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Submitted by, Dheeraj Sanjeev Mallik Pavithra

General outlook on the Indian army

India has one of the world's largest populations of pre-trial detainees with 249,796 people in overcrowded and unsanitary prisons. While in police custody, these Indian citizens are often subjected to beatings, sleep deprivation, and shock treatments - all in violation of their fundamental constitutional rights. Subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment, they are an example of human rights abuses on a colossal scale. Four people die in police or judicial custody every day from these abuses.

Women in the army

The role of women in the armed forces for a long time, was limited to the medical profession i.e. doctors and nurses. In 1992, the doors were thrown open for women entry as regular officers in aviation, logistics, law, engineering and executive cadres. Thousands of spirited young women applied against advertisements and it was a turning point in the history of time. These women chose a new field where they had to painstakingly pave a path for the others to follow.As most lady officers are married to gentlemen officers in the armed forces, as per government policies, they are transferred together.


Defence a step ahead (2020)

The Indian Army, 2020 will be an optimally equipped and weaponised force, with the capability to operate effectively in an integrated joint services environment, over the entire spectrum of conflict, in a regional context.The vision statement spelt out above, is appropriate to the restrained aspirations of this huge and benign country, whose ethical values and traditions inhibit it from anything less modest than what has been stated. It also ensures that this country shall never again have to undergo the humiliation of foreign conquest, as in the past; hence the emphasis on optimal strength, under all conditions of warfare.

Various Structures In The Army(2020)

It is idle to claim that our organisations have stood the test of time and war and, therefore, need not be tampered with. The nature of wars we are likely to face has changed. The battle zone is virtually transparent to surveillance devices. The range and lethality of weapons has increased many times over. Precision guided munitions have replaced the old areaneutralisation munitions. Means of mobility have increased. And the convergence of Information Technology, computers, allweather sensors, communications and firepower resources has vested commanders at various levels, with unprecedented realtime knowledge of the situation as also the ability to alter it at will. These developments necessitates a review of our existing force structure.

Macro-level Restructuring.
The Army has always been regretting the blunting of the Combat Edge it had over its traditional adversary. The calculation of force ratios between the adversaries was hitherto done on a service to service basis our Army versus the opponents, our Navy and Air Force versus the opponents. This gave us a skewed idea of the capability of our armed forces as a whole vis--vis our adversary. Wars are not fought service wise. All the services have to join during combat. In such a milieu, the three services should be integrated into one strong unified force with unity of command and control, total synergy in operations, and much superior and economical employment of the resources available to the armed forces.

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