 sq. ft................. .......................................................$170,000 You can reach Breitschopf calling: Shirley our staff by shirley@gonzalesproperties.com Phone: 830-672-2522 Lynnette Cooper or lynnette@gonzalesproperties.com Fax: 830-672-4330 Carol Hardcastle - 830-857-3517 Jymmy K. Davis - 512-921-8877
Our friendly staff can be reached by:

Lynnette Cooper Commercial

All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention or discrimination. Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at 1-800-669-9777. The toll-free telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1-800-9279275.



TexSCAN Week of October 16, 2011

HUGH PUBLIC AUCTION: 300+ Travel trailers, camp models, modular cottages. No minimum price! Online bidding available. Sat Oct 22, @ 10 am Carencro LA. www.hendersonauctions.com 1-225-686-2252, Lic#136

Phone: 830-672-2522 or Fax: 830-672-4330

NEED CDL DRIVERS A or B with 2 years recent commercial experience to transfer motor homes, straight trucks, tractors and buses. www. mamotransportation.com, 1-800-501-3783

READY TO MOVE-IN homes- 3 to 4 bedrooms, will finance with low down. Call 1-830-591-2333


Specializing in locating land, homes, and rentals for the oil/gas industry. Expert & fast construction of office/warehouse/shop.
vGONZALES New home under construction, complete by 10/25/11. Home has 3bed/2baths, metal roof, double pane windows, pec plumbing system, HUGE monster size lot with large trees, great location, 711 St. Frances, Gonzales...............................................................$159,500 vTHOMPSONVILLE 2BR/1BA home on 30 ac. Recent new metal Sold roof, remodeled and updated. On CR 240 in Thompsonville..$199,500 vWAELDER 97.44 acres, 4BR ranch house, great house, oil/gas income, Ranching/Investment.....................................................$750,000 vGONZALES 28 acres, 2 story, 3BR, 2 Bath custom built home..... .................................................................................................$375,000 vTHOMPSONVILLE 10 ac. fronting CR 240...................$4,900/ac. vREDROCK 181 acres.........................................................$895,000 vGONZALES 5 ac in city of Gonzales with access to RR track. All city utilities are available.................................................................$100,000 vGONZALES For Lease: 10 to 20 acres, about 5 miles south of Gonzales, just off Hwy. 183. vGONZALES 2.25 acres fronting Oil Patch Lane. Raw land includes Sold metal shed and fencing..............................................................$50,000 vGONZALES One acre fronting Oil Patch Lane with water, phone and elec. ready for hook-up.......................................................$50,000 vWAELDER Poultry Farm. 4 breeder hen house, 50 acres, mobile ho me.........................................................................................$1,250,000

THINK CHRISTMAS -START now! Own a Red Hot, Dollar, Dollar Plus, Mailbox or Discount Party Store from $51,900 worldwide. 100% turnkey; 1-800-518-3064; www.DRSS24.com

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672 CR 447 Waelder, TX 78959 www.providenceproperties.net


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Page B10

The gOnzales cannOn

Thursday, OcTOber 20, 2011

The Gonzales Art Group held the annual Come and Take It Art Show at the First United Methodist Church Hall again this year. It is a wonderful place to have a showing of local talents. The visitors are greeted by a phenomenal mural of Texas History before entering the show. There were over 70 student entries and over 50 adult entries in nine different mediums. The art group hired a judge from the New Braunfels Art League. Her name is Gaye Sekula. She is the current Workshop Coordinator for the New Braunfels Art League, 2011, Workshop Coordinator for the Coppini Academy of Fine Art, 2010, Demonstration Chair for the New Braunfels Art League, 2010, President of the River Art Group, San Antonio, 2009, Gallery Operations Chair, River Art Group, 2008, and Second Vice President, Randolph Art League, 2007 & 2008. She said that she had a challenging job with all of the entries, adult and student, as there was a lot of talent. The result were as follows: in the Pre-K - K: First and Third Place went to Julie Marie Alford; Second Place and Honorable Mention went to John Posey Alford. In 1st and 2nd Grade: First went to Audrey Martinez, second and third went to Lesley Williamson. In the 3rd and 4th grade: First went to Madison Stamport, Second

Local artists share talents at CATI Art Show

went to Rebekah Baker, Third went to Sophie Oliver and Honorable Mention went to Esteban Gallardo and Rebekah Baker. In 5th - 6th Grade: Second went to Saul Gamez, Third went to Parker Clay and Honorable Mention went to Gianna Siptak and S. Moor. In the 7th - 8th Grade: Rebecca Lowery got First and Third, C. Brown got Second and Honorable Mention went to L. Damereau, J. Weaver and D. Samuel. In the High School Division: Berenice Lopez got First, Jessica Medina got Second and Nicole Brassell got third, George Olivo and Priscilla Robles got an Honorable Mention. Best of Show for the Students had a tie with Rebecca Lowery and Samantha Lee Barnick sharing the honors. The adult division was divided by medium used. In the Oils category: First went to Mildred Lauraine, Second went to Teresa White Heximer, Third and Honorable Mention went to Jo Ann Keck. In the Watercolor category: First went to Brenda Shannon, Second went to Steve Lewis, Third and Honorable Mention went to Bea Maddox. In the Pencil/Pen/ Ink category: First went to Kelli Jo Norman, Second went to Justine Ealy, Third went to Sarah Williamson Bailey, and Honorable Mention went to Howard Williamson. In the Acrylics category Brenda Shannon took First and Second, Giuseppina Gina Alford took Third, and Steve Lewis took an Honorable Mention. In the Pastel/ Charcoal category: First went to Brenda Shannon, Second went to Justine Ealy, Third went to Sarah Williamson Bailey and Honorable Mention went to Teresa Johnson. In the Mixed Media category: Carla Avant Bandy took First and Second, Katherine Shugart took Third, and Janice Williamson took Honorable Mention. There was a sweep in the Weaving/ Textiles category with Teresa Johnson recieving a First, Second and Third. In the Sculpture/Pottery/Stained Glass category William Carleton got First and Honorable Mention, Janice Williamson got Second and Third. Brenda Shannon took Best of Show for the Adults. The Peoples Choice Awards were back again this year. Every visitor was asked to vote for their favorite student artwork and their favorite adult artwork. The votes were tallied on Sunday afternoon, allowing votes to be cast the duration of the art show. The results for the students were Esteban GallardoFirst place, Rebekah Lowery - Second Place, Rebekah Baker - Third Place and Gianna Siptak Honorable Mention. The results for the adults were: Sarah Williamson Bailey - First Place, Carla Bandy - Second Place, there was a tie for Third place with Brenda Shannon and Jo Ann Keck, and Steve Lewis got Honorable Mention. The raffle was then drawn for the beautiful framed charcoal done by Juanita Altmann. The winner was Jan Wurz from Gonzales. There was also a silent auction of 16 items donated by members, friends and local businesses. All funds collected from these fundraisers will go to support our scholarships for local students pursuing higher learning in art. The Gonzales Art Group would like to thank the community for their support, especially First United Methodist Church, Gonzales Learning and Career Center, The Gonzales Cannon, Persons Flower Shop, Frames and Things, Sage Capital Bank, Lone Star Bank, Craft Crossing, Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm, The Gonzales Inquirer and everyone who purchased raffle tickets or bid on the silent auction, encouraged an aspiring artist and came to the show. The art group gave out three scholarships this year. Anyone interested in art is encouraged to join our group. The group meets the third Tuesday of each month, during the school year, at 5:30 p.m. in the hospitality

room at Prosperity Bank. For additional information please call Steve Lewis at (330) 8570914, Janice Williamson at 830-857-5694, Gina Alford at 830-672-6025 or Sarah W. Bailey at 830-857-5695.

Maria Garcia

Sophie Oliver with her prizes and artwork.

Audrey Martinez

Best of Show

Samantha Barnick with her Best of Show.

Above, Peoples Choice winners for Students Rebecca Lowery - 2nd, Rebekah Baker - 3rd, Gianna Siptak (art with representative) Honorable Mention.

Courtesy photos

Berenice Lopez with her artwork.

Artists and friends Kiley Allen, Madison Stamport and Rebekah Baker.


And now, time for another episode of:

Pennies from heaven

Students in Pre-K through 4th Grade from East Avenue and Gonzales Elementary donated money from a penny drive to the Gonzales Museum to restore the mural. Also shown with the students are Marilyn Qualls, Bob Buchard, Glenna Winegeart and Kay Bakken. Photo by Mark Lube

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Dogs end Cueros district streak


The Gonzales Cannon Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pass-happy Eagles pose challenge for unbeaten Apaches


Staying in Control
Friday Night Lights Football roundup, See Pages C3-C5

First time in almost a decade

Yoakum lineman Angel Garcia (54) roars his approval as the Bulldog sideline erupts following an interception late in the contest Friday which helped seal the Bulldogs 25-21 win over Cuero. The win ended Cueros 42-game district winning streak and was the first Yoakum victory over the Gobblers in nearly a decade. For story, see Page C3. (Photo by Mark Lube)

Shiner, Flatonia renew rivalry


The weekend starts off with a bang in Shiner as the Comanches will play host to a familiar foe in the form of the Flatonia Bulldogs. Its a rivalry game and every year its always interesting, said Shiner head coach Steve Cerny. Everybody comes out and they get all fired up, its a great atmosphere for football. Flatonia (3-4, 0-1) enters the game after suffering two big losses - the 3319 defeat at the hands of Yorktown on Oct. 7 and the season-ending injury of their standout quarterback Colby Mica, who has a broken collarbone. When youre in a spread attack at a 1A school and you lose your quarterback, it really changes your offense, said Flatonia head coach Chris Freytag. We were in a predicament because were used to throwing the ball 30 times a game. Our kids played

hard, but it just didnt turn out for us. In addition to the loss of Mica, the Bulldogs went into their district opener without other starters including running Dalton Griffin. Were still banged up, said Freytag. Were healthier than we were at this time last week. The open week gave us some time to get our quarterbacks ready, but we still dont know who is going to be taking the snaps for us on Friday. Cole Robbins was 4-of-7 for 50 yards against Yorktown, but Will Bruns is also in the mix and played two weeks ago despite nerve damage in his shoulder. The one thing Freytag said he is sure of is the caliber of this years edition of the Comanches. This is the best Shiner team Ive seen in the last four years, he said. Theyre big, theyre physical, but above all theyre very fast. Theyve got a legit shot to play in the state cham-

pionship. Shiner (3-5, 1-1) is once again peaking at the right time. They nearly upset top-ranked Ganado in their district opener and responded by rolling over Yorktown last week 41-6. Were kind of starting to put the puzzle together, Cerny said. Weve made several changes on the line and in the backfield, some of it was forced because of injuries. We had a really tough non-district schedule that exposed some of our weaknesses, but it gave us an opportunity to make some changes. The Comanches have the districts best rushing offense, having run for 1,990 yards on the season including 637 in league play. The ground attack has been enhanced by the emergence of Caleb Curtis, who ran for 162 yards against Ganado while filling in for the then-injured Marlon Wallace. Evel Jones is another cog in the machine, SHINER, Page C8

The Gonzales Apaches have faced a couple of passing teams this season, but none like the Pleasanton Eagles who lead District 28-3A in total offense and passing. The Eagles offense is led by quarterback Luke Walters who leads District 283A in the passing department with 2,441 yards on 170-of-303 with 18 touchdowns and six interceptions. Apache head coach Ricky Lock said Walters is one of the top passing quarterbacks in the state. His usual targets are the top four receivers in 28-3A Jacob Jandt (39-701 five touchdowns), Mike Sorola (38-694, six touchdowns), Zade Llamas (35-497, six touchdowns) and Jacob Arevalo (24-132). The Eagles led 28-3A in total offense with an average production of 420 yards a game. We are going to do a couple of things different on defense to slow their offense down, Lock said. The Apaches lead the district in defense as teams on the average get less than 140 yards against the Tribe. It might be hard for Gonzales to put a lot of pressure on Walters as he is known to release the ball quickly. Lock said the Eagles throw a lot of short passes.

Walters throws dump and dink passes, screen passes, he said. They are very controlled, five yards here, seven yards there. They will throw a long pass to keep the defense honest. Their offensive line is not one of the better ones we have seen but for what they do, they do not have to be. All they have to do is occupy the defenders for two seconds Arevalo also handles most of the Eagles rushing yards. He is third in 28-3A, behind the Apaches Cecil Johnson and Sam Houstons JeQuan McBride, with 125 carries for 498 yards and four touchdowns. Pleasanton will get the ball to Arevalo in the run or the pass game, Lock said. Other receivers that Walters could throw passes to are Zack Jackson and Jacob Michaels. The Eagles line up in the spread formation with at least four receivers and sometimes run an emptybackfield set with five receivers. The big key for the Gonzales defense is to tackle well, cover well and be in the right place, Lock said. We cannot let a fiveyard reception turn into a 15 or 20-yard reception, he said. We cannot let a APACHES, Page C8

Luling, Nixon-Smiley aim to bolster chances


Football Roundup

After getting district wins last week, Luling (49-32 against Comfort) and Nixon (40-22 against Karnes City) can increase their chances of playoff bids with a win this week against Ingram Moore and San Antonio Brooks, respectively. In other area action, Hallettsville and St. Paul return from open dates to face Van Vleck and San Antonio St. Gerard, respectively; Cuero faces Poteet; Sacred Heart takes on St. Dominic Salvo. The Yoakum Bulldogs have an open date. San Antonio Brooks at Nixon-Smiley The Mustangs are tied for third place with Three Rivers but could be in sole place with a win over Brooks and a Poth win against Three Rivers. Brooks has one victory from its seven games so far this season and lost its recent outing to Stockdale 59-0. Running back Jesus Pimentel has rushed the ball 25 times

for 320 yards and one touchdown. Other rushers are William Blohm (25-39, one touchdown) Nicholas, Mauricio (10-33, one touchdown), Craig Wells (7-43, one touchdown) and Damian Melleion (2089, one touchdown). Blohm is the leading passer with 21-of-53 for 251 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Leading receiver is Giovanni Galata with 12 catches for 152 yards and one touchdown. The Mustangs will have to look to stuff the Brooks running game and be ready for the pass. Galata is the leading tackler on the defense with 25 total tackles. Nixon will need to execute well and block well as they have been doing. Ingram Moore at Luling Ingram Moore currently is 0-7 on the season following a 45-6 setback to Lago Vista. The Warriors lean heavily on the pass as quarterback Tyler Scherer is 71-of146 for 1,042 yards with nine touchdowns and nine picks. Scherers leading receivers EAGLES, Page C8

District Champs

The St. Paul Lady Cardinals defeated Victoria Faith Academy in the TAPPS District 8-2A Tournament in Alvin on Saturday to wrap up the district title and earn a first-round bye in the playoffs. Pictured are (top row): Abby Hull, Kourtney Knesek, Marrisa Ynclan, Samantha Siegel, Katelynn Leist, (second row) Katie Denson, Alexa Schaefer, Kali Kocian, Kymberlie Malatek, (bottom row: ) Kylie Natal, Madison Kurtz, Mary Adamek, Assistant Coach Chris Farias, Head Coach Dana Beal. See volleyball roundup, Page C2. (Courtesy Photo)

Page C2

Gettin nervous:
Lady Bulldogs prove coachs jitters unwarranted, sweep past Gonzales

The Gonzales Cannon

Thursday, October 20, 2011


YOAKUM Yoakum head coach Paula Berger admitted she was a little nervous about the Lady Bulldogs home match Tuesday against the Gonzales Lady Apaches. She said she knew Gonzales was spirited and would battle hard against Yoakum. Gonzales is ready to upset anyone they play, Berger said. The Lady Bulldogs took care of business with a 3-0 (25-17, 25-15, 25-15) victory over Gonzales. Even after the game was over, Berger said she had not gotten over her nerves. Yoakum will play Industrial tomorrow as it did not have a district match scheduled and Berger said she wanted to keep her players in their normal routines. We have to beat Pleasanton on the road (on Tuesday). We are focused on that match, she said. Lady Apache head coach Kim Payne said Gonzales did not play up to its potential. It was disappointing, she said. We were lacking in every aspect of the game: hitting, blocking, serving. It just was not on for us tonight.

Indianettes suffer early exit; Lady Mustangs roll

From coaches reports

Volleyball Roundup

The first set started as a seesaw battle until a couple of aces by Yoakums Lesley Seidenberger gave the Lady Dogs a 12-9 advantage. Gonzales battled to within 15-13 but was held to four points the rest of the set, and Morgan Long got the set winner on a kill. In the second set, Yoakum went on top 13-5. Gonzales hung on , getting plays from Brittany Pakebusch, Lindsey Akers, Jessica Cantu and Allison Raley to cut the lead down to 17-13. Ahead 19-14, the Lady Dogs closed out the second set on a 6-1 run. In the third set, Yoakum did not put away the Lady Apaches until kills from Long, Seidenberger and an ace from Callie Witte gave the home team a 1913 advantage, and Gonzales was limited to two points the rest of the way. For the Lady Apaches, Bozka had 11 digs and Cantu had nine; Pakbusch had nine blocks and Raley had eight; Raley also had one ace; Pakebusch had four kills and Cantu had eight assists. For Yoakum, Henkes had 14 kills; Seidenberger had seven aces; Camille Desmet had 34 assists and 15 digs and Catherine Hunter had three blocks. Yoakum won the freshmen game 2-0 Yoakums Ashtyn Henkes (10) grimaces as she stretches high to try and stop a (25-22, 25-23) and the junior varsity block attempt Gonzales Allison Raley during Tuesdays action.. (Photo by Mark match 2-1 (24-26, 25-8, 25-21). Lube)

Long stretch

The Sacred Heart Indianettes fell to Fort Worth Lake Country Christian Tuesday in the bi-district round of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) Division III playoffs. Lake Country won 3-0 (2523, 25-20, 25-19). Adrienne Klimitchek had six kills, two blocks and four aces; Shelby McElroy had 19 assists; Amber Labay, Kirsten Heger, Jenna Brown and Emily Kossa each had three digs. We did not play a good match. Our level of intensity was lacking during this playoff match. I felt like we were the better team, but as soon as we had a lead we would let up and let mistakes put them back into the match, Sacred Heart coach Wanda Orsak said. We had several leads in the 1st and 2nd games, but could not hold on to them in the end. I felt like there was a definite home court advantage for Lake Country, but we put ourselves into this situation by

allowing ourselves to be tied in district instead of staying in second after the 1st round of play. Sacred Hearts final record is 16-17 and are TAPPS DIII bidistrict finalists. The Lady Comanches beat Praire Lea 3-0 (25-6, 25-13, 25-7) on Friday. Kristin Schacherl had four aces; LaNeshia Hunt had seven kills and five digs; Cassie Stafford had 22 assists and Emmalie Berkovsky had one block. Nixon-Smiley defeated Universal City-Randolph 3-1 (15-25, 25-15, 25-22, 25-18 on Friday. Kelby Henderson and Devon Tristan had nine kills each; Brooke Gordon had 13 assists; Ashyln Maldonado had 12 digs; Abigail Scarbrough had four blocks and Tristan had five aces. The Lady Mustangs won Tuesdays match against San Antonio Cole 2522, 25-12, 25-20. Tristan had 12 kills and four aces; Jessica Flores and Gordon had 10 assists each and Maldonado had five digs. Nixon is now 6-4 in district play. Yoakum swept Cuero (25-

19, 25-18, 25-15) on Friday. For the Lady Dogs, Ashtyn Henkes had 12 kills; Cali Witte had three aces; Camille Desmet had 34 assists; Henkes had seven blocks and Witte had 13 digs. Yoakum improves to 23-10 and 8-2. For Cuero, Abby Sheppard had nine kills; Ashley Grahmann, CayCay Toots and Emory Johnson had one ace each; Tiffani Schellenbarger had 13 assists; Emily Valenta had three blocks and Grahmann had 10 digs. The Lady Dogs won the JV match 25-4, 25-18. Flatonia beat Praire Lea 25-9, 25-11, 25-11 on Oct. 11. Leanna Dunk had nine kills and two aces; Alex Bruns had 19 assists; Courtney Mia and Kaci Pavlicek had seven digs and Abigail Rodriguez had two aces. On Friday, Flatonia defeated Waelder 25-17, 25-8, 25-9 for district win No. 7. Dunk had 10 kills; Bruns had 18 assists; Mica had five digs and Pavlicek had five aces. Shiner St. Paul defeated


Lady Comanches tune up for playoff stretch run

Victoria St. Joseph 3-2 (13-25, 20-25, 25-7, 25-13, 15-12) on Saturday at the TAPPS District 8-2A Tournament Championship game in Alvin. St. Paul advanced to the final after defeating Alvin Livingstones 25-16, 25-11, 25-21. Ynclan had 15 kills and three blocks; Knesek had 25 assists and four aces and Alexa Schaefer had four digs. St Pauls record is now 19-5 and 10-0. Marrisa Ynclan had 30 kills, 12 digs and two blocks; Kourtney Kesek had 12 digs, 41 assists and two blocks and Mary Adamek had two aces. Cuero got 3-2 win over Pleasanton on Tuesday (21-25, 25-19, 15-25, 25-22, 15-10). Sheppard had 19 kills and three blocks; Toots had three aces; Schellenbarger had 43 assists; Grahmann had 21 digs. Pleasanton won both the freshmen and JV matches. Sacred Heart closed out district on Thursday with a 25-10, 25-8 and 25-12 sweep of San Marcos Baptist. Adrienne Klimitchek had 10 kills and one block; Kelsie Buchan-

an had 10 aces and two digs, and Sehlby McElroy had 23 assists and two digs. This was a good way to end our district season, on an up note, Orsak said. Now we have to carry our positive play into the postseason. The Indianettes are 16-16, 10-4 The Sacred Heart Junior Varsity won 25-8 and 25-16. Hallettsvile fell to Brazosport in five sets (25-19, 1925, 22-25, 25-16, 13-15) on Friday. Cassidy Targac had 13 kills; Heather Henneke had four aces; Henneke had 24 assists; Targac had five blocks and Katie Wagner had 30 digs. The Lady Brahmas are now 21-15 and 7-4. Brazos won the JV 29-27, 25-22. Hallettsville was defeated by Schulenburg 3-1 on Tuesday (25-21, 20-25, 22-25, 15-25). For Hallettsville, Cheyenne Dowdy had 12 kills and six blocks;Targac had two aces; Ali Patek had two aces and nine digs, and Lauren Jones had 16 assists


SHINER Lady Comanche head coach Michelle Winkenwerder decided to experiment a little with lineups and personnel in Tuesdays home match against Waelder. We had some different lineups but it is not something we would do against Flatonia or Ganado, she said. Players who usually do not see a lot of playing time got to play a lot today. Shiner swept Waelder 25-1, 25-8 and 25-5 to improve to 25-8 and 7-1 in district. Shiner has two matches left against district leader Flatonia, the only team to have beaten Shiner in district, and Ganado. Lady Wildcat head coach Marisa Clement said while her team struggled against Shiner, it was important for them to focus on playing well and winning the last two matches and ending the season on a positive note. Shiner opened the first set with a 16-0 advantage as Kristin Schacherl served several aces with LaNeisha Hunt and Emmalie Berkovsky picking up some kills. A serve error gave the Lady WildShiners LaNeisha Hunt (10) closes in on a pass from teammate Cassie Stafford cats their first point but then it was (9) as teammate Emmalie Berkovsky supplies a a feint during action in Tuesdays nine straight for Shiner with the district contest against Waelder. (Photo by Mark Lube)

Setting up a kill

serves of Ryah Michalec along with plays from Hunt and Amanise Coleman. To open the second set, Waelder misplayed several Hunt serves and fell behind 4-0. A couple of Shiner miscues allowed the Lady Cats to force a 4-4 tie. Jordan Pietsch kills helped the Lady Comanches take a 9-5 lead. The Lady Cats got a kill by Alex Benitez to close down to four points, 10-6, then six straight by Shiner, including a Lauren Oden kill , put the Lady Comanches on top 16-6. Waelder continued to fight, getting a block by Courtney Orono, to trail 16-7, and Shiner closed out the set on a 9-1 run, led by a couple of Kaylyn Benes aces. To start the third set, Oden got four straight aces as the Lady Comanches went out 5-0. Waelder battled back to within 5-3 with Kim Ibarra scoring an ace. Shiner got kills from Coleman, Pietsch, Schacherl and Julianna Rankin to blitz out to a 15-5 advantage and then scored 10 straight with serves from Cassie Stafford. For the Lady Comanches, Schacherl finished with 21 points and 11 aces; Hunt had six kills; Stafford had 13 assists and Michalec had three digs

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yoakum reaches new Hights in win


Friday Night Lights

The Gonzales Cannon

Page C3

Yoakums Fred Thompson (8) makes a leaping reception despite tight coverage from Cueros Darius Mathis. (Photo by Mark Lube) son who made the play kum 6 yards. Yoakum chose the latter plunge. and gained 33 yards to the Yoakum called time- and the 5-9, 335-pound Harrison got runs of Gobbler 20. Thompson out to discuss whether Hights delivered the 39 and 16 yards to set up later reeled in a 7-yard to have Harrison attempt package. Yoakum at the Cuero a 13 pass on a third and four to an 18-yard field goal and I felt like we needed to but a turnover ended the move the ball to the Cu- possibly force an overtime win the game right there. drive. ero 7, where three straight battle or go for the It has been a long time The Gobblers went running plays netted Yoa- touchdown and the lead. coming, Kornegay said. up 14-3 as quarterback I did not want to put Stoney Schoenfeld scored (the game) in the hands on a 34-yard keeper on of a field-goal try. Had we a 67-yard drive in which been three or four yards he ran the ball some and deeper, we might have threw a pass or two. kicked but we were right Before halftime, the there (close to the end Dogs cut the lead to 14zone) and I felt like we 11. Harrison had a nice could get it in. completion to Keith RatCuero drove the ball ley for 32 yards to the Cudown inside the Dog 40 ero 30 and later capped with just under a minute, the drive with a 14-yard aided by a personal foul touchdown pass to Fred call against Yoakum. Thompson. Harrison hit DAnthony Hopkins Kyle Mikulik for the twoput the ball in the air point play. on a halfback pass but Yoakum opened the Yoakums Taylor Nobles third quarter with an picked it off at the Dog 1 81-yard drive that took with seven seconds left to six minutes. The Dogs preserve the win. pounded the ball on the Yoakum marched 50 ground and Jimenez startyards and went ahead, ed things off with 12-yard 3-0, on a Harrison 21- gains on two straight toss yard field goal on its first plays. A Blake McCracken drive of the game. end-around put the Dogs Cuero answered with a at the 1 where Harrison quick three-play, 66-yard had trouble with a snap drive that started with but scored on the next A.J. Bustos gaining 64 play to give Yoakum an yards on the counter and 18-14 advantage. Cueros Torin Dobbins (24) and JVon Thomas (79) make a big hit on the Bull- Logan Goebol finishing Cuero went ahead, 21dogs Blake McCracken (3) during first-quarter action in Fridays contest. (Photo off the drive with a 1-yard 18, early in the fourth afby Mark Lube)

YOAKUM Bulldog offensive/defensive lineman Willie Hights has never carried the ball this season. There is a first time for everything, and Hights asked his teammates to trust him to carry the ball from the Cuero 1-yard line into the end zone on fourth down. I told them let me get the ball and I will pound it in there, he said. It was his idea, Yoakum head coach Brent Kornegay said. He said lets run Belly 34. The team and the coaching staff had faith in the junior and Hights crashed into the end zone with less than 90 seconds to play, providing the difference as Yoakum edged Cuero, 25-21, on Friday night at Bulldog Stadium. Getting that touchdown felt really good, Hights said. The game-winning drive for the Dogs started at their 33. On second and 11, quarterback Jeff Harrison went to Keith Rately for 10 yards to the 42 and a 4-yard run by Andrew Jimenez kept the drive alive. Yoakum later faced third down at their 47. Harrison went to a closely-guarded Fred Thomp-

Leaping grab

ter a short Dog punt gave them the ball at their 38. Bustos gained 6 yards on a toss play and then did the exact same thing on the next snap, gaining 53 yards down to the 4 where Hopkins punched it in for Cuero with 11:12 to play in the game. The victory ended Cueros district winning streak of 42 games and was also the first time the Dogs had defeated their rivals in almost a decade. The win improves the Dogs to 2-2 and gives them hope for postseason play. It was important for us because it has playoff implications, Kornegay said. We did what we had to. Cuero is a well-coached football team and they had 42 straight district wins but I cannot say enough about the effort of our kids Owens said Yoakum had a lot of energy for the game. This rivalry game was a big game for Yoakum and they came out with a lot of emotion, he said. It was a must win for them and they did a great job. The loss could also affect Cueros bid for the playoffs, but Owens said a few more wins should do the trick. We win two of our last three, we will be in good shape, he said. But only winning two is not necessarily our goal. We want to win all three.
Yoakum 25, Cuero 21 Cuero 7 7 0 721 Yoakum 3 8 7 725 Scoring Summary Y-Jeff Harrison 21 FG C-Logan Goebol 1 run (Goebol kick) C-Stoney Schoenfeld 34 run (Goebol kick) Y-Fred Thompson 14 pass from Harrison (Kyle Mikulik pass from Harrison) Y-Harrison 1 run (Harrison kick) C-DAnthony Hopkins 4 run (Goebol kick) Y-Willie Hights 1 run (Harrison kick) Team stats First downs Rushes-yards Passing Passing yards Punts-avg. Fumbles-lost Penalties-yards C 11 34-228 6-13-1 62 4-40.3 0-0 6-50 Y 20 44-235 9-17-0 113 3-33.3 3-1 5-45

Wide open

Individual stats Rushing Cuero: A.J. Bustos 9-144, Stoney Schoenfeld 10-59, DAnthony Hopkins 4-13, Van Davis 6-8, Layne Balfanz 2-3, Logan Goebel 2-2, Darius Mathis 1-(-1). Yoakum: Jeff Harrison 1887, Andrew Jimenez 11-63, Blake McCracken 6-41, Kyle Mikulik 5-34, Myron Hights 2-5, Reagan Jacobs 1-4, Willie Hights 1-1. Passing Cuero: Schoenfeld 6-12-0 62, Hopkins 0-1-1 0. Yoakum: Harrison 9-17-0 113. Receiving Cuero: Hopkins 3-38, Bustos 1-10, Robert Gray 1-9, Tel Holland 1-5. Yoakum: Fred Thompson 5-78, Keith Ratley 2-22, McCracken 1-9, TJ Hights 1-3.

Comanches rout Yorktown; Indians roll

Cannon News Services passes for 12 yards.

YORKTOWN The Shiner Comanches improved to 1-1 in district play Friday with a 41-6 rout of Yorktown. Jacob Stafford rushed for 124 yards on seven carries and three touchdowns. Evel Jones had 90 yards rushing with one touchdown and caught a 35-yard pass from Stafford. Marlon Wallace had 46 yards and a touchdown. The Comanches opened with a 21-0 lead and never glanced back. The Wildcats only score came in the second quarter, an 84-yard run by Jayden Barefield. Wallace had a 9-yard touchdown run in the third and Stafford had a 15-yard touchdown rush as well. Caleb Curtis led the Shiner rushing with 134 rushing yards. Barefield led Yorktown with 207 rushing yards on 19 carries and caught three

Shiner 41, Yorktown 6 Shiner 7 20 14 041 Yorktown 0 6 0 0 6 Scoring Summary SHI -- Jacob Stafford 1 run (Luke Blaschke kick) SHI -- Stafford 47run ( Blaschke kick) SHI -- Evel Jones 35 pass from Stafford (Blaschke kick) YOR -- Jayden Barefield 84 run (pass failed) SHI -- Jones 55-yard run (kick failed) SHI -- Marlon Wallace 9-yard run (Blaschke kick) SHI -- Stafford 15-yard run ( Blaschke kick) Team stats Shiner York First downs 15 13 Rushes-yards 39-400 45-251 Passing 1-4-0 3-7-3 Passing yards 35 12 Punts-avg. 1-40 5-37.6 Fumbles-lost 4-3 3-1 Penalties-yards 5-60 3-32 Individual statistics RUSHING -- Yorktown, C. Lubyinesky 8-24, B. Smith 4-5, R. Williams 3-(-2), J. Barefield 19-207, D. Franke 11-21. Shiner, J. Stafford 7-124, E. Jones 5-90, M. Wallace 5-46, N. Nevlud 2-10, C. Curtis 17-134, Z. Lawrence 1-(-7). PASSING -- Yorktown, D. Franke -3-6-12-1, J. Garcia 0-1-1-0. Shiner, J. Stafford1- 4-35-0. RECEIVING -- Yorktown, J. Barefield 3-12. Shiner, E. Jones 1-35

Sacred Heart 56, SA St. Gerard 0

SAN ANTONIO The Sacred Heart Indians won No. 8 with a 56-0 domination over St. Gerard in Sacred Hearts district opener. The Indians had the game locked up by intermission with a 42-0 advantage. Sterling Hrncir had three rushing touchdowns of 62, 43 and 32 yards as he finished with 140 yards on just four attempts. Matt Holub had a 79yard touchdown run;Scott Stoner had a 7-yard scoring run; Cole Bludau chipped in a 17-yard run and Colton Brown added a 10-yard run to compliment his eight extra points. Sacred Heart held the Royals to negative-16 yards of offense.
Hallettsville Sacred Heart 56, SA St. Gerard 0 Sacred Heart 28 14 7 756 St. Gerard 0 0 0 00 Scoring Summary HSH- Sterling Hrncir 62 run

(Colton Brown kick) HSH- Hrncir 43 run (Colton Brown Kick) HSH- Hrncir 32 run ( Brown Kick) HSH- Matt Holub 79 run ( Brown kick) HSH- Scott Stoner 7 run ( Brown kick) HSH- Cole Bludau 17 run ( Brown kick) HSH- Leightin Pelat 53 run ( Brown kick) HSH- Colton Brown 10 run ( Brown kick) 9:55.

Team stats SG SH First downs 2 15 Rushes-yards 16-(-26) 19-389 Passing 2-16-3 3-4-0 Passing yards 10 66 Punts-avg. 6-30.3 0-0 Fumbles-lost 0-0 1-1 Penalties-yards 3-20 5-65 Individual Statistics RUSHING -- Hallettsville Sacred, T. Janak 4-19, S. Hrncir 4-140, L. Pilat 3-69, C. Bludau 2-67, C. Brown 2-16, M. Holub 1-79, S. Stoner 1-7, J. Vanek 1-27. PASSING -- Hallettsville Sacred, J. Krischke 4-3-66-0. RECEIVING -- Hallettsville Sacred, C. Wick 2-39, S. Stoner 1-27.

COMFORT Luling won its first district game with a 49-32 decision over Comfort.

Luling 49, Comfort 32

The Eagles led 7-0 after one quarter and withstood two Comfort touchdowns in the second to lead 28-13 at halftime. Billy Medford was especially active on the Eagle offense as he tossed a 45yard touchdown pass to Ty Anderson and scored on runs of 80 and 41 yards. Brendon Cubit ran for two touchdowns, Vince Garcia hauled in a 30-yard pass from Trayden Staton and Marc Magallanez threw a 12-yard touchdown to Jorges Munoz. Comforts offensive production was handled by quarterback Joseph Carlos who scored on runs of 50 and 8-yards, and threw touchdown strikes of 30, 14 and 3-yards.
Luling 49, Comfort 32 Luling 7 21 14 749 Comfort 0 13 13 632 Scoring summary LUL -- Ty Anderson 45 pass from Billy Medford (Brett Eckles kick) LUL -- Brendon Cubit 4 run ( Eckles kick)

COM -- Joseph Carlos 50 run (Victor Falcon kick) LUL -- Cubit 14 run (Brett Eckles kick), 05:37, 2nd. COM -- Carlos 8 run (kick failed) LUL -- Vince Garcia 30 pass from Trayden Staton (Eckles kick) LUL -- Medford 80 run ( Eckles kick) COM -- Cody Richey 30 pass from Carlos (Falcon kick) LUL -- Medford 41 run (Eckles kick) COM -- Tyler Nix 14 pass from Carlos (pass failed) LUL -- Jorges Munoz 12 pass from Marc Magallanez ( Eckles kick) COM -- Jared Poerner 3 pass from Carlos (pass failed) Team Statistics Lul Com First downs 25 23 Rushes-yards 38-364 30-195 Passing 10-14-1 22-30-2 Passing yards 187 237 Punts-avg. 0-0 1-32 Fumbles-lost 3-2 2-0 Penalties-yards 11-95 7-80 Individual Statistics RushingLuling: Billy Medford 23-273, Brendon Cubit 6-63, John Palomo 3-17, Ty Anderson 1-17, Josh Alvarez 1-3, Trayden Staton 4-(-9). Comfort: Joseph Carlos 25-149, Tyler Nix 5-46. Passing Luling: Medford 7-10-1102, Staton 3-4-0-85. Comfort:Carlos 22-30-2-237. Receiving Luling: Anderson 3-71, Medford 2-55, Vince Garcia 2-37, Jorges Munoz 2-22, Alvarez 1-2. Comfort: Cody Richey 7-97, Jared Poerner 7-92, Nix 6-40, Tanner Web 1-10, Nestor Garcia 1-(-2)

Page C4

Mustangs use big plays to thump KC


Friday Night Lights

The Mustangs amassed 334 total yards, more than 80 more than the Badgers (3-4, 2-1) had allowed on average coming into the game. Jaime Moreno spearheaded an opportunistic and timely Mustang passing attack by completing four of his six attempts for 121 yards. You have to give Nixon credit because they made plays, said Karnes City head coach Jim Wood. We made some mistakes and they capitalized on them. They did a good job and weve got to get better. Nixon-Smiley was also extremely effective on defense, where they forced the Badgers into losing three of their four fumbles. We watched them on film and we knew they had a tendency to put the ball on the ground if you hit them, and thats what we tried to do, McKinney said. We know we dont have the speed to compete with them, so we knew if we could keep their offense off the field then we could compete with them and thats what we did. You cant do that in football, I dont care who youre playing, said Wood about Karnes Citys trio of giveaways. If you fumble in football, youre not going to be successful. Ill take the blame for this, but Nixon did a good job against us tonight. Karnes City got off on a good foot by opening the game with a 14-play, 78-yard drive that ended in a 23-yard field goal by Wally Gonzales. The Mustangs went three and out in their initial possession and gave the Badgers the football at the Nixon 44 after a punt. Eight plays later, Derrick Williams outfought Keith Lamza on a jumpball throw for an 18-yard score. Gonzales kicked the extra point and the Badgers led 10-0 with 11:45 left in the second quarter. The Mustangs came roaring back when Hernandez ran for 30 yards on the third play of the ensuing possession and then had a facemask penalty by Karnes City tacked onto the end to give Nixon-Smiley a first and 10 at the Badger 20. Two plays later, Moreno faked a dive to Jared Van Auken before running around the left end and into the end zone from 11 yards out. Alex Hernandez kicked the extra point with 8:50 left to play. After forcing a Karnes City punt, the Mustangs began their next drive at their own 29. On third and 14, Moreno threw complete to Robbie Mejia, who weaved his way down to midfield to convert the first down. Three plays later, Moreno connected with Miguel Hernandez, who was finally brought down 42 yards later at the Karnes City 8. Hernandez capped the drive two plays later with a seven-yard scamper and Alex Hernandezs kick put Nixon-Smiley up 14-10 with 2:21 left in the frame. Following a nice kick return to the Karnes City 45, Kenneth Glenn exploded up the middle on a quarterback sneak to score from 55 yards out. Gonzales missed the kick and the Badgers led at halftime 16-14. The Mustangs opened the second half with a four-play offering that culminated in Miguel Hernandezs 18-yard dash into the end zone. Alex Hernandez banged in the extra point and Nixon-Smiley was back in front, 21-16. Five plays into their next possession, the Badgers Kevon Shelton fumbled and Logan McMain fell on it to give the Mustangs a first and 10 at the Nixon 34. Nixon-Smiley then mounted an 11-play scoring march, which was highlighted by two backto-back passes from Moreno to Garrett Earlywine for 54 total yards. Alex Hernandez closed out the drive by drilling a 35-yard field goal to put NixonSmiley up 24-16. After a return out to the Karnes City 31, Glenn went 69 yards on a quarterback keeper right up the middle and ran virtually untouched for the touchdown. The Badgers went for two, but the conversion pass from Glenn was dropped in the end zone by Williams. The momentum took a huge swing when Miguel Hernandez bobbled the ensuing kick at the Nixon 7, took it up the middle and outraced the Karnes City coverage team down the left sideline for a 93-yard kick return. Alex Hernandez made the conversion kick and Nixon-Smiley led 31-22. On the second play of the Badgers next possession, Alex Hernandez covered up a fumble by Garrett Liska to give Nixon-Smiley a first and 10 at the Karnes City 27. The Mustangs used a nine-play drive to run some clock and eventually score on a threeyard rush by Moreno. The kick failed with 9:42 remaining in the game. The Badgers returned the kick to near midfield, but Nick Adams couldnt cleanly handle a pitch on the next play and Michael Martinez came up with NixonSmileys third fumble recovery of the game at the Karnes 41. Alex Hernandez capped the nine-play drive with a beautiful 31-yard field goal to account for the games final score.
Nixon-Smiley 40, Karnes City 22 Karnes City 3 13 6 0-22 Nixon-Smiley 014 17 9-40

The Gonzales Cannon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

NIXON NixonSmiley is known for its ground and pound style of offense, but they revealed another dimension of it on Friday night the big play. The Mustangs had six plays that went for over 20 yards, including one for a score, and got three touchdowns from Miguel Hernandez to knock off perennial playoff contender Karnes City 40-22. With the win, NixonSmiley improved to 5-3 overall and 2-2 in district to put themselves right back in contention for a playoff berth. The Mustangs join Stockdale and Three Rivers in a three-way district tie for third place at 2-2, and could very well punch their own ticket to postseason by winning out at home against hapless San Antonio Brooks Academy and Stockdale in successive weeks. The kids really stepped up, said Nixon-Smiley head coach Carlton McKinney. Our backs were against the wall because we hadnt played well in the last couple of games. We talked about being groundhogs, to keep digging and digging and not look up, and thats what they did today. They made some mistakes, but they kept battling to get a great win for us. Hernandez led the Mustangs with 14 carries for 73 yards and two touchdowns. He also had a 93-yard kick return for a score and a 42-yard, drive-sustaining catch in the second half to help Nixon-Smiley put the game out of reach. We knew if we win our next three games, then we go to the playoffs, said Hernandez. This game counted the most because they beat Stockdale, which means we know we have a good chance to beat them too. Hernandez said the team was despondent yet determined, after dropping their last two games in a row, the most debilitating being the 51-14 home loss to Poth two weeks ago. We talked among ourselves and made a commitment to step it up and win these last three games, he said. We knew we had to play better at home tonight than we did in that last home game because that was embarrassing. We dont ever want to be embarrassed like at home again.

Scoring Summary KC - Wally Gonzales 23 field goal KC - Derrick Williams 18 pass from Kenneth Glenn (Gonzales kick) NS - Jaime Moreno 11 run (Alex Hernandez kick) NS - Miguel Hernandez 7 run (A. Hernandez kick) KC - Kevon Shelton 55 run (kick failed) NS - M. Hernandez 18 run (A. Hernandez kick) NS - A. Hernandez 35 field goal KC - Glenn 69 run (pass failed) NS - M. Hernandez 93 kick return (A. Hernandez kick) NS - Moreno 3 run (kick failed) NS - A. Hernandez 31 field goal Team Statistics First downs Rushes-yds Passing yds Passes Punts-yds Penalties-yds Fumbles-lost KC NS 11 15 32-256 49-213 39 121 4-12-0 4-6-0 2-48 2-72 6-69 6-36 4-3 1-0

Individual Statistics RUSHING -Karnes City: Kenneth Glenn 15-149, Kevon Shelton 14106, Nick Adams 3-1. Nixon-Smiley: Miguel Hernandez 14-73, Jared Van Auken 14-73, Alex Hernandez 13-32, Jaime Moreno 7-36, Team 1-(-1). PASSING - Karnes City: Kenneth Glenn 3-10-37, Phillip Vaughan 1-1-2, Kevon Shelton 0-1-0. Nixon-Smiley: Jaime Moreno 4-6-121. RECEIVING - Karnes City: Phillip Vaughan 2-19, Derrick Williams 1-18, Kenneth Glenn 1-2. Nixon-Smiley: Garrett Earlywine 2-54, Miguel Hernandez 1-42, Robbie Mejia 1-25.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eagle runners claim top honors in Apache Invitational


The Gonzales Cannon

Page C5

The Luling Eagles cross country squads had quite a showing at the Apache Invitational Saturday morning at the Gonzales Lions Disc Golf Park. The boys won the varsity meet with 25 points, just four ahead of second-place Columbus (25). The Lady Eagles finished in second place with 61 points, edged out by Kyle Lehman who had 47 points. Yoakum was third with 72 points, St. Paul was sixth and the host Lady Apaches were behind them in seventh. Lehman won both junior varsity races.
Varsity Girls Team results: 1. Lehman 47, 2. Luling 61, 3. Yoakum 72, 4. Lockhart 100, 5. Floresville 173, 6. St. Paul 183, 7. Gonzales 194, 8. Elgin 198, 9. Victoria East 213, 10. Columbus 215, 11. Weimar 236. Individual results: 1. Carley Glass, Luling, 11:22; 2. Maria Salinas, Luling, 11:52 ; 3. Kristaly Munoz, Luling, 12:02; 4. Pressley Bailey, Lehman, 12:05; 5. Brittany Rosas, Yoakum, 12:07; 6. Ofelia Negrete, Lehman, 12:12; 7. Gabby Escobedo, Lockhart, 12:15; 8. Ashley Morgan, Lehman, 12:22; 9. Olivia Smith, Lockhart, 12:26.08; 10. Contessa Baird, Gonzales, 12:26.82; 11. Amara Smith, Lehman, 12:29; 12. Jocelyn Perez, Weimar, 12:32; 13. Courtney Carroll, Yoakum, 12:39; 14. Hannah Bordovsky,Yoakum, 12:40; 15. Kali Kocian, St. Paul, 12:41; 16. Harley Braun, Yoakum, 12:42; 17. Kim Bandelman, Lockhart, 12:51; 18. Alexandra Villafranca, Cuero, 12:56; 19. Ashley Martinez, Lehman, 12:57; 20. Marina Navejas, Elgin, 12:59; 21. Hannah Clark, Luling, 13:02; 22. Kimberly DeLeon, Gonzales, 13:04; 23. Ann Keese, Victoria East, 13:05; 24. Jessica Ortiz, Elgin, 13:08; 25. Sarah Southern, Cuero, 13:10; 26. Ana Cabello, Yoakum, 13:11; 27. Stephanie Kornegay, Yoakum, 13:16; 28. Rose Harrison, Columbus, 13:18; 29. Julie Brock, Floresville, 13:21; 30. Bianca Meza, Lehman, 13:22; 31. Nessa Rios, Lockhart, 13:23; 32. Luzy Flipse, Cuero, 13:24; 33. Ari Hernandez, Floresville, 13:25; 34. Jasline Lantz, Victoria East, 13:28; 35. Dehavaian Watts, Floresville, 13:29; 36. Paiden Pruitt, Hallettsville, 13:30; 37. Becca Allison, Columbus, 13:31.4; 38. Katelynn Leist, St. Paul, 13:31.9; 39. Adriana Morales, Luling, 13:32.28; 40. Maria Castillo, Luling, 13:32.95; 41. Abby Kleimann, Columbus, 13:34.03; 42. Ali Colurciello, Lockhart, 13:34.78; 43. MacKenzie Kresta, St. Paul, 13:35; 44. Yesenia Almazan, Elgin, 13:36; 45. Mallory Draper, Victoria West, 13:37; 46. Sydney Morris, Goliad, 13:38; 47. Katrin Stinner, La Grange, 13:43.22; 48. Amanda Montoya, Floresville, 13:43.82; 49. Elise Patek, St. Paul, 13:44.24; 50. Michaela Pollaro, Floresville, 13:44.55; 51. Nanci Varquez, Victoria East, 13:48; Emily Oertli, Weimar, 13:49; 53. Amethyst Cosson, Weimar,

13:50.15; 54. Alejandra Diaz DeLeon, Gonzales, 13:50.49; 55. Jenny Saad, Lockhart, 13:55; 56. Grettel Ruiz, Elgin, 13:56; 57. Mayra Zamora, Lehman, 14:06; 58. Larissa Carmona, Luling, 14:10; 59. Shelby Soto, Victoria East, 14:13; 60. Ashton Kutac, St. Paul, 14:15; 61. Chloe Rutta, Columbus, 14:16; 62. Cassidy Thomas, St. Paul, 14:18; 63. Lauren Schuelke, Lockhart, 14:19; 64. Brittany Pakebusch, Gonzales, 14:21; 65. Victoria Kusak, St. Paul, 14:27; 66. Hailey Whitted, Gonzales, 14:29; 67. Mel Wagner, St. Paul, 14:37; 68. Dora Rodriguez, Gonzales, 14:41; 69. Isabella Crawford, St. Paul, 14:43; 70. Shelby Wunderlich, Weimar, 14:44; 71. Crissi Canales, Victoria East, 14:46; 72. Hilary Koncaba, Flatonia, 14:47.27; 73. Maria Hernandez, Columbus, 14:47.94; 74. Kaitlyn Guerra, Gonzales, 14:50; 75. Maria Jaramillo, Elgin, 14:51; 76. Daniela Martinez, La Grange, 14:53; 77. Taylor Galvan, Columbus, 14:58.63; 78. Tiffany Koehl, Columbus, 14:58.80; 79. Elena Perez, Weimar, 15:00; 80. Shelby Bozka, Hallettsville, 15:01; 81. Lauren Guthmann, Columbus, 15:09; 82. Abby Baker, Columbus, 15:17; 83. Crystal Rodriguez, Flatonia, 15:23; 84. Juana Sanchez, Gonzales, 15:27; 85. Alex Schaefer, St. Paul, 15:29; 86. Chelsea Urban, Columbus, 15:31; 87. Renata Leach, La Grange, 15:35; 88. Tiffany Ramey, 15:40, Hallettsville; 89. Johanna Green, St. Paul, 15:47; 90. Katie Alex, Goliad; 16:42; 91. Kyla Appelt, Hallettsville, 16:43; 92;Morgan Moses, Victoria West, 16:59; 93. Darian Vasquez, Victoria West, 17:58. Varsity Boys Team results: Luling 25; 2. Columbus 31; 3. Lehman 59; 4. Elgin 66, 5. Goliad 126; 6. Victoria West 149; 7. Victoria East 173; 8. St. Paul 217. Individual results: 1. Michael Barnett, Luling, 14:13; 2. Ramon Martinez, Lehman, 14:23; 3. Jose Campos, Luling, 14:38; 4. Danny Castillo, Luling, 14:44; 5. Brandon Pogue, Floresville, 14:48; 6. Todd Mickey, Victoria West, 14:51; 7. Adam Lopez, Elgin, 15:15; 8. Fabian Guerrero, Luling, 15:21; 9. Jose Lara, Elgin, 15:27; 10. Patrick Villarreal, Lehman, 15:34; 11. Brian Guerrero, Luling, 15:35 ; 12. Javier Torres, Lehman, 15:37; 13. Will Frazier, Luling, 15:38; 14. Abel Zapata, Elgin, 15:46; 15. Raymond Castaneda, Lehman, 15:48; 16. John Von Dohelm, Goliad, 15:55; 17. Tristan Venghaus, Columbus; 15:56; 18. Carlos Camargo, Victoria East, 16:01; 19. Austen Guerrero, Goliad, 16:02; 20. Beau Baker, Floresville, 16:04; 21. David Jaimes, Elgin, 16:09; 22. Jonathon Soto, Elgin, 16:11; 23. Marcos Ibarra, Floresville, 16:23; 24. Quinten Alkek, Goliad, 16:24; 25. Alex Alvardo, Elgin, 16:32; 26. Rowdy Lind, Lehman, 16:40; 27. Eric Robles, Lehman, 16:58; 28. Cody Goolsby, Columbus, 17:04.1; 29. Tomas Moreno, Weimar, 17:04.71; 30. Noah Leos, Floresville, 17:19; 31. Jordan Fischer, La Grange, 17:24; 32. Logan Herrington, Hallettsville, 17:32; 33. Jordan Verner, Cuero, 17:35; 34. Zachary Kalina, Flatonia, 17:38 36. Carlos Lara, Columbus, 17:42; 37. Tyler Vargas, Victoria East, 17:46.30; 39. Ryan Dishman, Columbus, 17:46.99; 40. Joseph Garland, Goliad, 17:50; 41. Jason Moon, Victoria West, 17:55.05; 42. Caleb Grimes, La Grange, 17:55.30; 43. Keardon Schindler, Columbus, 18:00; 44. Drew Leopold, Columbus, 18:23; 45. David Hisquierdo, Victoria West, 18:26; 46. Gerardo Beltran, Elgin, 18:28; 47. Juan Chavarria, Victoria East, 18:31; 48. Matthew Henry, Victoria West, 18:37; 49. Logan Schunka, Victoria West, 18:48; 50. Adam Magera, Columbus, 18:56; 51. Anthony Maldonado, Goliad, 19:13; 52. Wesley Braden,

Mikolajczyk, Floresville, 14:05.81; 11. Amber Jones, Lehman, 14:06; 12. Sarah Singer, Lehman, 14:19; 13. Desiree Garza, Yoakum, 14:23; 14. Alonda Torres, Yoakum, 14:24; 15. Felisha Fraga, Floresville, 14:25.16; 16. Ashlee Aicher, Floresville, 14:25.83; 17. Meagan Hill, Victoria West, 14:26; 18. Nanette Labrada, Floresville, 14:34; 19. Andrea Delgado, Lehman, 14:37; 20. Destiny Amaro, Floresville, 14:39; 21. Payton Cannon, Floresville, 14:44; 22. Jennifer Jaimes, Lehman, 14:48; 23. Brenda Murillo, Lehman, 14.50; 24. Vicky Mayorga, Floresville, 14:53; 25. Alexis Soto, Lehman, 14:54; 26. Alondra Netro, Schulenburg, 14:55; 27. Valrie Murillo, Lehman, 14:56.62; 28. Jennifer Mahula, Floresville, 14:56.80; 29. Sierra Steele, Lockhart, 14:57; 30. Kelsey Porras, Yoakum, 15:12; 31. Lexi Smith, Floresville, 15:17; 32. Maricuz Robollar, Lehman, 15:22; 33. Jordan Felan, Floresville, 15:26; 34. Marissa Botello, Lehman, 15:27; 35. Elizabeth Rosas, Yoakum, 15:40.10; 36. Tanesha Hall, Yoakum, 15:40.84; 37. Samantha Gabler, Schulenburg, 15:43; 38. Brooke Taylor, Schulenburg; 15:45; 39. Evelyn Martinez, Lehman, 15:46; 40. Jennifer Nino, Lehman, 15:51; 41. Jamie Kortum, Floresville, 15:56; 42. Amber Wasicek, Floresville,, 16:02; 43. Shelby Leinneweber, Floresville, 16:47; 44. Ashley Hoelscher, Floresville, 17:21; 45. Gabriela Harkrider, Flatonia, 17:29 ; 46. Tristan Brito, Lockhart, 17:38. Junior Varsity Boys Team results: 1. Lehman 29, 2.Lockhart 54, 3. Yoakum 68, 4. Floresville 107, 5. Schulenburg 127. Individual results: 1. Dustin Rosas, Yoakum, 17:02; 2. Mario Garcia, Lehman, 17:06; 3. Nathan Thiry, Yoakum, 17:09; 4. Joseph Tovar, Lehman, 17:17; 5. Angel Hernandez, Lehman, 17:47; 6. Billy Hernandez, Lockhart, 17:58; Eddie 7. Perez, Floresville, 17:59; 8. Cody Devine, Lehman, 18:00; 11. Armando Fajardo, Lehman, 18:16; 12. Jose Alonzo, Lockhart, 18:24; 13. Jose Jimenez, Schulenburg, 18:29; 14. Jacob Dreier, Cuero, 18:54; 15. Ryan Arms, Lockhart, 18:57.14; 16. Jose Serna, Floresville, 18:57.73; 17. Kobe Hurt, Lockhart, 18:59; 18. Javier Morales, Yoakum, 19:05; 19. Sebastien Llamas, Lockhart, 19:09; 20. Cameron Adams, Lockhart, 19:13; 21. Paul Coronado, Yoakum, 19:14 ;22. Dillon Adams, Lockhart, 19:16; 23. Victor Vega, Victoria West, 19:20; 24. Darnell Arnic, Gonzales, 19:25; 25. Matthew Pruski, Floresville, 19:38; 26. Jonathon Hernandez, Lehman, 19:41; 27. Frank Pastrano, Lehman, 19:59; 28. JJ Freeman, La Grange, 20:07; 29. Michael Bigham, Schulenburg, 20:46; 30. Guile Corriveau, Weimar, 20:50; 31. Wes Kutac, Schulenburg, 20:51.04; 32. Kalvin Amil, Floresville, 20:51.29; 33. Robin Roundthwaite, Lockhart, 21:04; 34. Tyler Spillman, Lockhart, 21:06; 35. Josue Buenrostro, Yoakum, 21:09; 36. Richard Perez, Lockhart, 21:12; 37. Corey Hall, Lehman, 21:16; 38. BJ Vavra, Schulenburg, 21:20; 39. Isaac Saucedo, Lehman, 21:37; 40. Seamus Bennett, Schulenburg, 21:39; 41. Chris Davila, Lehman, 21:44; 42. Ted Steinhauser, Flatonia, 22:02; 43. Andrew Powers, Lockhart, 22:07; 44. Michael Roehr, Lockhart, 22:15; 45. Thomas Bassano, Victoria West, 22:19; 46. Derrick Herrera, Lockhart, 22:25; 47. Austin Reed, Floresville, 22:27; 48. Klay Larison, Lockhart, 22:32; 49. Avery Behrens, La Grange, 22:34; 50. Brandon Ryba, Schulenburg, 22:41; 51. Justin Dixon, Yoakum, 22:53; 52. Trey Leop, Floresville, 22:58; 53. Tyler Janota, Gonzales, 23:11 ; 54. Zackery Kubala, Schulenburg, 27:09; 55. Seth Eckhardt, Schulenburg, 31:00.68; 56. Jimmy DeLaFuente, Floresville, 32:10.

Down the stretch

Gonzales Contessa Baird charges down the backstretch during Saturdays meet. (Photo by Mark Lube)

Columbus, 19:15; 53. Keanu Cortez, Elgin, 19:28; 54. Kurt Chunda, St. Paul, 19:36; 55. Kevin Jackson, Victoria East, 19:45; 56. Zachary Thibodoaux, Flatonia, 19:56; 57. CJ Garcia, Victoria East, 20:01; 58. Sam Wenske, St. Paul, 20:02; 59. Ted Wenske, St. Paul, 20:07 ; 60. Connor Pieratt, La Grange, 20:23; 61. Kyle Chunda, St. Paul, 20:35 Junior Varsity Girls Team results: 1. Lehman 21; 2. Yoakum 39 ; 3. Floresville Individual results: 1. Kaityln Bennett, Schulenburg, 13:18; 2. Evelyn Nino, Lehman, 13:30; 3. Sabrina Lawlor, 13:36; 4. Sheila Gonzales, Lockhart, 13:42; 5. Kim Miller, Lehman, 13:53; 6. Rubi Correa, Yoakum, 13:59; 7. Parker Janssen, Yoakum, 14:00.11; 8. Cora Johnston, Lehman, 14:00.30; 9. Emily June Kelley, Yoakum, 14:05.47; 10. Cora

Sub-Varsity Football Roundup

The Junior High Apaches played Cuero on Oct. 6. The Apaches 8th A team edged Cuero 4032 to improve to 3-0-1. Dillon Cantu scored two touchdowns of 12 and 10 yards, hauled in a two-point conversion play and got a quarterback sack. Alyas Ramirez scored two touchdowns of 88 and 50 yards and scored four two-point conversion plays. Tyler Hendershot scored on a 3-yard quarterback sneak. Trent Schauer had a good night on offense and defense, and John Bashaw was named the outstaniding player in the defensive secondary. The coaches also credited the offensive line of Clayton Wilkerson, Dylan Mills, Johnathan Banda, Seth Augerro and Joshua Padilla for playing a major role in the win. The 8th B team beat Cuero 14-6 behind two touchdown runs (37, 42 yards) by Mason Matejcek who also converted a two-point play. Apaches are 2-0. The Gonzales 7th B team upended Cuero 14-6. Their record rises to 4-0-1 The Apache had solid defensive play with Joe Guerrero and Isaac Almaguer leading the pack. Gabriel Camarillo picked off a Cuero twopoint pass and returned it 103 yards. He also scored on a 60-yard run and 93-yard run. The 7th A team was defeated by the Gobblers 16-0 and are now 3-2 on the year. The 7th grade A team Apaches defeated the Luling Eagles 34-0 on Thursday . Some of the leaders on defense were Wayne Fowler, Wade Miller and Dawson Hull who had some great tackles and an interception. On offense, the Apaches were able to put up 34 points behind the great work of the offensive line of Henke, Bustos, Galvan, Page, Medellin, and Blundell. The Apaches also had some great blocking by fullbacks Riley, Fowler and Miller. Scoring for the Apaches was Aaron Hunt with three scores, 30 ,60 yards and 20 yards, and added a two- point conversion. Alex Ortiz also had a two-point conversion. Dawson Hull scored two touchdowns, a 40-yard pass from Cameron Glass and another on the ground for 20 yards and a two- point conversion. The Gonzales 8th A defeated Luling, 48-6, on Thursday Alyas Ramirez scored four touchdowns of 70, 35, 13 and 4 yards. He also scored a twopoint conversion. Dillon Cantu scored 65 and 51-yard touchdown runs. Kyle Robbins scored pair of two-point conversions and had a great defensive game racking up two quarterback sacks. Blake Cox had two interceptions. One interception was a 67- yard touchdown return. Big Hit of the Night goes to Trent Schauer. Trent had numerous defensive tackles including a quarterback sack. Defensive players of the game were Colby Cantu, recovering a fumble; Zach Akers and Zack Zella who also had great tackles behind the line of scrimmage and a quarterback sack. The Gonzales Junior Varsity and Freshmen teams played at Sam Houston Oct. 6 The freshmen team blanked the Hurricanes 34-0. Gonzales (4-2) got a 22-yard run from Darrance James and 1-yard run from Travis Schauer for scores in the first quarter. In the second, James scored on runs of 14 and 33 yards. Allen Beene added a 6-yard touchdown run in the third quarter. Jose Contreras added four extra-point kicks. The Apache defense shutout a Sam Houston team who scored 55 points against Poteet the week before, said coach John Patek. The JV team defeated Sam Houston 27-12 on Oct.6. The Apaches scored on their first possession on a carry by Francisco Diaz and then scored twice in the fourth quarter to defeat the Hurricanes. The first score was set up by a 15-yard run by Morgan Martinez. Diaz carried five times for 25 yards on the first drive. Martinez scored before half on a 28-yard run behind Sam Gonzales and Jorge Gallegos. Nestor Solis kicked both point-after-touchdown and the first half score was 14-6. The Hurricanes scored in the third quarter to make it 14-12; however, the Apaches scored twice in the last quarter on runs by Marvin Lewis, and Martinez. The offensive line dominated in the fourth quarter. Jacob Castillo, Justin Cook, Gareth Fowler, and Jorge Gallegos were singled out for their play. The defense was led by Darrin Hernandez, August Bordovsky, and Levi Snider. The Shiner JV defeated Ganado in a seesaw battle, 19-18, on Oct. 6. Ganado led 6-0 after the first quarter but was outscored by the Comanches 13-6 in the second frame. The Indians retook the lead in third, 18-13 before Shiner got the game winner in the fourth. Jacob Alegria scored on a 9-yard run and Danny Hernandez put the ball across the goal line from four yards out in the second quarter. Hernandez had the game winner a 2-yard run in the fourth. The Comanches routed Flatonia, 42-12, on Thursday. Tyler Patek had an 8-yard run in the first quarter; Jacob Alegira had a 3-yard touchdown run in the second and Dillon Kalina had touchdown catches of 16 and 14 yards. Marcus Coleman ran for a pair of touchdowns, 18 and 6 yards, to seal the game in the third quarter.

City softball play to get underway

The City of Gonzales softball league opens play next week. The Coed league will start Thursday and the Mens League will begin play on Monday. Registration is limited to the first six teams. Cost is $15 per player and teams can have up to 15 players on the roster. All games will be played at the Independence Park Quadraplex. League director Robert Guerra said the first season was a success but more lighted fields are needed. I feel we could have more teams if more fields at the Quadraplex had lights, he said. The league will host a Co-ed and Mens tournament Nov. 5 at the Quadraplex. Cost per team is $100. For more information on the leagues or the tournament, please contact Guerra at 830-351-1133.

Junior High Volleyball

The Gonzales 8th A volleyball team defeated Poteet Oct. 10 25-12, 25-17 and the B team won 25-12, 2517. Players of the night were Alyssa Barta, Jasmine Allen, Marissa Gloria, Kelsey Camarillo, Emily Eckols and Yasmin Gallegos. The 7th B team won 2-0 with a collective team effort. Shakalie Cray and Neally Basquez had good service. The 7th A team fell 25-27 and 24-26 to Poteet despite good effort.

Senior Olympics winners named

Gerald Fougerat playing miniature golf sponsored by Vista Care Hospice (Ronda Levin) Senior Olympic Winners. Back row from left: Joyce Jones, Ginger Forbush, Gayle Crosby, Helen Capelo, Gerald Fougerat, Edna Fougerat, Dolores Pekar, June Nequin and Della Baker; Fron row: Bennie Almos, Bessie Neal, Ann Nix, Lois Sanchez, Christy Scherer and Paul Rodriguez

Gonzales County Seniors In Action Board Members Back row, from left: Melanie Petru; Member, Tanya Meador; Tresurer, Pat Compton; Member, Donna Allen; President, Belle DeCote; Advertizing, Lisa Armstrong; Vice President, Cindy Molina; Secretary; Bot- Melanie Petru with the Romberg House sponsored tom row: Janet Foret; member, Shirley Goss; member, kick ball. 1st place winner- Della Baker. 2nd placeBessie Neal. 3rd place- Helen Capelo Maria Hermes; Member, Ronda Levin; member

Donna Allen with Texan Nursing & Rehab held game Minute to Win It. 1st place winner- Dolores Pekar, 2nd- June Nequin, 3rd- Christy Scherer

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Beat the experts

Last week: Season The Cannon 9-6 76-44 Gonzales Yoakum Sam Houston Nixon-Smiley Marion Hallettsville Flatonia Sacred Heart Houston Oklahoma Texas Baylor Texas Tech Eagles Texans

The Gonzales Cannon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

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Mark Lube

The Cannon 13-2 88-32 Gonzales Yoakum Sam Houston Nixon-Smiley Luling Hallettsville Flatonia Sacred Heart Houston Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma St. Iowa State Eagles Texans

Cedric Iglehart

The Vaz Clinic 8-7 77-42 Gonzales Yoakum Sam Houston Stockdale Luling Hallettsville Flatonia Sacred Heart Houston Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma St. Texas Tech Cowboys Texans

Dr. Garth Vaz

Johnson Oil 8-7 76-44 Gonzales Yoakum Sam Houston Stockdale Marion Hitchcock Flatonia Sacred Heart Houston Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma St. Texas Tech Cowboys Texans

Randy Harkey

Glenn Glass
D&G Automotive

9-6 81-39 Gonzales Yoakum Sam Houston Stockdale Marion Hallettsville Flatonia St Paul Rice Kansas State Texas Oklahoma St. Texas Tech Eagles Texans

Apache Cleaners Caraway Ford

Stan Ledbetter
8-7 86-34

Bret Hill

Christina Andrew Jahns Rodriguez

Gonz. Livestock

13-2 97-23

7-8 76-44 Gonzales Poteet Sam Houston Nixon-Smiley Marion Hallettsville Flatonia St. Paul Houston Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma St. Texas Tech Cowboys Texans

Sleep Inn 11-4 89-31

Gerard Nunez
Sonic 9-6 74-46

Week 8 Games La Vernia at Gonzales Yoakum at Poteet Cuero at Sam Houston Stockdale at Nixon-Smiley Luling at Marion Hitchcock at Hallettsville Louise at Flatonia St. Paul at Sacred Heart Rice at Houston Oklahoma at Kansas St. Kansas at Texas Baylor at Oklahoma St. Iowa State at Texas Tech Cowboys at Eagles Jaguars at Texans

Gonzales Yoakum Sam Houston Nixon-Smiley Luling Hallettsville Flatonia St. Paul Houston Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma St. Texas Tech Cowboys Texans

Gonzales Yoakum Cuero Stockdale Marion Hallettsville Flatonia Sacred Heart Houston Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma St. Texas Tech Cowboys Texans

Gonzales Yoakum Sam Houston Nixon-Smiley Marion Hitchcock Flatonia Sacred Heart Houston Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma St. Texas Tech Cowboys Texans

Gonzales Yoakum Sam Houston Nixon-Smiley Marion Hallettsville Louise St. Paul Houston Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma St. Texas Tech Cowboys Texans

D&G Automotive & Diesel Wrecker Service

Game 1: La Vernia at Gonzales

Best Western Regency Inn & Suites

1811 E. Sarah DeWitt Dr. Gonzales, Texas 78629-2612 (830) 672-5555 Fax (830) 672-4441 For Reservations Call 1-800-WESTERN Email: 44554@hotel.bestwestern.com www.bestwestern.com

Community Health Centers Of South Central Texas, Inc.

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Most insurances accepted, we welcome Medicare - Medicaid. (No one is turned away for inability to pay.) Game 3: Cuero at Sam Houston 228 St. George Street, Gonzales, Texas 78629 Mon.-Thurs. 8 - 8, Fri., 8 - 5 Sun. 1 - 4, Saturday Closed 830-672-6511 Fax: (830) 672-6430

830-672-6278 134 Hwy. 90A Gonzales, TX 78629

Glenn & Linda Glass, Owners

Game 2: Yoakum at Poteet

Turn Around Tavern

Game 4: Stockdale at Nixon-Smiley

1430 St. Paul St. Gonzales, TX

Game 5: Luling at Marion

with live webcast @ www.cattleUSA.com

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Game 6: Hitchcock at Hallettsville


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Office 830-672-2845 Fax 830-672-6087

The Vaz Clinic, P.A.

1103 N. Sarah DeWitt Dr., P.O. Box 562 Game 7: Gonzales, Texas 78629
Louise at Flatonia

Caraway Ford Gonzales

1405 Sarah DeWitt Gonzales, TX 78629 830-672-9646 800-299-9646
Game 8: St. Paul at Sacred Heart

830-672-2424 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week - coverage by phone

THEVAZCLINICPA@stx.rr.com www.thevazclinicpa.com

Game 9: Rice at Houston

2138 Water Street HWY 183, Gonzales, Texas 78629 Phone 830.672.1888 Fax 830.672.1884


Game 10: Oklahoma at Kansas St.

1107 East Sarah DeWitt Gonzales Texas 78629 Game 11:

Kansas at Texas

DuBose Insurance Agency

826 E. Sarah DeWitt Drive
Game 12: Baylor at Oklahoma St.



510 St. Andrew 830-672-3750 Game 13: Iowa St. at Texas Tech

Ledbetters Apache Cleaners

Mon.-Fri. 7:00 am - 6:00 pm Sat: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Gonzales Cannon

Game 14: Cowboys at Eagles

Honesty Integrity Fairness

Game 15: Jaguars at Texans


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Mail, fax or hand-deliver this form to: The Gonzales Cannon, 618 St. Paul, Gonzales, TX 78629, FAX 830-672-7111 One entry per person, please. Contest Deadline: Oct. 27

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Gonzales Cannon

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Lunch Specials
726 Sarah Dewitt, Gonzales

Mariachis Every
Friday Night

Full Bar The Gonzales Cannons ReGional FooTball sCoReboaRd

GONZALES APACHES Record: 7-0, 3-0 A 26 at CC Miller W, 42-6 S 02 Luling W, 35-0 S 08 at Austin Lanier W, 45-7 S 16 at Columbus W, 41-27 S 23 Yoakum* W, 33-0 S 30 at Poteet* W, 55-0 O 07 Sam Houston* W, 27-0 O 14 Open O 21 at Pleasanton* O 28 La Vernia* N 04 at Cuero* YOAKUM BULLDOGS Record: 5-3, 2-2 A 26 at Columbus W, 19-16 S 02 La Grange L, 0-6 S 09 at Hallettsville W, 29-14 S 16 Edna W, 21-13 S 23 at Gonzales* L, 0-33 S 30 Pleasanton* W, 53-7 O 07 at La Vernia* L, 9-14 O 14 Cuero* W, 25-21 O 21 Open O 28 at Poteet* N 04 Sam Houston* CUERO GOBBLERS Record: 2-5, 2-1 A 26 at Wimberley L, 6-34 S 02 at Liberty Hill L, 7-14 S 08 at Bellville L, 13-21 S 16 Calhoun L, 0-35 S 23 at Pleasanton* W, 23-8 S 30 La Vernia* W, 22-18 O 07 Open* O 14 at Yoakum* L, 21-25 O 21 Poteet* O 28 at Sam Houston* N 04 at Gonzales* POTEET AGGIES Record: 0-8, 0-4 A 26 at SA CentCath. L, 13-21 S 02 Dilley L, 20-39 S 08 at Carrizo Spr. L, 21-27 S 16 Waco Robinson L, 21-49 S 24 at Sam Houston*L, 0-74 S 30 Gonzales* L, 0-55 O 07 at Pleasanton* L, 9-38 O 14 La Vernia* L, 7-35 O 21 at Cuero* O 28 Yoakum* N 04 Open* LA VERNIA BEARS Record: 3-4, 2-1 A 26 Open S 02 Canyon Lake L, 23-34 S 09 at Giddings L, 7-45 S 16 at Wimberley L, 6-49 S 23 Bandera W, 63-34 S 30 at Cuero* L, 18-22 O 07 Yoakum* W, 14-9 O 14 at Poteet* W, 35-7 O 21 Sam Houston* O 28 at Gonzales* N 04 Pleasanton* PLEASANTON EAGLES Record: 2-6, 1-3 A 26 SA Edison W, 41-8 S 02 at SA Jefferson L, 32-44 S 09 SA Lanier L, 12-17 S 16 at Aransas Pass L, 33-34 S 23 Cuero* L, 8-23 S 30 at Yoakum* L, 7-53 O 07 Poteet* W, 38-9 O 13 at Sam Houston*L 14-31 O 21 Gonzales* O 28 Open N 04 at La Vernia* SAM HOUSTON HURRICANES Record: 6-1, 2-1 A 26 SABrackenridge W,45-13 S 02 at SA Southside W, 58-7 S 09 SA Brennan W, 26-13 S 17 at SA Edison W, 48-10 S 24 Poteet* W, 74-0 S 30 Open* O 07 at Gonzales* L, 0-27 O 13 Pleasanton* W, 31-14 O 21 at La Vernia* O 29 Cuero* N 04 at Yoakum* NIXON-SMILEY MUSTANGS Record: 4-4, 2-2 A 26 at Flatonia W, 36-33 S 02 Bloomington W, 33-3 S 09 at Yorktown L, 13-20 S 16 at Sacred Heart L, 20-35 S 23 at Dilley* W, 43-42 S 30 Poth* L, 14-51 O 07 at Three Rivers* L, 12-27 O 14 Karnes City* W, 40-22 O 21 SA Brooks* O 28 Stockdale* N 04 Open DILLEY WOLVES Record: 5-2, 1-2 A 26 Charlotte W, 62-13 S 02 at Poteet W, 39-20 S 09 La Pryor W, 37-0 S 16 at Cotulla W, 42-13 S 23 Nixon-Smiley* L, 42-43 S 30 Open O 07 at Poth* L, 0-41 O 14 Three Rivers* W, 27-26 O 21 at Karnes City* O 28 SA Brooks* N 04 at Stockdale* POTH PIRATES Record: 6-0, 2-0 A 26 Marion W, 8-7 S 02 at Falls City W, 49-6 S 09 at George West W, 22-21 S 16 Natalia W, 49-13 S 23 Stockdale* W, 26-7 S 30atNixon-Smiley*W, 51-14 O 07 Dilley* W, 41-0 O 14 Open O 21 at Three Rivers* O 28 Karnes City* N 04 at SA Brooks* STOCKDALE BRAHMAS Record: 4-4, 2-2 A 26 Falls City W, 34-14 S 02 Jourdanton L, 22-28 S 09 at St. Paul L, 34-38 S 16 Odem W, 49-28 S 23 at Poth* L, 7-26 S 30 Three Rivers* W, 45-27 O 07 at Karnes City* L, 13-28 O 14 SA Brooks* W, 59-0 O 21 Open O 28 at Nixon-Smiley* N 04 Dilley* THREE RIVERS BULLDOGS Record: 5-3, 2-2 A 26 George West W, 21-20 S 02 Natalia W, 48-22 S 09 at Jourdanton L, 14-55 S 16 at Kenedy W, 35-21 S 23 SA Brooks* W, 55-0 S 30 at Stockdale* L, 27-45 O 07 Nixon-Smiley* W, 27-12 O 14 at Dilley* L, 26-27 O 21 Poth* O 28 Open N 04 at Karnes City* KARNES CITY BADGERS Record: 3-4, 2-1 A 26 at Kenedy L, 12-13 S 02 at Marion L, 0-21 S 09 at UC Randolph W, 10-7 S 16 Luling L, 19-41 S 23 Open S 30 SA Brooks* W, 51-0 O 07 Stockdale* W, 28-13 O 14 at Nixon-Smiley L, 22-40 O 21 Dilley* O 28 at Poth* N 04 Three Rivers* SA BROOKS TIGERS Record: 1-6, 0-3 A 26 at Runge L, 8-14 S 02 at SM Baptist L, 6-35 S 09 Center Point L, 7-28 S 16 at SA St. Gerard W, 34-0 S 23 at Three Rivers* L, 0-55 S 30 at Karnes City* L, 0-51 O 07 Open O 14 at Stockdale* L, 0-59 O 21 at Nixon-Smiley* O 28 at Dilley* N 04 Poth*

n unti 10:00 o Regular Hours: n Thur l sdays! Sun.-Wed. - 5:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Thurs., Fri. & Sat. - 5:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.


Now Op

LULING EAGLES Record: 3-4, 1-1 A 26 Navarro L, 22-43 S 02 at Gonzales L, 0-35 S 09 at Woodsboro W, 48-0 S 16 at Karnes City W, 41-19 S 23 Canyon Lake L, 56-28 S 30 Open O 07 at Lago Vista* L, 27-49 O 14 at Comfort* W, 49-32 O 21 Ingram Moore* O 28 at Marion* N 04 Blanco* LAGO VISTA VIKINGS Record: 6-1, 2-0 A 26 La Pryor W, 52-0 S 02 at E. Memorial W, 45-0 S 09 at Wac.Robinson L, 54-61 S 16 Austin Reagan W, 65-0 S 23 at San Saba W, 34-16 S 30 Open O 07 Luling* W, 49-27 O 14 at Ingram Moore W,49-6 O 21 Marion* O 28 at Blanco* N 04 Comfort* INGRAM MOORE WARRIORS Record: 0-7, 0-2 A 26 at Natalia L, 21-28 S 02 UC Randolph L, 14-55 S 09 at Harper L, 26-45 S 16 at Crystal City L, 34-42 S 23 Mason L, 0-56 S 30 Open O 07 at Blanco* L, 0-56 O 14 Lago Vista* L, 6-49 O 21 at Luling* O 28 at Comfort* N 04 Marion* MARION BULLDOGS Record: 6-1, 2-0 A 26 at Poth L, 7-8 S 02 Karnes City W, 21-0 S 09 at SA Cole W, 48-0 S 16 UC Randolph W, 53-0 S 23 Open S 30 Goldthwaite W, 41-7 O 07 Comfort* W, 26-7 O 14 Blanco* W, 19-14 O 21 at Lago Vista* O 28 Luling* N 04 at Ingram Moore* COMFORT BOBCATS Record: 3-4, 0-2 A 26 Lytle W, 49-6 S 02 Skdmore-TynanW, 28-14 S 09 Mason L, 24-48 S 16 at Fricksburg W, 31-24 S 23 Boerne L, 21-41 S 30 Open O 07 at Marion* L, 7-26 O 14 Luling* L, 32-49 O 21 at Blanco* O 28 Ingram Moore* N 04 at Lago Vista* BLANCO PANTHERS Record: 3-4, 1-1 A 26 at Canyon Lake L, 7-14 S 02 at Lexington L, 7-32 S 09 Somerset W, 36-7 S 16 at SA Christian W, 36-34 S 23 Sonora L, 9-16 S 30 Open O 07 Ingram Moore* W, 56-0 O 14 at Marion* L, 14-19 O 21 Comfort* O 28 Lago Vista* N 04 at Luling*

HALLETTSVILLE BRAHMAS Record: 2-5, 1-2 A 26 at Ganado L, 7-32 S 02 Refugio L, 21-64 S 09 Yoakum L, 14-29 S 16 at Palacios W, 21-17 S 23 Edna* L, 36-47 S 30 at Rice Cons.* W, 20-14 O 07 Hempstead* L, 13-35 O 14 Open O 21 at Van Vleck* O 28 Hitchcock* N 04 at Industrial* EDNA COWBOYS Record: 6-2, 3-1 A 26 Needville W, 42-7 S 02 George Ranch W, 34-18 S 09 Boling W, 48-7 S 16 Yoakum L, 13-21 S 23 at Hallettsville* W, 47-36 S 30 Van Vleck* W, 65-12 O 07 at Hitchcock* L, 21-44 O 14 Industrial* W, 48-35 O 21 Open O 28 at Rice Cons.* N 04 Hempstead* VAN VLECK LEOPARDS Record: 1-6, 0-4 A 26 Schulenburg L, 8-55 S 02 at Louise W, 22-16 S 09 at Weimar L, 8-27 S 16 Open S 23 Industrial* L, 20-34 S 30 at Edna* L, 12-65 O 07 Rice Cons.* L, 22-48 O 14 at Hempstead* L, 7-38 O 21 Hallettsville* O 28 Open N 04 at Hitchcock* HITCHCOCK BULLDOGS Record: 4-3, 2-1 A 26 at Clear FallsJV L28-33 S 02 Danbury W, 19-0 S 09 Tomball Luth. L, 21-28 S 16 Lutheran South W, 47-7 S 23 Open S 30 at Industrial* W, 22-20 O 07 Edna* W, 44-21 O 14 at Rice Cons.* L, 22-23 O 21 Hempstead* O 28 at Hallettsville* N 04 Van Vleck* HEMPSTEAD BOBCATS Record: 7-0, 3-0 A 26 Open S 02 at Stafford W, 24-23 S 09 at Austin Reagan W, 77-0 S 16 Brookshire Royal W, 28-0 S 23 at Rice Cons.* W, 18-7 S 30 Hou. St. Johns W, 31-7 O 07 at Hallettsville* W, 35-13 O 14 Van Vleck* W, 38-7 O 21 at Hitchcock* O 28 Industrial* N 04 at Edna* RICE CONS. RAIDERS Record: 4-3, 2-2 A 26 at Refugio L, 7-26 S 02 Somerset W, 62-22 S 09 at Columbus W, 22-14 S 16 Open S 23 Hempstead* L, 7-18 S 30 Hallettsville* L, 14-20 O 07 at Van Vleck* W, 48-22 O 14 Hitchcock* W, 23-22 O 21 at Industrial* O 28 Edna* N 04 Open INDUSTRIAL COBRAS Record: 4-3, 1-2 A 26 at Shiner W, 20-7 S 02 Ganado L, 13-33 S 09 at Tidehaven W, 42-6 S 16 Somerville W, 33-7 S 23 at Van Vleck* W, 34-20 S 30 Hitchcock* L, 20-22 O 07 Open O 14 at Edna* L, 35-48 O 21 Rice Cons.* O 28 at Hempstead* N 04 Hallettsville*

SHINER COMANCHES Record: 3-5, 1-1 A 26 Industrial L, 7-20 S 02 Brazos W, 53-10 S 09 at Schulenburg L, 14-21 S 16 at Weimar L, 14-19 S 23 Navarro L, 21-48 S 30 at Ben Bolt W, 27-23 O 07 Ganado* L, 21-22 O 14 at Yorktown* W, 41-6 O 21 Flatonia* O 28 Open N 04 at Louise* FLATONIA BULLDOGS Record: 3-4, 0-1 A 26 Nixon-Smiley L, 33-36 S 02 Sacred Heart L, 27-33 S 09 Bloomington W, 26-2 S 16 at St. Paul W, 21-17 S 23 at Thrall W, 41-40 S 30 at Burton L, 13-29 O 07 Yorktown* L, 19-33 O 14 Open O 21 at Shiner* O 28 Louise* N 04 at Ganado* YORKTOWN WILDCATS Record: 3-4, 1-1 A 26 at Sacred Heart L, 19-22 S 02 at Agua Dulce W, 55-0 S 09 Nixon-Smiley W, 20-13 S 16 at Falls City L, 37-40 S 23 Kenedy L, 31-33 S 30 Open O 07 at Flatonia* W, 33-19 O 14 Shiner* L, 6-41 O 21 at Louise* O 28 Ganado* N 04 at SA Cornerstone LOUISE HORNETS Record: 1-6, 0-1 A 26 at Danbury L, 13-35 S 02 Van Vleck L, 16-22 S 09 at Burton L, 8-49 S 16 Woodsboro W, 48-0 S 23 San Mar. Baptist L, 14-33 S 30 at Sacred Heart L, 8-33 O 07 Open O 14 at Ganado* L, 14-56 O 21 Yorktown* O 28 at Flatonia* N 04 Shiner* GANADO INDIANS Record: 8-0, 2-0 A 26 Hallettsville W, 32-7 S 02 at Industrial W, 33-13 S 09 at East Bernard W, 22-21 S 16 Tidehaven W, 42-0 S 23 George Ranch W, 41-7 S 30 Palacios W, 28-7 O 07 at Shiner* W, 22-21 O 14 Louise* W, 56-14 O 21 Open O 28 at Yorktown* N 04 Flatonia*

ST. PAUL CARDINALS Record: 5-2, 0-1 A 26 at Pettus W, 28-24 S 02 at Cornerstone W, 59-0 S 09 Stockdale W, 38-34 S 16 Flatonia L, 17-21 S 24 Bryan St.Joseph W, 70-13 S 30 at Aus. Regents W, 25-21 O 08 Brazos Christ.* L, 19-42 O 14 Open O 21 at St. Gerard* O 29 at Sacred Heart* N 04 St. Dominic Savio* SACRED HEART INDIANS Record: 8-0, 1-0 A 26 Yorktown W, 22-19 S 02 at Flatonia W, 33-27 S 09 at Faith West W, 33-19 S 16 Nixon-Smiley W, 35-20 S 23 at Hyde Park W, 43-28 S 30 Louise W, 33-8 O 08 Bryan St. Joseph W, 56-0 O 14 at SA St. Gerard* W, 56-0 O 21 St. Dominic Savio* O 29 St. Paul* N 04 at Brazos Christian* SA ST. GERARD ROYALS Record: 0-8, 0-2 A 26 at Nuec.Canyon L, 6-56 S 02 CP Summit L, 19-66 S 09 SA Cornerstone L, 12-13 S 16 SA Brooks L, 0-34 S 23 DHanis L, 6-57 S 30 at Sabinal L, 0-62 O 07 at St. Dominic* L, 12-36 O 14 Sacred Heart* L, 0-56 O 21 St. Paul* O 28 at Brazos Christian* N 04 Schertz John Paul II ST. DOMINIC SAVIO Record: 2-5, 1-1 A 26 at C.TexChrist. W,20-13 S 01 Texas Sch. Deaf L, 0-13 S 09 San Marc. Baptist L, 0-42 S 16Texas Christian L, 20-27 S 23 Open S 30 Somerville L, 0-64 O 07 SA St. Gerard* W, 36-12 O 14 Brazos Christian* L, 0-47 O 21 at Sacred Heart* O 28 Dallas Homeschool N 04 at St. Paul* BRAZOS CHRISTIAN EAGLES Record: 7-1, 2-0 A 26 Cypress Christ. W, 12-10 S 02 Snook L, 7-27 S 09 at Tx. Sch. Deaf W, 54-29 S 16 St. Joseph W, 39-6 S 23 Wdlands Christ W, 63-36 S 30 at Faith West W, 48-21 O 08 at St. Paul* W, 42-19 O 14 at St. Dominic* W, 47-0 O 21 Open O 28 SA St. Gerard* N 04 Sacred Heart*

DALLAS COWBOYS Record: 2-3 S 11 at NY Jets L, 24-27 N 13 Buffalo S 18 at SanFranciscoW, 27-24 N 20 at Washington S 26 Washington W, 18-16 N 24 Miami O 02 Detroit L, 30-34 D 04 at Arizona O 16 at New EnglandL, 16-20 D 11 NY Giants O 23 St. Louis D 17 at Tampa Bay O 30 at Philadelphia D 24 Philadelphia N 06 Seattle J 01 at NY Giants

HOUSTON TEXANS Record: 3-3 S 11 Indianapolis W, 34-7 N 06 Cleveland S 18 at Miami W, 23-13 N 13 at Tampa Bay S 25 at New Orleans L, 33-40 N 27 at Jacksonville O 02 Pittsburgh W, 17-10 D 04 Atlanta O 09 Oakland L, 20-25 D 11 at Cincinnati O 16 at Baltimore L, 14-29 D 18 Carolina O 23 at Tennessee D 22 at Indianapolis O 30 Jacksonville J 01 Tennessee

Any Topping

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APACHES: Air EAGLES: Try to stay in pack attack by Eagles will test defense
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The Gonzales Cannon

Thursday,October 20, 2011

SHINER: Big plays a concern

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three-yard hitch route turn into a nine-yard hitch. We have to tackle the receiver as soon as he catches it. We have to be in the throwing lanes and make Pleasanton have perfect throws. The Eagle defense has yielded a lot of yardage this season, including over 2,000 yards rushing. And running the football is what the Apaches do best this season, behind their strong and aggressive offensive line. We feel good about moving the ball against them. We just have to line up and knock them

down, Lock said. The Apaches will expect the Eagles, as the home team, to play hard in front of their fans. They have a lot of followers, great pride and are well coached, Lock said. Gonzales is in a good position for a playoff berth now as they are 7-0 and hold a 3-0 mark in district. Lock said it was very important to focus on one game at a time. And right now, the Apaches are preparing for the air-raid offense of Pleasanton. We have a big chore ahead of us, Lock said.

are Kyle Ames (19-173 one touchdown), Justin Fuentes (18-295, one touchdown and Keaun Valverde (9250, three touchdowns). Luling will need its front four to pressure Scherer and for the defensive backfield to cover the receivers well. Logan Pieper is the key rush for Moore with 389 yards on 82 carries. St. Paul at San Antonio St. Gerard The Cardinals are coming off a bye week following their district-opening loss to Brazos Christian while St. Gerard is still without a win on the season. The Royals have a balanced offense but shown a slight preference to throw the football. Quarterback Samuel Medina has completed 27-of-64 passes for 390 yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions. Glen Jackson is the leading catcher with 14 receptions for 232 yards while Ernest McFadden has 211 yards and three touchdowns. Greg Scott is the lead-

ing rusher with 154 yards on 21 rushes. The Cardinal defense will have to tackle well and prepare for any Royal attack by land or air. St. Paul will need to improve its offensive execution and blocking to allow its balanced offensive game plan to produce. Hallettsville at Van Vleck The Brahmas were off last week to try to fix mistakes and sharpen things they did well after starting district 1-1 after defeating Rice Consolidated and falling to Hempstead. Hallettsville takes on a Van Vleck team that has one win on the season. The Leopards offense will be led by running backs Eric Brown and Wayne Foston. The Brahmas will need to continue their physical style on both sides of the ball.

along with quarterback Jacob Stafford, who leads the district with 11 rushing touchdowns. Caleb showed us that he can really run the football, said Cerny. Were using him more in a fullback role since weve kind of gone with a semi-wishbone look. Marlon is back from his shoulder injury so hes working at halfback and were using Evel as more of a slot receiver. Were just going to see if we can open things up and utilize some of our speed. While the offense has just begun to settle in,

Built Ford Tough Sales Event

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the defense has been consistently strong all season. They have continued to bring it during district, allowing an average of 258.5 yards per game and forcing seven turnovers. We have given up a few big plays, but Ive been really pleased with the play of our defense, Cerny said. Were finally starting to get some turnovers, which we werent doing earlier in the year. They just have to continue to perform the way they have been. The game will kick off Friday night at 7:30 p.m. at Shiners Comanche Stadium.

Poteet at Cuero The Gobblers face the Poteet Aggies at home. Cuero is looking to rebound after a hard-fought loss at Yoakum.

The Gobblers will likely need two or three wins to make postseason. The road gets harder after Poteet as Cuero plays at Sam Houston and then hosts rival Gonzales. The Aggies have struggled on offense with just fewer than 1,800 yards for the season. They have had some success in the passing game as quarterback Rueben Reyes is second in 28-3A in passing with 999 yards on 78-of-176 and six touchdowns. Main receiving weapons are Ronald Sanchez (19197 and two touchdowns) and Eric Perez (18-252, two touchdowns). Derrick Santos is the leading rusher with 290 yards on 71 carries with Mathew Chapa scoring one touchdown on 65 carries for 253 yards. For the Poteet defense, Frank Guzman has two interceptions on the year. The Gobblers will need to execute well to

score more points on the board. On defense, they simply need to play soundly to slow Poteets passing attack. St. Dominic Salvo at Sacred Heart The Indians continue their quest for an undefeated regular season as they host St. Dominic Savio. Savio is 2-5 on the season and has split its first two district games. The Eagles are led on offense by quarterback Daniel Miksch and linemen Charlie Harrell and Jacob Parks. Key players on defense are linebacker Ryan Puetz and lineman Chizitam Ibezim. Sacred Hearts offense will need to pound the football on the ground and go to the air when needed while the defense will need to put pressure on Miksch and get past Harrell and Parks.

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830-672-6278 Business 830-857-4277 After Hours 134 Hwy. 90A W Gonzales, TX 78629
Glenn Glass, Owner
Keep up with all the local news at our web site: gonzalescannon.com

D&G Automotive & Diesel Wrecker Service

Mon.- Fri. 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Lockout Services includes Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Towing and Service Calls, Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Mechanic DOT & State Inspections

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The Arts
LULING The Lions and the Kiwanis Clubs have formed a partnership to bring to Luling this weekend a wonderful fall treat (with no tricks) downtown in the Thump Pavilion area and at the same time help the Volunteer Fire Departments (VFD) in Caldwell County. Downtown Luling will become a delight for children, youth, and adults. There is no gate or charge to come into the Fall Festival, but there will be charges for the rides, food and $10 donation to VFD for entrance into dances and $10 donations to

The Gonzales Cannon Thursday, October 20, 2011

Luling Fall Fest will benefit firefighters

Flatonia gearing up for annual Czhilispiel fun

Nunsense tickets on sale
FLATONIA This small community is preparing for thousands of visitors to flock to their town for Czhilispiel, its annual festival, set for the weekend of Oct. 28-30, 2011, in downtown Flatonia. Czhilispiel hosts one of the largest chili cook-offs in Texas sanctioned by the Chili Appreciation Society International, along with barbecue competitions for brisket, ribs, chicken, and beans, and a jackpot margarita contest. Teams come in from all over the state to compete at Czhilispiel. Festival gates open Friday night with live music, carnival rides, and the arts and

VFD for raffle tickets, if you desire. According to the Texas Forest Service, the recent Delhi Fire was recorded as the largest fire in Caldwell Countys history consuming 6,030 acres of land and destroyed approximately 39 structures consisting of homes, barns and other buildings. There were no casualties or injuries but lots of firefighting assets were expended by all VFDs in the county. Your donations will be appreciated. Beginning this Friday, Oct. 21 at 5 p.m., FALL FEST, Page D2

The Crystal Theater celebrated the completion of the buildings facade renovation, with a ribbon cutting ceremony and champagne reception Thursday. The Gonzales Youth Centers Shakespeare Ninjas theater arts team performed for guests during the reception. Photods may also be purchased by visiting www. gonzalescrystaltheater.com. (Photos by Nikki Maxwell)

Christies Collection
Now Open
505 St. Joseph, Gonzales

crafts market. Cook-off teams get their smokers smokin and prepare for a night and early morning of cooking. Saturday morning kicks off early with the Lions Club pie auction, and the cookoff judging begins and last through the late afternoon. Saturday will also introduce the finalists of Czhilispiel Idle, a singing competition with try-outs held every Thursday at Flatonia hot-spot Brendas until the week of the festival. Tons of other activities are held throughout the day along with fantastic music. FLATONIA, Page D2

You are invited celebrate October as


Start your Holiday Shopping Now!

Joy Joy Faith Tosha Polizzi Petrol Kay Celine Visible Faith and more....

Dress in pink and bring family, friends, survivors of any cancer, and those still battling to First Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall 1206 N. St. Joseph, Gonzales Saturday, October 22, 2011 10:30 am. to 12:30 p.m. Ticket--$10 donation Tickets available at church office and from team members. Enjoy fellowship, a meal, entertainment, a speaker, a silent auction, and door prizes.
Enter the decorated pink hat contest to be judged by the attendees. Decorate at home and wear your creation to the brunch.
Thank you for your support of American Cancer Society Relay For Life 2012.

Pink Ribbon Brunch

at the

Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories and more...

Two Locations to Shop At:
Gonzales, 505 St. Joseph Tues.-Fri. 10:00am-5:30pm Sat. 10:00am-4:00pm Yoakum, 514 Lott St Mon.-Fri. 10:00am-5:30pm Sat. 10:00am-4:00pm (361-293-3977)

New Fall Arrivals

Become a fan on facebook & watch for special sales.

Page D2

The Gonzales Cannon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gonzales Cannon Music Calendar

Thursday, October 20 Thursday Night Acoustic Jam, Ole Moulton Bank, Moulton, 6:30 p.m.-midnight, call 361-5967499 for info Friday, October 21 Best Friends, Debbie and Sallie, at Belmont Social Club, Belmont. Danny Law and the Texas High Riders with special guest Lauren Law and Randolph Flores at Luling Fall Fest, 8 p.m.-midnight Saturday, October 22 Bri Bagwell at Yoakum Gin & Feed, Yoakum. Kerr Creek Band at Belmont Social Club, Belmont. Keen County with special features Donnie Carter, Nathan Young, and McNealus Band at Luling Fall Fest, 8 p.m.-midnight Sunday, October 23 South Texas Sounds, Dag King & the Knight Riders, Phil Stein, and Galen Griffin at Luling Fall Fest, 6-10 p.m. Thursday, October 27 Thursday Night Acoustic Jam, Ole Moulton Bank, Moulton, 6:30 p.m.-midnight, call 361-5967499 for info Friday, October 28 Pale Horses at Scooters Dancehall, Moulton. Tickets $8. Ross Brunner Band at Czhilispiel Main Stage, Flatonia, 6:30-9:30 p.m. Broke 60 Band at Czhilispiel Main Stage, Flatonia, 10 p.m.-midnight. Saturday, October 29 Halloween Costume Contest at Yoakum Gin & Feed, Yoakum. Dujka Brothers at Czhilispiel Main Stage, Flatonia, 1:30-4:30 p.m. The Original Triumphs at Czhilispiel Main Stage, Flatonia, 5-8:30 p.m. Brandon Rhyder at Czhilispiel Main Stage, Flatonia, 9-10:30 p.m. Wade Bowen at Czhilispiel Main Stage, Flatonia, 11 p.m.-1 a.m. Sunday, October 30 Charlie Lucas Band at Czhilispiel Main Stage, Flatonia, 1:30-4:30 p.m. The Delta Fins at Czhilispiel Main Stage, Flatonia, 5-8 p.m. Thursday, November 3 Thursday Night Acoustic Jam, Ole Moulton Bank, Moulton, 6:30 p.m.-midnight, call 361-5967499 for info

Friday, Nov. 4 The Shiner Gaslight Theatre has awarded the Joe Patek, Sr. Award for 2009 to Cody Johnson w/Trevor Cole Band at Scootthe First National Bank of Shiner. This award, named after the Gaslights first ers Dancehall, Moulton. Tickets $10. Saturday, Nov. 5 Scott Taylor at Yoakum Gin & Feed, Yoakum. Saturday, Nov. 12 Nightrider at Yoakum Gin & Feed, Yoakum. Saturday, Nov. 19 Jake Kellen at Yoakum Gin & Feed, Yoakum. Mark McKinney at Scooters Dancehall, Moulton. Tickets $10. Wednesday, Nov. 23 Midnight River Choir at Yoakum Gin & Feed, Yoakum. Friday, Nov. 25 Clay Wilson Band at Yoakum Gin & Feed, Yoakum. J.D. Newbury at Scooters Dancehall, Moulton. Tickets $10. Musicians and Venues: To add or update events, contact us via e-mail to manager@gonzalescannon. com.

Outstanding patronage

patron, is given to recognize outstanding patronage. The First National Bank of Shiner has consistently supported Gaslight Theatre events and projects from the beginning in 1975. Pictured (l to r): First National Bank representatives: Fred Hilscher, Cyndy Hundl, and Buddy Minear; Shiner Gaslight Theatre representatives: Diane Lott, Ruthie Terpinski, and Sue LaBaume. (Courtesy Photo)

FLATONIA: Czhilispiel kicks off festivities next weekend

Continued from page B1

FALL FEST: Event in Luling set to aid Caldwell firefighters

Continued from page B1

a Carnival will offer rides for children of all ages. There will be many food booths of hamburgers, hot dogs, funnel cakes, tacos, sausage on a stick, nachos, turkey legs, soft drinks & water. A dance from 8 p.m. to midnight will feature Danny Law and the Texas High Riders with special guest Lauren Law and Randolph Flores. On Saturday, Oct. 22, starting at noon added features will be games, face painting, a parade, and hay rides being added. HEB will be sponsoring a Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest with registration from noon to 1:45 p.m. Pie eating will start at 2 p.m. Judy Hoffmeister is in charge of the Spook Parade which is being sponsored by Luling Main Street. If

Nave Museum to host special Dia de los Muertos exhibit

of the Coastal Bend, Tastys food for sale, Salsa lessons by Sharon Pettys DanceTime and a Retablo silent auction, as well as performances by VISD Ballet Folklorico, Jerry James and Freddy Reyes Mariachi Tejano. Performances by singers/ musicians Jerry James and Edwin Kuykendall throughout the day. Dia de los Muertos has been practiced for at least 3,000 years, going as far back as the Aztecs. The day is not meant to be morbid; instead it is a celebration of life honoring loved ones who have passed on. Many Da de los Muertos celebrations are held in churches, schools, and museums all over the world, predominately in Mexico, Central America, and parts of the United States. The exhibit at the Nave will include a Silent Auction of Retablos, small devotional folk-art pieces that are lovingly crafted and highly detailed, and available in many unique styles, created by dozens of Victoria-area artists. The Retablo Silent Auction, benefitting the Nave, will begin on Saturday 10/29 at 12 noon and end on Thursday 11/3 at 8 pm. Also on display are artistic Altars (Ofrendas) that commemorate the memory of a loved one. These altars include photos, brilliant flowers, art work, and often the honored persons favorite food or drink.

your child has not preregistered, you can register them from 3-4 p.m. across from City Market. Spook Parade starts in front of City Market and travels west on Davis Street. The Spook Parade winners will be announced at 5 p.m. The hay rides start at 5:00 p.m. A dance from 8 p.m.midnight will feature Keen County with special features Donnie Carter, Nathan Young, and McNealus Band. On Sunday, Oct. 23, starting at noon with carnival and food booths and registration for pumpkin carving shall be from noon-1 p.m. Pumpkin carving starts at 1 p.m. The Raffle benefit for the VFDs winners will receive an American tactical 22 Rifle with 110 round drum or 12 ga. Shotgun or equal valued Luling gift certificate

being donated by James Montgomery Progress Drilling. A Stihl Chain Saw is being donated by Apple Lumber. $100 Gift Certificate at any retail store in Luling is being donated by Carter & Co Insurance. Box of Cold Sausage is being donated by City Market. There are additional donations by local businesses. Raffle tickets must be in by 4 p.m. and drawing will be at 5 p.m. The dance from 6-10 p.m. will feature South Texas Sounds, Dag King & the Knight Riders, Phil Stein, and Galen Griffin Nashville Recording Artist. Families are welcome to bring their children and enjoy the many fun activities these two organizations have created to bring enjoyment to the entire community.

VICTORIA Victoria Regional Museum Association / The Nave Museum will host a FREE Da de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Festival and Exhibit on Oct. 29 from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm. Gather your family and friends & celebrate this Mexican holiday at our block party. The event will begin with a somber march from St. Marys church (Church & Main Streets) to the Nave Museum (Moody & Commercial Streets). All are invited to join which marchers, many of whom who will carry pictures of their deceased loved ones. Then festivities will commence with a sometimes macabre, always loving celebration on the grounds of the Nave Museum. Activities include a kids arts and crafts area hosted by the Museum

The annual Czhilispiel parade starts Sunday, with more live music and fun and games rounding out the weekend. Czhilispiels main stage is housed in a huge tented biergarten and dancehall along Flatonias North Main Street. Opening night features San Marcos Ross Brunner Band, and Flatonias Broke 60. Saturdays lineup starts with polka from the Dujka Brothers, followed by oldies from The Original Triumphs. Chart-topping headline entertainment opens with Brandon Rhyder, and the evening will close with Wade Bowen, who will keep the party going until 1 a.m. Czhilispiel Sunday will feature live music from the Charlie Lucas Band and The Delta Fins. The biergarten is also where visitors will find tons of cold beer and margaritas, the pie auction, and big-screen televisions so you dont miss that important college or pro football game! Admission to Czhilispiel is free for all visitors both Friday and Sunday. Saturdays admission for those over 12 years of age is $7 before 2 p.m. and $12 after 2 p.m. Proper ID is required for those 21 and up who plan on drinking alcohol. Czhilispiel began as a fundraiser to help fund a local Flatonia students medical school education. At the time Flatonia

needed a doctor, so the residents organized the Czech heritage festival and chili cook-off, Czhilispiel. The student agreed to serve the community for at least five years after completing medical school, but ended up staying longer. Czhilispiel continues to use proceeds from the event to benefit local needs, whether they be for students or community services. Czhilispiel 39 is sponsored in part by: Adams Flavors, Foods and Ingredients; Brown Distributing Budweiser; DGI Beverages/Black Iguana Margaritas; Do713.com;

Henry Benedict Real Estate Investments; KCTI 1450 The Sound of Texas; The Outhouse Company; Texas Custom Grinding, Inc.; and Wright Distributing Miller Lite. For more information, contact the Flatonia Chamber at (361) 865-3920 or flatoniacofc@sbcglobal.net. Cook-off teams and vendor applications are also still being accepted. Applications can be found on the Flatonia Chambers website at www.flatoniachamber. com. Up to the minute news can also be found on the Flatonia Chamber Facebook page, www.facebook.

Upcoming Events!
October 22 October 29

Bri Bagwell
9:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. Doors open at 6 p.m.

Halloween Costume Party

9:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. Doors open at 6 p.m.

Yoakum Gin & Feed

117 West Street Yoakum, TX 77994


Lunch on Sundays 11-2

A C-Store with (More)

Live Music Draft Beer
Beer - Bait - Ammo


1701 N. Ave. E Shiner 361-594-4200

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mohrmanns Drug Store Com ly

(830) 672-2317

Puzzle Page
The Gonzales Cannon

Page D3

pe nd Fast, frie ! Get your prescriptions in minutes Pri titive service 413 St. George Gonzales, TX 78629 cing


could upset things if you weigh in at this moment in time. It could be time to check the finances. ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, you dont have to put on a show to get others to like you. You can simply win them over with a smile and a nice personality. Expect an admirer to come calling. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, think outside the box and you will get some ideas you never imagined. A strained relationship eases in the next few days. Enjoy the respite. GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, your thoughts gravitate toward adventures and vacations this week. If you cant get your mind off of a trip, then take one and bring a friend along for the ride. CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, its one thing to want to advance your career, but dont walk over others to get to the top in the process. You certainly attract more flies with honey. LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, this may be the week to be a little rebellious. Break out of a rut with some new clothes, dining experiences or things of this nature. You may get a new perspective. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, you want to get involved with something, but others might feel like youre stepping on their toes in the process. Give space where space is needed. LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Dont be so quick to offer an opinion, Libra. You may not have all of the facts and SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, fun times are ahead as you plan a special retreat. Enjoy this abundance of peace and quiet while you can because reality hits quickly. SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/ Dec 21 Keep conversations light and airy for the next few days, Sagittarius. This way you avoid any confrontations and get the most things done that you can. CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20

Family issues take precedence over other matters, Capricorn. You may have to buckle down for a few days and alleviate some things on the home front before moving on. AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, take a few moments to think things over before you act. Reacting too quickly could cause issues that arent so quickly remedied. Scorpio lends guidance. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, sometimes its not so easy to say you are sorry. Thats just what you may have to do for a friend who feels wronged.

FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS OCTOBER 23 Ryan Reynolds, Actor (35) OCTOBER 24 Kevin Kline, Actor (64) OCTOBER 25 Katy Perry, Singer (27) OCTOBER 26 Keith Urban, Singer (44) OCTOBER 27 Kelly Osbourne, Reality Star (27) OCTOBER 28 Bill Gates, Microsoft CEO (56) OCTOBER 29 Gabrielle Union, Actress (39)

Puzzle Answers

Page D4

Cannon Comics
The Gonzales Cannon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It was 20th-century Canadian-American economist John Kenneth Galbraith who made the following sage observation: Faced with the choice between changing ones mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof. The original jack-olanterns were turnips, not pumpkins. The custom began in Ireland, where residents hollowed out and carved faces into large turnips for the Celtic harvest festival of Samhain. The turnips, placed on windowsills, were believed to ward off evil spirits. In Scotland, young men would dress in white and blacken their faces in an imitation of the dead. Peter the Great was known during his reign in the late 17th and early 18th centuries as Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias. In order to raise money, he taxed just about anything he could think of, including births, burials, chimneys and even beards. By law, if you are planning to build in Washington, D.C.,

the edifice must be no taller than the Capitol building. You probably know that physicist Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize. You might not realize, however, that the prize was for his work on the photoelectric effect of light, not for his more famous theory of relativity. If you are like the average American woman, you will spend a grand total of 60 days of your life in the practice of removing body hair.

In 2010, the record for the worlds largest pumpkin was broken. The Atlantic giant pumpkin, grown by Chris Stevens of New Richmond, Wisc., weighed in at the Stillwater Harvest Fest at a whopping 1,810.5 pounds. *** Thought for the Day: You must learn from the mistakes of others. You cant possibly live long enough to make them all yourself. -Sam Levenson (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.

The Vaz Clinic, P.A.

Mon., Tues. & Wed.(appointments) - 8:30-11:45 am & 2:00 - 5:45 pm Thurs.(appointments & late evenings) - 8:30 - 11:45 am & 2:00 - 7:45 pm Fri. 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Walk-ins are always welcome. Accepting New Patients We offer great discounts on labotatory fees among other amazing values.

1103 N. Sarah DeWitt Dr., P.O. Box 562 Gonzales, Texas 78629

Clinic Hours:

Garth O. Vaz, 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week - coverage by phone M.D.

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