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Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez Struggles to be Rational By: Jerry Brewer With embarrassment and much chagrin, “freedom loving” Venezuelans are increasingly “arming” their minds for a critical election battle to unseat a President in 2012. Since 1999, what is described as an iron-fisted dictatorial regime; President Hugo Chavez has spewed malicious and venomous hatred of those that embrace freedoms, democracy, and a will to live in a main-stream environment that guarantees those rights. The psychotic-like rantings of a professed leader of the Bolivarian Revolution has deceived a nation by incredible lies, accusations of “invaders” coming to Venezuela, and so many related untruth’s, that only the world media explosion of the Internet has been their only ticket for the freedom train of thought and vehicle of fact from fiction. Chavez’s reputation for deceit and penchant for outright fraudulence by words and acts have truly been the hallmark of Venezuela’s near ruin. However, a proud Venezuelan populace who has previously experienced and enjoyed a quality of life void of fear, intimidation, repression, and expected truth from elected leadership- looks to “force change.”

The Chavez regime consistently refuses to explain how such an oil-rich country has fallen financially and failed the people, thus leaving the Venezuelan nation with a quality of life of a “stereo-typical third world nation.” Did Cuba’s decades of Communist revolution and reliance on leftist world dictators for support not clearly demonstrate rationality on turning away from such deceptive evil?


Chavez overwhelmingly demonstrated his propensity to emulate his mentor and father of lies (Fidel Castro) in 1982 when he founded a secretive organization known as the Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement-200 (Movimiento Bolivariano Revolucionario 200 or MBR-200). Chavez’s stated purpose for this organization was to overthrow Venezuela’s Punto Fijo system, which Chavez considered “undemocratic and corrupt.” Chavez’s eventual election as Venezuela’s President became an early disintegrative attack on democracy as he brought on his own political ideology of Bolivarianism, and touted “Socialism for the 21 st Century.” Introducing socialist reforms to Venezuela has been his dogmatic mandate whether anyone wanted it or not. Chavez has probably inflicted more “lasting structural damage on Venezuela’s political institutions, economy, and people” than any other President in Venezuela’s history. Without a modicum of diplomacy within his veins and a ravenous hunger for power and control, deceiving those that originally paid attention and did not question his leadership were seriously misled. As a previously wealthy nation that held its head high, it has now been forced to kneel before a regime that has stolen their dreams and raped their homeland’s resources.

The late Muammar Gaddafi and Hugo Chavez

The valiant “soldier’s of democracy,” the title so many Venezuelans have labeled themselves with, have valiantly stood up to be seen and heard- at much peril to their safety and welfare. Case in point was the previous election for the National Assembly that graphically demonstrated a Venezuelan electorate that sent a defiant message to Hugo Chávez by voting for opposition candidates rather than for the ruling party and its allies. Many Venezuelans believe Chavez’s previous government's manipulation of the electoral rules and opposition's votes resulted in only 67 seats acquired. Venezuela's high voter turnout in the parliamentary elections of some 66% was indeed impressive. In true dictatorial fashion, Chavez used the final three months of the outgoing assembly where he had an overwhelming majority, to render irrelevant the incoming legislature Opponents indicate years of frustration in understanding and getting the facts on the flow of Venezuela’s oil wealth. Many believe that Venezuela’s number eight standing in oil-producing in the world should


be “benefiting (Venezuela) handsomely from high oil prices.” Too, a major concern has been Chavez’s continued efforts in nationalizing firms in such industries as cement, steel, agribusiness, banking, tourism, oil, communications, and electricity. The opposition clearly cites serious lack of priorities, graft, and fiscal mismanagement as the culprits. Venezuela’s massive and continuing military expansion, with purchases of armaments including aircraft, tanks and an AK-47 arms factory, are examples of the opposition’s rationale. Chavez consistently touting “invasion” and trying to warn a much more politically savvy Venezuelan people that he gives them credit for, has been his way of re-distributing the nation’s wealth to other leftist regimes. His incompetent demeanor in destroying the domestic economy, as well as the inability to address looted and squandered massive oil revenue, forces Venezuelans to look to another presidential election to prevent more misery and destruction for the Venezuelan homeland. A proud and freedom loving people of Venezuela deserve no less than fair elections and a true accounting of the Venezuelan government.

Fidel Castro and Gaddafi 1977 It is also time for Venezuelans to call Chavez on the carpet to address the issues and evidence of this regime as an abettor of drug trafficking and supporting revolutionary terrorism. This type of acute investigation and focus could lend transparency of the facts of whether or not the Chavez regime is a corrupt power base and criminal enterprise in the hemisphere. What does he fear from “fact finding?” As previous “iron-fisted dictatorial” regimes and terror leaders have recently fallen violently by world outcry, Venezuelans must also question the Chavez mentality of idolizing and worshiping the likes of a Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and Muammar Gaddafi. Too, as he professes idolatry for the likes of Fidel Castro, Mahmoud Ahmadinegad of Iran; amongst others; does he honestly think HE speaks for Venezuela?



Chavez’s no so cleverly guarded prognosis of his health due to cancer is also seen as deceitful and disrespectful to those he professes to be “his people.” How about some transparency- at least on the cancer treatment alone? After all, this man wants to continue to lead a nation! Virtually every failure he has known, as well as those he has admired that have fallen and continue to fall- he blames on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Those messages play to “his own secretive” methods that the average person has no true access to and he can continue to spew his subterfuge- kind of like the kid who throws rocks and hides his hand. Perhaps he should question Cuba’s secretive intelligence apparatchik (DGI) that Chavez relies on for his world news and views. Will this man ever be prompted to stand tall and declare truth? Instead of oppressing free media outletswhy not invite the multitude of world media in a healthy “question and answer” about his reign over Venezuela? What a great and healthy way for Venezuelan’s to vote after being informed on issues that they can trustfully verify for themselves.

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