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Pollen vol 3 December 31, 2009 Lars Leafblad KeyStone Search


Hope that you and yours are having a great end to ’09 and preparing to have an even better start to ’10!

Special thanks since last edition to John Eichten, Fred Penteado, Matt Lindstrom, Dan Haugen, Paul Manley, Ali Sipkins, Rachel Schaefer, Chris Mayr, Rep. Laura Brod, Katie Clark, Heidi Carlson, Andy Brehm, Greg Tehven, Tammy Mencel, Heather Riddle, Lynne Schoen, Karen Casanova, Jill Rudnitski, Joel Wessman, Bill Venne, Jean Edhlund, Rebecca John, Rohn Jay Miller, Joe Thiegs, Raj Shah, Charlotte Preston, Amy Fredregill, Sara Jones, Robyn Schein, Wendy Helgeson, Greg Grinley, Lee Anderson, Jennifer Labovitz, Dan Olson (and anyone else I'm inadvertently forgetting) for your emails and/or referring this to others in your network; thank you!

Special welcome to new members Amy McBeth, Lisa Radzak, Robert Bitzan, Erik Mayr, Ruth Duran Deffley, Adrienne Dorn, Greg Grinley, Chuck Tombarge (my sincere apologies to anyone I've missed - if I have, let me know so you can be welcomed next edition).

Please forward to your network; truly, the more the merrier!

We’ve added another few features to Pollen: “Seeking” and “Freebies” based on ideas from all of you.

Seeking” is a section for members to share requests/specifics about what they might be seeking related to career transition, networking requests, and/or civic engagement opportunities. Example “Jane Doe seeks opportunity to network with contacts at Target, Best Buy, and Cargill related to marketing opportunities. You can access her bio at http://www.linkedin.com/in/janedoe.”

Freebies” is a section for members to share anything you’d like to give away/share/offer to other Pollenites…perhaps it’s extra copies of a book or white paper you've published, tickets you can't use to an event/performance, perhaps you’re willing to donate your professional expertise to help other members or their respective organizations on a pro-bono basis.

Here’s an inaugural “Freebie”:


Lars Leafblad just read “Six Pixels of Separation” by Mitch Joel and typed up a few summary


If you’d like a PDF copy of his notes, please respond to this email with “Six Pixels” in the subject header.

You can access an overview of the book here: http://www.twistimage.com/book/

LinkedIn and Twitter location for Pollen members (send along your coordinates!):

Thanks Charlotte Preston, you can find her at:


Thanks Fred Penteado, you can find him at:


If you ever wish to leave this e-communication list, simply reply "remove" in the subject header and I'll make it so asap.

And now your responses to the new feature added last week:

Last Edition’s Questions (responses with names attributed unless you indicated otherwise):

1) What 2009 event/opportunity/learning/challenge/growth moment are you most grateful for?

“Youth Frontiers gave its employees the opportunity to have a life coach this past year. I am so grateful for this opportunity as I have grown and challenged myself in ways I couldn't have possibly imagined-- both professionally and personally. I really recommend this process no matter where you are in your career and life path. For managers out there, you may want to consider this for your employees as it has increased our productivity and enhanced our relationships within the office.” Ali Sipkins, Youth Frontiers, Inc.

“MCF and PFund commissioned a report by New York based Funders for Lesbian and Gay Issues on LGBT Grantmaking in MN – very interesting and provoking. http://www.pfundonline.org/reports.html “ - Greg Grinley

This Edition’s Question:

1) What are your personal and/or professional goals for 2010 that you’d like to share with this community?

And now on to this edition's brainfeed:

Jobs (forwarded by you - not searches being conducted by KeyStone Search):

1) Director of Development, VocalEssence (via Bill Venne)


2) Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving, U of MN Law School (via Sara Jones and Joe Thiegs)


3) Administrative Specialist (w/ an emphasis on event planning), U of MN Law School (via Sara Jones and Joe Thiegs)


4) Marketing/Communication Project Manager with Bremer Bank (via Teresa Morrow) http://bit.ly/BremerMarCom

5) Part-time Executive Director, Comprehensive Advanced Life Support (via Amy Fredregill)


6) Director of Operations and Finance, Minnesota Council on Foundations (via Bill Venne, Greg Grinley and Chuck Peterson)


7) Director of Development, New Life Academy (via Dan Olson)


Props to the following Pollen members (please consider sharing good news about a friend/colleague/volunteer for next issue):

- Jean Edhlund on her new board roles with three different organizations! Minnesota Cable Communications Association – Associate Board Member, WICT (Women in Cable Telecommunications) Midwest Chapter – Programming Co-Chair, and Goal Line Club (Official Booster Club of Gopher Football) – Executive Board Member and Secretary

- Rebecca John on her new role as Assistant VP of Marketing and Communications with Augsburg College

- Leslie Hopp on her internship with Weber Shandwick

- Jennifer Labovitz on her election to a second term as chair of the board for the Council on Crime and Justice

- Joe Thiegs on his new role as Associate Director of Advancement with the U of MN Law School

- John Eichten on his new role as West Central Territory Manager with TST Media

- Lisa Radzak on her new role as Community Engagement Manager with Minnesota Public Radio/American Public Media

- Dr. Raj Shah on his new role as board chair of ACES

- Virginia Brown on her new role as Individual Giving Manager with Minneapolis Institute of Arts

- Tom Basquill on his new role as Youth Engagement Manager with HandsOn Twin Cities

- Angie Andresen on her new role as Managing Supervisor with Fleishman-Hillard

- Robyn Schein on the successful first year of the new “At the Table” program at The Minneapolis Foundation

- Lee Anderson on being named a “Person of the Year” by Lavender magazine for his work with


- Katie Clark on her new role as “Chair of Finance/Fundraising” for the Mark Dayton Gubernatorial Campaign

- Rohn Jay Miller on his new role as Managing Director of AlphaBeta


- Thought provoking blog post from Pollen member Wendy Helgeson on the idea of merging the Minneapolis and St. Paul Chambers of Commerce:


- Interesting visual representation of charitable giving in the US (via Rebecca Yanisch) http://www.mint.com/blog/trends/charity-who-cares/


“Modeled on successful diversity retention programs around the country, the program is administered by the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce. The Partnership is designed to help retain professionals of color in our companies and in our community! Participants in The Partnership meet other community and business leaders of color, learn about the region and develop a personal and professional network of peers. This network provides support and connections to help transplants become part of our community. The Partnership includes a series of six half-day sessions featuring interactive discussions with established executives of color, presentations on key community issues, behind-the- scenes tours and two social events, all designed to provide numerous opportunities to form new relationships with other transplants and long-time residents.”

More information here:



Free strategy session for non-profits offered by the University of St. Thomas on “Blue Ocean Strategy” (via Greg Grinley)



Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal “40 under 40” nominations are now due by January 15, 2010.

Nominate someone here: http://twincities.bizjournals.com/twincities/nomination/2181



Jean Edhlund seeks a social media/social networking expert: "I'm planning an event in early

February for the Women in Cable Telecommunications chapter (http://www.wictmidwest.org). It is being

titled “State of the Union” and will feature updates on various hot topics in the cable industry, with an expert or trusted source giving the “State of the Union” on each topic. I'm looking for someone (not necessarily in the cable industry) to speak about Social Networking. Do you know anyone who would be

a good source to speak about how professionals can use social networking, which sites are best, dos & don'ts, etc?"

If you, or someone in your network, is interested in this speaking opportunity, please email me back and I'll facilitate the connection to Jean.



Lars Leafblad just read “Six Pixels of Separation” by Mitch Joel and typed up a few summary notes.

If you’d like a PDF copy of his notes, please respond to this email with “Six Pixels” in the subject header.

You can access an overview of the book here: http://www.twistimage.com/book/

Thanks so much for your time and content suggestions.

If you’d like to be removed, hit reply with "remove" in the subject header.

On the other end, please forward this to others in your network and invite them to join us.

Thanks SO much for your time and as always, please let me know if there's ever anything I can do for you or yours.

Happy holidays and have a great end to ’09 and start to ’10!

Onwards and upwards,


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