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Company: Aardvark Acquirer: Google AOL Description Social search engine/service Universal profile Founders Max Ventilla Tony Conrad Investors August, Angels True Ventures, Radar Partners, AOL Ventures, David Mahoney, Scott Kurnit, Founders Collective

Acerno AdMob Agistics Associated Content Aster Data

Akamai Google Visage Mobile Yahoo! Teradata

Behavioral targeting/mail list coop NY Ad insertion technology for mobile devices Management software for the wireless communications market eBay for content ala Data Analytics

Tom Sperry Omar Hamoui Dean Alms Luke Beatty Mayank Bawa SoftBank VC, Canaan Sequoia Capital, Cambrian Ventures, David Cheriton, Rajeev Motwani Baseline, Hatch Ventures, Sasquatch Capital, NBC Universal, Felicis Ventures, Angels Polaris Alsop Louie, Bay Partners Founder Collective, Lowercase Capital, Paul Buchheit, Jeff Fluhr, Mitch Kapor DFJ Sequoia Capital, Globespan Capital Partners Sequoia, Accel


Sugar, Inc.

Yield management for SMBs a la Groupon/TownHog

Ryan Donahue

Brizzly (Thing AOL Labs) Cake E-Trade Financial Cardpool Blackhawk

In-browser "TweetDeck" Social stockpicking Gift card exchange marketplace to buy, sell, or trade new or pre-owned gift cards. Next generation video search and aggregation Online, short-form games

Jason Shellen Steven Carpenter Anson Tsai, Tim Wong

CastTV Challenge Games

Tribune Media Zynga

Alex Vikati Andrew Busey

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

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Liquidity Events
Company: Cotweet Acquirer: ExactTarget Description Founders CRM and brand marketing on Twitter Jesse Engle Investors Baseline, Founders Fund, Freestyle Capital, Maples, First Round Naval Ravikant, Michael Dearing



Ellerdale eTacts


Document Collaboration and Sharing: Turns Microsoft Office Into Google Docs Semantic search

Shan Sinha CRM tool for individuals and professionals Warner Brothers Twitter Social community around movies Real time Q&A site with high quality results

Flixster Fluther Grind Networks (Sport Net) GroupMe

Facebook SourceInterlink

Social questions and answer site Multiple Video sites (stupid video / grind) Platform for group communications and decisionmaking across mobile devices through group SMS Knowledge based software for enterprises Ruby on Rails deployment application Online subscription service for mortgage information

Arthur Van Hoff, Jens Angels Christensens Evan Beard, Howie Eric Hahn, Jawed Karim, Liu Ashton Kutcher, Joshua Schachter Joe Greenstein, Angels, Lightspeed Saran Chari Ben Finkel The Hit Forge, Horowitz Andreessen Angel Fund, Kunz Family Trust, FF Angels, Gregory Yaitanes Ed Baker Lightspeed Erik Hawkins, Greg Softbank VC Morrow Jared Hecht, Steve Martocci Robin Bordoli James Lindenbaum Mark Goldstein Khosla, Betaworks, First Round Capital, Lerer Ventures Camp Ventures Redpoint CRV, Angels


Headmix Heroku Home Account

Worksimple Salesforce

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

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Liquidity Events
Company: Hot Potato Acquirer: Facebook Description Mobile app for feeds based around live events Founders Justin Shaffer Investors First Round Capital, Betaworks, Lerer Investments, Thrive Capital, Founder Collective, General Catalyst, Angels Angels


KBM Group

Ice Breaker iLike Instructables JustSpotted Kaboodle

DeNA MySpace Autodesk Google Hearst

Database marketing solutions provider and behavioral targeting firm for multi-channel marketers and advertisers Mobile phone dating application iTunes/social recommendation engine Learning lifestyle / "how to" content platform Real-time search engine Research and make decisions via tools to make it easy to collect organize and share Online and mobile video platform for media and entertainment Visual shopping/ product search Social gaming platform focused on sports (e,g, soccer) CRM software focused on customer retention Site for online local businesses to create presences Security anti spyware/spam  gateway appliances Real-time search of local stores inventory

Chris Dice

Michael Robinson Ali Partovi / Hadi Partovi Eric J. Wilhelm AJ Asver Manish Chaundra

Lightspeed Ventures

Ariel Poler, OATV YCombinator, Avalon Ventures, Angels Rajeev Motwani

Kyte Like Lionside Loyalty Lab

Kit Digital Google ngmoco TIBCO

Daniel Graf

MerchantCircl Reply! e Mi5 Symantec Milo eBay

DFJ, DraperRichards, Nokia, Atomico, Steamboat Munjal Shah BlueRun, Bay, Leapfrog Doug Scott, Brandon IGSB Barber Mark Goldstein Mobius, Openview Venture Partners Ben Smith Rustic Canyon, IAC, Scale Ventures Doug Camplejohn Jack Abraham, John True Ventures, ICBT Holdings, Evans SoftTech, Founder Collective, Angels
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CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

Liquidity Events
Company: Mint Motally myYearbook NewRoo Odeo Acquirer: Intuit Nokia Quepasa Fox SonicMountain Description Financial software management application WAP based mobile analytics for websites and applications High school social network adviser social news and recommendation engine Podcasting website and tools Founders Aaron Patzer Arte Merritt Geoff Cook, Catherine Cook Dan Gould / Brian Norgard Evan Williams Investors First Round, Aydin Senkut, Shasta Blue Run Ventures First Round Capital, USVP, Norwest Venture Partners

Opsware Parakey Personifi

HP Facebook

Server and software IT automation

PhotoBucket Plaxo Pownce Radar Networks/ Twine Rojo Rupture

cohesive tool to help people store and share their creations online Collective Media Advertising optimization combining demographic, behavioral, amd contextual targeting/ *via adviser Fox Personal media management /*via Adviser Comcast Online contact management software Six Apart Evri file sharing and messaging platform Semantic web platform

Ben Horowitz / Marc Andreessen Blake Ross Frost Prioleau

First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures, Mitch Kapor, Tim O'Reilly, Ariel Poler Benchmark

Alex Welch, Darren Crystal Ben Golub Leah Culver, Kevin Rose Nova Spivack

Oak, Steamboat Sequoia, Globespan

Vulcan, LeapFrog, Velocity, DFJ

Six Apart EA

blog / rss feed reader Gaming social tool

Chris Alden Shawn Fanning, Jonathan Baudanza

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

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Liquidity Events
Company: Acquirer: SchemaLogic Smartlogic Semaphore Description Business Enterprise Management Founders Jeff Dirks, Trevor Traina Investors Madrona Ventures, Artis Capital Management, Goldman Sachs, Phoenix Partners FirstRound, Baseline

Sendori SiteAdvisor SnapCentric SnapTell Snapvine SocialDeck Spock Networks Stax Networks StepUp StubHub TellMe Travel Post Tweetdeck

IAC McAfee Verisign Amazon White Pages Google Intelius CloudBees Intuit Ebay Microsoft Kayak (via Sidestep) Twitter

Domain name ad network internet / web security software, anti virus identity theft and security software Customizable and integrated mobile marketing solution Provides voice-over-IP features for the users of social networks Cross-platform social network and mobile gaming company Personal search Cloud based software deployment local shopping search engine and software eBay for tickets voice search technology user generated travel reviews Leading social media dashboard aggregating multiple real-time social streams Domain Name Harvesting (LA) Service that manages email distribution lists and social media subscriptions

Ofer Ronen Chris Dixon / Tom Pickney Jed Putterman Gautam Bhargova / Ram Ramkumar Joe Heitzeberg Anish Acharya Jaideep Singh Spike Washburn Kendall Fargo Jeff Flurh Mike McCue Sam Shank Iain Dodsworth

NEA, Rajeev Motwani Draper, First Round, Bridgescale Blackberry Partners Fund ClearStone, Opus Ventures Angels Granite Ventures Pequot Capital, FirstMark Capital, Allen & Co

Betaworks, Danny Rimer

UltraRPM Finatech Unsubscribe.c TrustedID om

Carolee Reiling Joshua Roth

CRV, First Round Capital, DFJ, Matt Coffin, Sean Ellis, Matt Brezina, Tim Ferriss, Angels

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

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Liquidity Events
Company: WINK Yardbarker Zappos Acquirer: Fox Sports Interactive Amazon Description Peer Search / Social Search Sports blogging network Online shoe retailer Founders Michael Tanne Peter Vlastelica Tony Hsieh Investors Greylock, Cambrian Ventures Russ Siegelman, DFJ Sequoia, Scott Banister, Hadi & Ali Partovi

CONFIDENTIAL SV Angel 11/22/2011

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