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Use o Texto 01 para responder as questes de 01 a 04.


computer is a programmable machine that stores and retrieves data and

perIorms high-speed logical and mathematical operations. However, it is not able
to think. It accepts data and instructions as input, and aIter processing them, it
outputs the results.
When we talk about computers, we have to consider the hardware and the
soItware. The hardware consists oI all the electronic and mechanical parts that
make up a computer system, and the soItware is the collection oI data and
programs needed to solve problems with a computer.

Questo 01
ssinale a alternativa que apresenta a traduo correta para o portugus das palavras 'however
(L.2); 'able (L.2); 'data (L.3); 'input (L.3); respectivamente:

a. ( ) ento; possivel; inIormao; entrada
b. ( ) portanto; impossivel; dados; saida
c. ( ) porem; capaz; dados; entrada
d. ( ) por isso; capacidade; inIormao; retirada
e. ( ) embora; habilidade; dados; entrada

Questo 02
ssinale a alternativa que apresenta a traduo correta para o portugus das palavras 'that
(L.1); 'high (L.2); 'stores (L.1); 'speed (L.2); respectivamente:

a. ( ) que; alta; armazena; velocidade
b. ( ) aquele; raia; vende; veloz
c. ( ) este; baixa; processa; velocidade
d. ( ) aquele; baixa; trabalha; perIormance
e. ( ) que; alta; desenvolve; perIormance

Questo 03
ssinale a alternativa que apresenta a traduo correta para o portugus das palavras 'talk
(L.5); 'have (L.5); 'to solve (L.8); 'with (L.8); respectivamente:

a. ( ) trabalhamos; podemos; solucionar; com
b. ( ) tratamos; queremos; solucionar; sem
c. ( ) olhamos; Iornecemos; responder; com
d. ( ) conversamos; precisamos; resolver; sem
e. ( ) Ialamos; temos; solucionar; com

Questo 04
ssinale a alternativa que apresenta uma aIirmao correta acerca do texto 01:

a. ( ) Um computador e uma maquina que apenas resolve operaes matematicas.
b. ( ) Um computador e uma maquina que pode armazenar e recuperar dados.
c. ( ) Um computador e uma maquina capaz de pensar e no aceita instrues em analisa-las.
d. ( ) Um computador pode emitir resultados sem a necessidade de processamentos anteriores.
e. ( ) Um computador processa dados em alta velocidade logica.


Use o Texto 02 para responder as questes de 05 a 10.


These days, as merican soItware companies try to make products they can
sell around the world, sensitivity to language and, especially, cultural diIIerences
become essential. However, specialists don`t Ieel like any company has really
tackled the problem well.
Take MicrosoIt, the world leader in soItware sales, Ior instance. Despite
allegedly conIorming to the philosophy 'English is just another language, it is
still in the role oI throwing domestic products over the wall. Otherwise, why
would it have included a U.S. tax Iorm as a sample Iile with Excel? It seems
nobody has considered that it wouldn`t be appropriate around the world.
On the other hand, smaller companies such as Lotus have done very good
jobs. One example is its rabic version oI 1-2-3 Ior Windows. Not only did it
change the language, but it reversed the whole interIace, going right to leIt
instead oI leIt to right. Claris, another soItware company, shipped its business
graphic application, Impact, to Japan not only with a language change, but with
Ieatures speciIic to the Japanese market, and content geared to the Japanese taste.

sell vender
tackled enIrentado, combatido
sales vendas
allegedly alegadamente
role Iuno, papel
throwing lancer
otherwise caso contrario
shipped enviou
Ieatures caracteristicas
geared orientado
taste gosto

Questo 05
ssinale a alternativa que apresenta a traduo para portugus dos termos: 'try (L.1); 'can
(L.1); 'around (L.2); 'become (L.3) respectivamente.

a. ( ) Iazem; podem; atraves; vm
b. ( ) tentam; poderiam; ao longo; so
c. ( ) Iazem; devem; atraves; tornam-se
d. ( ) tentam; podem; ao redor; tornam-se
e. ( ) Iazem; devem; ao redor; so

Questo 06
ssinale a alternativa que apresenta a traduo para portugus dos termos: 'smaller (L.10);
'such as (L.10); 'another (L.13); 'nobody (L.9); respectivamente.

a. ( ) melhores; assim como; uma outra; nenhum
b. ( ) maiores; tais como; qualquer; todos
c. ( ) menores; tal como; uma outra; ninguem
d. ( ) menores; tal como; qualquer; ninguem
e. ( ) maiores; assim como; uma outra; qualquer um

Questo 07
ssinale a alternativa que apresenta a traduo para portugus dos termos: 'despite (L.5); 'still
(L.7); 'jobs (L.11); 'only (L.11); ; respectivamente.

a. ( ) apesar; ate; empregos; algum
b. ( ) apesar; ainda; empregos; apenas
c. ( ) ainda; ate, reparties; somente
d. ( ) ainda; apesar; sees; apenas
e. ( ) apesar; ainda; departamentos; algum

Questo 8
ssinale a alternativa que apresenta as classes gramaticas das palavras 'really (L.3); 'smaller
(L.10); 'soItware (L.13); 'shipped (L.13); respectivamente.

a. ( ) adverbio; adverbio; adjetivo; verbo
b. ( ) adjetivo; adverbio; substantivo; verbo
c. ( ) verbo; substantivo; adjetivo; adjetivo
d. ( ) adjetivo; adjetivo; substantivo; substantivo
e. ( ) adverbio; adjetivo; substantivo; verbo

Questo 9
ssinale a alternativa que apresenta uma aIirmao correta em relao ao texto 02.

a. ( ) Para vender seus produtos no mundo todo, companhias americanas que Iabricam
programas precisam considerar aspectos como as diIerenas culturais e a sensibilidade para a
b. ( ) Para as companhias americanas que Iabricam programas vender diIerenas culturais
tornou-se essencial.
c. ( ) Todas as empresas que Iabricam programas, segundo especialistas, tm enIrentados estas
adequaes de Iorma eIicaz.
d. ( ) Especialistas das empresas Iabricantes de programas, no concordam com as adequaes
Ieitas pelas empresas com o objetivo de vender produtos para o mundo todo.
e. ( ) s companhias Iabricantes de programas esto combatendo as diIerenas culturais
existentes no mundo.

Questo 10
ssinale a alternativa que apresenta uma aIirmao correta em relao ao texto 02.

a. ( ) Companhias maiores que a MicrosoIt tm Ieito trabalhos melhores de adequao de
programas as diIerenas culturais.
b. ( ) Claris modiIicou a interIace do Windows na verso Ieita em arabe, adaptando o idioma
e o sentido da leitura, indo da direita para a esquerda.
c. ( ) O Windows Ioi reconstruido para o mercado japons e a leitura passou a ser Ieita da
direita para a esquerda.
d. ( ) Companhias menores que a MicrosoIt tm Ieito um bom trabalho de adequao dos
programas as diIerenas culturais.
e. ( ) MicrosoIt adaptou seu programas a serem vendidos no Japo, inserindo caracteristicas
especiIicas para o mercado japons, orientando-os para o gosto dos japoneses.

11 Ana||se o texto aba|xo e a part|r de|e responda s questes de 1 a 4
Intel Core i7 Processor
For Desktops
Amaz|ng speed for the heav|est work|oads
Co Lo Lhe nexL level of mulLlcore performance wlLh Lhe lnLel Core` l7 processor Lhe
besL deskLop processor on Lhe planeL1 8ullL on advanced Lechnology LhaL
auLomaLlcally applles processlng power where lL's needed mosL Lhe lnLel Core l7
processor's lncredlble speed and efflclency leLs you mulLlLask 23 fasLer2 and
dellvers an amazlng mulLlmedla creaLlon experlence
ey Features
Unlimited creativity
Now you can really let your imagination go wild. The Intel Core i7 processor
enables digital content creation that`s Iaster and more eIIicient than ever beIore,
with up to 40 Iaster video encoding3 and amazing perIormance Ior other
demanding applications like image rendering and tasks like photo retouching and
smarter way to work and play
The Intel Core i7 processor delivers maximum PC perIormance, whether you`re
engaged with intensive multimedia applications or simply composing an email.
nd with more than double the memory5 bandwidth perIormance Ior Iaster
memory access, you won`t lose productivity waiting Ior your computer to catch
More paths Ior data Ilow
uilt on Intel Hyper-Threading technology (Intel HT technology),^1 the Intel
Core i7 processor gets maximum perIormance out oI its Iour cores with two
threads on each instead oI just one. With data being pushed through eight threads,
you`ll be able to run more applications simultaneously and get more done Iaster.
1 kesuma em portugus o texto ac|ma Lm no m|n|mo 6 e mx|mo 1 ||nhas

Iaa um c|rcu|o em 6 substant|vos no texto

No texto sub||nhe 6 verbos

4 1raduza

a) processor__processador________________ b) enables ___PablllLa____________
c) maxlmum performance __Mxlma erfomace_ d) appllcaLlons __Apllcaes______

As questes 1 e 1 referense ao texto aba|xo

8atter|es dom|nated e|ectr|c|ty

1 A baLLery ls of one or more elecLrochemlcal cells whlch sLore chemlcal
energy and make lL avallable ln an elecLrlcal form 1here are many Lypes of
elecLrochemlcal cells lncludlng galvanlc cells elecLrolyLlc cells fuel cells flow
cells and volLalc cells lormally an elecLrlcal baLLery ls an array of slmllar
volLalc cells (cells) connecLed ln serles Powever ln many conLexLs lL ls
common Lo call a slngle cell a baLLery A baLLerys characLerlsLlcs may vary due Lo many
facLors lncludlng lnLernal chemlsLry currenL draln and LemperaLure Cenerally
baLLery llfe can be prolonged by sLorlng Lhe baLLery ln a cool place and uslng lL aL an
approprlaLe currenL
2 AlLhough an early form of baLLery may have been used ln anLlqulLy Lhe
developmenL of modern baLLerles sLarLed wlLh Lhe volLalc plle lnvenLed by Lhe lLallan
physlclsL Alessandro volLa ln 1800 Slnce Lhen baLLerles have galned popularlLy as
Lhey became porLable and useful for many purposes unforLunaLely Lhe wldespread
use of baLLerles has creaLed many envlronmenLal concerns such as Loxlc meLal
polluLlon 8echargeable baLLerles can be charged hundreds of Llmes before wearlng
ouL and even afLer wearlng ouL Lhey can be recycled
3 1here are Lwo Lypes of baLLerles prlmary (dlsposable) and secondary
(rechargeable) boLh of whlch converL chemlcal energy Lo elecLrlcal energy rlmary
baLLerles can only be used once because Lhey use up Lhelr chemlcals ln an lrreverslble
reacLlon Secondary baLLerles can be recharged because Lhe chemlcal reacLlons Lhey
use are reverslble Lhey are recharged by runnlng a charglng currenL Lhrough Lhe
baLLery buL ln Lhe opposlLe dlrecLlon of Lhe dlscharge currenL

1 De acordo com o texto ac|ma ass|na|e V para verdade|ro e I para fa|so

a ( ) uma baLerla e uma ou mals celulas eleLroqulmlcas que esLocam energla eleLroqulmlca
8 ( ) LxlsLem mulLos Llpos de celulas eleLroqulmlcas lnclulndo celulas galvnlcas
C ( ) lormalmenLe uma baLerla eleLrlca e um con[unLo/arran[o/grupo de celulas
foLovolLalcas slmllares
u ( ) em mulLos conLexLos no e comum chamar uma unlca celula de baLerla
L ( ) a vlda da baLerla pode ser prolongada esLocandoa num lugar frlo/fresco e usandoa
com uma correnLe adequada/aproprlada
l ( ) o uso lndlscrlmlnado de baLerlas no crlou mulLas preocupaes amblenLals Lals como
a polulo por meLal Lxlco

1 1raduza o terce|ro pargrafo navendo pa|avras que voc desconhe faa um
c|rcu|o na pa|avra e uma observao no espao em branco aba|xo

1 4 De acordo com o texto aba|xo ass|na|e V para verdade|ro e I para fa|so

The Oscilloscope
The oscilloscope is basically a graph-displaying device - it draws a graph oI an
electrical signal. In most applications the graph shows how signals change over time:
the vertical () axis represents voltage and the horizontal (X) axis represents time. The
intensity or brightness oI the display is sometimes called the Z axis. (See Figure 1.) This
simple graph can tell you many things about a signal. Here are a Iew:
O ou can deLermlne Lhe Llme and volLage values of a slgnal
O ou can calculaLe Lhe frequency of an osclllaLlng slgnal
O ou can see Lhe movlng parLs of a clrculL represenLed by Lhe slgnal
O ou can Lell lf a malfuncLlonlng componenL ls dlsLorLlng Lhe slgnal
O ou can flnd ouL how much of a slgnal ls dlrecL currenL (uC) or alLernaLlng currenL (AC)
O ou can Lell how much of Lhe slgnal ls nolse and wheLher Lhe nolse ls changlng wlLh
An oscllloscope looks a loL llke a small Lelevlslon seL excepL LhaL lL has a grld drawn on lLs
screen and more conLrols Lhan a Lelevlslon 1he fronL panel of an oscllloscope normally has
conLrol secLlons dlvlded lnLo verLlcal PorlzonLal and 1rlgger secLlons 1here are also dlsplay
conLrols and lnpuL connecLors
Cscllloscopes are used by everyone from Lelevlslon repalr Lechnlclans Lo physlclsLs 1hey are
lndlspensable for anyone deslgnlng or repalrlng elecLronlc equlpmenL

A ( ) um osclloscplo e baslcamenLe um dlsposlLlvo eleLrlco
8 ( ) um osclloscplo e uLlllzado de Lecnlcos de Lelevlso a flslcos
C ( ) C palnel fronLal de um osclloscplo sempre Lem sees de conLrole
u ( ) voc pode calcular a frequncla de uma Lenso oscllanLe
L ( ) Csclloscplos podem ser uLlllzados por qualquer um
Lscolha a alLernaLlva que melhor corresponde opo correLa
A ( ) AlLernaLlvas A e 8 esLo correLas
8 ( ) AlLernaLlvas C e u esLo correLas
C ( ) nenhuma alLernaLlva e correLa
u ( ) AlLernaLlvas 8 e L esLo correLas
L ( ) 1odas as alLernaLlvas esLo correLas
1S Iaa a corre|ao
(a) MoLherboard ( ) 8alxar arqulvo
(b) vldeocard ( ) 1eclado
(c) Wlreless uevlce ( ) SlsLema 8slco de LnLrada e Salda
(d) en drlve ( ) ulsposlLlvo de ArmazenamenLo
(e) Pard ulsk ( ) ulsco 8lgldo
(f) 8lCS ( ) laca de vldeo
(g) keyboard ( ) laca Me
(h) uownload ( ) ulsposlLlvo sem flo

A Sequnc|a correta
a) ( ) e g f d h b a c
b) ( ) h g f e d b a c
c) ( ) h g f d e b a c
d) ( ) d g f e h b a c
e) ( ) e g f h d b a c

16 So substant|vos
a) ( ) wlreless wlfl rouLer sendlng
b) ( ) from frequency uslng radlos
c) ( ) slgnal cell phones waves rouLer
d) ( ) allows hlgher Lhey uslng
e) ( ) small graph Lell devlce everyone

17 Cround ___ Lhe reference polnL ____ relaLlng elecLrlc volLage levels wherever elecLrlclLy ls
used 1he ground componenL provldes Lhls reference Any clrculL ____ uses ___ opamp
Lransformer conLrolled source or oscllloscope musL be grounded Also any clrculL ____
conLalns boLh analog and dlglLal componenLs should be grounded lf such ____ clrculL ls
ungrounded you may see ____ error message or geL lnvalld readlngs ____ lnsLrumenLs ____
ls lmporLanL ____ ground boLh sldes ___ a Lransformer or conLrolled source noLe LlecLronlcs
Workbench supporLs ____ mulLlpolnL groundlng sysLem Lach ground connecLed ___ made
dlrecLly Lo Lhe ground plane

Lsco|ha a a|ternat|va correta que comp|eta o texto ac|ma
a) ( ) Lo for ls an whlch a an on lL LhaL of a Lo
b) ( ) LhaL for LhaL an who a an ls lL Lo of a of
c) ( ) ls for LhaL an whlch a an on lL Lo of a ls
d) ( ) for for LhaL an whlch a an on lL ls of a Lo
e) ( ) ls for LhaL an a a an on lL Lo an Lo

4u5L 1echno/oqy
AsymmeLrlc ulglLal Subscrlber Llne (AuSL) ls an access Lechnology LhaL uLlllzes
ordlnary copper Lelephone llnes Lo enable broadband hlghspeed dlglLal daLa
Lransmlsslon and lnLeracLlve mulLlmedla appllcaLlons for buslness and resldenLlal cusLomers
uslng exlsLlng copper Lelephone llnes forgoes Lhe need for upgradlng or addlng expenslve new
AuSL devlces use dlglLal codlng Lechnlques LhaL greaLly lncrease Lhe poLenLlal capaclLy of
phone llnes wlLhouL lnLerferlng wlLh regular Lelephone servlces lor Lhe AuSL user Lhls means
much fasLer daLa communlcaLlons and Lhe poLenLlal for lnLeracLlve vldeo capablllLles AuSL
devlces make lL posslble Lo en[oy beneflLs such as hlghspeed lnLerneL access LelecommuLlng
(remoLe LAn access) collaboraLlve compuLlng dlsLance learnlng movles on demand and
mulLlplayer vldeo gamlng wlLhouL experlenclng any loss of quallLy or dlsrupLlon of volce/fax
Lelephone capablllLles
AuSL provldes a dedlcaLed servlce over a slngle Lelephone llne operaLlng aL
speeds of up Lo 8 Mbps downsLream (Lo Lhe user) and up Lo 640 kbps upsLream (Lo Lhe lS)
dependlng on local Lelephone llne condlLlons 1hese condlLlons are ldeal

18 Com re|ao ao texto ac|ma comp|ete com (V) para verdade|ro e (I) para fa|so
A ( ) AuSL e uma Lecnologla de acesso que hablllLa a Lransmlsso de dados em alLa
velocldade para usurlos resldenclals
8 ( ) ulsposlLlvos AuSL permlLem o acesso remoLo a redes de reas locals
C ( ) AuSL permlLe velocldades malores que 8 Mbps e 640 kbps
u ( ) Cs dlsposlLlvos AuSL fazem o posslvel para se apreclar os beneflclos como acesso a
lnLerneL de alLa velocldade sem a experlncla de perda de qualldade ou lnLerrupo de voz
L ( ) Cs dlsposlLlvos AuSL uLlllzam Lecnlcas de codlflcao dlglLal lnLerferlndo nos servlos
regulares de Lelefone
Agora ass|na|e a n|ca sequenc|a verdade|ra
A ( ) v v f v f
8 ( ) f v f v f
C ( ) f f f v f
u ( ) f v f f f
L ( ) f v f v v

1 laa a correlao

(a) MoLherboard ( )8alxar arqulvo
(b) vldeocard ( )1eclado
(c) Wlreless uevlce ( )SlsLema 8slco de LnLrada e Salda
(d) en drlve ( )ulsposlLlvo de ArmazenamenLo
(e) Pard ulsk ( )ulsco8lgldo
(f) 8lCS ( )laca de vldeo
(g) keyboard ( )laca Me
(h) uownload ( )ulsposlLlvo sem flo

Marque v ou l para a sequncla correLa

a) ( ) e g f d h b a c
b) ( ) h g f e d b a c
c) ( ) h g f d e b a c
d) ( ) d g f e h b a c

2 So subsLanLlvos

a) ( ) wlreless wlfl rouLer sendlng
b) ( ) from frequency uslng radlos
c) ( ) slgnal cell phones waves rouLer
d) ( ) allows hlgher Lhey uslng

3 1raduza do LexLo aclma

a) Linha :

b) Linha :

4 Abalxo Lemos dols Llpos de mulLlLesLes 8eLlre das funoes descrlLas 13 subsLanLlvos e

noun Lraduo noun Lraduo noun Lraduo

L|ectr|ca| generator
ln elecLrlclLy generaLlon an elecLrlc generaLor ls a devlce LhaL converLs
mechanlcal energy Lo elecLrlcal energy 1he reverse converslon of elecLrlcal energy lnLo
mechanlcal energy ls done by a moLor moLors and generaLors have many slmllarlLles 3
A generaLor forces elecLrons ln Lhe wlndlngs Lo flow Lhrough Lhe exLernal elecLrlcal
clrculLs lL ls somewhaL analogous Lo a waLer pump whlch creaLes a flow of waLer buL
does noL creaLe Lhe waLer lnslde 1he source of mechanlcal energy may be a 6
reclprocaLlng or Lurblne sLeam englne waLer falllng Lhrough a Lurblne or waLerwheel
an lnLernal combusLlon englne a wlnd Lurblne a hand crank compressed alr or any
oLher source of mechanlcal energy 9
;uesto 1 10
Segundo o LexLo lecttlcol qeoetotot#
a)( ) na gerao de eleLrlcldade um gerador eleLrlco e um dlsposlLlvo que crla energla
b)( ) na gerao de eleLrlcldade um gerador eleLrlco e um dlsposlLlvo que converLe energla
mecnlca em energla eleLrlca 13
c)( ) na gerao de luz um gerador eleLrlco crla energla mecnlca
d)( ) na gerao de eleLrlcldade um gerador eleLrlco converLe energla eleLrlca em energla
em energla mecnlca

;uesto 20
Asslnale a alLernaLlva que apresenLa as classes gramaLlcals das palavras qeoetotot# (l
4) by#(l 3 ) o#(l 1 ) cteote#(l 6 ) of#(l 2 ) respecLlvamenLe
a) ( ) adjetivo, preposio, preposio, verbo, artigo.
b) ( ) substantivo, preposio, preposio, verbo, artigo.
c) ( ) verbo, artigo, preposio, substantivos, preposio. 23
d) ( )substantivo, preposio, artigo, verbo, preposio.
A Lraduo para porLugus dos Lermos evlce# (l 1 ) qeoetotot#(l 1 )
mecboolcol#(l 2 ) sootce#(l 6 ) combostloo#(l 8 ) respecLlvamenLe
a) ( ) dispositivo, gerador, mecnica, Ionte, combusto. 30
b) ( ) divisor, gerador, mecnica, Iora, combustivel.
c) ( ) dispositivo, gerao, mecnica, Iora, combustivel.
d) ( ) dispositivo, gerao, mecnica, Ionte, combusto.

;uesto 4 33
ue acordo com o LexLo a converso lnversa de energla eleLrlca em energla mecnlca e
felLa por um
a) ( ) gerador
b) ( ) turbina eolica
c) ( ) manivela 40
d) ( ) motor

n the heart of computers

1he core of a compuLer ls Lhe Cu (CenLral rocesslng unlL) 1hls elecLronlc unlL aL Lhe 43
cenLer of Lhe compuLer sysLem ls where Lhe acLual work of Lhe compuLer sysLem Lakes place
1he processor does all Lhe processlng and conLrols all Lhe oLher devlces ln Lhe compuLer
sysLem 8ecause Lhe processor does noL have a large lnLernal daLa sLorage area lnformaLlon
musL be sLored somewhere 1he maln memory (8AM and 8CM) ls Lhe parL of Lhe compuLer
where programs and daLa belng used by Lhe processor can be sLored 30
1he Cu ls bullL on a mlcroprocessor chlp 1haL's why lL ls also known as Lhe
mlcroprocessor A chlp ls a slllcon plece wlLh Lhousands of elecLronlc componenLs engraved on
lL AcLually Lhls lnLegraLed clrculL noL only execuLes program lnsLrucLlons buL also supervlses
Lhe compuLer's overall operaLlon 1he Cu ls dlvlded lnLo Lhree maln parLs Lhe ConLrol unlL
(Cu) Lhe ArlLhmeLlc Loglc unlL (ALu) and Lhe reglsLers 33
1he ConLrol unlL conLrols daLa Lransfers beLween Lhe varlous lnpuL and ouLpuL devlces
lL acLlvaLes all Lhe oLher unlLs ln Lhe compuLer sysLem such as monlLor dlsk drlve eLc so LhaL
Lhey can carry ouL Lhe funcLlons speclfled 1hls unlL ls ln charge of examlnlng Lhe program
lnsLrucLlons ln order Lo lnLerpreL Lhem lL decodes Lhe program lnsLrucLlons and makes sure
Lhey are execuLed ln Lhe correcL sequence Cn Lhe oLher hand Lhe ArlLhmeLlc Loglc unlL 60
performs loglcal operaLlons (and or eLc) daLa manlpulaLlon (comparlng sorLlng and
comblnlng daLa) and maLhemaLlcal calculaLlons (addlng subLracLlng eLc)
1he reglsLers are hlgh speed unlLs of memory whlch are used for speclal Lasks 1hey are
shorLLerm sLorage areas LhaL sLore and conLrol lnformaLlon 1hree examples f reglsLers are Lhe
rogram CounLer (also known as C) Lhe lnsLrucLlon 8eglsLer (l8) and Lhe accumulaLor 1he C 63
ls used Lo hold Lhe address of Lhe nexL lnsLrucLlon Lo be carrled ouL lL keeps Lrack of Lhe nexL
lnsLrucLlon Lo be performed ln Lhe maln memory whereas Lhe l8 holds Lhe lnsLrucLlon LhaL ls
currenLly belng execuLed 1he accumulaLor Lemporarlly holds Lhe daLa lLem currenLly belng
1he unlLs of Lhe Cu are connecLed by means of a group of wlres or conducLlve 70
channels known as buses uaLa Lransfer from backlng sLorage Lo Lhe lnLernal memory or from
Lhe lnLernal memory Lo Lhe arlLhmeLlc unlL Lakes place ln buses uaLa buses carry daLa from
one unlL Lo anoLher conLrol buses send conLrol slgnals Lo each unlL and address buses access
each parL of Lhe maln memory
ln order Lo make Lhe compuLer more powerful a second processor can be connecLed 73
Lo work ln parallel wlLh Lhe flrsL one ln a neLwork conflguraLlon Lhe processlng can be shared
by Lhe Cu's ln a dlsLrlbuLed processlng whlch makes Lhe sysLem much more powerful
nowadays compuLers have lnLernal expanslon sloLs 1hese sloLs enable users Lo lnsLall
perlpheral cards such as sound and vldeo boards
Speed parLly deLermlnes Lhe power and performance of a compuLer A clock sends ouL 80
pulses aL flxed lnLervals Lo each unlL 1he clock measures and synchronlzes clrculLs and unlLs ln
pulse raLes 1he frequency aL whlch pulses are emlLLed ls measured ln megaherLz (MPz) Cne
MPz ls equlvalenL Lo one mllllon cycles per second
;DLS1C 1
Asslnale a alLernaLlva que apresenLa a deflnlo correLa da palavra cblp (l 7)
a ( ) asLllha de slllcone que conLem a gravao de mllhares de componenLes eleLrnlcos
b ( ) asLllha de slllclo responsvel por envlar dados
c ( ) asLllha de slllclo que conLem a gravao de mllhares de componenLes eleLrnlcos
d ( ) unldade eleLrnlca em que verdadelramenLe ocorrem o processamenLo e o conLrole de
Lodos os dlsposlLlvos do compuLador

Asslnale a alLernaLlva que apresenLa a Lraduo correLa para o porLugus das palavras
daLa#(l4) octool#(l 2) lotqe#(l4) octoolly#(l9)

a ( ) daLa aLual largo aLualmenLe
b ( ) dados real grande realmenLe
c ( ) daLa real largo aLual
d ( ) dados realmenLe grande real

ue acordo com o LexLo podemos aflrmar que um clock (l 36)
a ( ) Lnvla pulsos em lnLervalos flxos para cada unldade Mede e slncronlza os clrculLos e
unldades em MPz
b ( ) osslblllLa lnsLalao de carLes perlferlcos como placas de som e vldeo
c ( ) L responsvel pelo dlsposlLlvo que conLrola o relglo do compuLador
d( ) 8eallza operaes lglcas manlpulao de dados e clculos maLemLlcos

;DLS1C 4
Asslnale a alLernaLlva que apresenLa as classes gramaLlcals das palavras
compotet#(l2) ot# (l 1) tbe# (l 1) ls# (l 1)
a ( ) subsLanLlvo arLlgo preposlo verbo
b ( ) verbo preposlo arLlgo subsLanLlvo
c ( ) subsLanLlvo arLlgo preposlo verbo
d ( ) subsLanLlvo preposlo arLlgo verbo