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Living by the point of my spear in English free ( Zaki Ameen) My beloved readers thank you very much for

r your support and encouragement, I am very grateful to all of you. My main aim in this suicidal book Living by the point of my spear is to expose Muhammad personally and blame Muhammad only and no others for these endless crimes ,wars , violence , slavery , destructions ,genocides , mass graves, massacres, blood shades, sexism, injustice done by this evil creed Islam for the last 1400 years and till today

I was and still bitterly disappointed with westerner writers who had written about Muhammad and Islam , unfortunately the lies of Muhammad was so well fabricated , the vast majority of these writers swallow Muhammad lies and deceptions without any doubt (They believed in them) and what makes it really worse, these writers unconsciously started repeating and echoing these lies as an absolute truth from the Quran written from the longest chapter to the smallest one , to Muhammad was mentally ill or he did not exists at all ! Muhammad in fact was simply national nomadic Arab leader and his proper name to understand him is and should be Muhammad Arab Khan just like Genghis Khan the Mongol nomadic leader. Both of them were orphans suffered awful miserable childhood ( Muhammad used to sell Zamzam water from the well of Zamzam in Mecca streets at pilgrimage times, if there was no visitors for pilgrimage ,he used to work as guard for Quraish camels ,a degrading job for only one Qerat a day, equals 1/8 of a Dinar a day that nowadays it is like 12 cents a day and that is why both of them turned extremely violent and aggressive in their adulthood and lastly both of them united their savage hungry nomadic tribes with blood shade, brutally and racism to invade prosperous neighbouring agricultural civilisations to feed their half dead hungry nomadic tribes. The only difference between them; Muhammad Arab Khan claimed prophecy and Genghis Khan did not, the idea and the concept of prophecy did not exist in the whole region from Siberia to China to Mongolia while the idea was extremely popular in Middle East

Picture of Genghis Khan

picture of Muhammad Arab Khan

This is a disaster in fact. It is the mother of all disasters, westerner writers failed completely to understand Muhammad and why he claimed prophecy, despite the gigantic number of books that criticised Muhammad for the last 1400 years, Islam still exist till nowadays and it is growing bigger and faster in the west; and simply westerner writers refuse to accept the defeat. Only when I realised this fact I decided to write my book, the fact is We Arabs created this mess Islam so it is our responsibility (Arabs only) to clean up our mess Islam This is the profound motivation to write my book, I am not seeking after fame, power or wealth, my plan was simple to keep the English version of my book popular as much as I can to attract Arabs and let them read the free version of my book in Arabic, this book for Arabs who are desperately in need to such direct (Guidance), This book is simple and frank. That is why I kept the book available on famous online bookshops for the last two years and my plan was successful, the book is famous and popular in Arabic world now. My original (other) plan is to launch the English version of the book for free on my website www.myspear.org after two years from publishing it but unfortunately I lost control over my own website, I cant update or add anything to my website and soon the website will disappear (no need to explain why) I also lost control over my liveleak account, all what is left to me is my YouTube account. I am very grateful to the people who helped me for the last two years M&A, Filibri and the cartoonist Ibn Sarh, to all of you thank you very much without your help the book would not be exist, you were generous with your times and efforts in helping me exposing the real Muhammad.

I have written, translated, published the book and created the website with my own personal fund; I did not earn any money from the book and not from any source All what I am able to translate with my limited budget is chapter six of my book to English, so the book in English on Amazon is only chapter six which I am offering for free to you in this video, I am pretty sure the time will come and the whole book in seven chapters will be available in English and other European languages. Islam destroyed countless great civilisations such as , Egypt, Mesopotamia, Byzantine in Syria, Nubia in Sudan and Mazyes in North Africa, and Yemen so it is easy for us sons of these old destroyed civilisations to get away from our responsibility of Islams crimes ,no need to admit mistakes , we can easily say we are just victims of Islam like any other civilisations. NO! we have been Arabized , we lost our languages and identities. we become Arabs , unfortunately we played an Integral and vital role in Islams survival till nowadays. These crimes of Islam against humanity were done by our hands, we took great advantage of Islam, without our involvement Islam would vanish and collapse within less than one century after the death of Muhammad. The time is right in 21st century to take responsibility and admit our disastrous mistakes Here I am Zaki Ameen speaking on behalf of ALL Arab Muslim intellectuals. We Arab Muslims admit our responsibility of the crimes against humanity done by the name of Islam, we are so sorry, with great sorrow we admit our responsibility for these horrendous crimes, full apology without any reservation to all nations, civilisations and religions we Arab Muslims destroyed. To all Jews around the world and in Israel, we Arab Muslims deeply sorry for the atrocities against Jews, the Genocide, the Mass graves, Exile of Jews from Middle East We apologize fully without any reservation for all these crimes from time of Muhammad till today, Muhammad personally started the first mass grave of Jews, he instructed us to hate you and kill you All what I have to offer is my book, my book chapter six in English and my book seven chapters in Arabic is free in Hebrew without any copy right. The first step in the right direction is to admit responsibility so we Arabs and Jews can live together in peace and harmony without hatred and wars To All Africans and black people around the world; we Arab Muslims admit responsibility for all the crimes of Islam against you We Arab Muslims have committed the most horrible crimes against you We have enslaved millions and millions of you , we attacked your villages in organised military campaigns, took your peaceful innocent citizens as slaves to be sold in our slave markets , black women slaves by millions as servants in Arabs houses and black

men slaves by million to work as slave in agricultural land we invaded and conquered from neighbouring nations All these millions of black slave men first have been castrated by us Arabs Muhammad personally instructed us in his text book of evil the Quran to enslave you We were and still treating you far worse than we treat our animals. We are truly sorry for these crimes. We apologize fully without any reservation for all these horrible crimes All what I have to offer is my book, my book chapter six in English and my book seven chapters in Arabic is free in All Africans local languages without any copy right , there is complete chapter ( black slaves in Islam) where I exposed Muhammad fully as he exploit Black Africans To All Assyrians Christians of Iraq,Syria,Lebanon,Turkey and Iran & coptics of Egypt. To all Christians in Middle East and those who live in Diaspora (in the Christian western civilized world), we Arab Muslims apologize fully without any reservation for all the wars, genocides, massacres and crimes against you, Muhammad personally attacked you in three wars , he personally led these wars against you , first one Moota war , his son Zaid and his cousin Jaffar were killed in this war and Muhammad was defeated , Tabook campaign were Bedouin tribes withdraw before the battle started and Muhammad with great sorrow withdrawn and the last war led by Muhammad against Christians was Usama war , the general command of Muhammad army was Usama , the grandson of Muhammad , Muhammad passed away before this war started Christians you keep falling to the same mistake again and again, Muslims telling you Muhammad lies and deceptions like Muhammad said so many beautiful verses praising Jesus and Christians and you swallow these lies If you listen and read to any tyrant like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Bokassa or Gaddafi, they wrote and spoke for hours and hours about peace, love ,respect others and compassion , these long speeches and writings just to cover up their awful deed and that is exactly the same thing with Muhammad. Muhammad praised Jesus and Christians in his Quran to cover up his evil deed against them, he led personally three wars against Christians and Muhammad personally by his own hands was selling Christians as slaves in slave market , it doesnt matter what Muhammad said in his Quran, what is really matter is the deed and act of Muhammad against you. Chapter six only of my book is free in all languages without any copy right, in English, French, Spanish, German or any, any language you like to translate and launch in the net

To all Indians and all people of Indian subcontinent. We Arab Muslims apologize fully without any reservation for all the wars and crimes we committed in destroying your

great civilisation by our hands nomad Arabs in first wave and in the second wave of invasion by the hands of Mongol nomadic Muslims We are so sorry for all these evil crimes done by name of spreading this Bedouin creed Islam All what I have to offer to you is my book, my book chapter six in English and my book seven chapters in Arabic is free in All Indian local languages without any copy right like Hindi , Tamil , Urdu any local Indian language

To Persian and Turks we Arab Muslims apologize fully without any reservation for all the crimes done by the name of Islam, invading and destroying your great civilisations and forced you by our swards to become Muslims We know very well Islam bring you nothing apart from backwards and retardation, we appreciate how great your civilisation were before we forced you to believe in this old retard Bedouin tradition Islam , religion of sand, camels and famine We are deeply ashamed of what Muhammad personally said about you: We Arabs shall fight Turks who have ugly faces like hammered shields or what he said about Persians ;Allah will implant us Arabs (ie our penises Arabs ) in Persian women We condemn these racist offensive sayings from Muhammad with out any reservation All what I have to offer is my book, my book chapter six in English and my book seven chapters in Arabic is free in Persian and Turkish without any copy right

To Spaniards we Arab Muslims apologize fully without any reservation for attacking and invading Spain in the middle ages, simply we were after wealth, agricultural lands and beautiful women by tens of thousands to sale them in our slave markets We are so sorry for all these crimes against you To Indonesians and Malaysians we Arab Muslim apologize fully without any reservation to decrepit you with our hypocritical religion Islam, Islam brought you nothing but backwards and retardation We Arab Muslims took great advantage of you, we exploit you, you believed in our lies that we are equal, all of us Muslims and equals, No we are not equal, you are inferior to Arabs that what Muhammad told us Simply we look at you as modern slaves and servants in our houses in Middle East, dead cheap labour or better to call it modern slaves

We cant buy your beautiful young women as slaves, slaves market does not exist any more, the British with their overwhelming power forced us to abandon slavery in the fifties of last century, so we have to create this lie that all Muslims are equal by this we can take your girls as sex slave in what so called Masyar Islamic Marriage, we cheated your young beautiful girls, giving them the impression that they are legally wives and married to a wealthy Saudi men In fact these men are not wealthy at all, they paid 50 Riyal equal to 13 Dollars (Abu Khamssen) only to have sex with these selves for the whole holiday 30 days and abandon them at the end of the holiday Thousands and thousand of beautiful young Indonesian girls in Indonesia are Para legally married to Saudis, neither the Saudis husbands accept them or want them as wives nor the government of Saudi Arabia. We learned this from our prophet Muhammad he had hundred of times sex with Maria but he never ever married her ,she was his sex slave , a private prostitute simply because she is NOT Bedouins , she was Egyptian .

To the citizens and governments of United States, United Kingdom and Spaniards we Arab Muslim apologize fully without any reservation to the suicidal, violent ,brutal atrocities against your civilian innocent citizens in twin towers, London bombs and Madrid bombs We are truly sorry for these crimes and we take full responsibly for these gruesome coward acts These Arab Muslim criminals were NOT terrorists, they are simply Muslims instructed by Muhammad to despise, mistreat, abuse and kill as much as we can from you He said: Constantinople will liberate (meant destroyed and occupied by Muslims ) first then Rome When we Arab Muslims acknowledged our responsibility for these crimes against humanity that will open the door widely for international community to press on Arab governments to accept responsibility to pay compensation to the families of these victims and the to damage done by our hands Arabs to the governments of these attacked countries Bedouins Gulf States they are they real representative of stiff dry fossilized Islam, this awful creed done in their sandy waste Sahara, they have staggering amount of money not because they are intelligent or hard workers, they have oil and nothing more With the oil money they should compensate the families and governments of victims instead feeding and breeding Al-Qaeda

If you love my book and decide to translate it and launch my book on the net, please translate my apologies, let the whole world know, there are Arab Muslims who disagree to the crimes of Muhammad and Islam Dont forget this fact:

Not only westerner citizens know that Muhammad is not prophet, even dogs and cats in the west know Muhammad is not prophet so what is the point to write to westerners in European languages about Muhammad but the whole point is to let Muslims know about the real Muhammad so please spread my book in local Islamic Languages for Muslims who are in desperate need to understand Muhammad and the only way to spread my book is the social net work NOT Blogs and NOT websites All websites and blogs criticized Muhammad and Islam are blocked in Islamic world

Social network, Bookmark& share is the only available access to reach Muslims Peace Zaki Ameen
Copyright You are free without prior permission from the author to copy, print, distribute or republish Chapter Six only from Living by the point of my spear to any language on earth you like You are free without prior permission from the author to copy, print, distribute or republish the whole book all seven chapters of Living by the point of my spear to the following languages only, Arabic, , Hebrew, all local African languages, Turkish, Persian, all local Indian languages , Indonesian ,Malaysian and Kurdish .