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Over one million servos Over one million servos built.
... and we’re just getting started!
ADVANCED Motion Controls is an unshakable force in servo drive design and manufacturing. Our experts have designed both standard and customized servo drive solutions for a variety of applications covering diverse motion technologies worldwide. We continue to outpace our competitors by exceeding customer engineering and manufacturing needs. Investments into production equipment and technology allow for quick and easy expansion. Simply put, our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities have created the most innovative and reliable servo drives available.

Headquartered in Camarillo, California, ADVANCED Motion Controls has become one of the fastest growing servo drive companies in the world. We welcome you to visit us and see why.

Engineer-to-Engineer Collaboration
Think of our experts as an extension of your engineering team. Direct communication is key to developing solutions with speed and accuracy.



Centralized control with point-to-point wiring.


Centralized control with distributed wiring.

In-house Engineering and Manufacturing
Prototyping is implemented on the same equipment that will execute production, enabling rapid development, fast delivery and exceptional reliability for OEMs.



Distributed control with distributed wiring.


X-Y-Z and O From machine tools to flight simulators to patient handling, we provide the power and control for your positioning applications.

Proven Solutions

Networked multiple axes Distributed or centralized, various schemes, including soft motion, may be of benefit to your machine designs. Feed-to-Length Precise acceleration and velocity control are just a couple of the many tasks we are capable of executing when positioning material properly. Pumps Our drives are capable of delivering Sold & Serviced desired speeds fast and minimizeBy:velocity variations associated with accurate pumps ELECTROMATE and turbine needs. Toll Free Phone (877) SERVO98
Toll Free Fax (877) SERV099 www.electromate.com sales@electromate.com

Coordinated motion Using two or more axes where path precision is coordinated to create smooth contours. Torque control With fast and accurate current, torque or force is delivered with extremely high bandwidth.

Exceptional quality and reliability are possible because our engineers have direct access to manufacturing. Issues are addressed immediately.

We create whatever you specify. Although we have over 400 standard products available, our team is known for engineering and supporting customized OEM solutions as if they were standard products. Our four in-house engineering labs are literally a few steps away from one another and the manufacturing floor. This unique kind of direct access enables us to push the limits of technology, defy convention and create products that are best suited to your specific needs.

Control Interface Compatibility

Powered Solutions
12~800 VDC 40~480 VAC, single- and three-phase <1~200 Amps. peak Up to 80kW peak

Motor Type Compatibility
Brushed DC Brushless: AC & DC Linear & Rotary AC Induction (CL Vector) Voice Coil Trapezoidal & Sinusoidal Commutation

An ISO 9001:2000 certified online documentation workflow insures accuracy and consistency throughout design, manufacturing, testing and support of all products.

10V., Step & Dir., Encoder Following, PWM & Dir. RS-232/485 CANopen Ethernet TCP/IP SynqNetTM Other Fieldbuses

Any Controller – Any Motor – Any Feedback!
• Position • Velocity • Torque



Easy integration to all other motion control components.

Size Optimization Specific Connectors Multi-axis Single Boards Higher Power Densities Increased Functionality Additional Hardware

Key Features
Multi-mode Operation Extremely High Performance Extensive Diagnostics Compact Form Factors Low Speed Smoothing Soft Motion Decentralized Solutions

Feedback Interface Compatibility
Hall Sensors Encoder: Incremental, Sin/Cos, Absolute Resolver Tachometer Others

QuickStart systems are prepackaged and ready to ship
QuickStart is an all inclusive ‘system in a box’ offering including a drive, motor, cables, and interface for fast motion prototyping.

Multiple systems are on the shelf and have been pre-configured to spin the motor in 5 minutes or less! Once operational, simple guided instructions turn the system into the muscle of your motion Sold & Serviced By: application. OEMs today are challenged with rapid development and quick time to market. Our ELECTROMATE solution provides you the motion controls to achieve that goal.
Toll Free Phone (877) SERVO98 Toll Free Fax (877) SERV099 www.electromate.com sales@electromate.com

Drives Our core business is servo drives. With over 250 standard models available and customs expertise, we should have a product that meets your requirements. If you can’t readily find products that meet your needs then contact us about a solution that does!

Custom Solutions A large extent of ADVANCED Motion Controls’ business includes customized solutions. The amount of customization ranges from minor modifications of standard product to private labeled versions to completely new solutions from the ground up. Contact us to discuss the details of your requirements. In any instance, we’ve got you covered!

Shunt Regulators Transient over voltage problems are quickly solved using shunt regulators that clamp regeneration voltage to safe levels. These simple devices can increase system reliability by stabilizing voltage fluctuations and eliminate over-voltage shutdowns.

Power Supplies ADVANCED Motion Controls has a variety of power supplies to power your motion control system. Sizes range from 300W continuous to over 35kW peak power.

Filter Cards Inductive filter cards add inductance to the motor/drive system. To ensure current loop stability, a minimum inductance is essential for the proper operation of a PWM drive. Inductive filter cards are also used to reduce PWM switching noise.

Environmental Considerations
Extended Temperature Range Conformal Coating Higher Protection Ratings Greater Shock & Vibration Tolerance



We offer the resources, experience and direction in drive expertise for nearly every project regardless of size, scope and level of complexity.

Vis it

c.c us o nline at www.a-m-


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Toll Free Phone (877) SERVO98 Toll Free Fax (877) SERV099 www.electromate.com sales@electromate.com

Tailored Solutions– The true OEM advantage.
ADVANCED Motion Controls has extensive experience in designing affordable custom products optimized for OEM’s specific needs. Our products have successfully maximized performances, increased versatility, minimized size, and reduced costs. Our talented design team has developed a reputation for innovation. Our history of looking beyond conventional solutions has made ADVANCED Motion Controls a pioneer in servo drive technology. Bring us your next challenge and we’ll deliver you something revolutionary.

Solutions include:
• Cost Reduced • Specific Connectivity • Multi-axis Configuration • Different Power Ranges • Increased Functionality • Additional Diagnostics • Reduced Functionality • Custom Packaging

Why buy from ADVANCED Motion Controls?
• • • • • • • • • Providing motion control solutions to OEMs is our focus Superior performance and product offering Fast delivery to meet your needs Worldwide factory trained technical and sales support Engineering support available to you on-site Close collaboration with, and an extension of, your engineering team Diverse industrial experiences and knowledge allows us to improve your systems Proud of providing you with the most optimized solutions Passionate about your success

• Additional I/O • Smaller

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Toll Free Phone (877) SERVO98 Toll Free Fax (877) SERV099 www.electromate.com sales@electromate.com


Experience and dedication has enabled us to offer you solutions never before thought possible.
ADVANCED Motion Controls is in a position to provide innovative, cost effective, and superior products and system solutions for virtually any application. Our product lines currently serve a worldwide customer base in a wide range of markets.

In any industry

Semiconductor Medical Robotics Electric Mobility Test & Measurement Defense Homeland Security Electronics Packaging Pharmaceutical Textiles

Factory Automation Entertainment Machine Tool Packaging Converting Assembly Health & Fitness Material Handling Printing Data Storage

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Toll Free Phone (877) SERVO98 Toll Free Fax (877) SERV099 www.electromate.com sales@electromate.com

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