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In last October, an analysis on the issue of the Palestinian States recognition was carried out. It was based on an objective reality approach. Among other elements, Iran appeared to be a disruptive factor while converging with the Israeli leftist and centre parties and present emotions. We have now carried out the same analysis, but using the subjective reality approach. You can read the results below. * Maps regarding other matters of this analysis as well as accurate statistics are available on request. 1 IRAN AND OBJECTIVE REALITY

This map shows the convergence of the concepts manipulated by information. The red rectangle outlines the convergence of Iran with the Israeli leftist and centre parties and Israeli present emotions. Turkey is green-circled and shows no particular hot spot (i.e. convergence). The main hot spots of this objective reality concern convergences between the following segments: USA, United Nations General Assembly, international organizations, Arab countries, neighbouring countries, Fatah, negotiations, Peace movements, domestic Palestinian issues, domestic Israeli issues, Israeli right parties, religion, Islamism, Jerusalem, emotions inherited from the Jewish memory, security, water and refugees.

This graph reports the results of the model called Prey and Predator: in red, the predators, in blue, the preys. The predators represent the segments whose the influence prevails. The preys are the segments impacted by the predators activity. Israeli leftist and centre parties, Israeli present emotions and Iran appear as the main predators . If Turkey also appears as a predator, it has little influence.

2 IRAN AND SUBJECTIVE REALITY The subjective maps point out the distortion of objective reality from specific standpoints. The yellow/red spots indicate a focus above objective reality. The dark blue spots indicate a focus below objective reality. The plain blue areas indicate that no specific attention is paid to the concerned topics compared with objective reality.

From an Iranian standpoint, the focus on the Israeli left and centre parties and Israeli present emotions are above objective reality. The perception of the role played by Turkey is also above objective reality. A nuance has to be pointed out: from the Iranian standpoint, the behaviour of the Israeli leftist parties and Israeli present emotions in relation to Russia and Turkey is much more important than the Turkish behaviour (red circle) in relation to the same Israeli protagonists.

The Israeli leftist and centre parties focus their attention on the Israeli present emotions in relation to Iran and Turkey above objective reality. Similarly, they focus on their own relations with Turkey above objective reality.

When considering the Israeli present emotions, a focus above objective reality is observed regarding the emotions themselves (yellow circle), the part played by the leftist and centre parties (white circle), Iran (red circle) and Turkey (green circle), this later to a lesser extent.

From a Turkish standpoint, there is a focus above objective reality regarding the combination of Iran and Israeli present emotions (red circle) as well as the relations between Turkey (green circle), Israeli leftist parties (white circle) and Israeli present emotions (yellow circle).

Now, when considering the issue of the Palestinian States recognition from the Israeli rightwing and religious parties, we observe that only one matter is above objective reality: water!


When considering the question of the Palestinian States recognition from the standpoint of regional water issues, we observe a more complex and diffuse subjective reality.