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The Meaning of Flowers Idid some research on flowers and found a lot of interesting information.

ABUTILON Meditation ACACIA (Rose or white) Elegance, friendship ACACIA (yellow) Secret love ACANTHUS Artifice, fine arts ACHILLEA War ACONITE Lustre, misanthropy ADDER'S-TONGUE Jealousy ADONIS Sad memories AGRIMONY Gratitude ALLSPICE Compassion ALMOND (common) Indiscretion, perfidy ALOE grief, misplaced devotion, religious superstition ALSTOREMERIA Devotion ALTHEA Consumed by love ALYSSYM (sweet) Excellence beyond beauty, exemplary modesty AMARANTH (coxcomb) Affectation, pretension AMARANTH (globe) Constant, unchangeable AMARANTH Foppery, immortality, pretension AMARYLLIS Beautiful, timid, proud AMBROSIA Love returned ANEMONE Fading hope ANGELICA Inspiration, magic APOCYNUM Falsehood, figment, I doubt you APPLE-BLOSSOM Preference ARBOR-VITAE (American) immortality ARBOR-VITAE I never change, live for me ARBUTUS You only do I love ASCLEPIAS Sorrowful remembrance ASH Prudence, with me you are safe ASMINE (night-blooming) Love's vigil ASPEN Excess of sensibility, fear ASPHODEL Memorial sorrow, my regrets follow you to the grave ASTER (China) Afterthoughts, love of variety AURICULA (scarlet) Pride AURICULA Painting, wealth is not always happiness AZALEA Moderation, temperance, your blush has won me BACHELOR'S BUTTON Devotion, hope, love BALM Social intercourse, sympathy BALSAM Impatience BARBERRY Sharpness of temper BASIL Hatred BAY-LEAF I change but in death BABY'S BREATH Pure of heart BAYBERRY Discipline, instruction BEGONIA Deformity BELLFLOWER Constancy, gratitude, I wish to speak to you

BELLWORT Hopelessness BETONY Surprise BILBERRY Treachery BITTERSWEET Truth, platonic love BLACKTHORN Difficulty BLUEBELL Constancy, sorrowful regret BLUEBOTTLE Delicacy BLUETS Contentment BORAGE Bluntness, talent BRAMBLE Holiness, remorse BROOM Humility, neatness BRYONY Prosperity BURDOCK Importunity BUTTERCUP Riches BUTTERFLY-WEED Let me go CACTUS Grandeur, warmth CALLA LILY Magnificent beauty CALYCANTHUS Benevolence CAMELLIA (Red) Unpretending excellence, innate warmth, alas my poor heart CAMELLIA (White) Perfected loveliness, without blemish CHAMOMILE Energy in adversity CANDYTUFT Indifference CANTERBURY BELLS Gratitude, acknowledgement, obligation CARDINAL-FLOWER Distinction CARNATION Fidelity, love CARNATION PINK Woman's love CATALPA Beware of the coquette CATCHFLY Pretended love, snare, unchanging friendship CATTLEYA Matronly grace, mature charms CEDAR I live but for thee, think of me CELANDINE Joys to come CENTAURY Delicacy CEREUS (night-blooming) Transient beauty CHERRY-BLOSSOM Spiritual beauty CHESTNUT-BLOSSOM Do me justice CHICKWEED Give an account of yourself, rendezvous CHICORY Frugality CHRYSANTHEMUM (Chinese) Loveliness and cheerfulness CHRYSANTHEMUM (red) I love CHRYSANTHEMUM (white) Truth CINERARIA Always delighted CISTUS Popular favour CITRON natured beauty CLEMATIS (evergreen) Poverty CLEMATIS Mental Beauty CLIANTHUS -Self-seeking, worldliness CLOTBUR Rudeness CLOVER (four-leafed) Be mine CLOVER (white) Think of me

CLOVES Dignity COBAEA Gossip COLTSFOOT Justice shall be done COLUMBINE Folly CONVOLVULUS Uncertainty CORCHORUS Return quickly COREOPSIS Always cheerful CORIANDER Hidden worth CORN-BLOSSOM Riches CORN-COCKLE Peerless and proud CORNEL Success crowned you CORNFLOWER Delicacy, refinement COWSLIP Comeliness, winning grace, you are my divinity COXCOMB Foppery CRABAPPLE-BLOSSOM Irritability CRANBERRY Cure for heartache CREEPING CEREUS Modest genius CRESS Power, stability CROCUS Abuse not, gladness, mirth CROWFOOT Ingratitude CROWN IMPERIAL Arrogance, majesty, pride of birth CURRANT Your frown will destroy me CUSCUTA Meanness CYCLAMEN Diffidence CYPRESS Despair, mourning DAFFODIL Deceitful, hope, unrequited love, regard DAHLIA Elegance and dignity, forever thine DAISY (coloured) Beauty DAISY (Michaelmas) Farewell DAISY (white wild) I will think of it DAISY Innocence DANDELION Coquetry, love's oracle DAPHNE Fame, glory DARNEL Vice DEW-PLANT Serenade DIOSMA Your simple elegance charms me DITTANY OF CRETE (white) Passion DOCK Patience DODDER OF THYME Baseness DOGBANE Falsehood DOGROSE Pleasure DOGWOOD Forgetfulness, love undiminished by EGLANTINE Genius, I wound to heal, poetry, talent ELDER Compassion, zealousness ENDIVE Frugality ESCHSCHOLTZIA Do not refuse me EUPATORIUM Delay EYEBRIGHT Cheer up F ENNEL Strength, worthy of praise FERN Fascination, magic, sincerity

FIG Argument, I keep my secret FILBERT Reconciliation FIR Time FLAX Domestic industry, fate, I feel your kindness FLEUR-DE-LIS Message FLOWER-OF-AN-HOUR Delicate beauty FLOWERING ALMOND Hope FORGET-ME-NOT Constancy, true love FOUR-LEAFED CLOVER Be mine FOUR-O'CLOCK Timidity FOXGLOVE Insincerity, stateliness, youth FOXTAIL GRASS Sporting FUCHSIA Confiding love FUMITORY Spleen FURZE Anger, love for all occasions GARDEN DAISY Share your sentiments GARDENIA Refinement GENTIAN (closed) Sweet be thy dreams GENTIAN (fringed) I look to heaven GERANIUM (dark) Melancholy GERANIUM (fish) Disappointed expectation GERANIUM (horseshoe) Stupidity GERANIUM (Ivy) Favour GERANIUM (lemon) Unexpected meeting GERANIUM (nutmeg) Expected meeting GERANIUM (oak) True friendship GERANIUM (pencilled) Ingenuity, GERANIUM (rose) Preference GERANIUM (scarlet) Comforting, consolation GERANIUM (silver leafed) Recall GERANIUM (wild) Steadfast piety GERANIUM Gentility, peaceful mind GILLYFLOWER Bonds of affection, lasting beauty, she is fair GLADIOLUS Ready-armed GOLDENROD Encouragement, precaution GOOSEBERRY Anticipation GRANDIFLORA High-souled GRAPE (wild) Charity, mirth GRASS Submission HANDFLOWER Warning HAREBELL Grief, submission HARLEQUIN Laugh at trouble HAWKWEED Quick-sighted HAWTHORN Hope HAZEL Reconciliation, heart is agitated HEARTSEASE Modesty, pleasant thoughts, think of me HEATH Solitude HELENIUM, Tears HELIOTROPE Devotion, eagerness, intoxicated with joy HELLEBORE Calumny, scandal

HEMLOCK You will cause my death HEMP Fate HIBISCUS Delicate beauty HOLLY Am I forgotten?, domestic happiness, foresight HOLLYHOCK Ambition, fruitfulness HONEY-FLOWER Love sweet and secret HONEYSUCKLE (coral) Fidelity, generous and devoted love, affection HONEYSUCKLE Bonds of love HOP Injustice, HORNBEAM Ornament HORSE-CHESTNUT Luxury HOUSELEEK Domestic industry, vivacity HOUSTONIA Contentment HYACINTH (purple) Jealousy, sorrow HYACINTH (white) Modest loveliness HYACINTH Constancy HYDRANGEA Boaster, heartlessness HYSSOP Cleanliness ICE-PLANT Old Beau, rejected, your looks freeze me IRIS (German) Aflame, I burn adversity IRIS Message, my compliments, eloquence IVY Fidelity, friendship, marriage, wedded love JACOB'S-LADDER come down JASMINE (cape) I am too happy JASMINE (Carolina) Separation JASMINE (Indian) Attraction, I attach myself to you JASMINE (Spanish) Sensuality JASMINE (white) Amiability JASMINE (yellow) Grace and elegance JASMINE I am too happy JONQUIL Can you return my love?, I desire a return of your affection JUDAS-TREE Betrayal, unbelief KINGCUP Riches LABURNUM Forsaken, pensive beauty LADY'S SLIPPER Capricious beauty, win and wear me LADY'S SMOCK Ardor LADY'S THIMBLE Grief, submission LADY'S-TRESSES Bewitching grace LANTANA I am unyielding LAPAGERIA There is no unalloyed good LARCH Audacity, boldness. LARKSPUR (pink) Fickleness LARKSPUR (Purple) Haughtiness LAUREL (ground) Perseverance, token LAUREL (mountain) Ambition LAUREL Perfidy, treachery LAURESTINE I die if neglected LAVENDER Acknowledgment, distrust failure LEAVES (dead) Sadness LEMON Discretion

LETTUCE Cold-hearted LICHEN Dejection, refusal, solitude LILAC (purple) Fastidiousness, first love LILAC (white) Youthful innocence LILY (water) Purity of heart LILY (calla) Maiden modesty, beauty LILY (day) Coquetry LILY (frog) Disgust LILY (tiger) I dare you to love me LILY (white) Purity and sweetness LILY (yellow) Coquetry, falsehood, flirtation LILY-OF-THE-VALLEY Perfect purity, return of happiness LINDEN Conjugal love LIVE-OAK Liberty LIVERWORT Confidence LOBELIA Arrogance, malevolence LOCUST Affection beyond the grave, vicissitude LONDON-PRIDE Frivolity LOTUS Estranged love LOVE-IN-A-MIST Perplexity LOVE-LIES Bleeding, hopeless but not heartless LUCERNE Life LUPINE (rose) Fanciful LUPINE (white) Always happy LUPINE Voraciousness MADDER Backbiting, tranquility MAGNOLIA (swamp) Perseverance MAGNOLIA Benevolence, high-souled, love of nature, magnificence MAIZE Riches MALLOW Mildness MANCHINEEL Falsehood MANDRAKE I wound to soothe MAPLE Reserve, retirement MARIGOLD Cruelty in love, inquietude, jealous lover MARJORAM Blushes MARSHMALLOW Beneficence in consent MARVEL-OF-PERU Timidity MEADOW-SAFFRON My best days are past MEADOWSWEET Uselessness MESEMBRYANTHEMUM Idleness MEZEREON Desire to please MIGNONETTE Your qualities surpass your charms MILFORD War MILK-VETCH Your presence softens my pain, comfort MIMOSA Exquisite, fastidious MINT Let us be friends again, virtue MISTLETOE I surmount difficulties, I want to be kissed, you are a parasite MOCK-ORANGE Counterfeit MONARDA Your whims are unbearable MONK'S-HOOD Chivalry MONKSHEAD Danger is near

MOONFLOWER I only dream of love MORNING-BRIDE I have lost all MORNING-GLORY Affection, departure MOSCHATEL Weakness MOSS Ennui MOSS ROSEBUD Confession of love MOTHERWORT Concealed love MOUNTAIN ASH Prudence MOURNING-BRIDE Unfortunate to attachments MUDWORT Happiness, peace MULBERRY (black) I shall not survive you, sadness MULBERRY (white) Wisdom MULLEIN Take courage MUSK-PLANT Be bolder MUSTARD I smart, I am hurt MYRTLE (wax) Discipline, instruction MYRTLE Love in absence NANDINA My love will grow warmer NARCISSUS Egotism, you love yourself too well NASTURTIUM Patriotism NETTLE Slander, you are spiteful NIGHTSHADE Your thoughts are dark OAK Hospitality OAT I love your music OLEANDER Beware OLIVE Peace ORANGE-BLOSSOM Chastity, eternal love, marriage, bridal festivities ORCHID You are a belle, you flatter me ORCHIS (bee) Error, industry ORCHIS (butterfly) Gaiety ORCHIS (fly) Error OXEYE Be patient PALM Victory PANSY Modesty, pleasant thoughts, think of me PARSLEY Useful knowledge, festivity gaiety PASQUEFLOWER You have no claims PASSION FLOWER Faith, holy love, religious fervour and superstition PEA (Everlasting) Appoint a meeting, lasting pleasure PEACH-BLOSSOM I am your captive PEAR-BLOSSOM Not altogether lovely, affections PENNYROYAL You had better go PEONY Anger, indignation, bashfulness PEPPER-FLOWER Satirical thoughts PERIWINKLE (blue) Early friendship PERIWINKLE (white) Harmony, pleasure of memory PERSICARIA Restoration PERSIMMON-BLOSSOM Bury me amid nature's beauties, I shall surprise you by and by PETUNIA You soothe me PHEASANT'S-EYE I cannot forget you PHLOX (star-shaped) Affability, trying to please you, agreements

PHLOX Unanimity PIMPERNEL Assignation, change PINE Pity PINK (double-red) Ardent love PINK (Indian) Always lovely PINK (mountain) Aspiration PINK (variegated) Refusal PINK (white) Fascination, talent PLUM (wild) Independence PLUM-BLOSSOM Keep your promises, fidelity PLUMBAGO Holy wishes POLYANTHUS Purse-proud POMEGRANATE BLOSSOM Mature elegance, perfection POPPY (red) Consolation POPPY (scarlet) Fantastic extravagance POPPY (variegated) Flirtation, dreaminess POPPY (white) Forgetfulness POTENTILLA I claim your esteem PRIDE OF CHINA Dissension PRIMROSE (evening) Inconstancy, early youth PRIMROSE (red) Neglected merit PRIMROSE Believe me, youth and sadness PRINCE'S FEATHER I blush for you PRIVET Prohibition PYXIE Life is sweet QUAKING-GRASS My QUAMOCLIT Busybody QUEEN-OF-THE-MEADOWS Uselessness QUINCE-BLOSSOM Temptation RAGGED-ROBIN Ardor RANUNCULUS I am dazzled by your charms RASPBERRY-BLOSSOM Remorse RHODODENDRON Beware, I am dangerous ROCKET Rivalry ROSE (Austrian) You are all that is lovely ROSE (bridal) Happy love ROSE (Burgundy) Unconscious beauty ROSE (cabbage) Ambassador of love ROSE (Carolina) Love is dangerous ROSE (China) Beauty always new ROSE (Damask) Beauty ever new, young and brilliant ROSE (deep-red) Admiration, bashful, embarrassment ROSE (full-blown) Engagement ROSE (guelder) Age, winter ROSE (half-blown) Timid love ROSE (Jacqueminot) I am true ROSE (Japan) Beauty is your only attraction, illusion ROSE (marechal niel) Yours, heart and soul ROSE (montiflora) Grace ROSE (moss) Superior, confessions of love

ROSE (musk) Capricious beauty ROSE (pink) Ours must be secret love ROSE (red) Unity, romantic love ROSE (rock) Popular favour ROSE (thornless) Ingratitude ROSE (white) I am worthy of your love, silence, innocent love ROSE (white, withered) Despair ROSE (wild) Charming simplicity ROSE (yellow) Jealousy, let us forget, love is waning, friendship ROSE (York-and-Lancaster) Conflict ROSE Love ROSE-LEAF You may hope ROSEBUD (red) Inclined to love, pure and lovely ROSEBUD (white) Too young to love ROSEMARY Remember me RUDBECKIA Impartiality RUE Disdain, fertility SAFFRON Beware of excess pleasures, voluptuousness, you are perfectly lovely SAGE Domestic virtues, great respect SAINFOIN You confuse me SALVIA (blue) Wisdom SALVIA (red) Untiring energy SATINFLOWER Fascination SAXIFRAGE Affection SCABIOUS (sweet) Widowhood SCABIOUS Unfortunate love SEA-BINDWEED Uncertainty SENSITIVE-PLANT Fine sensibility SENVY I smart SHAMROCK Loyalty SHEPHERD'S PURSE I offer you my all SMILAX Constancy SNAPDRAGON No, presumption SNOWBALL Bound thoughts of heaven SNOWDROP Consolation, friendship in trouble SORREL (wild) Ill-timed wit SORREL (wood) Secret sweetness SOUTHERNWOOD Bantering, jest SPEEDWELL Womanly fidelity SPIDERFLOWER Not so bad as I seem SPIDERWORT Esteem but not love ST. JOHN'S-WORT Animosity STAR OF BETHLEHEM Atonement STARWORT Afterthought STEPHANOTIS Happiness in marriage STOCK Lasting beauty STONECROP Tranquility STRAW Agreement

SUMAC (dwarf) Adoration SUMAC I shall survive the change SUNFLOWER (large) You are splendid SWEET BASIL Good wishes SWEET-WILLIAM Grant me one smile SWEET PEA departure, remember me SYRINGA You shall be happy yet TAMARISK Crime TANSY Resistance TEAZEL Misanthropy THISTLE (Scotch) Retaliation THISTLE Austerity, sternness THORN-APPLE Delusive beauty THRIFT Sympathy TRILLIUM Modest ambition TRUMPET-FLOWER Fame TUBEROSE Dangerous TULIP (red) Declaration of love TULIP (variegated) Enchantment, your eyes are beautiful TULIP (yellow) Hopeless and perfect love TULIP TREE BLOSSOM Rural happiness TURNIP BLOSSOM Charity TUSSILAGE You shall have justice VALERIAN An accommodating disposition VENUS'S FLY-TRAP Duplicity VENUS'S LOOKING-GLASS Flattery VERBENA Pray for me, tender and quick emotion VERONICA Fidelity VERVAIN Enchantment, superstition VIOLET (blue) Faithfulness, love, loyalty VIOLET (white) Candour, modesty hope VIRGIN'S BOWER Filial love VIRGINIA CREEPER I cling to you WAKE-ROBIN Ardor-zeal WALLFLOWER Fidelity in misfortune or adversity WATER LILY Purity of the heart WAX-PLANT Susceptibility WHEAT Prosperity WISTARIA Cordial welcome WITCH-HAZEL Inspiration, Mysticism, a spell is upon me WOLFSBANE Misanthropy WOODBINE Fraternal love WORMWOOD Absence XANTHIUM Pertinacity, rudeness YARROW Cure for heartache ZEPHYRANTHES Expectation ZINNIA Thoughts of absent friends