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2 cups leftover turkey gravy or cream sauce 1/4 cup finely diced onion 3 cups diced cookedturkey 1 cup cookeddiced celery,drained 3 Tbl. choppedgreen pepper,optional 1 Tbl. choppedparsley Salt and pepper 2 tsp. sherry,if desired Heat gravyor sauce with onions.stir in other ingredientsand heat. Taste and season.stir in sherry. Great for brunch or late supper. (Makes5 cups.)

WAFFLEA LA KING ' serve hot crisp waffies, topped with chicken ) la king, from a chafingdish.

WAFFLEWICHES 1 cup grated Swissor Gruydrecheese L/2 cupmayonnaise 1,/4 tsp. garlic powder 3 Tbl. minced onion 1 cup cookedham, chopped 1 tsp. basil Pinch of salt, if needed Waffles Mix cheese, mayonnaiseand seasonings. Add onion and ham. Set aside.Cook waffles and spreadmixture over as many as needed. Top with another waffie. Servehot.

CHAMPAGNEPUNCH II 1 packagefrozen strawberries 2 tsp. gratedlime peel Juice of 1 lime 1 bottle sparkling Burgundy 1 bottle champagne l bottle sauterne Combine strawberries, lime peel and lime juice in saucepan. Simmer together 10 minutes; put through sieve.Cool. Pour fruit mixture over block of ice in punch bowl. Add wines just before serving. Garnish with whole strawberriesand lime slices.(Makes about 25 punch cup servings.)

PARTYPUNCH 1 quart pineapplesherbet 2 quarts fresh or frozen orangejuice 2 quarts pineapplejuice 2 quarts ginger ale l gallon crushedice Placepineapplesherbet in large punch bowl. Add fruit juices and ice. Stir but allow sherbet to float. Add ginger ale a few minutes beforetime to serve.(Serves about 36.)

CHRISTMAS PARTYPUNCH 1 (6 ounce)can frozen orangejuice, thawed 1 (6 ounce)can frozenlemonade,thawed 2 1/2 cupspineapplejuice t 1,/2quarts cranberryjuice Ice cubes



lemonade according to package Add water to orange juice and bowl' stir to mix' Add Pour all ingredients into punch directions. 50') ice cubes.(Serves

FRUIT PUNCH WITH STRAWBERRIES pineapplejuice 3 quarts unsweetened juice 1 (-6ounce)can frozen orange juice 1 (6 ounce)can frozenlemon t/2 cuPsugar 3 large bottles ginger ale 1 pint fresh ot ftozen strawberries Lemon or lime slices Chill tiroroughlY. Add ginger ale Combine fruit juices and sugar' of ice in just before serving' Pour over block and. strawberries 50.) lemon' (Serves punch bowl. Float thin slicesof

MIDWINTER PUNCH 3 cups cranberrYjuice 2 quarts aPPlejuice 4 sticks cinnamon 1tsp. whole cloves 3 cups vodka cloves Lemon slicesstudded with whole


C o m b i n e c r a n b e r r y j u i c e a n d a p p l e i u i c e . P l a c e s p i c ein i n a s bag spice_ to juice mixture ti. tightly. eJa cheeseclothbag "rrd to boiling over medium heat. simmer over heat a saucep.r, "rrI bag. Cool slightly. Add vodka' low heat 5 minutes. Remorr. ,!i.. Servehot,garnishedwithl"*o',slicesand'morecinnamonsticks.
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P1ace fruit in a punch bowl. Sprinkle sugarover the fruit; add rum" Coverand let stand 4 hours or overnight. Add lemon juice, orange juice, grenadineand vodka. Add a block of ice. Stir. Add ginger ale and stir. (Makes about 50 drinks.)

RUBYRED FROST 2 pints raspberry sherbet I !/4 cupssugar 1,L/2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice 1-cup freshly squeezed orangejuice 1 quart cranberryjuice cocktail, chilled 2 (28 ounce)bottles ginger ale, chilled

Soften 1 pint sherbet;scoopby spoonfuls into pitcher. Add sugar, lemon juice and orange juice; let stand a few minutes, stirring frequently, until sherbet melts. Pour over block of ice in punch bowl along with chilled cranberryjuice and ginger ale. Float scoops of remaining pint of sherbeton top. (Makesabout 30 punch cups.)

WHISKEY SOURPUNCH 1 quart lemon juice 1 quart orangejuice 1-quart whiskey 3 quarts sparkling water Sugar,to suit your taste Pour over iceand sprinkle with sliversof pineapple.Servein chilled (Serves glasses. about 20, dependinguponthe guests.)



SPREAD CHUTNEYCHEESE creamcheese 2 (3 ounce)packages grated 1 cup sharP cheese, fine !/2 crtpchutneY,choPPed 2 Tbl. sherry powder 1tsp. cuLrry t/4 cupchopped green onions or chives to serve' Mix all together and form into a ball. Chill. When teady with Wheat put a little more chutney over the top of the ball. Serve . Thins or Waverly crackers A Great Taste!

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BALLS BLUECHEESE 1 (4 ounce)packageBlue cheese 1 (8 ounce)packagecream cheese Dash of salt and PePPer and cream together. Roll in small balls (like a big Soften cheeses marble).Roll bqus in crushedpecans.Chill . Good,Good,Good!

BALLS CHEESE-OLIVE 1'/2pound gratedsharPCheddar 1 , ' 2s t i c ko l e o 1 cup plain flour R"d p"pp"r, a dash or more, to taste 1 (6 ounces)iar sruffed olives and mix Cream together the cheeseand oleo. Add ffour and pepper thoroughly. Pata little Pastry flat and $waparound the olive, covering be .orrrpl"iuly. Bake at 350' for about 15 minutes- Servewarrn. Can frozenbeforecooking by spreadittgon a cookie sheetand freezing' (cont.)

CHEESE-OLIVE BALLS (cont.) Thenplacein bag and keep frozen til neede I usedto think I had to d. use the hugeolives that impr ess p eople,but the smaller ones ar e just asgood and make more. Th"y disappearlike peanuts, soyou needas many as you can afford. Why not doublethe recipe!I always do.


Jarlarge stuffed olives Creamcheese Soften cheese slightly with a small amount of milk. Remove pimiento fror5r olives. Tint cheesewith cake coloring (yellow or pink, depending on your color scheme).With a knife, split olives four ways,just enoughto stuff with cheese. Shapgto make look like a rosebud. Cut real rose stems or use any green stem with a leaf or two, about 6 inches long. Insert into bottom of olives. Looks just like a rose bud and so adorableon a party plate. Also tastes good. Pretty to group three or five at one end of a large platter for abuffet.

CHEESE APPLES I Soften1 (Bounce) package Americancheese. 1,/2 arychopped Add pecansand !2 small pickledonions,chopped. Mix well. Form in small balls;roll one sidein paprika and stick with a clove.(Makes about12 apples.)