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Go into all the world and preach the Godspell to the whole creation- St Mark 16:15


Name of Student: Value: .. Plan: 0 Date: Generative Topic: Learning about the Subject) Concept: Rules and Procedures

Unit- Long Understanding Goals: To learn about the rules and procedures in Language Classes To learn about the required standards for promoting the subject To understand the meaning of a masterful piece of work To start developing oral skills using appropriate vocabulary in speeches and debates To develop reading skills by responding in a critical manner, with precision and coherence. To work on writing skills, especially those dealing with argumentation Social Skills Task: Am I able to respect other peoples opinion? Can I set up a personal course of action for a healthy way of expressing my opinion?

Preliminary Performance 1

Complete date and value Discuss YEAR- LONG Understanding Goals for the subject: We will work as a

1. to value the importance of achieving high quality communication skills, both in written and oral forms. 2. to respond accurately, appropriately and effectively in English 3. to understand, explain and collate implicit meanings and attitudes. 4. to select, analyse and evaluate what is relevant to specific purposes 5. to understand how writers achieve effects 6. to articulate experience and express what is thought, felt and imagined 7. to order and present facts, ideas and opinions 8. to communicate clearly and fluently in English 9. to value quality productions achieved through steadfast work and positive attitude 10. to acknowledge values and concepts enforced throughout the year as a means to face everyday challenges. Discuss personal goals for our lives, both this year and in the near future Go over simple rules and regulations to be followed in class- STUDENTS Guide needed. A quick review of what should and should not be done in class will be discussed, together with possible reasons to such rules Discuss the meaning of A MASTERFUL PIECE OF WRITING in this subject. The Godspell Rubrics will be used, and published in classroom, against CIE rubrics for comparison

Some rules for everyday work: You are expected to work hard in class, with or without teacher supervision In case you are unable to finish work on time, you will be expected to send your work via mail BEFORE 12 pm to the following address: wydlerclaudia@gmail.com :Read attentively, pausing when you do not understand and trying to infer the meaning of unknown words from the text Read aloud/ read silently/ read with a peer. Learn to read between the lines 2

Connect to personal life; identify theme and plot Read for gist Learn valuable EXAMINATION TIPS

Metacognition Commit myself to achieving the goals of lthe subject, to meeting the requirements, to putting into practice the rules and procedures, to bringing all lnecessary materials, to following the rubrics required for both subjects. Otherwise, the logical consequences will be: For not bringing the book/dictionaries/plans duly complete: . For not following procedures of the subjects: -. For not observing any rule:

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