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October 20, 2001

A Day in Prayer

Personal Quiet Time (PS 104 or own) List things you are thankful for.

Wait on Him to realize His presence (PS 139 or Pray for Others-Be Specific! (Phil.1, Col.1, Eph.
73, Is. 40:31, Ps. 27:14, Gen.28:16) 1,3)

Is God present with you right now? If not, ask Use prayer log and document who, what for, and
for the Lord to make his presence known to you. any other thoughts or verses you have about
each person or event.
How do you meditate to know God?
Pray for Yourself (PS 73, 119:18, 1 Chron.4:10,
Attributes of God: which ones are you Jn. 4:34)
experiencing? Lord, Master, Everlasting, Lord of
Hosts, Creator, Shepherd, Healer, Righteous, My What part of your life is out of focus? What do
Banner, Sanctifier, Peace you plan to do about it?

CONFESSION: List your life verses and what they mean to you.
Wait on Him also for cleansing (PS 90, 32, or 25,
139:23,24,) In what roles of your life do you need God’s
present and continuous help: spiritual leader,
Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your sin. student, daughter, roommate, sibling, etc..
What do you need to pray about in these areas?
1 John 1:9 What are the sins you need to confess
to the Lord and ask his forgiveness for? What present and future decisions do you need to
Are you concerned with any of these bring before God?
areas: self-centeredness, speech, pride,
comparison, sexual thoughts/deeds, gluttony, Record your needs and requests regarding your
greed, or covetousness? calendar, time, and energy.

Luke 14:33 Do you own your possessions or do What are the weaknesses in your life? (PS 39)
they own you?
What do you need to turn over to God? What promises are you counting on from the
If you have sinned against another, make a note
of it to ask for their forgiveness later. What has the Lord impressed most on you
THANKSGIVING: In your relationships & your Actions
Wait on God to Worship Him (PS 103,111, or and activities?
145, Rev. 4,5) What will you take away from your
half-day with the Lord?
Spend time thanking God that by faith you are
forgiven, and rejoice in the fact that he loves you Answer these two questions regarding your time
unconditionally. with the Lord today:

Reflect on the people and events the Lord has Who are you, Lord?
used to bless you with.
What shall I do, Lord?
Who is your provider and protector? Thank him
for this. Keep a Worry List in the back to write those
random thoughts and worries down for later.
Thank God for what he has done and what he is
going to do.

Material compiled from: Making Time for Prayer, Ministry in the Marketplace, Vision Foundation