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V-cone Flowmeter

Main Features
Low installation requirement: 0 ~ 3D for upperstream and 0 ~ 1D for downstream Turndown ratio: 10:1 Low pressure loss: pressure loss is just 1/3 ~ 1/5 of that of orifice plate for same Abrasion resistance: vacuum will be produced after streamlined cone restriction avoiding cone from being worn out No block, no adherence: V-cone complete sweeping design prevents stagnation of debris, coagulum or particles Long term stability: ratio with no change for long term provides high accuracy for long time High accuracy: 0.5% Excellent repeatability: 0.1% Signal stability: signal fluctuation is 1/10 of that of orifice plate Wide range: the unique contour of V-cone allows wide range Complete range of specifications and flexible installation type: piped, flange tapping, wafer and inserted type etc Wide size range: 1/2~ 72 Can measure media with high temperature and pressure: maximum operating temperature is 700, maximum pressure is 42MPa Can measure dirty fluid (coke-oven gas, BFG, raw oil, residual etc.) Can measure gas-liquid two phase media (moisture, condensate water etc.)

Working principle --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Technical features --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 Model table of KVCF V-cone transducer ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Transducer type -------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------5 V-cone flow transducer, transmitter, flowmeter ------------------------------------------------------------------------6 V-cone transducer structure ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Technical specifications of KVCF V-cone flow transducer -------------------------------------------------------------8 Medium in detail --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 Process parameter for transducer selection -----------------------------------------------------------------------------9 Selection keys ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 Outer dimension of pipe flanged KVCFW (butt welded) -------------- ----------------------------------------------11 Outer dimension of pipe flanged KVCFS (flat welded) ------------------------------------------------------13 Selection table of pipe flanged (KVCFS, KVCFW) --------------------------------------------------------------------14 Outer dimension of directly welded KVCFZ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------15 Selection table of directly welded KVCFZ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------16 Outer dimension of insulation jacket KVCFJ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------17 Selection table of insulation jacket KVCFJ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------18 Outer dimension of anti-corrosion lining KVCFL --------------------------------------------------------------------19 Selection table of anti-corrosion lining KVCFL ------------------------------------------------------------------------20 Outer dimension of square pipe KVCFF ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------21 Selection table of square pipe KVCFF ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22 Outer dimension of wafer type KVCFD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------23 Selection table of wafer type KVCFD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------23 Outer dimension of inserted KVCFC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------24 Selection table of inserted KVCFC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------25 Trade settlement KVCF(S, W, Z etc.) M model -------------------------------------------------------------------------25 Compact KVCF(S, W, Z etc.) Y model -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------25

Working Principle

The V-cone is a new kind of differential pressure flowmeter, can be used to measure the various fluid under different flowing condition within wide Reynolds number range. With the same theory of other differential pressure flowmeter, it is based on Bernoullis theorem of energy conservation for the continuous flowing fluid in a closed pipe. For ideal fluid, fluid velocity is directly proportional to quadratic root of differential pressure. V-cone flow transducer has not only unique V-cone throttling contour to extend measuring range of flowrate, but also special structure of fluid conditioner. Therefore, requirement of straight pipe is very low, totally different from other differential pressure flowmeter which needs long straight pipe for fluid flowing. V-cone flow transducer inherits advantages of good stability and strong universality, while avoids limitations of traditional differential pressure flowmeter. Basic principle of V-cone flow transducer is V-cone and tapping ports coaxially installed in measuring pipe. Measuring tube and V-cone is designed and machined precisely. When fluid passes V-cone, flowing fluid will interact with cone and reshape the velocity profile before V-cone, fluid velocity increasing and static pressure decreasing with local contraction. Differential pressure P will be produced before & behind V-cone. High pressure (positive pressure) P1 is the static pressure obtained at the tapping port in front of upperstream fluid contraction, while, low pressure( negative pressure) P2 is pressure at downstream obtained from tapping port at V-cone central axis. Shown as right figure. Formula:

Thereinto: ---------- Equivalent diameter ratio D---------- Inside diameter of pipe d ---------- Diameter of the largest cross section of cone qv --------- Volumetric flowrate -----------Fluid density under operating condition ---------- K factor ---------- Expansion factor of gas

Technical Features
1. Reshaping velocity profile The V-cone flow transducer is similar to other differential pressure (DP) meters in the flowrate equations, however, V-cone geometry is quite different from traditional DP meters. The V-cone flow transducer constricts the fluid by positioning a cone in the center of the pipe. Fluid flows completely in a long pipe without any obstruction or disturbance. Fluid velocity in pipe is different. It will be lower near pipe wall and highest in pipe center due to pipe wall friction makes fluid velocity slow. If V-cone hangs in center of pipe, it will interact with high flow velocity area directly. V-cone forces high flow velocity area to mix with low flow velocity near pipe. Hole of orifice plate is in the center of pipe and wont interact with high flow velocity area. This is the biggest advantage of V-cone flow transducer at lower flowrate. When flowrate decreases, V-cone interacts with maximum flow velocity in pipe continuously. When other differential pressure meters may loss their useful differential pressure signal, V-cone flow transducer can still produce it. 2. High accuracy The primary element of V-cone flow transducer can be accurate to 0.5%. System accuracy of flow measuring depends on accuracy grade of V-cone flow transducer, differential pressure transmitter and secondary instrumentation etc. 3. Excellent repeatability Repeatability of V-cone flow transducer can be up to 0.1%, or even better. 4. Wide turndown ratio Turndown ratio of V-cone is outstripping traditional differential pressure meters. Typical turndown ratio of V-cone is 10:1, even bigger is attainable. When Reynolds number is low to 8000, flowmeter can still produce differential pressure. Therefore, it can measure fluid within lower Reynolds number. 5. Low straight pipe requirement There is little ideal flow state in practical installing pipe. If flowmeter is installed on pipe where fluid can not flow completely, such as elbow, valve, converging pipe or diverging pipe, T-joint pipe etc, flow state will be interfered. Substantive error may be occurred once other flowmeter measuring technology is applied. Application of V-cone flow transducer can reshape flow state at upperstream of V-cone, overcoming this problem. Due to contour of V-cone and central installing position, when fluid closes to V-cone, flow state will become flattening to flow completely. Fluid can flatten flow state when flows in V-cone pipe, therefore, compared with other differential pressure meters, it will better affect upperstream disturbance. V-cone straight pipe for upperstream: 0 ~ 3D; for downstream: 0 ~ 1D. It will be beneficial for customers with large size, expensive pipe, or short running pipe. Some special conditions, such as, single or double elbow at different plane or close to meter upperstream, V-cone can still produce flattenning flow state. This means when different fluid state closes to V-cone, it will always produce a foreseeable flow state to ensure measuring accuracy.

6. Long term stability Due to contour of V-cone contracts fluid without impacting against abrupt surface, a boundary layer forms along cone surface to directs fluid away fromedge. This meansedge can not be worn by dirty fluid, however, edge of orifice plat is worn frequently. Therefore, ratio keeps constant to make V-cone transducer have long term stability. 7. Signal stability Differential pressure meter normally has signal fluctuation, even under stable flowrate, signal produced by primary elements still has fluctuation. For example, orifice plate flowmeter will form long vortice behind orifice plate. This long vortice will produce high amplitude and low frequency orifice signal to interfere flowmeter reading. As for V-cone flow transducer, when fluid passes V-cone, it will form short vortice behind V-cone and produce low amplitude and high frequency signal to change into stable V-cone signal. Shown as right figure: V-cone and orifice signal. 8. Low permanent pressure loss Because fluid do not impact smooth surface of abrupt V-cone, permanent pressure loss of V-cone flow transducer is lower than that of orifice plate meter. At the same time, due to V-cone stable signal, for same flowrate, full scale of V-cone differential pressure signal is lower than that of other differential meter. This will decrease permanent pressure loss. 9. Wideratio Unique V-cone contour allows a wide range of ratio. Standard range: 0.45, 0.55, 0.65, 0.75, 0.85. 10. No area of stagnation Due to design concept of sweeping, there will be no stagnation area for particles, debris or coagulum. It has function of self-cleaning and is suitable to measure dirty fluid. 11. Mixing of different materials The short vortices behind V-cone will mix with the downstream fluid thoroughly, therefore, V-cone flow transducer can be used as mixer in many applications.

Model Table of KVCF V-cone Transducer

Transducer Type
1. Flanged Type (KVCF-S, W) Connection: Flange (S for flat welded, W for butt welded) Size: 1/2~ 120or bigger Tapping: Socket, flange, thread Pressure: 0 ~ 42MPa Temperature: -100 ~ 850 Material: Kinds of metal Application: Fluid, steam, gas Medium: Kinds of gas, fluid for municipal, power plant, chemical industry, petrochemical, metallurgy and food industry etc. 2. Directly Welded Type (KVCFZ) Connection: Direct welding on process pipe Size: 1/2 ~ 120 or bigger Tapping: Socket, flange, thread Pressure: 0 ~ 42MPa Temperature: -100 ~ 850 Material: Kinds of metal Application: Oil-pipe, gas-pipe, steam-pipe web, high pressure pipeline. 3. Wafer Type (KVCFD) Connection: Flange clamped Size: 1/2~ 6 Tapping: Socket, thread Pressure: 0 ~ 42MPa Temperature: -100 ~ 850 Material: Kinds of metal Application: Fluid, gas, steam 4. Inserted Type (KVCFC) Connection: Flange, holing & welding Size: 20~ 120 Tapping: Socket, thread Pressure: 0 ~ 42MPa Temperature: -100 ~ 850 Material: Kinds of metal Application: Fluid, gas, steam Besides, Insulation jacket, Anti-corrosion lining, Square pipe for different media in different conditions specialized by customers are also available.

V-cone Flow Transducer, Transmitter, Flowmeter

There are three kinds of transducer combination according to different supply range and signal output: 1. V-cone flow transducer Only provide form part for differential pressure signal (V-cone & measuring pipe), no differential pressure transmitter three-valve set and flowrate display. Output signal is differential pressure. Companion part is decided by customers. 2. V-cone flow transmitter It contains V-cone flow transducer and differential pressure transmitter, including structure of compact and remote. Remote V-cone flow transmitter includes independent V-cone transducer and differential pressure transmitter. The suction pipe connection is finished by customers. Differential pressure transmitter can be provided by us. Compact installation is finished the connection between differential pressure transmitter three-valve set and V-cone flow transducer. Customers do not need suction pressure tube. Flow calculator, pressure transmitter and temperature transmitter are available assorted. 3. V-cone flowmeter Structure: compact installation and remote installation Remote installation has independent V-cone, differential pressure, pressure, temperature transmitter, flow calculator, three-valve, cut-off valve and so on. Connection between every part is finished by customers. There are explosion proof and standard available. Compact installation contains intelligent calculator and V-cone transmitter. It has differential pressure transmitter and three-valve set (pressure transducer, thermal resistor temperature transducer optional). Measuring range of intelligent calculator conforms to V-cone transmitter. There are intrinsical safe and standard available.

V-cone Transducer Structure 1. Embedded Transducer:

2. Braced Transducer

3. Inserted Transducer

Technical Specifications of KVCF V-cone Flow Transducer

1. Accuracy: 0.5 %( Accuracy of differential pressure transmitter is no less than 0.2%) ( : 0.45 ~ 0.85, When < 0.55, turndown ratio 4:1, accuracy 0.30) 2. Repeatability: 0.1% 3. Pressure: 16MPa, Max 42MPa 4. Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 700 5. Ambient temperature: - 40 ~ 65 6. Installation straight pipe requirement: 0-3D for upperstream, 0-1D for downstream 7. Wide turndown ratio: 10:1 8. Low pressure loss: For same , pressure loss is just 1/3 ~ 1/5 of that of orifice plate. Medium: V-cone flowmeter can be widely applied to kinds of flow for municipal, electrical power, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, and food industry etc., including almost all gas and fluid.

Medium in Detail


Coal gas: Coke-oven gas, BFG, city gas Natural gas: Includes natural gas with humidity more than 5% Kinds of hydrocarbon gas: Hydrocarbon of methane series, Olefinic hydrocarbon series etc. Kinds of gas: H2, He, Ar, O2, N2 etc. Corrosive gas: Wet chloride gas etc. Air: Air with water, dust, compressed air etc. Stack gas



Saturated steam Overheated steam



Oil: Crude oil, fuel oil, emulsible oil with water, diesel oil etc. Water: Well water, fresh water, industry water, sewage etc. Kinds of solution of acid, alkali, salt etc. Organic matter chemicals: Methanol, glycol, xylene etc. 4.

Special Fluid

Oil + HC gas+ sand Water with gas: H2O + N2 + Air; H2O + CO2 etc.

Process Parameter for Transducer Selection

Fluid name Outer & Inner diameter of pipeline Transducer type Scale flowrate unit (Kg/ h, t/h, m3/ h, Nm3/ h) a) Operating condition b) Standard condition (5) Normal flowrate (6) Min flowrate, Max flowrate a) Operating condition b) Standard condition ( standard condition for gas medium) (7) Operating pressure (MPa) a) Absolute pressure b) Gauge pressure (8) Fluid temperature( ) : Max, Min, Normal (9) Fluid density (Kg/ m3) a) Operating Status b) Standard Status (standard condition for gas medium) (10) Viscosity (Pas) (11) Relative humidity (12) Gas component Volume percentage (for more than two kinds of mixed gas) (13) Pipe installation a) Horizontal b) From down to up (14) Pipe flange a) According to standard, code is for flange standard and specifications. b) Flange drawing provided by customers (1) (2) (3) (4)

(1) (2 )(4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (12) (13) must be provided for water & steam measurement. (1)~ (14) are provided for common gas (1) (2 )(4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)(10) (13)(14) are provided for common solution & oil. Please provide detailed value for parameters. Range value does not work.

Straight Pipe Requirement for Transducer

1. Flanged, wafer type V-cone transducer is just a duct with flange. V-cone is in pipe. Same flanges are welded on process pipe and mounted with transducer. When transducer is installed on pipe vertically with fluid down to up, since negative& positive tapping at different horizontal, height needs to be modified necessarily. 2. Welded type Due to excellent abrasive resistance and sweeping function of fluid to V-cone, V-cone flow transducer can be welded on pipeline forever. Requirement for upper & down stream: For gas measurement, Reynolds number( Re) > 200.000, 0.65

For liquid measurement, Reynolds number( Re) 200.000, 0.65


Selection Keys
1. Detailed & precise parameter of customers process or specification by design institute must be provided completely. 2. Select model according to fluid features, operation condition, accuracy, installation requirement etc. 3. Select material of pipe, flange, V-cone and tapping type according to medium feature, temperature, pressure, corrosiveness etc. 4. Select nominal diameter, pipe thickness, flange pressure grade, sealing surface, connection type of flowmeter pipe according to medium temperature, flowrate and pressure. 5. Select tapping type and material & grade of tapping parts according to medium temperature, pressure and viscosity, dirty or not etc. 6. Get the V-cone transducer model according to above mentioned. Structure dimension is available in dimension table. In remark column should specify if accessories such as companion flange, bolt & nuts & gasket, valve set etc. needed or not. Straight pipe as required. 7. Design & calculate according to parameters and suitable to get favorable differential pressure, turndown ratio and pressure loss. 8. Propose differential pressure scale 10~30kPa to facilitate matching DP transmitter. For low flowrate, differential pressure 0.5kPa or above is suitable. 3kPa or above suitable for double flange tapping.

Outer Dimension of Pipe Flanged KVCFW (Butt Welded )

Flange standard: ANSI B16.5/ HG 220617 Connection: WN Sealing surface type: RF, RJ Pressure grade (CL/ MPa): 150/ 2.0, 300/ 5.0, 600/ 11.0, 900/ 15.0, 1500/26.0, 2500/ 42.0 Flange standard: GB/T9115/JB/T28/HG20595 Connection: Butt welded Sealing surface type: Convex( raised), concave convex Pressure grade (MPa): 0.25, 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.3, 10.0, 25.0, 40.0

Outline Sketch


(Flange standard: GB/ T9115.1, JB/T82.1,82.2, HG20595)

Allowable tolerance of total length: DN15 ~ 25: 4mm; DN40 ~ 250: 6mm; DN 300 ~ 600: 7mm; DN700: 8mm. DN600, flange standard is ANSI B16. 47(HG20623), tolerance is the same.

Outer Dimension of Pipe Flanged KVCFS( Flat welded)

Flange standard: ANSI B16.5/ HG 220616 Connection: SO Sealing surface type: RF Pressure grade (CL/ MPa): 150/ 2.0 Flange standard: JB/T82.1/HG28/HG20593, 20594 Connection: Flat welded Sealing surface type: Convex(raised) Pressure grade (MPa): 0.25, 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 2.5

Outline Sketch


Selection Table of Pipe Flanged (KVCFS, KVCFW)

Notes: 1. P in Pressure Grade column is for pressure unit: psi; M for MPa 2. Pipe thickness grade can be omitted for selection; 1 couple of tapping port of redundant tapping can also be omitted.


Outer Dimension of Directly Welded KVCFZ

This kind of transducer is suitable to measure fluid with high pressure, and can be directly welded on process pipe to decrease leakage points on pipeline, such as high pressure steam in power plant, high pressure polymerization and schizolysis medium in petrochemical industry etc.

Outline Sketch


Selection Table of Directly Welded KVCFZ

Note: 1. Pipe thickness grade can be omitted for selection; 1 couple of tapping port of redundant tapping can also be omitted.


Outer Dimension of Insulation Jacket KVCFJ

Specially designed for measurement of process medium of tracing heat by insulation jacket pipe, especially suitable to medium tending to crystallize and condensate.

Outline Sketch

Flange Standard: ANSI B16.5, HG20595, HG20617, SHT501-1997 Connection: WN


Selection Table of Insulation Jacket KVCFJ

Notes: 1. P in Pressure Grade Column is for pressure unit: psi; M for MPa 2. Pipe thickness grade can be omitted for selection; 1 couple of tapping port of redundant tapping can also be omitted.


Outer Dimension of Anti-corrosion Lining KVCFL

Flange standard: ANSI B16.5/ HG 20617 JB/ T82/ HG20595 Connecting flange pressure grade: (CL/ MPa): 150-2500/ 2.0-42.0, PN0.25-25.0 Flange standard: JB/T82.1/HG28/HG20593, 20594 KVCFL with unique anti-corrosion & anticlogging assembly structure, is designed to measure the strong corrosive fluid such as chlorine gas, chlorine hydride, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloride acid etc. Features: (1) Wafer-style installation (2) V-cone can be changed.

Outline Sketch

Other diameter and length can be ordered.


Detailed Description:
1. Seamless Tube TP 304(20#) + PTFE Lining 2. Internal moulding and overall sintering technology of PTFE lining ensure compatibility and adhesion with TP304(20#) tube wall nicely. 3. Overall sintering PTFE V-cone ensures anti-corrosion and no change of surface structure, so that measuring signal keeps long term stability. 4. Metal tube ensures good pressure resistance of transducer. 5. Tapping flange specification and parameter: DN50 F304(20#) + PTFE RF SO( WN)

Selection Table of Anti-corrosion Lining KVCFL

Notes: 1. P in Pressure Grade Column is for pressure unit: psi In; M for MPa 2. Pipe thickness grade can be omitted for selection; 1 couple of tapping port of redundant tapping can also be omitted.


Outer Dimension of Square Pipe KVCFF

Restricting element looks like similar tetragonal pyramid and is to measure fluid inside of square(square or retangle) pipe. It is suitable to measure wind rate in boiler combustion system of power plant and heating oven of petrochemical industry etc. Straight pipe not necessary, low velocity measurable, high accuracy, and measuring stable.

Outline Sketch


Selection Table of Square Pipe KVCFF

Notes: 1. P in Pressure Grade Column is for pressure unit: psi; M for MPa 2. Pipe thickness grade can be omitted for selection; 1 couple of tapping port of redundant tapping can also be omitted. 3. Special dimension of square pipe V-cone flow transducer can be ordered.


Outer Dimension of Wafer Type KVCFD

Flange Standard: ANSI B16.5/ HG20617 JB/ T82/ HG20595 Connecting flange pressure Grade (CL/ MPa): 150-2500/ 2.0-42.0. PN0.25-25.0 Suitable to measure fluid in pipe with small diameter and high velocity. Easy installation. V-cone can be changed.

Other diameter, length and threaded hole diameter can be ordered.

Selection Table of Wafer Type KVCFD

Note: 1 couple of tapping port of redundant tapping can also be omitted.


Outer Dimension of Inserted KVCFC

Mainly suitable to measure fluid in underground large pipe for minimum installation workload on site.


Selection Table of Inserted KVCFC

Notes: 1. P in Pressure Grade column is for pressure unit: psi; M for MPa 2. Pipe thickness grade can be omitted for selection; 1 couple of tapping port of redundant tapping can also be omitted.

Trade Settlement KVCF(S, W, Z etc.) M Model

Shanghai Kent can provide trade settlement KVCF (S, W, Z etc.) M model V-cone transducer with high accuracy. While with suitable (Ref 0.55) and turndown ratio (Ref 4:1), and accuracy 0.3%( for fluid), 0.5 %( for gas, steam). It is specialized to measure fluid in large pipe and high pressure & temperature during trade settlement. Selection: The selection of KVCF(S, W, Z etc.) M model is similar to above various V-cone flow transducers. The postfix is the same S, W, Z, J, L, F etc. For trade settlement, M should be added (e.g. Model KVCFSM).

Compact KVCF( S, W, Z etc.)Y Model

This model of products can provide whole set of V-cone transducer, differential pressure transmitter, and three-valve set. Companion flange, bolts & nuts & gasket, cut-off valve, condenser and suction pressure tube etc. should be specified once needed. It provides one kind of convenient and high accurate flowrate measuring solution for customers. Selection: The selection of KVCF(S, W, Z etc.) Y model is similar to above various V-cone flow transducers. The postfix is the same S, W, Z, J, L, F etc. For compact type, Y should be added (e.g. Model KVCFSY).

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