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Statement of Purpose

My dream of becoming a journalist dates back to my childhood. Even as a youngster, I was curious about the world around me and I like freedom. I was attracted to the idea because a journalist can talk to people in all stations of life and be exposed to many ideas. As I grew older, the work attracted me even more as I realized journalists might be the people closest to the truth and reality. They play a vital role in helping others know the world in which they live and contribute to the enlightenment of society. My dream came closer to fulfillment in 2008 when I graduated from high school and enrolled for a Bachelors program in Mass Media in Kirti M. Doongursee College, ranked one of the best journalism College in Mumbai. While my time out there I learned about subjects such as Fundamentals of Mass Communication, Economics, Effective Communication Skills, Political Concept and Indian Political System, Principles of Management, Marketing, Creative Writing, Culture Studies, Cinema, Advertising, Print production and Photography, Reporting, Editing, Journalism and Public Opinion, Indian Regional Journalism, Press Law and Ethics and Global Journalism. I worked as an intern in Star Majha and IBN Lokmat which are one of the leading Media coverage channels in Maharashtra, I served for the the Sports Journalism Department for One Month each. I chose it because I wanted to polish my skills in Journalism, and more importantly, to practice what I had learned during my undergraduate study. I was deeply impressed by their balanced angles, their thorough research, and their courage to criticize. This working experience has turned me from a shy girl into an open-minded reporter. I would even get nervous before making a telephone interview during my internship, but now I will be the first among a group of journalists to raise my hand to ask questions during a press conference. At the same time, however, I became increasingly aware of my inadequacies. I need to further raise my English language level. I need to develop solid knowledge in a specific sector, such as sports or public affairs, so that I can become a real professional on my beat. That is why I decided to go back to School to take a Masters degree in Broadcast Journalism. If I have a chance to enroll in your university, I will focus my study and research on the theories and practices of western journalism. What should be the nature of journalism? Can a new entity be totally free or is it inevitably beholden, controlled or influenced by a party, group or government. How should a news agency behave when its actions can hurt the nation's welfare? These are questions to which I will try to find answers. I will try to learn a journalist's professional skills. Western journalists' sharp news sense, strong analytical capacity and their skills of interviewing and writing are things that I will try to develop. I will also concentrate on the flourishing digital media, the Internet. The open, free and fast-refreshing Internet has become an unprecedented challenge to India's traditional media; although it's still in a fledgling stage, uncertain of its future. The Internet is obviously becoming one of the best-used news resources for the Indians. I sincerely hope your university can provide me with the chance to study. Your sophisticated education and my own efforts will help me grow into an accomplished journalist.

Anamika Ankush More