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Double Standards, Bias - The Peace FAQ

Double Standards

Frequently Asked Questions:

● Are Israel and the Arab world judged with different standards?
● Doesn't America give undue favoritism to Israel?
● Is Israel criticized more than other countries who are are conducting
themselves in a far less humanitarian ways?
● Is Israel criticized by other countries who would react as harshly or
more harshly under similar circumstances?
● Who are the real victims of the 'Double Standard'?
● Are the Palestinian Arabs given special treatment by the international
● Aren't the lower standards expected of the Arab world a good way to
help them become more progressive societies?

Are Israel and the Arab world judged with different standards?

● "There is a double standard at work, with Israel expected to act as a

democracy while the assumption is that the Arabs are barely a cut
above barbarians".

- Gary Rosenblatt, editor and publisher of The Jewish Week in New


● For the Jews, the choice is to be landless and rootless or to possess

some 8,000 square miles of land which two thousand years ago had
been part of their own; moreover, it is land they have purchased. For
the Arabs, the choice is between more than 4 million square miles
minus these 8,000, and the 4 million intact, reputedly inalienably
Arab by right, even if the intact 4 million should leave another people
perpetually rootless. Any Jewish presence whatever, for those who
favour this latter option, is trespass, even if the Jews are to be found
only on land the reclamation of which is entirely the work of Jewish

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Double Standards, Bias - The Peace FAQ

- Jacques Givet, "The Anti-Zionist Complex"

Doesn't America give undue favoritism to Israel?

● Under Construction

Is Israel criticized more than other countries who are are

conducting themselves in a far less humanitarian ways?

● While anything Israel does, may do, or does not do reveals that
country's depravity, acts of commission or omission by other
countries pass unchallenged or are not condemned in the same way,
or are treated with indulgence. In no case is anything done by a
country other than Israel used as a pretext for questioning the
country's existence. The anti-Zionists eschew comparisons.

- Jacques Givet, "The Anti-Zionist Complex"

Is Israel criticized by other countries who would react as harshly

or more harshly under similar circumstances?

● See United Nations

Who are the real victims of the 'Double Standard'?


by Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East analyst & commentator

The NEW YORK TIMES article by Steven Erlanger (1) carries the
complaint that the US bombing threat to Iraq represents a "Double
Standard" in favor of Israel. The concept that America holds a
"Double Standard" in favor of Israel has been ramped up in recent
years and has reached a peak now during this latest confrontation
with Iraq. Arabists claim the US has used a "Double Standard" when
issues regarding Israel are considered. Let us then examine this
"Double Standard" minus the Orwellian Double-Speak.

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Double Standards, Bias - The Peace FAQ

Not surprisingly, Jews are the world's experts on "Double Standards"

having been victims of such "Double Standards" for ages. To cover in
detail centuries of European "Double Standards" through later years
of Islam's "Double Standard" requires an encyclopedia so just a few
points to quickly bring us up to the present.

The Christian Church taught its followers that Jews were connected
with the devil, were the killers of the Jew Jesus and, therefore, worth
hounding or killing, without conscience, if the opportunity arose.
"Double Standard" here was merely that Jews were not considered
as human, but UNgodly, whereas Christians were entirely human and
godly. Therefore Christians were deserving of the Covenant with G-d
once the Jews had been either absorbed or eliminated.

In the 7th century, Mohammed supposedly had a vision which

declared him the last and final prophet of G-d (called Allah) and the
rightful heir to both Judaism and Christianity. He approached the
Jews of Mecca with his prophecy, particularly those of the Quraish
tribe and made a peace treaty. Before 2 years he broke the Quraish
treaty, returned with his new army and slaughtered all the Jews.

Yassir Arafat frequently draws an analogy between Oslo and this

Quraish treaty, thus telling knowledgeable Arabs of his true
intentions - and his Islamic "Double Standard" as stated in the
Koran:. "Make a treaty with your enemy when you are weak; but you
must break that treaty and defeat your enemy in war when you are
strong". The "Double Standard" is that all must view favorably the
self-styled claims of Islam while dismissing the Jewish claim to the
Land of Israel which dates back 4000 years.

"Double Standard" in more recent times: The Ottoman Empire held

all the vast lands of the Middle East for 400 years. After the Allies
won in 1918, they created a Mandate Commission with England and
France as administrators. They divided up the Middle East, made new
borders and created states where none existed before. Syria, Iraq,
Lebanon, Saudi Arabia were essentially artificial entities, created by
England and France as their protectorates for their purposes of
political hegemony and financial control of their oil wells and the
Suez Canal.

In gratitude for the part they played in the Great War, in 1918 the
Jews were to be given their historic land of Palestine, "to create a
homeland for the Jewish people and to settle the land (on both sides
of the Jordan River)" This commitment was ratified by the US
Congress and League of Nations (precursor to the UN). (2)

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Double Standards, Bias - The Peace FAQ

Unfortunately, in 1922 the British gave away 70% of the land

promised to the Jews, vast lands East of the Jordan River, to buy off
Abdullah who had moved an army north from the Arabian peninsula
(now Saudi Arabia) to threaten his brother Faisel's control of Syria.
Jewish Palestine was truncated from 45,000 to 8,000 square miles
which became Transjordan. In 1946 King Abdullah declared it the
independent state of Jordan. Not one country of the world objected
to this betrayal of the Jewish homeland. Even then the Jews,
desperate for their own land where they would not be hounded by
Christian Europe or Islamic Arabs, accepted the worst of a bad
bargain. Here the "Double Standard" became the "Double Cross"

While in control of Palestine, the British consistently followed their

usual "Double Standard". They favored the Arabs, imported them
from the surrounding Arab countries as laborers and the Arabs came
in, drawn by the improved living conditions which Jewish industry,
health and sanitation brought. But they weren't native to the land
nor had they claims on it "from time immemorial" as did the Jews.(3)
The British didn't stop frequent Arab attacks against Jews in rural
areas or cities like Hebron and Jerusalem, where Arab pogroms
massacred hundreds of men, women and children from the 1920s to
1940s. Again the "Double Standard"

"Double Standards" applied against the Jews in the 30s and 40s that
spawned the Holocaust have been delineated competently in many,
many books.(4) It is merely necessary to note that the simple phrase
"Double Standard" was the very foundation operative in causing and
actuating the Holocaust. This includes the Christian Church, most all
of the countries of the world, humanitarian agencies (the Red Cross),
the media, the intelligentsia, the leaders, et al. Especially despicable
was Britain's blockade of Palestine against Jews fleeing certain death
during the Nazi extermination campaign. They also stopped survivors
from entering Palestine after WWII. Those who tried to run their
blockades were jailed in concentration camps on Cyprus.

In 1947, Britain withdrew from Palestine because they tired of Arab

attacks against Jews which they (the British) did little to control.
Before they left, they stripped the Jews of any weapons they had
managed to collect and gave them to the Arabs, along with the
British Taggert forts which controlled strategic points of access in
Israel. Again the "Double Standard"

The Arab States, themselves were relatively new, threatened to

"dance on the blood of the Jews" in the coming battle for the newly
Independent Jewish State of Israel. Many of the armies of the
invading Arab states were trained and armed by the British.(5)

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Double Standards, Bias - The Peace FAQ

The Jews, in preparation for a war of annihilation promised by the

Arabs, desperately searched the world for weapons. But, the US,
Britain and France, among others, declared an arms embargo against
the Jews, based on the duplicitous claim that "they could not ship
weapons into a potentially hot spot" "Double Standard"?

This embargo didn't apply to the Arabs. Not only did the Arabs have
weapons in abundance, plus those left behind by the British, but
could freely purchase modern weapons left over from WWII.
Meanwhile, the Jews bought old and almost useless weapons from
such countries as Czechoslovakia at double prices of new weapons.
"Double Standard"

The War for Israel's Independence began before the British left, with
continual attacks not stopped by the British. May 15, 1948, the day
of Israel's declaration of Independence, newborn Israel was attacked
by the 7 well-armed and trained armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan,
Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

Miraculously, the 600,000 Jews of new Israel, many straight from the
Nazi death camps or British internment camps on Cyprus, fought the
7 Arab armies to a standstill. The world still didn't give a damn until
it was clear the Arabs were losing. Then and only then, did America
step in to snatch success in battle from the Jews. In the 6 defensive
wars against the Arabs who threatened to throw the Jews into the
sea by Jihad (Holy War), the Arabs lost. But, America and the West
were consistent. They interceded to deny the Jews their victory over
aggressor nations, again and again and again. "Double Standard"

Remember Camp David where Israel was badgered by the anti-

Semitic State Dept and Jimmy Carter to give up Sinai to Egypt -
even after the 1973 War when Egypt and Syria attacked Israel on
Yom Kippur? Menachem Begin paid the price for this peace treaty:
$17 Billion dollars, Israel is still paying off the loans needed to fund
the Camp David withdrawal and re-equipment after the Yom Kippur
War. All Israel got was a cold peace, no normalization, no trade -
only vituperative hostility from the government controlled Egyptian
press and leaders. Jimmy Carter never said a word when Egypt
brought SAM (Surface-to-Air) missile batteries into the Sinai which
was supposed to be demilitarized according the Camp David Accords.
"Double Standard"

Let us advance to Oslo and the handshake on the White House lawn.
It is no secret that Arafat has broken every single line of the
agreement with no objections from the US. (Note! Except for some
State Dept. double-talk on how, regrettably, this killing or suicide

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Double Standards, Bias - The Peace FAQ

bombing had affected the non-existent peace process.)

Since Olso 274 Jews have been killed by Palestinian terrorists,

thousands wounded, many maimed for life. No matter how egregious
the act of horror, somehow it was always defined as Israel's fault for
being there. If only Israel had given away more, sooner, the poor
Palestinians wouldn't have been so frustrated and used suicide
bombers to make their point. But, still the State Dept. and White
House continue to whitewash the bloody Arafat and say he is fulfilling
his commitments. They especially lie when they claim he has
abrogated the Palestinian Covenant calling for Israel's destruction.(6)

These lies enable the State Dept to continue funding Arafat's

Palestinian Authority with $500 million US taxpayers' dollars. This
money has gone into Arafat's pockets to buy up land in Jerusalem,
build him palaces with huge underground storage bunkers, to his
supporters' personal luxuries, to buy arms that are illegal according
to Oslo, to fund a "Police Force" which is really a standing army of
over 50,000, plus 9 Secret Services - more than twice the number
allowed by Oslo. Arafat says he "will liberate all of Israel for his new
State of "Palestine" with Jerusalem as the capital of that State and
Only that State - And anyone who doesn't like it can go drink Gaza
sea water." He has proclaimed this since Oslo until today.

In 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait with operational assistance of Yassir

Arafat and King Hussein of Jordan. The Gulf War was imminent.
Bush issued a waiver (pre-pardon) to his Cabinet for whatever
financial connections they may have had with Saddam Hussein's
buildup of his deadly arsenal. Bush/Baker used $5 billion American
taxpayers' dollars through BCCI,hidden in appropriations for the
Dept. of Agriculture,to fund Saddam's war machine, in order to
counter Iran.(7)

Saddam announced he "will burn half of Israel" and "is fighting to

free Jerusalem from the Jews" Somehow, the Jews are at fault
because he was caught in a vise of his own making. He threw 39
SCUD missiles at Israel. Palestinians danced on their rooftops
cheering Saddam, burning American and Israeli flags (then and

Bush refused to allow Israel to retaliate in self-defense. Israel was

denied IFF (Identify Friend & Foe) codes to enable her attack on
SCUD missile batteries targeting Israel. Bush lied that he would take
them out. "Double Cross". But, when one SCUD hit a barracks of
American soldiers, Bush quickly ended Desert Storm, leaving
Saddam, his elite Army and his Weapons of Mass Destruction intact.

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Double Standards, Bias - The Peace FAQ

If Israel had been permitted to hit the SCUD batteries, perhaps those
Americans would be alive today and the NBC, Nuclear, Biological and
Chemical weapons Saddam has in hidden stockpiles would not exist.
Saddam was beaten by the American led coalition in 1991. He
surrendered to terms of oil embargo and UN inspection searches for
his hidden weapons. Both lies. He continued to ship oil through other
nations and easily deceived the UN inspectors, continuing to build
and hide his stockpile of NBC.

Now the war posturing has begun again, only we hear shouts of
unfair "Double Standard" "Why attack Iraq for hiding WMD, Weapons
of Mass Destruction when Israel must also have them?"Israel
upholds the same ethics that America, France and England. None of
these nations would use such weapons,except in a worst-case
scenario whereas Saddam has used his and would use them again as
his weapon of first choice.

Today Palestinians are demonstrating for Saddam with signs

encouraging him to send chemical and biological missiles against US
troops and Israel. These often violent rallies are being organized
directly by Yasir Arafat. Polls show that 80% of Palestinians support
Saddam bombing Tel Aviv. (8)

According to Moscow's PRAVDA, Aleksey Yablokov, member of the

Russian Academy of Sciences, said: "The PLO has twice said that it
has nuclear weapons allegedly purchased illegally from Russia."(9)

Did the teenagers who wrapped themselves in the American flag and
shouted down Sec. of State Albright understand that long range
missiles and artillery shells loaded with poison are not merely
constructed for deterrence but they can be used in America? Saddam
means to use his - now or later. Who primed the chanting bubble-
heads to think that Saddam was only doing this because Israel had
denied one of his co-conspirators (Arafat) the right to make Israel
"Judenrein" (free of Jews). Then the panting and chanting grew
louder, as they repeated the mantra of "Double Standard, Double

As always the media, masters of "Double Standard" picked up the cry

(or initiated it) and there you have it. Clearly, if Israel did not exist,
Saddam wouldn't have invaded Kuwait. Iran would not be building
nuclear weapons (10) nor would Syria have one of the most
advanced chemical arsenals in the Mideast.(11)

Jews understand the "Double Standard" very well, having been its
victims for centuries. As the Arabs and fellow liberals scream about
"Double Standards" remember that Carl Jung said: "Aggressors
generally first blame their intended victims for what they (the

http://www.peacefaq.com/doublestandards.html (7 of 11)8/9/2007 10:35:20 AM

Double Standards, Bias - The Peace FAQ

aggressors) wish to do. By blaming the victim, you can then attack,
pretending justification."

Watch for the ramping up of the Orwellian cry of "Double Standard"

when or if America attacks Iraq. Somehow, the world, with Clinton at
its point, will demand that Israel satisfy the blood lust of the Arabs
by further withdrawals from her tiny land as compensation for
America attacking Iraq.

"Double Standard/Double Cross" They're just a word apart.

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Are the Palestinian Arabs given special treatment by the

international community?

● ...it is not just at the expense of the Israelis that the PLO, as we
have seen, has been granted priority over other movements, for such
priority is prejudicial to all such movements as do not happen to
enjoy Arab-African "recognition". By virtue of what criteria should a

http://www.peacefaq.com/doublestandards.html (8 of 11)8/9/2007 10:35:20 AM

Double Standards, Bias - The Peace FAQ

Palestinian prisoner or casualty enjoy medical care and legal

protection refused to a Naga, a Kurd, or a Timorese? This is not in
any way to question the immense value of the work done by the
International Red Cross, but rather to impugn the maneuvers which
would pervert the principles of humanity and equity whereby Red
Cross representatives in the field are guided.

- Jacques Givet, "The Anti-Zionist Complex"

Aren't the lower standards expected of the Arab world a good way
to help them become more progressive societies?

● While Hebron burns

Editorial: The Jerusalem Post
July 4, 1997

If nothing else, the clashes in Hebron and the Gaza Strip are
certainly documented in gruesome detail. The moment in which IDF
soldier Lior Cohen was seriously wounded by a pipe bomb in Hebron
was captured by TV news cameras, as was the last act of Palestinian
stone-thrower Mahed Etzer, 17, killed in a clash with the IDF in the
Gaza Strip.

The conventional wisdom holds that the violence is born of the

political stalemate, and the bizarre provocation of a leaflet depicting
Mohammed as a pig circulated by a Jewish woman now under arrest
in Israel. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, President Ezer
Weizman, and even the Jewish community of Hebron, quickly and
strongly condemned the leaflet, and stated their respect for the
Islamic religion.

The unrest, however, is not "caused" by the freezing of talks or by

leaflets, however condemnable, unless one considers Palestinian
violence to be inevitable. But nowhere is it written that when
Palestinians are unhappy, they must be violent. In fact, it is just the
opposite that is written and signed into solemn agreements.

When asked why the Palestinian Authority is taking no action to

prevent Palestinians from attacking Israeli forces, Palestinian
Preventive Security chief Jibril Rajoub responded, "We are not
responsible for defending Israelis from the policies of the Netanyahu
government". Actually, Rajoub is required by the Hebron agreement
to "... prevent any provocation or friction that may affect the normal
life in the city". Though Israeli security officials point out that
Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat is under pressure

http://www.peacefaq.com/doublestandards.html (9 of 11)8/9/2007 10:35:20 AM

Double Standards, Bias - The Peace FAQ

from radical elements, there is little doubt that his multiple security
services have the power to quell the violence at the moment it is no
longer in his interest for it to continue.

Behind Arafat's belief that the current violence is indeed in his

interest is the widely prevalent automatic defense of Palestinian
violence, neatly expressed by Rajoub - Palestinians cannot be
blamed, Israeli policies made them do it.

This logic, though it may have tactical advantages for Arafat, is

demeaning to Palestinians and deadly for the peace process. It
means that every Palestinian commitment to combat violence is
followed by an invisible asterisk, and fine print stating "only so long
as Israel not only implements Oslo, but fulfills our demands, which
go beyond any requirement in the agreement". In the meantime,
Palestinians reserve the right to issue forth a constant stream of
incitement to violence and lies about the Jewish people, religion, and
history. On official Palestinian Authority broadcasts, via television
and Internet, one can hear that the Western Wall has no historic
connection to Jews, that it was created as a shrine in order to
undermine the foundations of Al- Aksa Mosque, that there is no
evidence of a Jewish connection to Israel, and that the stories in the
Torah took place primarily in Yemen.

Palestinian Information Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo was quoted

recently in a Palestinian newspaper stating, "We are prepared for all
the wars, and to sacrifice ourselves, in defending our motherland".
The director-general of the Palestinian Health Ministry in Hebron,
Mahmoud Batarna, claimed that Israelis had distributed 200 tons
of hormone-soaked chewing gum in order to turn Palestinian women
into prostitutes.

Palestinian officials, far from apologizing for spreading such rabid and
dangerous propaganda, are at the center of its dissemination. A
violent Israeli response to such outrages is, rightly, unthinkable. Yet
a violent Palestinian response to such provocations, no matter how
marginal, is considered inevitable.

Among the most central Palestinian demands in the peace process is

that they be treated as equals, with respect. There is no denying that
Israeli forces, in their daily contact with Palestinians over the past 30
years, could have done a better job of meeting Israel's security
needs without causing unnecessary humiliation and hatred. There is
much Israeli sympathy with the Palestinian desire to run their own
lives, and even to make their own mistakes.

But mutual respect and understanding cannot be built on a

http://www.peacefaq.com/doublestandards.html (10 of 11)8/9/2007 10:35:20 AM

Double Standards, Bias - The Peace FAQ

foundation of violence and vicious falsehoods. There are some who

would say that it is naive to expect more from the Palestinians. The
alternative, however, is to believe that the Palestinians who want
real democracy and who are sincerely willing to live peacefully
together with Israel in the same land will never hold sway among
their people.

Ultimately, most Israelis will shrug off the hateful rhetoric aimed at
them; but Palestinians will have to live under the dictatorship whose
disrespect for their human rights is part and parcel of its vitriolic
hatred of Israel. The lesson should not be lost that reliance upon
hatred of an external enemy is the hallmark of dictatorships
generally, and particularly in the Middle East.

The Netanyahu government is rightly criticized for dickering over

cabinet seats while Hebron burns. But, supporters of the peace
process are doing the Palestinian people no favors by not holding
their leadership to higher standards of restraint, adherence to
agreements, and refraining from offensive denials of Jewish history.

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