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Ideas for Buzz Generation



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Ideas for Buzz Generation

The following are some of the ideas we would like to employ for creating buzz about the upcoming event Coffee Conversations & Marketing:1. Target MBA Coaching institutes:- Visiting MBA coaching institutes like TIME, IMS, Career Launcher etc and spreading awareness about the upcoming event. Since SIIB is a much sought after B-School for most MBA aspirants, hence lectures, presentations, interactive and one-on-one sessions regarding what the event is all about, who are the speakers from the industry ,these details would really create a buzz among the aspiring MBA student community. Hence this section of the target audience would really be enthusiastic and eager to attend the event. The focus should be more on the paradigm shift of the art of marketing as compared to the previous days when marketing was all about drive, a coffee like stimulant pushed down the consumers throat. This type of buzz creation is very much cost-effective as only conveyance charges have to be borne to reach the centres, but the time invested will be high. Creating this kind of awareness among the aspiring MBA students would really help the cause moreover as the dates for form distribution and admission applications for B-Schools are round the corner.

2. Viral Marketing techniques:- There are MBA specific websites like Pagalguy, Testfunda, Careerforum etc which are frequented by B-School students, alumni and aspiring students. On the website, a countdown feature can be set up on the website on number of days to go for the event. The following tagline can be used for this: Move over Koffee with Karan, Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, Converse on this Coffee, coz its a market for all...!!! Such a catchy phrase would grab the attention of the viewers who will presume that this upcoming event is different from the usual celebrity talk show, and the word Market will indirectly hint at the theme of the event which is Marketing. Market for all hints at the fact that everyone is invited for the event. The cost incurred for posting on such websites is not too high; the target audience can also be reached accordingly. Hence this idea is feasible and implementable. Posters bearing the same tagline can also be displayed in nearby hotels Tamanna and Lemon Tree which are frequented by executives and professionals from Hinjewadi IT Park and hence they may be also attracted by the catchy tagline and may attend the event to check out what the buzz is all about. Hence this is another viral marketing technique which can be used.


Ideas for Buzz Generation

3. Reverse Graffiti Advertising: - This is an environmentally friendly, low cost high impact advertising campaign which depending on location can reach hundreds of people in a day. It is also known as clean advertising. Using a pressure washer, it can clean the wall and after a time it will leave no trace. Using a stencil, the advertising campaign can be etched on the wall. The locations for creating these graffiti should be appropriately chosen so as to draw the attention of the target audience.