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For Immediate Release April 25, 2010

Embers Brings Their Unique Genre Defying Metal on Tour in Anticipation of Their Upcoming Album
Embers is a band with a black metal sound whose members have a long history in the punk rock music scene. Bassist and vocalist Kelly Nelson and guitarist Steven DeCaprio were members of the anarcho-punk band Lesser of Two during the 1990s. Drummer Jerry Buchanan has played in numerous projects including Fields of Shit and Abandon where he collaborated with members of the seminal hardcore-punk band Filth. Embers tour of the Pacific Northwest will feature new material which will be released on their upcoming album. Oakland, California Embers is a metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area whose members have a long history in the punk and anarchist scenes. Two founding members, Kelly Nelson and Steven DeCaprio, were members of the anarcho-punk band Lesser of Two which toured extensively throughout the U.S., Europe, and Mexico while maintaining a pure D.I.Y. punk ethic. Prior to co-founding Embers, drummer Jerry Buchanan was involved in numerous groups most notably Fields of Shit and Abandon which included former members of the well known punk band Filth. Embers formed in 2004 in Oakland, CA. Their music is dark, ambient, and heavy with male and female vocals and a black metal influence incorporating strings, keyboards, two guitars, bass and drums. This epic sound stands in contrast to Nelson and DeCaprios previous band, Lesser of Two, which was a stripped down three piece group playing aggressive crust punk with dark anarchist lyrics. Both bands defy classification showing that their members have no interest in following the rules of any particular genre. Regarding the change in music direction from Lesser of Two to Embers, Nelson stated Its true that Embers definitely fits more under the metal genre, but ethically I would consider both Embers and Lesser of Two as punk in that we all embrace a D.I.Y. ethic in most arenas of our lives. Their anarchist and D.I.Y. views go beyond just the bands lyrics and liner notes. DeCaprio has become a well known squatter. His occupation of abandoned properties in the East Bay are well documented, most notably in the film, Shelter: a squatumentary. Currently he resides in a squatted house in Oakland without electricity or gas. He plans to rebuild the derelict property so he and his band mates can live and collaborate on music there. When asked about what inspired him to start squatting he stated, While I was on tour in Europe with Lesser of Two we saw all of these amazing squats. These places had concert halls, housing, movie theaters, bookstores, and so on. When I returned back to the U.S. I lost my job and my house. I was broke and had nowhere to live so I decided to emulate what I had seen in Europe.

DeCaprios path to establishing a stable squat was a rocky one. He was convicted of trespassing in 2005 and became embroiled in numerous lawsuits with local governments and private parties with claims on the properties he squatted. The other members of Embers have strong ties to the punk scene as well. Drummer Jerry Buchanan has roots in the East Bay punk scene. After the breakup of the seminal hardcore-punk band Filth in 1991, vocalist Jake Filth Sayles and bassist Mike-O the Psycho formed the band Fields of Shit with Buchanan. After Fields of Shit disbanded Sayles and Buchanan continued collaborating in the band Abandon. Each subsequent band became more experimental challenging the very elements of the hardcore-punk genre Filth helped define. Keyboardist Lillian Phaeton has roots in the San Francisco Bay Area punk scene. Phaeton is a classically trained pianist who grew up in San Francisco while the punk scene was exploding in the 1980s. Despite this Phaeton never saw an opportunity to use her music talents until joining Embers. When asked why she waited Phaeton responded, I was traumatized by 80s synth rock as well as my strict classical piano instructor. Steve [DeCaprio] told me they needed a keyboardist in Embers and I decided to get over all that. Guitarist Timm Kennedy has also been prolific playing in bands such as Neoni Eagal and Background to Malfunction to name a few. In their upcoming tour violist Nine Katechis will be absent due to a hiatus with the band. Regarding her absence guitarist Kennedy stated, It has definitely been different, we have been finding ways to make up for the lack of the viola in our sound using other instruments. If nothing else it has helped us a lot in paying attention to layering our sound. Embers will begin touring the Pacific Northwest on Aprio 30, 2010. They will be playing many songs off their upcoming album whose title has yet to be decided. The tour dates are as follows: April 30, 2010 Monstros Pizza 628 W Sacramento Ave. Chico, CA $5/8pm With: Black Hole of Calcutta, Gruk, Helm of Cerberus May 1, 2010 Aloha House 1121 Aloha Way Arcata, CA $3/7pm With: Ash Borer, Speed of Darkness, and Evangelist May 3, 2010 Megaton Haus 10128 NE Pacific St. Portland, OR $5/7pm With: Nux Vomica, Megaton Leviathon, Burials May 4, 2010 The Cretin Hop 1317 N. Howard St. Spokane, WA $7/6:30pm With: Rutah, Odyssey, Testament Of The Wicked, Against The Swarm

May 5, 2010 Eagles Hall 805 4th Ave. E. Olympia, WA $5/8pm With: Megaton Leviathan, Nychthemeron May 7, 2010 The Morgue 5901 Airport Way S. Seattle, WA 9pm With: Winter in the Blood, Samothrace, Addaura May 8, 2010 Plan B 1305 SE 8th Ave. Portland, OR $5/8pm With: Cull, Squalora, Murderess

May 9, 2010 Oak Street Speakeasy 915 Oak Street Eugene, OR With: Ninth Moon Black, Black Waves (Germany) May 10, 2010 Sues Java Caf 1712 Churn Creek Rd Redding, CA $6-10 With: Bison, Infinite War, Let the World Die May 11, 2010 Thee Parkside 1600 17th St. San Francisco, CA $8/8pm With: Black Waves (Germany), Ninth Moon
Black, Nero Order

Contact: Steven DeCaprio 510-485-1637 sinjefes@hotmail.com Kelly Nelson 510-485-1637 jezebelsfire@hotmail.com http://embers-music.com http://embers.bandcamp.com http://www.reverbnation.com/embers666 http://www.myspace.com/embers666