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Student Services Annual Highlights 2009-2010 Department Name: Thayne Center for Service & Learning

Dash Board Indicators:

Please see the attached impact summary. The multi-year data presented in this impact summary is identical to what is presented in the informed budget process.

Programming or Service Highlights:

Service Council student leaders collected over 1,300 petition signatures and successfully lobbied for student fees to support a campus-wide recycling program. A total of 4,507 students enrolled in 213 service-learning sections, serving 51,575 hours in our community. Their service had an economic impact of $1,075,338* (*www.independentsector.org)

26 participants went on two ASB trips, serving 960 hours in one week. This service is worth $20,016* to the communities of Seattle, Washington and Kanab, Utah (*www.independentsector.org) 237 nonprofit, government, and community organizations are registered online as partners of the Thayne Center.

The Thayne Center established and continues to grow our social media presence with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and a blog. At the beginning of the academic year, only 22% of Service Council members claimed an awareness of the issues local nonprofit organizations are working to address. By April, 100% of Service Council members are aware of these issues.

Assessment Highlights:

Fifty-five percent of Service Council students agreed they brought strong advocacy skills to the council. Every student left the council agreeing or strongly agreeing that they had strong advocacy skills. Due to Deans/Direct Report June 1st

Fifty percent of students prior to the ASB experience said they sought involvement with people different from themselves. After the trip, 83.33% strongly agreed with that statement.

Service Council was an incredible eye-opener for me. I have been civically engaged throughout the entire year, while being actively involved in my education. I took 19 credit hours this semester and did over 100 hours of community service. I feel like my perspectives on humanitarianism, politics, economy, and environment have all changed and grown. This is solely because of my experience with Service Council. This was one of the best years of my life. I have changed so much. (Anonymous student on final evaluation)

Before going to Best Friends [Animal Sanctuary], I didnt know how one voice can help make a difference. After spending time there, I now know that my voice can help. (Linda Peck) 72% of community partners surveyed say student volunteers furthered the mission of their organization.

Due to Deans/Direct Report June 1st

Due to Deans/Direct Report June 1st