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SPEAKER INFORMATION Track Session Speaker Information

Contact: Jennifer Cakir Liaison Officer Legend Conference Planning speakerliaison@legendconferences.com www.ftthconference.com

Conference Site:


Presentation/Paper Title (Max 10 words) Presentation Title's should be no longer than 10 words Presentation Abstract: (500 word count maximum) Presentation Abstracts will be a maximum of 500 words without pictures and must be commercial free. The abstract should describe the primary conclusion or result of the paper including pertinent details of the work indicating the significant findings. Presentation Abstract will be delivered in English only. Presentation/papers must be of the highest quality and should not have been previously published or presented at other conferences. Upon submission, presenters will be asked to certify that this statement applies to the presentation being submitted. (Note: Exception may be made for presentations offered under the Fiber 101 topic.) Presentations that contain commercial sales material will not be accepted. Presenter will also be asked to submit a photo in high resolution .jpg format, biography (50 - 75 words/525 characters), and presentation summary for publication on the website and in hard copy, if accepted as a speaker. Your 500 word maximum Presentation Abstract is due by March 23, 2009. Abstract/Presentation Brief Summary: (50 word count maximum) Speakers are asked to submit an (50 word max) Executive Summary of the proposed paper. This text may be displayed on the conference website. Your Abstract/Presentation Brief Summary is due by March 23, 2009 with your Presentation Abstract submission.

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Presentation Learning Objectives (25 word count maximum) for Publication Learning Objectives should describe the knowledge gained by the attendee at your presentation. This information will be used to evaluate the attendee satisfaction with the session. The abstract and actual presentation must adhere to these objectives. Your Presentation Learning Objectives is due by March 23, 2009 with your Presentation Abstract submission. Audience Level We will ask that you identify which Audience Level would most benefit from your presentation. Please indicate all that apply. o o o o Beginner Intermediate Advanced General Audience

Beginner This is a level of someone new to the Fiber Industry or a seasoned professional with limited exposure to the Fiber Industry. They are looking to gather information and knowledge in a greater context. Intermediate This level is for someone with detailed knowledge of Fiber, perhaps in a specific area, and less than 5 years in the industry. Advanced This is an individual with more than 5 years in the field, who has a great deal of knowledge about the industry. They are well versed in todays technologies and knowledge and have supervisory or management responsibilities. General Audience This presentation is offered to individual at all level beginner, intermediate and advanced. Biography (50 word count maximum) Your biography submission should include your name, title, company and a 50 word count maximum summary of your professional history. Biography is due by March 23, 2009 with your Presentation Abstract submission. Speaker Photo (High Resolution 300 dpi or greater, .jpg format): Speakers are asked to submit a picture image of themselves in a .jpg file. This image may be displayed on the conference website with the presentation executive summary. Your Speaker Photo is due by March 23, 2009 by email. Once we have received your Presentation Abstract submission we will send you an email requesting your photo. Days available to Present We ask that you identify which dates you are available to make your presentations. Indicate all that apply, the more options choose the greater your chance of being selected to make a presentation. o Monday September 28, 2009 o Tuesday September 29, 2009 o Wednesday September 30, 2009 Your availability is due by March 23, 2009 by email. Once we have received your Presentation Abstract submission we will send you an email requesting your availability.
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July 31st DEADLINE

Full length paper (White paper) All presenters, regardless of the presentation format, are encouraged to prepare and submit a White Paper. White Paper formatting guidelines are to be followed. The White Paper submission deadline is July 31, 2009 for all authors. Adherence to this deadline will be necessary to permit time for the paper to be prepared for posting on the FTTH Conference & Expo web site and/or FTTH Council web site and/or on a Conference and Expo Proceedings CD. Papers not submitted on time may not be included in the Proceedings CD. Papers requiring editing will be returned to the author(s) for correction prior to publication if time permits. They may be refused if changes cannot be made in time for the production schedule. Your company logo may be used, but on the first page only. The cover page should include: the paper title, author(s) name and title(s), company name, telephone number(s), and company web site address. No product names may appear in the document. Body font size must not be smaller than 10 point no larger than 16 point. Single-spaced paragraphs are acceptable. Any graphics should be embedded in the document. File size should be limited to 10 MB. All papers must be submitted in .pdf format. If you do not have a program to convert your paper to .pdf format, you may convert it online at www.adobe.com. To submit your paper, please email to speakerliaison@legendconferences.com by July 31, 2009. A Speaker ID and Password will be sent to you with your emailed letter of acceptance. Audio Visual Equipment: All Track Session rooms will be equipped with the following audio-visual equipment: Podium microphone Screen Computer Your presentation will be uploaded to this computer. You MUST ensure that the Speaker Liaison is in possession of your most recent presentation the day prior to you presenting it. Drop by the Speaker Registration Desk or Speaker Lounge with your presentation on a memory stick if you need to submit a last-minute update. LCD projector Laser Pointer

Other equipment essential to your presentation will be provided on a cost recovery basis, if sufficient time has been provided to make the necessary arrangements. Please notify the Speaker Liaison at speakerliaison@legendconferences.com or 613-226-9988 x4. Poster Session Audio Visual Equipment and Furnishing: Poster session participants will be provided with: One poster board ( 4 feet X 8 feet) If you have Audio Visual or other equipment essential to your poster session, the Conference Secretariat will make arrangements to provide identified equipment on a cost recovery basis, and only if sufficient time has been provided to make the necessary arrangements. Please advise the Poster Session Coordinator by email at speakerliaison@legendconferences.com or by telephone at 613-226-9988 x2 to make necessary arrangements. Although every attempt will be made to provide the Audio Visual Equipment requested - no guarantee will be provided for requests received after September 6, 2009.

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Presentation Facilitators Presenters are encouraged to identify a Facilitator from their attending organization staff or colleagues to assist them by way of an introduction and support during the presentation. Facilitators will need to have registered to the Conference and/or Expo and, if required, will be given staff access to YOUR presentation only, unless they are registered conference attendees.


Registration As a non-profit professional organization, the FTTH does not provide an honorarium for Conference presenters. All speakers are required to cover their own travel and hotel expenses and register to attend the Conference, at a discounted speaker rate of $350.00 per speaker. Speakers must register for the Conference before September 8, 2009 by visiting www.ftthconference.com. A special Speaker Registration fee of $350.00 (Limit of one speaker per paper at this rate), will cover all the Conference and Expo activities and events including all sessions, entry to the expo hall, keynote address, awards events, and all conference sponsored receptions. Registration information will be sent to speaker in the acceptance letter. A room monitor will be present at all times during your presentation to ensure respect of the time allotted. You have the option of providing a facilitator to introduce and assist you if you so choose. The facilitator will be required to have a conference access pass to perform this function on your behalf. (If your facilitator has only an expo pass, please inquire at the registration desk for a pass for your talk ONLY). Hotel Accommodations All hotel reservations should be made directly with the Hilton Americas-Houston, 1600 Lamar, Houston, Texas 77010. To receive the special discounted rate of $189.00 (Single/Double occupancy) (visit the Hotel Info page on the conference website (www.ftthconference.com ) . Be sure to identify yourself as attending the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH Conference) and book your room as early as possible. You may book your accommodation by calling Toll Free 1-800-Hiltons or the Hotel Direct at 1-713-739-8000. The cut-off date is September 8, 2009. Presentation and Power Point Presentation Papers and presentations must adhere to the outline provided in th e accepted submission. The Council does not endorse any particular solution, product or company. The attendees will benefit from your expertise and seek you out for specific commercial information. All presenters shall provide a Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe .pdf presentation utilizing the provided FTTH Conference and Expo Template or similar. A copy of the slide presentation must be submitted to the Speaker Liaison, Jennifer Cakir at speakerliaison@legendconferences.com by September 8, 2009 for review and to permit preloading of computers and for posting on the FTTH Conference and Expo website after the event. The slides shall not contain any marketing materials. The presenter's corporate affiliation may appear on the title page and on the presentation's contact page. The later may also provide the author's phone and e-mail. The presentation must adhere to the content of the approved abstract description and outline.

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Your slide presentation will be reviewed to ensure it meets the following conditions: 1) COMPANY LOGO: Your company will appear as provided for in the FTTH PowerPoint template and outlined above. 2) COMMERCIALISM: The purpose of this conference is to educate the attendees. As such, no company product names may appear in your presentation. Slides not meeting this requirement will be returned for correction if there is time, but if there is not time to make corrections by the deadline, the presentation will be cancelled due to lack of compliance. 3) To submit your presentation in either .ppt or .pdf format, please send it to Jennifer Cakir at speakerliaison@legendconferences.com.


Speaker Pre-Conference Checking Upon receipt of your badge, please present yourself at the Speaker Lounge to review the audio visual setup and logistics. It is advisable to meet with the Speaker Liaison one day prior to your presentation. The Day of the Presentation All presentations will be preloaded onto conference laptops by the conference technical support personnel the day before your presentation. Presentation Timing Each Track Speaker will have forty five (45) minutes to present and to answer questions. If questions continue beyond the 45 minutes, please invite attendees to visit you in your booth or make arrangements to discuss later. It is imperative that we maintain the conference schedule to be fair to each speaker and attendee. A room monitor will be present at all times during your presentation to ensure respect of the time allotted, as well as to collect the session evaluation forms. Attire Business or business casual attire is appropriate for Speakers.

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D EADLIN ES Paper o o o o MILESTONES - D ELIVERABLES submission via web site www.ftthconference.com Abstract/Presentation Brief Summary Presentation Abstract Biography Accept Speaker Agreement Contract (the presenter agrees to the conditions and deadlines outlined in the Speakers Agreement found at http://www.ftthconference.com/FTTH09/CUSTOM/images/Speaker /SpeakerAgreement2009. As a part of the submission process under Additional Details section, the submitter/author indicated (or will indicate) your acceptance of the agreement by submitting "Yes, I Agree" in this "Additional Details" section.



Abstract ACCEPTANCE notification Signed Letter of Acceptance Paper o o o submission to speakerliaison@legendconferences.com White Paper of Accepted Abstract Name of Facilitator (when applicable) AV Requirements (when applicable)




Conference Online Registration via web site - $350.00 provided for one speaker per track or poster session Hotel Room Reservation Private Accommodation Slide deck (Power Point or Adobe) Submission via speakerliaison@legendconferences.com


Please register at the 2009 FTTH Registration Desk/Speaker Check-in. Visit the speaker lounge to me et with the speaker liaison to confirm presentation delivery

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