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Esta histria ocorreu no ano 52 D.C., aproximadamente 22 anos depois da crucificao de Jesus Cristo.

Sob a liderana dinmica e inspirada do Apstolo Paulo, o Cristianismo estava se espalhando por todo o Imprio Romano. Mas pregar o Evangelho era uma misso arriscada e perigosa que requeria muita coragem e f em Deus!

The year was approximately 52 A.D., 22 years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Under the dynamic and inspired leadership of the Apostle Paul, Christianity was spreading throughout the Roman empire. But preaching the gospel was a hazardous and a dangerous mission that required a great deal of courage and faith in God!

Uma vez, para fugir dos seus inimigos religiosos na Turquia, Paulo atravessou o Mar Ageu para chegar a Atenas, na Grcia. De l desceu a pennsula grega e foi para a cidade de Corinto. Pouco tempo depois de chegar, Paulo conheceu um casal judeu, quila e Priscila, cuja Profisso era fazer tendas. Estes prontamente receberam Jesus em seus coraes e convidaram Paulo a ficar na sua casa. Paulo ajudou-os a fazer tendas, e todos os Sbados ia com eles sinagoga local onde pregava e Jesus era o Messias deles, o Filho de Deus.

One time, fleeing from his enemies in Turkey, Paul sailed across the Aegean Sea to Athens, Greece. From there he journeyed down the Grecian peninsula to the city of Corinth. After only a short time there, Paul met a Jewish couple named Aquila and Priscilla, who were tent-makers by profession. They readily received Jesus into their hearts and invited Paul to stay in their home. Paul helped them make tents, and every Sabbath day went with them to the local Jewish synagogue where he preached and tried to persuade the Jews that Jesus was their Messiah, the Son of God.

O chefe da sinagoga era um judeu chamado Crispo, e, ao ouvir Paulo, ficou convencido de que o que ele dizia era verdade de maneira que ele e toda a sua casa receberam Jesus em seus coraes com alegria! Mas houve outros lderes judeus que no receberam a Verdade, e o principal deles foi um homem chamado Sstenes. No seu dio contra Paulo, Sstenes comeou a espalhar mentiras e boatos maldosos e em breve fez com que Paulo e Crispo foram expulsos da sinagoga! Paulo foi para casa de Tito Justo, um cristo cuja casa era bem ao lado da sinagoga. L, ele comeou a pregar o Evangelho aos Gregos de Corinto, e em breve um grande nmero deles havia se convertido ao Cristianismo!

The chief ruler of the synagogue was a Jew by the name of Crispus, and as he listened to Paul, he became convinced that what he was saying was the truth, so he and all of his household joyfully received Jesus into their hearts! But there were other Jewish leaders who did not receive the Truth, and chief among them was a man named Sosthenes. In his hatred for Paul, Sosthenes began spreading vicious lies and rumours and soon had Paul and Crispus expelled from the Synagogue! Paul then went next door to the house of Justus, a Christian whose house was built right beside the synagogue. From there, he began preaching the Gospel to the Greeks of Corinth, and soon a large number of them were converted to Christianity!

Sstenes ficou todo encolerizado! - Temos que parar Paulo antes que ele ganhe mais algum para Jesus! - declarou Sstenes, ardendo de dio e inveja. - E o que ns vamos fazer o seguinte... Paulo estava na casa de Justo quando de repente uma grande multido, chefiada por Sstenes, irrompeu casa adentro! - Ali est ele! Agarrem-no!- Sstenes gritou. Paulo levantou-se de um salto e num instante uma dzia de homens o tinham agarrado e empurrado contra a parede! -Se eu pudesse julgar voc de acordo com as nossas leis religiosas Sstenes rosnou eu mandaria matar voc a pedradas aqui mesmo! Mas como a lei romana exige que voc seja julgado em tribunal civil, e ns queremos nos manter em encrenca te matando, vamos deixar que os Romanos te condenem!

Sosthenes flew into a fury ! Weve got to stop Paul before he wins any more people to Jesus! Sosthenes declared, burning with hate and jealousy. And heres what well do. Paul was in Justus home when suddenly a mob, led by Sosthenes, burst into the house! There he is! Seize him! Sosthenes shouted. Paul rose to his feet, and instantly a dozen men were upon him and had pinned him to the wall! If I could judge you according to our religious laws, Sosthenes snarled, I would have you stoned to death right here on the spot!But Roman law requires that you get a civil trial, and we dont want to get ourselves in trouble by killing you, so well have to let the Romans condemn you!

- Mas eu no quebrei lei nenhuma nem fiz nada de errado que seja acusador.- Paulo disse. - Voc no tem argumento contra mim. Sstenes chegou o seu rosto bem junto ao de Paulo, e com os seus olhos maldosos chamejando apenas a uns centmetros de distncia, disse: - Cale a boca, seu cachorro, e olhe l fora! Temos conosco uma multido de vrias centenas de Gregos que esto persuadidos de que voc quebrou as leis romanas! E quando ns tivermos terminado de te acusar, os Romanos te crucificaro como fizeram ao seu Jesus! Com isto cuspiu no rosto de Paulo e levou a multido pelas ruas abaixo da cidade para o grande palcio de mrmore onde estava o tribunal do governador romano. Ora, o governador pr-consular da Grcia era Junio Annoeus Glio, o irmo mais novo de Seneca, o famoso senador romano. Ao ouvir que "um grande crime contra a lei tinha sido cometido", admitiu a entrada da multido de Judeus e cidados gregos enraivecidos na sua corte.

But Ive broken no laws or done anything legally wrong. Paul answered his accuser, You have no case against me. Sosthenes stuck his face right up to Pauls, his evil eyes gleaming inches away, and said, Shut up, you dog, and look outside! There is a mob of several hundred Greeks with us who are now persuaded that you have broken Roman laws!And by the time we get finished accusing you, the Romans will crucify you just like they did your Jesus! With that, he spat in Pauls face, and led the mob down the streets of the city to the great marble palace where the Roman Governors judgment seat was. Now the proconsular Governor of Greece was Junius Annoeus Gallio, the younger brother of the famous Roman senator Seneca. Upon hearing that a serious legal crime had been committed, he admitted the mob of Jews and enraged Greek citizens into his court.

Quando estavam todos congregados diante do governador, Sstenes, dando uns passos frente, comeou a acusar Paulo. - Este homem - acusou ele - est persuadindo o povo a adorar a Deus de maneiras contrrias lei! Sstenes comeou a fazer uma acusao atrs das outra contra Paulo, e o governador comeou a ficar preocupado com o monte de acusaes criminais que estavam sendo feitas contra Paulo!

When they had assembled before the Governor, Sosthenes stepped forward and began to accuse Paul. This man, he charged, is persuading the people to worship God in ways contrary to the law! Sosthenes began bringing one accusation after another against Paul, and the Governor became concerned at the multitude of serious criminal accusations that were being leveled against Paul!

De repente, o governador Glio deu um sorriso forado, pois percebeu o que estava acontecendo. - Isto absurdo! - pensou - Isto no passa de inveja religiosa e de argumentos por causa de tradies e diferenas de doutrina! E contudo, esto tentando que eu o condene por o acusarem de ter quebrado uma lei qualquer! Finalmente, Sstenes e os outros Judeus terminaram as suas acusaes, e assim que Paulo ia comear a falar em sua defesa, Glio se levantou e disse: - Se vocs, Judeus, estivessem fazendo uma queixa sobre alguma maldade ou crime grave, seria razovel eu dar ouvidos a vocs. Mas uma vez que envolve questes sobre palavras e nomes relacionados com as suas leis religiosas, vocs mesmos resolvam o assunto! Eu no serei juiz de tais assuntos! Fazendo sinal aos guardas, Glio mandou que pusessem fora do tribunal toda a multido. Ao ver Paulo ainda no mesmo lugar, disse-lhe calmamente: -Voc est livre, pode ir embora.

Suddenly Governor Gallio gave a wry smile as he realized what was happening. This is ridiculous! he thought, this is nothing more than religious jealousy and arguments over tradition and doctrinal differences!And yet theyre trying to get me to pass judgment on him by accusing him of having broken some legal law! Finally Sosthenes and the other Jews finished their accusations, and just as Paul was about to speak in his defense, Gallio rose to his feet and said, If you Jews were making a complaint about some actual wrong-doing or serious crime, it would be reasonable for me to listen to you. But since it involves questions about things having to do with your own religious laws, settle the matter yourselves! I will not be a judge of such matters! Motioning to the guards, Gallio then had the entire mob driven out of the Court. Seeing Paul still standing there, he said to him quietly, You are free to go.

Quando Paulo saiu do tribunal e desceu a sua escadaria enorme, reparou que havia irrompido uma briga violenta entre os Judeus e a multido furiosa de Gregos que haviam sido enganados e desencaminhados pelas mentiras de Sstenes contra Paulo. Furiosos por Sstenes os ter agitado por causa de uma insignificncia, a multido zangada se virou contra ele e comeou a bater-lhe por os ter enganado e usado! Paulo continuou em Corinto durante bastante tempo depois disto, ensinando e pregando a Palavra de Deus e ganhando milhares de almas para a f em Jesus! Na verdade, quando ele foi embora, estava estabelecido um dos grupos cristos mais fortes de toda a Europa, e uma multido incontvel de almas preciosas havia encontrado verdadeira felicidade e significado para as suas vidas!

As Paul emerged from the court building and descended its great steps, he noticed that an angry quarrel had broken out between the Jews and the angry mob of Greeks who had been tricked and misled by Sosthenes lies about Paul. Furious that Sosthenes had gotten them all stirred up over nothing, the angry crowd now turned on him and began beating him for having deceived and used them! Paul stayed on in Corinth for quite some time after this, teaching and preaching the Word of God and winning thousands of souls to faith in Jesus! By the time he left, one of the strongest groups of Christians in all Europe had been established, and an untold multitude of people had found true happiness and meaning in life!

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