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S| THE OFFICIAL HOW TO DRAW casaaal Raanaanet Renssaaane Remnaitamamanial EASY Step-by-Step Instructions on each character's a transformations! OHI gry = “THE OFFICIAL GOW TO_OiRAw SZ FPRnaeesy Number | Volume 1 MEGATRON Megatron is the founder of the Decepticon movement. His band of discontented Auto- bats swore allegiance to the cause of tyranny and terror. and planned to use Cybertron to eventually conquer the uni- verse. His strength and intelligence match that of Optimus Prime, his arch-enemy, with whom he is stranded on Earth fol- lowing the Ark’s crash. He is forced to share leadership of the Decepticons with Shockwave, farmerly his military opera- tions officer. WRITTEN AND COMPILED BY ANDREA LAFRANCE ARTWORK COPYRIGHT 1987 BY HASBRO™. INC THE OFFICIAL HOW 70. DRAW THE TRANSFORMER: os ‘Aventing, Jann Stephenson, Sialf Ector, THE TAANSFORMERS* v 1O6T HASBRO Ine THE ThanlerOruachioine eae FRO. Inc. A Rights Reserved No part of vs puisca This is Volume 1 of a series of monthly manu- als devoted to teaching readers how to draw the The Transformers” animated cartoon char- acters and fighting craft in an intelligent and easy-to-understand way. Each issue will caver one or mare characters or devices rom The Transformers™ saga. OPTIMUS PRIME Optimus Prime, oldest and most respected of the Transformer Autobots, has a long and colorful history of successful battles against the Decepticons. He arose as the leader of the fragmented Autobots from the city-state of lacon on his native planet of Cybertron. His superior combat abili: ties and intelligence qualified him to lead the Autobots against the Decepticons, led by the powerful Megatron. Optimus led the group of robots that left Cybertron in, the Ark when their planet was menaced by asteroids—eventually that ship brought them to Earth ADDITIONAL ARTWORK BY OENNIS FRANCIS "7 November 1987. Published by BLACKTHORNE PUBLISHING, INC. 1340 Hilt, EICajon 1282020. U'8.A. Tet@phome (619) 588-2055, Stevi Sehanes and Ann fF Pubahers, Pau! Tallerdey, Procuction Coordinator. David Imay be reproduced by any means minoul the wren permission othe putushey a6 ay othe persons, names, characters andr us IuLors wih aly ivingor ead persons, names. characters tons 8 intended and any smarty Which may Gut 1s pel Coinetaantal, Cover telor below Orage, Prine n tne US “THE OFFICIAL DOW TO ea EPH ERICA Ss th j Ne NO. 11N A SERIES TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION .. ae BASIC APPROACH FACE FRONT .... ie FACE SIDE 3+. sae igh, Chapa 5 FUEL ABUHES,-.1<..+-c-4ocesoabeny cee 6 OPTIMUS PRIME ROBOT MODE ...... ‘ remade CONSTRUCTION ............ ehadbeanat call DISGUISE ..... ty Envaue earl MEGATRON ROBOT MODE .. 4 CONSTRUCTION . a DISGUISE .. 22 PROFILES .... 2 EMBLEMS .... ae | READING LIST ........... aepneeeee The Official How to Draw Transformers #1 1