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Teaching Philosophy: It is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin, barefoot irreverence to their studies; they are not here to worship what is known, but to question it. ~Jacob Bronowski Annual plan for English2 Month Section Prose Poetry Drama July Prose Poetry August Drama Prose Poetry Drama September October November Poetry Poetry Drama Drama Drama Prose December Poetry January Drama Prose Poetry Academic Year 2011-2012 Title The Fishy story The Umbrella Man The Gift of the Magi To India my native land As you like it Act 1 The Monkeys Paw A River As you like it Dusk No men are foreign As you like it Act 2 If The Road not taken As you like it Act 2 As you like it Act 2 As you like it Act 2 Rikki Tikki Tavi Our Casuarina Tree To the Indian who died in Africa As you like it Act2 Girls La belle dame sans merci Act 1 Periods 7 2 7 3 2 7 2 2 5 2 2 5 5 5 4 4 5 3 2 Page 1



Drama Prose Poetry

As you like it Act 2 The Tiger in the Tunnel The Slaves Dream

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Project topics: As You Like It: Any one topic out of the two: (Not more than 400 words) a) From your understanding of the play As You Like It, justify that the play contradicts the saying: Blood is thicker than water. b) Sweet are the uses of adversity, states Jacques. Justify the statement by drawing instances from the play. A Treasure Trove of Short Stories: Dusk by Saki and The Gift Of Magi by OHenry have a surprise element towards the end. Bring out the irony in these two stories in not more than 400 words each. Project submission date: 27th January 2012. Tips to score well in ICSE: While preparing for the exam
ICSE focuses a lot on content. Which means

Your textbook is your best friend during revision (workbooks, guides, internet come second) Selective study is a strict no-no (with every chapter you skip, you are risking 16 marks) You must practise writing answers Use the workbook and question banks

Academic Year 2011-2012

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Check your work for Accuracy with regard to textual facts Spellings Grammatical errors Third person narrative

With reference to the essay type question asked from An Anthology of

short Stories. Your answer Should be in reference to the question asked Should not just be a paraphrase of the story Pay attention in class Participate in class discussions Ask questions

And most importantly

While writing the exam To write a good answer Read the question carefully and understand it Think of points in accordance with marks allocated Write precise answers (background of author, act no., sc. no. etc are not required) You must check your paper carefully Re-read everything you have written Specifically look for errors (names, spellings, misinterpretation of a question) Ask yourself if you have missed anything

Academic Year 2011-2012

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