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Cisco: 640-801 CCNA Time Limit: 15 minutes Time Remaining: 13:37 Question 1: (QID=3681) Network Address Translation was

developed to alleviate the depletion of IPv4 Addresses. What was the first Cisco IOS release that supported this? 1. 12.2 2. 11.2 3. 11.3 4. 10.2 Question 2: (QID=3627) What are the transparent bridging steps that a switch goes through? 1. Aging 2. Filtering 3. Forwarding 4. Learning 5. Listening 6. Flooding Question 3: (QID=4213) Using RSTP, what is a link called between a switch and a hub? 1. link-type point-to-point 2. link-type shared 3. edge-type shared 4. edge-type point-to-point Question 4: (QID=3618) What is the reference point called between a TE2 and TA device? [see exhibit]

1. U 2. R 3. T 4. V Question 5: (QID=2360) What are the two protocols used for maintaining VLAN information between switches and routers? 1. 802.1Q 2. ISL 3. 802.11 4. 802.5 Question 6: (QID=3622) What is the topology used in the exhibit? [See exhibit] 1. Star 2. Ring 3. Bus 4. Point-to-point Question 7: (QID=1320) What is the default switching method in a Catalyst 1924C switch? 1. Fragment-free 2. Cut-through 3. Cisco Express Forwarding 4. Store-and-forward Question 8: (QID=3609) When accessing a router via the console port our session ends after a couple seconds of idle time. If we telnet into the router this does not happen. What is causing this problem?

1. The default idle time is lowered 2. The router does not have enough memory for a console session 3. The router does not have a console access configured 4. The router is faulty Question 9: (QID=2381) What command do we use to see MAC Address to IP Address mappings? 1. Show map 2. Show arp 3. Show ip address 4. Show history Question 10: (QID=3693) The default invalid time duration of IGRP is? 1. 90 seconds 2. 270 seconds 3. 180 seconds 4. 630 seconds Question 11: (QID=2340) We want to make sure that our router has always the correct time. Which protocol do we use? 1. FTP 2. NTP 3. SMTP 4. Manually set the time Question 12: (QID=2384) Our network uses DHCP to obtain IP Addresses automatically. What needs to be configured on our routers to forward the DHCP requests? 1. IP Helper-address DHCP server IP Address

2. DHCP Helper DHCP server IP Address 3. IP DHCP DHCP server IP Address 4. Nothing, the router recognizes that this is a DHCP request and forwards it based on the routing table Question 13: (QID=2981) Our Legacy DDR is not working properly and we want to monitor the ISDN behaviour on the router. Which debug command do we use? 1. Debug ISDN status 2. Debug Frame-Relay events 3. Debug ISDN DDR 4. Debug ISDN events Question 14: (QID=3610) When using debug ip we are unsure which keyword to add. What can we do to display a list of options? 1. Debug IP help 2. Debug IP /help 3. Debug IP? 4. Debug IP ? Question 15: (QID=3001) After a failure on the primary link we noticed that our DDR was not working properly. What could be the cause of this? 1. The BRI interface has to be administratively shutdown in order for DDR to work 2. Authentication is not configured properly 3. You can not back up a serial interface with an ISDN interface 4. Dialer-list statement is missing or not configured properly Question 16: (QID=2966) We want to add a description to our Ethernet interface. Which of the following would achieve this?

A) Router#interface ethernet0 LAN interface B) Router#configure terminal Router(config)#interface ethernet0 Router(config-if)#description LAN interface C) Router#configure terminal Router(config)#interface Ethernet0 LAN interface D) Router#configure terminal Router(config)#interface ethernet0 Router(config)#description LAN interface 1. C 2. D 3. A 4. B Question 17: (QID=3697) IPX RIP version 2 uses which of the following metrics to determine the best path? 1. Count to infinity 2. Load 3. Bandwidth 4. Hop count Question 18: (QID=3692) What is the reference point called between a NT1 device and the Telco device? [see exhibit] 1. U 2. T 3. S 4. V 5. R

Question 19: (QID=4214) What type of encapsulation will we use when we connect to a non-Cisco frame-relay network?

1. ietf 2. ansi 3. cisco 4. q933 Question 20: (QID=3613) We suspect that one of the modules in the switch is not working properly after a cold start. What command can we use to see if there were any issues during start up? 1. Show logging 2. Show history 3. Show version 4. Show post Question 21: (QID=4212) What is the maximum hop count for EIGRP? 1. 255 2. 100 3. 15 4. 224 Question 22: (QID=3003) When looking at the output of a show interface Ethernet x command we notice that the number of errors is quite high and the following line "Last clearing of show interface counters never". How can we clear the logs so that we can see if the errors are increasing over time? 1. Show log 2. Reboot the router 3. Clear counters Ethernet x 4. Clear interface Ethernet x

Question 23: (QID=2990) We suspect we have faulty wiring in our building. What type of testing equipment will we use to test our Cat5e wiring? 1. Network Analyzer 2. OTDR 3. TDR 4. Oscilloscope Question 24: (QID=1480) Which of the following notations are valid? [Select all that apply] 1. IPX access-list standard test 2. IP access-list extended test 3. Access-list IP extended 100 4. IPX access-list 100 Question 25: (QID=3690) We want to have redundancy on our 2 internet routers. What do we need to configure on them? 1. NAT 2. BGP 3. CDP 4. HSRP Question 26: (QID=2350) We want to connect a Token ring network to an Ethernet network. What type of bridging do we use to achieve this? 1. Source-Route Translational bridging 2. Transparent bridging 3. Source-Route bridging 4. Token Ring bridge relay function

Question 27: (QID=3678) Which of the following protocols can you find at the Host-to-Host layer of DoD model? [Select all that apply] 1. IP 2. FTP 3. TCP 4. ICMP 5. ARP 6. UDP Question 28: (QID=3621) Token-Passing networks are described by which of the following IEEE standards? 1. 802.2 2. 802.11 3. 802.5 4. 802.3 5. 802.1q Question 29: (QID=4208) How do we disable CDP on an particular interface? 1. In interface configuration mode we use the no cdp run command 2. In interface configuration mode we use the no cdp enable command 3. In global configuration mode we use the no cdp run command 4. In global configuration mode we use the no cdp enable command Question 30: (QID=3007) When looking at show interfaces ethernet0 you notice that there are a large number of runts. What is a runt? 1. An Ethernet packet that is larger then 1518 bytes 2. An Ethernet packet that is smaller then 64 bytes

3. An Ethernet packet that has been ignored 4. An Ethernet packet that caused a collision because the Ethernet interface is half duplex Question 31: (QID=2347) What is the maximum number of bridges/switches in a spanning tree domain? 1. 5 2. 9 3. 8 4. 7 5. unlimited Question 32: (QID=2967) After coming back from a vacation, you want to find out what has happened on the router. What command do we use? 1. Show interfaces 2. Show history 3. Show logging 4. Show ip protocols Question 33: (QID=2994) On the network PC 2 is able to communicate with PCs on the same segment but is unable to communicate with PC 4 [see exhibit]. What needs to be changed to make PC 2 able to communicate with PC 4 bearing in mind that we can not change any IP configurations on PC 2. Exhibit 1. Enable RARP on R1 2. Enable Inverse ARP on R1 3. Enable ARP on R1 4. Enable Proxy ARP on R1 Question 34: (QID=1319) What ISDN ITU recommendations are the described by the following: Overall network

operation, telephone services, service operation and human factors. 1. Q series 2. T series 3. B series 4. E series 5. I series Question 35: (QID=2374) We want to use IGRP as our routing protocol. Which commands will enable IGRP on our router? A) router>router igrp 100 router(config-router)>network router(config-router)>network router(config-router)>^Z B) router#router igrp 100 router(config-router)#network router(config-router)#network router(config-router)#^Z C) router#configure terminal router(config)#router igrp router(config-router)#network router(config-router)#network router(config-router)#^Z D) router#configure terminal router(config)#router igrp 100 router(config-router)#network router(config-router)#network router(config-router)#^Z 1. A 2. B 3. C 4. D Question 36: (QID=4206) By default IP load balances over ____ equal cost paths.

1. 6 2. 4 3. 3 4. 2 5. 5 Question 37: (QID=2353) When segmenting Ethernet networks with bridges we are using which form of bridging? 1. Transparent bridging 2. Source-Route Translational bridging 3. Source-Route bridging 4. Token Ring bridge relay function Question 38: (QID=2964) Which command displays the following output? [See exhibit] 1. Show dialer 2. Show ISDN status 3. Debug ISDN events 4. Show interface BRI0 Question 39: (QID=2985) After a router failure Cisco TAC asks for as much information from the router as possible. What command do we use to provide this information? 1. Show version 2. Show stacks 3. Show log 4. Show tech-support Question 40: (QID=2364) What is the correct configuration to enable OSPF on R1 [See Exhibit]. E0 of R1 should not send

out Hello packets. A router#configure network router(config-network)#router ospf 100 router(config-network)#network area 0 router(config-network)#exit router(config-network)#interface e0 router(config-if)#no ip ospf hello router(config-if)#^Z B router>configure terminal router(config)>router ospf 100 router(config-router)>network area 0 router(config-router)>passive-interface e0 router(config-router)>^Z C router#configure terminal router(config)#router ospf 100 router(config-router)#network area 0 router(config-router)#passive-interface e0 router(config-router)#^Z D router#configure terminal router(config)#router ospf 100 router(config-router)#network area 0 router(config-router)#passive-interface e0 router(config-router)#^Z 1. A 2. D 3. B 4. C Question 41: (QID=2348) IGRP uses hop count to limit the diameter of the network. What is the default hop count on a Cisco router? 1. 16 2. 15 3. 255 4. 100

Question 42: (QID=2346) Given the following binary number 10101011, what is its decimal and hexadecimal equivalent? 1. 171 2. 185 3. BA 4. AD 5. AB 6. 163 Question 43: (QID=3630) With reference to the exhibit, which degrading effect is shown? 1. Distortion 2. Electro-Magnetic Interference 3. Attenuation 4. Noise Question 44: (QID=4210) Which of the following are VTP modes? 1. transparent 2. client 3. server 4. root Question 45: (QID=2349) Looking at the exhibit we see that area 3 is not connected to the backbone. What can we do to solve this using the least effort? 1. Create a virtual link between area 3 and area 0 2. Re-design the IP Addressing scheme

3. Do nothing 4. Change the routing protocol to BGP Question 46: (QID=3606) After rebooting a router you do not have remote access anymore and the router does not respond to ping. You tried for more than an hour to gain access via telnet or ping (from your workstation and neighboring router) but were unsuccessful. A non-technical staff member on site confirms that there are lights showing on the router. What could be the cause of this? 1. The router has no power 2. The router has lost its configuration 3. The router has run out of memory during the reboot 4. The router is still populating the routing table Question 47: (QID=4016) Which is a valid host on the third usable subnet of 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Question 48: (QID=2977) We want to change the default timers of RIP. How do we achieve this? 1. Router(config-router)#timers basic update invalid holddown flush 2. Router(config-router)#timers update invalid holddown flush 3. Router#timers update invalid holddown flush 4. Router(config)#timers basic update invalid holddown flush Question 49: (QID=4209) Frame-Relay uses ___________ to map a DLCI to an IP Address? 1. Proxy ARP

2. Inverse ARP 3. RARP 4. ARP Question 50: (QID=3612) After changing the routing protocol from IGRP to OSPF the BRI0 interface has been constantly passing traffic. What is causing the problem? [see exhibit] 1. OSPF sends hello packets via the BRI0 interface 2. This is normal behaviour until OSPF has stabilized 3. The BRI0 is not in shutdown state 4. The backup route via BRI0 is preferred instead of the OSPF routes Question 51: (QID=3607) One of the routers is very slow in responding to ping and telnet access. You suspect the cpu is being over utilized. What command would you use to confirm this? 1. Show interface cpu 2. Show processes memory 3. Show cpu 4. Show processes cpu Question 52: (QID=4207) When using OSPF on a Multi Access network the Hello interval is __________ . 1. 60 seconds 2. 5 seconds 3. 30 seconds 4. 2 seconds 5. 10 seconds Question 53: (QID=2336) What is the maximum cable length for thinnet?

1. 185m 2. 100m 3. 500m 4. 2000m Question 54: (QID=3008) RIP is not working correctly and we want to find out more information about the RIP process. What command do we use? 1. debug ip 2. debug rip 3. show ip rip 4. debug ip rip Question 55: (QID=2969) When using DDR we want to make sure that the ISDN connection is torn down after 60 seconds instead of the default 120 seconds. How do we achieve this? 1. Router#dialer idle 60 2. Router(config)#dialer idle-timeout 60 3. Router(config-if)#dialer idle 60 4. Router(config-if)#dialer idle-timeout 60 Question 56: (QID=2978) What command do we use to give us information about pvcs used by Frame-Relay circuits? 1. Show Frame-Relay traffic 2. Show interface Serial x 3. Show Frame-Relay map 4. Show Frame-Relay pvc Question 57: (QID=4211) Which access list statement will prevent users from accessing the internet but let them access other resources?

1. access-list 1 deny tcp any any 2. access-list 100 deny tcp any eq 80 3. access-list 100 deny tcp any eq 80 4. access-list 1 deny ip any any 5. access-list 100 deny tcp eq 80 Question 58: (QID=3682) Which of the following are network management tools? [Select all that apply] 1. SMTP 2. RMON 3. SNMP 4. NTP 5. FTP Question 59: (QID=2366) Which of the following can be used to monitor/manage a network? 1. TCP 2. TFTP 3. SMTP 4. SNMP Question 60: (QID=3005) When troubleshooting a legacy DDR problem what would be the first step to do? 1. Debug ISDN Q931 2. Show version 3. Debug ppp authentication 4. Show ISDN status Question 61: (QID=2991) After implementing DDR we discover it is not working properly and suspect it is an authentication problem. What can we do to confirm this?

1. Show version 2. Debug PPP authentication 3. Show ISDN 4. Debug BRI Question 62: (QID=1322) Which of the following statements is true about RIP v1? [Select all that apply] 1. RIP uses to advertise the routes 2. RIP uses TCP port 179 3. RIP uses UDP port 520 4. RIP sends updates every 60 seconds 5. RIP sends updates every 30 seconds 6. RIP uses hop count as a metric Question 63: (QID=2351) The maximum hop count in a RIP v1 network is? 1. 16 2. 255 3. 100 4. 15 Question 64: (QID=3628) Which of the following protocols operate at the Internetwork layer of the DoD model? 1. ICMP 2. SMTP 3. IP 4. UDP 5. ARP

Question 65: (QID=2997) After entering a mistake on the command line the router is trying to resolve the command you entered. How can we stop this behavior? 1. Router1#no ip domain-lookup 2. Router1(config)#disable dns 3. Router1#disable dns 4. Router1(config)#no ip domain-lookup Question 66: (QID=2335) What rule do we have to adhere to when we use repeaters to extend the network? 1. 5-3-4 2. 3-4-5 3. 5-4-3 4. 5-4-2