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1. When a patient is to be shifted in a wheel chair with a continuous bladder drainage, the urinary bag should be kept: a. on his lap b. below the bladder level c. kept clamped 2. a. b. c. .a .b .c .d Why a pregnant woman gets heart burn during pregnancy? hormonal changes Growing uterus pushes the uterus up effect of diet

3. What would be the mode of communication for a patient with CVA and Aphasia? Ask the relatives to help him give him a pen and paper ignore him observe his lip movements 4. When a nurse sees a patient chocking, what will be the nurses immediate response? a. Ask the patient to cough b. ask are you chocking c. do abdominal thrust d. call for help 5. If a foul order comes from the plaster cast, what would be the reason? infected wound under the cast very old cast cast is wet How will you give a wound care for a dry wound? Hydrogen peroxide normal saline 5% dextrose liquid paraffin Define shock ?

6. a. b. c. d. 7.

8. After gastroscopy, what is the nursing management before starting oral fluids? a. gag reflex b. check the bowel sounds c. look for dehydration 9. After 4hours of delivery, if a client is having shift of uterus to one side of abdomen. What is the nursing management? Massage the uterus Empty the bladder

Document the findings Call the doctor 10. What is the use of humidified Oxygen? Gives the soothing effect It makes dry of respiratory mucous membrane It gives more concentrated Oxygen 11. Gastritis is caused by which of following foods? Dairy products Carbonated drinks Orange juice 12. Patient is on 3rd hourly N.G.T feeding-before starting the next food the nurse withdraws 40ml of gastric content, what is the next step? a.Allow the patient with out feeding for next 3 hours b. Discard the 40ml and aspirate some more c.Inject the aspirated fluid into stomach d. Continue the feeding 13. After the subtotal thyroidectomy, what is the complication? a. Tetany b. Hyper Parathyroidism c. Muscle Lethargy 14. In a post operation ward the nurse has 3 patients- What is nursing priority? a. Having Chest Pain b. Post operative wound pain c. I/V Infiltrating tissue 15. 2 hours after post operative the charge nurse says patient is alright vital signs as normal, she says the next shift nurse no need take the vitals hourly what is the duty of the next charge nurse 16. a. b. c. a. b. c. If a patient comes in emergency ward with Hypoglycemia what will you look? Profuse sweating High Glucose Level Acetone smell

17. What precautionary measure the nurse should take after giving pre-medication? Remove denture Empty the bladder Raise the railing of the bed

18. Patient with C.H.F which position you will keep the patient? a. High Fowlers b. Low Fowlers c. Supine

d. Trendlenburg 19. During the 24 hours urine collection the nurse should look for a. If the bottle has preservative b. Ask the patient to void the last urine outside 20. Patient is going with AV Shunt the nurse should look for a. Thrill b. Look for bleeding 21. Anterior fontanelle closes at the age of a. 3 months b. 8 months c. 18 months 22. How will you take care of the soiled linen after the bed making? a. Wash hands before & after the bed making b. Keep away from uniform c. Kept on floor 23. Tuberculin test reading to be done after: a. 24 hours b. 24-48 hours c. 48-72 hours d. 1 week 24. Baby is diagnosed as tetrology of fall to what defects you can find? clubbing of fingers puffy face protruded eye balls 25. What will be the discharge advice for a patient after mastectomy and removal of axillary glands? a. ask the patient to keep her legs hanged b. try to avoid to sleep on the right side c. not to check BP on right side hand do arm exercises regularly 26. What changes occur in glaucoma? iris is constricted lack of blood circulation to retina destruction of retinal cells

a. b. c.

27. What nursing measures you will take while giving bed bath to an unconscious patient? a. take the help from relatives b. lower the bed c. while turning the patient raise the opposite side railing 28. A patient is admitted with 45% burns. What will be nursing management after 24 hrs?

a. adequate tissue perfusion b. give high nutrition c. prevention of infection 29. A patient is diagnosed as CHF and on Frusemide( lasix),what should be his dietary plan? a. increase intake of sodium b. include banana and rye c. take plenty of oral fluids a. b. c. 30. Insulin is secreted by adrenal cortex pituitary islets of Langerhans of pancreas 31. What is the action of insulin? a. b. c. 32. What discharge advice should be given to a patient after total hip replacement? do not cross over the legs while sitting always sit on chairs limit the activities

33. What would be the nursing action for a patient on skin traction? a. immobilization b. range of motion exercises c. make the patient to sit on a chair d. ask the patient to dorsiflex the ankle a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. 34. Cataract is Opacity of lens Increased intra ocular pressure Detachment of retina Increased vitreous humour 35. Symptoms of meningitis include urinary incontinence stiff neck hydrocephalus spina bifida 36. Difference between Hodgkins and Non Hodgkins disease 37. A patient with rheumatoid arthritis admitted in hospital. His Right elbow is splinted. What will be the reason? a. to relieve pain b. to increase circulation c. to give comfort by immobilization 38. In Cystitis a. urine is yellow coloured

b. c. d.

increased WBC in urine incontinence dysuria

39. Colonoscopy means a. visualization of stomach through a tube b. visualization of rectum and colon 40. What is atherosclerosis ? 41. Complication of peptic ulcer? 42. Post operative complications of thyroidectomy ? 43. Route of transmission of Hepatitis A ? 44. Which type of Hepatitis is transmitted through sexual contact ? 45. What is the colour of stool of a patient with hepatitis ? 46. What will be the symptoms of pre eclampsia ? 47. Post operative complication of tonsillectomy ? 48. What kind of breathing exercises will a COPD patient do? a. b. c. 49. To prevent hypostatic pneumonia, what will be the nursing action? take lot of oral fluids postural drainage deep breathing exercises 50. Which remedial factor is helpful in patient with haemophilia with bleeding? a. administer Factor 6 b. administer factor 8 c. administer Vitamin K d. administer heparin 51. What is the purpose of checking fundal height for pregnant women? a. To know gestational age b. To check the fetal heart rate c. To know the position of the fetus a. b. c. d. 52. In thrombophlebitis, the skin will be cold and clammy hot and red dull and weak sweating 53. Cord care

54. A mother of 6 months old baby comes to the nurse and asks for MMR to her child. The nurses response will be a. give the MMR b. tell the mother that the child has not achieved the age for this vaccination c. call the doctor 55. How will you take a culture swab from an infected wound? 56. What position, the patient should be placed after LP? 57. The most common site for bone marrow aspiration? 58. Common cause for haemorrhoids? 59. Colostrums contains? 60. A baby is admitted with infective diarrhea, what advice you will be giving to the mother? a. hand washing b. formula feed 61. Angina patient to be kept away from a. cold weather b. inactivity c. prolonged rest 62. In Rheumatic fever penicillin is given to: _____________________ 63. If the ring is on the finger of the patient during an OT procedure, what is the duty of the nurse: _______________________________ 64. What will be the priority for the patient who comes with a head injury to emergency ward Control bleeding Maintaining an airway Check BP 65. a. b. 66 a. b. c. d. Taking care of the patient with Hepatitis A Proper hand washing Using Gloves Non-modifiable risk factors for cardiac diseases. obesity HTN DM age above 63

a. b. c.


Child CPR ratio: a. 2:30 b. 1:10 c. 2:30 a. b. Risk factor for CA Pancreas. high alcohol intake high dietary intake, etc.


69. Patient with gastritis should avoid a. alcoholic beverages b. bicarbonate soda, c. etc. 70 stage? a. b. c. 71 at checking every alternate days skin care etc. What is the first priority for patient with nephrotic syndrome during edematous

Patient with hepatitis, stool Colour a. black b. clay c. reddish a. b. c. d. Patient with duodenal ulcer, observe for which colour of stool black clay reddish green Patient with bowel obstruction, during post-op period we should observe for fluid electrolyte imbalance wound infection pneumonia etc


73 a. b. c. d. 74

To prevent DVT during post-op, the nurse should doa. teach leg muscle exercise b. massage the calf every 4th hourly c. elevate the leg with a pillow on the knee a. b. c. d. After immunization, inform the physician if mild fever generalized rashes local pain local tenderness After giving premedication, what is the priority



a. b. c. 77

secure the patient with side rails empty the bladder remove dentures

What is true about hepatitis vaccine a. it provides immunity against hepa B and C b. a third dose is necessary to produce prolong immunity c. it is needed only for the health care professional Transmittal through sexual contact a. Hept C b. Hept B c. Hept A Signs and symptoms of Hept A a. b. Common symptoms of HTN unexplained nose bleed proteinuria


79 80

82 83

81 Patient with alcoholic withdrawal symptom tells the nurse that bugs are crawling under the pillow. What the nurse do? Common signs of pre eclampsia. -proteinuria One patient is advised to take low-cholesterol diet. He should take limited amount a. eggs b. chicken What is the priority action for patient with immobility a. change the position every Q2H Patient with carbon monoxide poisoning we should assess for a. HB level b. consciousness c. respiratory rate and depth Patient with active tuberculosis a. low grade fever b. hemoptysis and night sweats etc ( answers) a. b. c. d. Tuberculosis test should need after 48-72 hr after 24 hrs after 3 days etc

84 85



88 Patient is posted for bronchoscopy today. When the nurse enters the patients room, patient is not ready for the procedure and the consent is not sign. What the nurse do? 89 Dietary restrictions for the patient with nephrosis.

90 a. b. c. 91 a. 92

Patient with renal failure, advised to avoid CHO protein fat etc Common sign of patient with congestive heart failure dyspnoea

Breathing exercise for patient with COPD a. purse lip b. abdominal muscle relaxing etc 93. Patient is advised to move immediately during post-op period to prevent hypostatic pneumonia 94. Patient with sickle cell crisis asks the nurse, why he is experiencing leg pain. The nurse responds that - inadequate blood flow to leg muscles due to obstruction 95. Patient with snake-bite comes to the emergency room with c/o of difficulty in breathing. What the nurse do? inform the physician immediately clean the area with soap and water Common symptoms of patient with glaucoma a. less of peripheral vision b. double vision c. scattering of light 97. Signs and symptoms of dehydration in children absence of tears while crying


a. b. 96.

a. 98.

TB transmitted by-droplet 99. DM is the risk factor for which type of disease - cardiovascular

100. 101. 102.

Pancreatitis ed level of s. amylase Post op appendicetomy - check for bowel movement Positive sign to confirm the pregnancy a. amenorrhoea b. morning sickness c. FHR detected by Doppler Wound healing Dressing Pulmonary edema chest pain

103. 104. 105.

106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113.

# long bones fat embolism Controlled (narcotics) medicines all shift staff to check nursing process priority Convulsion signs and symptoms CCF signs and symptoms TEV signs and symptoms Hypospadias Colour of lochia two days after delivery? 114. A mother is coming with 5 month old child for MMR vaccination, as a nurse what is your opinion? a. check temp b. check weight c. come on due date d. sent to physician Risk factor for pregnant women those who are smoking?\ Diabetic in pregnancy urine examination Anterior fontenalla is closing at what time? How will you collect specimen from wound for culture? How will take care of patient with hepatitis A, precautions for nurses? Symptoms for hypotensive patient? Calculate EDC? 122. hrs, 24 to 74 hrs. Montaux test reading for tuberculin bacilli is done after ________ hrs, 3 days, 12

115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121.

123. 124.

Reason for giving bed rest after MI? Before giving bed bath, what will do? a. raising side rails b. lowering bed c. open all windows

125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135.

Liver biopsy L.P. (Lumbar Puncture) Exercise for diabetic patient Symptoms of dehydrated child? Position Ketoacidosis symptoms Complication after post mastectomy? Position of child after tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy after two days. Type DM is common in which age group Old age group Pulmonary edema is for reducing preload and after load is which also achieves anxiety. Which is the drug of choice? a. aminophylline b. dobutamine c. morophine CPR ratio for 1 person 30:2 For warfarin theraphy, which lab value, we will monitor a. b. c. INR of 3-4

136. 137. 138.

Patient had CHF, now patient recovered. What will be the change in ECG? QRS complex wide ST segment back to bar line P-R interval prolonged


commonest sign of hypertension? a. visual disturbance b. epitasis c. headache Before giving premeditation, what the nurse do first a. assess the vital signs b. completion of pre- op checklist c. see the s line patent d. empty the bladder


141. Evaluation is done -At the end of nursing process. 142. a. Breast feeding is contra indicated mastitis

b. c. 143. a. b.

inverted nipples Hepatitis C A patient with pneumothorax, when will the chest tube be removed? when there is minimal drainage from test tube when there is no fluctuation in the water seal drainage system

145. While transporting a patient with closed drainage system the nursing care include a. damp the tube while transporting b. keep on the bed of the patient c. keep below the heart level 146. For the effectiveness of postural drainage, which position the patient will attain - lateral position The patients with hip replacement surgery advise the patient to avoid? a. b. c. of a. b. bordetella pertussis mycobacterium tuberculi sleeping upright in the chair crossing over the legs not to do weight bearing for 6 weeks AFB rod seen on lab investigation of sputum indicate the presence

odenal peptic ulcer, what is the signs and symptoms a. coffee brown coloured vomitus b. burning mid epigastric pain that occurs 2-4 hours after eating c. heat burn d. vomiting

at plans to check FBS nest what is the advice given to the patient. a. take low fat diet before 1 week b. take lot of fluids before the day of test c. can take a small meal at 6 am and do the test at 10 am d. avoid smoking for 1 week 151. CVP Measure a. Pressure in Lt atrium b. pressure in Rt ventricle c. pressure in Rt atrium 152. A patient with CVA has severe dysphagia. How will you meet the nutritional need of the patient? a. T PN b. NU tube feeding c. NPO until we has no dysphagia

153. A patient is admitted to hospital with cerebral haemorrhage. How will you state to the patients family members that EEU is done to know a. the extend of haemorrhage b. electrical activity of the brain c. extend of functional brain tissue 154. A child is choking and holding his neck with the hand, what is the action by given Heimlich maneuver MRSA how is spread. a. b. c. contact air bone droplet

156. For S/C administration of heparin in what is to be followed: a. use to 1 inch gauge needle b. apply pressure for 2-5 sec after administration c. withdraw before injecting the medication 157. A patient is given packed cells, if the patient has a transfusion reaction. 158. A patient had an angiogram through left femoral artery after the procedure what is the nursing measures a. check bleeding b. pedal pulse 159. A patient is asked to attend the medical research study, what protect the patient. informed consent nurses act hospital policy procedure 160. Registered nurse license is for - protecting the patient. - protecting nurse - protecting hospital 161. a. b. c. Normal stimulation of respiration. 02 CO2 CO

162. Stat means a. giving drug if needed b. giving drug after meals c. giving as soon as the drug is order 163. HS means a. giving drug before sleeping b. giving drug after meals


giving drug only when needed

164. A child with convulsion is start in the crib. What are the nursing measures? 165. Safety protect from injury 166. A patient is having diarrhea for 1 week. What type of isolation. Dementia is ___ loss of memory with some symptoms 167. After giving pethedine the ordered dose, what you do with remaining medication a. discard the remaining medication under supervision of other staff nurse. b. heart rate chills, pulmonary oedema 168. Rheumatic fever caused by haemolytic beta streptococci 169. The teaching made by the nurse is effective. When the patient states_______. a. medication should be taken with an antacid b. should not take medicine without doctors ordered 170. A child is admitted for the diagnosis of congenital heart disease. What type of room is suitable for the child. a. isolation room b. private room c. multi bed set with other children d. sharing with an adult 171. Granulation tissue (appearance). Patient is pressure ulcer management. a. give inflatable ring b. apply dressing 172. A child weight is 18 kg. medicine 6 mg/1 kg/1 day to given in divided dose 8th hr/g. The medicine available in pharmacy 10 mg/ml. how many ml will you give? 173. Pencillin 750, 000 unit as ordered on band pencillin. 1 mega million/unit. How many will you give? Patient is already diagnosed as AIDS the patient avoid the chance for following a. b. c. Kaposis Sarcoma HIV Opportunistic infection

175. Otitis Media is the infection a. middle ear b. inner ear c. pinna of ear 176. Venturi Mask is for a. giving 80% O2 b. 100% O2


delivers precise percentage of O2 inspired

177. If patient is having glucoma to prevent any infection, he shoulda. follow proper washing b. infill the eye c. cover the eye 178. A patient is to be given 45 mg codiene and 650 mg aspirin. Available dose is 15 mg codene and 325 mg aspirin. How many tablets of each would you give. 179. Side effect of aluminum hydroxide?-constipation 180. Side effect of magnesium? diarrhoea 181. How we will apply rectal suppository for a patient --above spincture 182. What we will do the unresponsive? -call for help 183. How we will confirm the pain is angina? -it will relive with nitroglycerin 184. Sickle cell anemia 185. Pernicious anemia is caused by the deficiency of 186. ECG changes in CHF. 187. Immediate post operative assessment. a. Airway (bleeding will be second) b. Causes of thrombophebilis. c. Cloat formation in vein d. Venous strain, vessel trauma, pregnancy, obesity, pelvic surgery 188. Action of Tab. Digoxin? -cardiac glycoside __ Vitamine B12.

189. A normal person has minimum hourly urine output _______ 30 ml. 190. On the 3rd day after MI, the patient tells he is only having the problem of indigestion. What is the stage of reaction? a. anger b. denial c. depression d. projection