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Pacific Giant Red Sea Urchin Based on Robert J. Lang's "Atlantic Purple Sea Urchin" Use paper that doesn't tear easily, or use foil-backed paper. Use a square measuring at least 30 inches (75 cm) toa side Begin with the white side up. 7 Ia propeceatet -I--tef4— — i WF Pray I Lo T | _, 4 Pere ts | AtHt+Htey-t T tfittetos yo a i i i i PTT TT | I Lia Hata +htHg q FCP e yc tad 4 cht tatg | Haf4+htH4g 1. Crease the paper into fourths vertically and horizontally MI 4. Crease the diagonals. For extra safety, put a piece of tape at the center of the paper. 7. And more. 2. Crease the paner into eights vertically and horizontally. AN ZI 5. Bring the comers to the center, crease, and unfald 8. And more. 3. Crease the paner into sixteenths vertically and horizontally 6. Add more diagonal creases | a 9. And more. 40. And mare 41. Mountain-fold two opposing comers behind 12. Valley-fold in half. 13. Squash-fold 14, Petal-fold 45, Repeat steps 13- 14 on the top comer and unfold to step 11 16. Repeat steps 11 - 16. 47. Valley-fol. 18. Reverse-fold along angle bisectors and unfold completely. Repeat on all similar places along the edges of the square 20. Valley-fold 24. Open up on both sides ofthe 19. Precreasing complete top comer and fold the right side Fold a Waterbomb Base. of the model over to the left. 22. Squash-fald “Os Gis 23. Petal-fold 24, Valley-fold the flap to the lett. \ 20. Tum the model aver. 28. Repeat steps 22-24 behind and untold to step 26. Repeat steps 20 - 26 a 27.Lift one flap at the left side and collapse an existing creases. The paper will nat lie flat 28, Repeat step 27 on the three other flaps 29. Swing ane edge to the lett. inside, book-fold ane af the small eciges to the lett 30. Clased-sink the comer to the top and collapse on existing creases. The model will nat lie campletely flat 31, Repeat steps 29 - 30 on the three similar flaps 92, Repeat step 29 33. Clased-sink the corer up as in step 30, and collapse on existing creases