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Trim: 11/10/19/4798 29/11/2011

Durban DecIaration
Fourth International Mining and Maritime Conference
4-7 October 2011/Durban South Africa

We the Mining and Maritime Unions assembled here in Durban, South Africa, commit, both
as individual Unions and as affiliates of some of the World's leading Global Union
Federations, to continue our struggle for workers rights, and to specifically:-

Strive to establish an agenda of global activity by:

O Combining the strengths of TF/CEM/MF to constructively engage and work with
each other and TUC to deliver global action
O Call on the TF, MF & CEM President and/Secretary and the appropriate regional
representatives to develop concrete proposals to deliver group action and strategic
collaboration to action the below
O Strengthening networks of solidarity in the Maritime and Mining throughout the value
O Promote decent jobs recovery in the context of global economic recovery post the
global economic crisis which is a reflection of a capitalist crisis.
O To observe and acknowledge 7 October as the World Day for Decent Work.

Grupo Mexico

O Continuing global actions, including political and economic pressure, to support Los
Mineros in their struggle against Grupo Mexico and the Mexican Government
O Making the struggle of Mexican workers a standing item on the agenda of our


O Building trade union capacity and density where Vale operate

O Building a network of contacts to develop an action group and appoint Joanne
Walker as the Coordinator.
O Researching and mapping their operations from pit to the port to customer and
consider exchanging delegations

#io Tinto

O Re energising the Rio Tinto network and appoint Joanne Walker as Coordinator.


O Developing a youth network

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Trim: 11/10/19/4798 29/11/2011


We acknowledge the crucial participation of women and we declare that we will:

O ncrease the numbers of women at the next Mining and Maritime Conference to
reach or exceed a 30% participation target.
O We will condemn any harassment, bullying, sexual assault or violence towards
women in all workplaces
O We will acknowledge 25 November the international day against violence against
women and pledge support to the white ribbon campaign and translate this back to
our unions to become involved.
O We will acknowledge the disadvantages women face in our industries, including
gender pay inequity, lack of access to family friendly arrangements, insecure work
and resolve to campaign to improve these conditions through our commitment to
work/life balance for all our members.

And in our regions:

8i, P,cific #egion

O PNG build trade union capacity and density & assist in the organising campaign for
the PNG LNG project including trade union training and education
O Engage with the LO Pacific Program to build union capacity and density including
allocation of LO funds for this work.
O Timor Leste to continue our work with the TF and regional affiliates to ensure
Timor-Leste and SMETL receive the benefits of their oil and gas resources including
training, employment and infrastructure development.
O Fiji-provide solidarity to Fijian Unions
O Unequivocally supports the Maritime Union of New Zealand in their struggle against
the introduction of contract labour onto the Auckland Waterfront and further supports
MUNZ in their struggle to remove the existing contract Shuttle Drivers and replace
with TF Affiliated Dockers.
O Ensure the ratification by Australia of LO Convention C176, and to use that
ratification to lobby for ratification more broadly in the Asia Pacific Region.

orth meric, #egion

- Continued support for Los Mineros in their fight against the Mexican Government and
allied corporations, including support for initiatives on organizing and health and
- We recognise the appalling treatment of workers in Mexico Oil & Gas Sector and
stand firm to assist our Mexican brothers and sisters in their endeavours to have safe
and decent employment under Union agreements in that sector.
- Support USW organising campaigns in the mining sector
- Support LWU in their dispute with EGT Longview Dispute
- Ensure the ratification of LO Convention C176

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Trim: 11/10/19/4798 29/11/2011

fric,n #egion

O To contribute in building trade union capacity in the region.

O To support campaigns for the worker friendly and standardised Labour Laws across
O To support Collaborative Research Project on understanding the value chain in
Mining, Transport, Manufacturing and related sectors from production to markets.
O Support campaigns and initiatives for skills development for scarce skills in Mining &
Maritime sectors
O To support the industrialisation of Africa from the African perspective that promotes
conditions that serve African workers and their communities.
O To support the SATAWU initiative of contributing to the family of the late Akhona
Geveza, a victim of sexual assault and murder in the workplace.
O To support campaigns against Transnational Companies sponsored conflicts.
O To support engagements on climate change that promotes a just transition for the
workers and the development paradigm.
O Acknowledge the Regional Committee's endorsement of the proposal for engaging
with the Amnesty nternational global campaign for corporate accountability in the
extractive industries.
O To support the campaigns for Health & Safety in Mining and Maritime industries
O To support unions that are grappling with China investment in their respective
O To strengthen the Africa Regional Committee to be more representative, united in
campaigns and action.
O Recognising that the Oil & Gas sector of South Africa is an emerging industry, and
that M&M Affiliates who are also members of the Trans Tasman Oil & Gas Alliance
wish to collaborate with African unions to assist in the engagement in this oil and gas
expansion and share our experience with our African comrades.

Further we declare that we will seek to monitor the implementation and achievement of
these goals by more regular meetings of the nternational Committee and, if deemed
appropriate, regionally based meetings, and to only consider a further major Conference
when and if deemed necessary by the nternational Committee.
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Trim: 11/10/19/4798 29/11/2011

M&M Conference #e8oution in Support of ILWU

WHEREAS: Global mining and maritime unions representing millions of workers around the
world have met in Durban, South Africa at the Fourth nternational Mining and Maritime
Conference to discuss issues impacting the men and women working in mining and maritime
industries; and
WHEREAS: The members of this body recognise that dockworkers affiliated with
nternational Longshore and Warehouse Union (LWU) Local 21 in Longview, Washington,
USA are under attack by employer EGT Development for standing up for their jobs and
rights; and
WHEREAS: EGT Development is a multinational, joint venture of Japan-based tochu Corp,
South Korea's STX Pan Ocean and Bunge North America; and
WHEREAS: Bunge Grain alone operates in more than 30 countries and profited $2.5 billion
in 2010; and
WHEREAS: EGT promised good jobs and got a special state tax exemption and a
sweetheart lease deal from the public Port of Longview to build a $200 million grain terminal
on port property and part of the lease deal was a provision that LWU Local 21 labor be
utilized in the facility and on the vessels calling at the facility; and
WHEREAS: LWU Local 21 dockworkers have performed all longshore work on Port of
Longview property for nearly 80 years; and
WHEREAS: LWU Local 21 dockworkers are being arrested and subjected to unfair
retaliatory police action for exercising their free speech and associational rights under the
United States Constitution to protest EGT Development's actions; THEREFORE BE T
RESOLVED: This body of global mining and maritime unions representing millions of
workers around the world proclaims its solidarity and full support with LWU Local 21's fight
against EGT Development and stands ready to offer any support deemed necessary to aid
LWU Local 21 in its fight to protect community and jobs.

Session 9 -Pike River ResoIution

That this Conference of Mining & Maritime Unions, meeting in Durban, South Africa in
October 2011, first extends our sympathy and condolences to the families and friends of the
29 miners whose bodies remain entombed in the Pike River Colliery in New Zealand
following the disaster on 19 November 2010.

Second this meeting offers our full support to the understandable demands of the families of
the deceased miners that a satisfactory plan be developed to recover he bodies of those
Third, this meeting declares that a failure by either the current administrators or the
Government of New Zealand to ensure the recovery of the bodies from the mine will mean
the unions present here will initiate a global campaign aimed at forcing such a recovery.