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Os conectivos, mais freqentemente usados, so: Em primeiro lugar, ... / Para comear, ... Com relao a ...

De acordo com ... Principalmente ... First of all, ... / In the first place, ... / To begin with, ... Regarding ... / With regards to ... / Concerning ... According to ... Especially ... / Mainly ...

A principal razo ... / O principal motivo ... The main reason ... A partir de agora ... / De agora em diante ... From now on ... Por enquanto (passado) ... / At agora ... So far ... / Up till now ...

Por enquanto (futuro) ... / At que mude de ... for some time. / ... for a while. / For the idia. time being ... Ainda no ... Nesse meio tempo, ... / Enquanto isso, ... Em meio a ... Via de regra ... Sempre que ... medida em que o tempo passa, ... A propsito, por falar nisso, ... ... not ... yet. In the meantime, ... / Meanwhile, ... In the midst of ... As a rule ... Whenever ... As time goes by, ... By the way, / Speaking of that,

Pelo que eu sei, / Pelo que me consta, / As far as I know, / As far as I can tell, Que eu saiba, / To the best of my knowledge, No que se refere a mim, / No que diz respeito a mim, Do ponto de vista de Sem dvida Da mesma forma que De maneira (forma) que Desde que Em outras palavras, / O que eu quero dizer ... / Quer dizer, / Ou seja, ... por assim dizer. As far as I'm concerned, From the standpoint of Without a doubt / Of course In the same way that So that / In order that As long as In other words, / What I'm trying to say ... / That is, ... so to speak. / ... if you will.

Por um lado, Por sua vez, ... Por outro lado, / Em compensao, Da mesma forma, / Por seu turno Enquanto que / Ao passo que Entretanto, / No entanto, Embora / Mesmo que Em ltimo caso, Mesmo assim, Apesar de Alm disto, No apenas , mas tambm Afora isso, Pelo menos De qualquer modo, / Seja como for, Seno / Caso contrrio / Sob pena de ... Ao contrrio de Em vez de / Ao invs de A no ser que A no ser por / Com exceo de Uma vez que / J que Afinal Por exemplo,

On the one hand, In his/her/its turn, ... On the other hand, Likewise While / Whereas However, Although / Even though / Even if As a last resort, Nevertheless, / Still, In spite of / Despite Besides that, / In addition to that, Not only , but also Aside from that, At least Anyway, / At any rate, / In any case, Otherwise / Or else ... Unlike Instead of / In place of Unless Except for Since After all For example, / For instance,

Locues conectivas, agrupadas por tipo de ligao que estabelecem. INTRODUCTION as referred to (at) first by the way changing the subject AGREEMENT according to as per CONTRAST after (all) alternatively although as opposed to at the same time but

concerning first of all in the first place initially on the one hand

regarding speaking of to begin with to start with

in accordance in agreement in conformity in (the) face of in (the) light of on the other hand in spite of (that) still then again meanwhile though nevertheless unlike nonetheless whereas notwithstanding while yet on the contrary

by the same token conversely despite even though for all that for (my, his, ...) part however in contrast

COMPARISON comparing likewise EMPHASIS

in comparison (with) in the same way similarly most important(ly) most of all naturally particularly positively primarily principally specifically the basic cause the chief factor the key point the main reason unquestionably valuable to note without a doubt

even more in any event above all indeed a key feature in fact a major concern in particular definitely least of all especially not let alone especially significant more important(ly) ADDITION again both ... and either ... or equally important

last but not least likewise moreover

on top of that or plus

also and (then) as well as at the same time besides

further furthermore in addition (to)

neither ... nor similarly next together with not only ... but also what's more nowadays presently shortly (after) simultaneously since so far soon temporarily then thereafter throughout thereupon until up until now while yet at the same time

TIME RELATIONSHIP after a while afterward(s) as time goes by at last at present at this point currently here immediately in the meantime lately later meanwhile now

SEQUENCE OF EVENTS first second third following then next

later after that finally

EXPLANATION OF CAUSE OR CONSEQUENCE as because due to for RESULT in order that now that since so (that) that is because that is why

hence in short accordingly so much (so) that as a consequence so ... that as a result such ... that consequently for this reason CIRCUMSTANCES as a last resort as a rule from the standpoint of

then thereby therefore thus truly

in my opinion in terms of in the midst of on the part of


as far as I understand

as far as I can tell as far as I know as far as I'm concerned

as well as I know for the time being so far

CONDITION as long as even if if DISMISSAL anyway at any rate

if not in case of in case (that) in the event of

in the event (that) only if or (else) otherwise

provided (that) providing (that) whether or not

in any case whatever the case may be

EXCEPTION / EXCLUSION aside from except for EXAMPLE not ... yet unless the following example namely to illustrate such as take the case of that is

including in particular for example in this case for instance in another case in this manner PURPOSE for this reason for your information in an effort to SUBSTITUTION in place of or rather instead of in exchange for

in order to in return for to the purpose of

to this end with this in mind with this purpose


in other words more simply

that is to put it another way

INTERMEDIATING by by means of CONCESSION after all although it is true that although this may be true EVIDENCE as you (anyone) can see certainly evidently

in doing so this way through (which)

at the same time granted that I admit

it may appear that naturally of course

indeed it's no wonder naturally needless to say

obviously of course without question without a doubt

CONCLUSION / SUMMARY after all all in all all things considered as I have said

in conclusion as we have seen in short in summary at last last(ly) finally on the whole in brief

overall thus to conclude to summarize to sum up