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Email to Oldham County Fiscal Court and the Infrastructure Committee Oldham Ahead would like to thank you

for the opportunity to comment on the proposal to expand sewers into the Brownsboro area in order to provide sewers for the proposed Oldham County School Site and private Developer, Bob Jones. While, Oldham Ahead does not support the Oldham County Board of Educations (OCBE) poor decision to locate a school campus in an area that serves neither existing nor projected school enrollment forecasts, we do support the provision of sewers through an inter-local agreement between Fiscal Court, Crestwood and the Metropolitan Sewer District versus the provision of sewers through an annexation by the City of Crestwood. The OCBE lacks the understanding of the tremendous effect the location of school sites have on the growth and development of Oldham County. The OCBE has no regard for the amount of strain they are placing on the Oldham County Fiscal Court and the Transportation Cabinet budgets by encouraging growth in an area where roads leading to the school site are substandard and unsafe. Given the enormous amount of tax dollars the OCBE spends, they should strive to make collaborative decisions and meet economic, environmental and fiscal goals in addition to education goals. Spreading growth into areas that lack basic infrastructure does nothing but increase taxes and costs. Below are three reasons we support the inter-local agreement: 1. Responsibility for additional Infrastructure. Oldham County Fiscal Court, not the City of Crestwood, will bear a heavy burden of providing infrastructure (widening county roads, increased cost of police patrols, etc.) and should be in control of land development decisions that occur in the area. 2. Mixed-Use Village Center. The Brownsboro Master Plan, adopted in April, 2009, included an extensive 18 month public involvement process with task force, subcommittee, and general public meetings and hundreds of hours of work by residents, magistrates, and planning commissioners in order to create a future vision for Brownsboro. Experts, including the Oldham County Sewer District, provided background information. As a result, the Brownsboro Master Plan specifically mentions the anticipation of the northward extension of the sanitary sewer system. As a result of the anticipated expansion of the sewers, the plan included the recommendation for a mixed-use village center concept. 3. Land Development Regulations for High Quality Development. Oldham Ahead believes that Oldham County Fiscal Court will support the creation of better land development regulations that will help achieve Brownsboros vision for high quality growth and development.

With the expansion of sewers, Planning Commissioners and Fiscal Court Members will be faced with difficult land use decisions. Fortunately, this added pressure will not come without sufficient support and preparation. Oldham Ahead urges Fiscal Court to rely on the well thought out vision and recommendations found in the Brownsboro Master Plan -- a plan that included a process that provided an equal voice for residents and developers and alike.

It is not necessary to amend or revisit either the Brownsboro Master Plan or the Comprehensive Plan with respect to the issue of the expansion of sewers in Brownsboro. As mentioned earlier, the Brownsboro Master Plan anticipated the northward movement of sewers and recommended a high-density, mixed-use village center. There are no goals, objectives and policies in the existing Comprehensive Plan that preclude the expansion of sewers. Now is the time to use both of those existing documents and move forward with more progressive land development regulations that both documents recommend today. We dont have time to waste.