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rmad-Bhgavatam 1.2.

17 Vndvana, October 28, 1972

Pradyumna (leads chanting, etc.): vat sva-kath ka puya-ravaa-krtana hdy anta-stho hy abhadri vidhunoti suht satm [SB 1.2.17]

Translation: "r Ka, the Personality of Godhead, who is the Paramtm, Supersoul, in ev one's heart and the benefactor of the truthful devotee, cleanses desire for mate rial enjoyment from the heart of the devotee who relishes His messages, which ar e in themselves virtuous when properly heard and chanted." Prabhupda: vat sva-kath ka puya-ravaa-krtana hdy anta-stho hy abhadri vidhunoti suht satm [SB 1.2.17] There is a English proverb that "God helps him who tries to help himself." That is a English proverb. So to become Ka conscious is not very difficult thing. People have no taste. They do not understand the importance of this Ka consciousness move ment. But this is the only way by which one can become perfect and happy. It is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gt that just to become happy and peaceful one has to learn three things. bhoktra yaja-tapas sarva-loka-mahevaram suhda sarva-bhtn jtv m ntim cchati [Bg. 5.29] If you want... Because the problem is that we want to be happy and peaceful. Eve ryone says, "I want peace. There is no peace in my mind." That is a general unde rstanding. Nobody can say that "I am completely happy and peaceful." No, that is not possible. The material world is made in such a way that you cannot feel hap py. That is not possible. First of all, we have come to this material world to e njoy sense gratification, but that is not our proper business. Our proper busine ss is to satisfy the senses of Ka, not our senses. So because we have deviated from our original position, therefore it is always a perplexity of our life. But due to illusion we cannot understand it. Just like a hog is eating stool, living in a very filthy place, having sex witho ut any discrimination, but you see, hogs are very fatty. They feel very happy. U nless one feels very happy, he cannot become fatty. This is a psychology. Yes. W e have seen, sometimes, a confectioner, very quickly they become fatty. Because they always smell rasagull. It is natural. You see. So the hogs, they feel very h appy, and get fatty. You see. But actually what is the happiness? He's eating st ool, living in a filthy place and no fixity of eating. But still, he's happy. Therefore Prahlda Mahrja, when he was asked by his father, "My dear boy, will you k indly let me know what best thing you have learned from your teachers?" So Prahld

a Mahrja replied, tat sdhu manye 'sura-varya dehin sad samudvigna-dhiym asad-graht hitvtma-pta gham andha-kpa vana gato yad dharim rayeta [SB 7.5.5]

"My dear father..." He did not say "father." He said, "My dear the best of the d emons..." His father was a demon, and he was not afraid of his father, although his father was always insisting him, "You give up this Ka consciousness, learn like me, become a very big king, politician." But he would say, "No. ravaa krtana vio [ 5.23]. This is best thing." So that was the fight between the father and the son . So sometimes, after all, he was father, sometimes patting the son. So he repli ed, "My dear the best of the demons, asura-varya..." Asura means demon, and vary a means the best. Tat sdhu manye 'sura-varya dehinm. "I think for any living entit y who has accepted this material body..."

All of us, we have accepted this material body. Tat sdhu manye 'sura-varya dehinm asad-graht, sad samudvigna-dhiym asad-graht [SB 7.5.5]. Because the living entities accepted this material body, asad-graht... Asat means "that will not exist." Ever y living entity is eternal. He must have his eternal body. But purposefully, to enjoy this material world, the living entity has accepted a material body. Not o nly once, but it is going on continually, one after another. As I am accumulatin g material desires in this life... Just like I have got this body according to m y desires in the last life, similarly, whatever we are desiring in this life, th at will be fulfilled in the next life. Ka is very kind. As we desire, ye yath m prapa yante ts tathaiva bhajmy aham [Bg. 4.11]. a is so kind that if you want a tiger's bod , Ka will give you. If you want a demigod's body, Ka will give you. If you want a bod like Ka, Ka will give you. Mad-yjino 'pi ynti mm. That is stated in the Bhagavadeva-vrat devn pitn ynti pit-vrat [Bg. 9.25]. Whatever you want, especially in this h n form of life, whatever you desire, Ka will give you chance. It may be very unpala table, but this is a fact. We have heard from authorities. That is why in Vndvana there are so many hogs and monkeys and dogs. This is very m ysterious thing. The siddhnta, the conclusion is, we get it, information from Bhga vatam... Just like that, the two sons of Kuvera. What is the? Maibandha...? Devotees: Maigrva. Prabhupda: Maigrva...? Devotees: Nalakvara. Prabhupda: Nalakvara. They wanted extensively sense enjoyment. They were enjoying. At that time, Nrada was passing. But they were so much intoxicated that they cou ld not cover their body. So Nrada cursed them that "You become a tree." But when they were very much submissive, fell down on the feet of Nrada, "How we shall get ...?" he asked them to get the tree life in Vndvana. And because they were put in Vndvana, after some time, they were delivered. So similarly, those who are executing devotional service, but at the same time c heating... Cheating means outwardly very devotional, inwardly doing all sinful a ctivities. Such living entity is given the chance to become a hog and dog in Vndva na so that the reaction of the sinful activities, they get this body; at the sam e time, due to their touch with the dust of Vndvana, they become eliminated of all sinful activities and liberated. So these hogs and dogs, they're also very impo rtant. They are not ordinary thing. But this is the explanation. The tortoise, t he... They have, they have got... Therefore a devotee, when he's punished in tha t way for the short time, they'll be liberated. Undoubtedly.

There is a statement in the rmad-Bhgavatam: tyaktv sva-dharma carambuja harer bhajann apakvo 'tha patet tato yadi... [SB 1.5.17] Even one falls down, still, there is no loss. Because he'll get the chance. Ka will arrange in such a way. They'll get the chance. So actually, there is no loss. B ut one must be purified completely. So to get this hog's and dog's life means th ey are being purified. They are being purified. But without being completely pur ified, nobody can enter into the kingdom of God. That is not possible. Yem anta-ga ta ppam. So there is another version in Caitanya-caritmta: anivij tare viaye khana diba sa caramta diye visa bhula iva(?) If one, by mistake, while executing devotional service, at the same time, keepin g his propensity for sense gratification, material enjoyment, then he is rectifi ed in that way.

So we should be very much careful. Careful... It is said, kurasya dhr niit duratyay. he spiritual path, Ka consciousness path, is just like sharpened razor. You take yo ur sharpened razor and shave your cheek. If you are expert, it will be very clea n-shaved. But if you are not expert, there is little inattention, immediately cu t and blood. Kurasya dhr. This is an example. Durga pathas tat kavayo vadanti. But t he safest way... Here it is stated in the rmad-Bhgavatam, vat sva-kath ka [SB ttentively hear about Ka, puya-ravaa-krtana, if we hear about Ka, it doesn't mat am, but simply by hearing Ka, about Ka, I shal l acquire some resultant action of pio s activities. Just like there is the Bhgavata-saptha. You, within a week, nobody c an understand what is Bhgavata. And the speaker also does not know what he's spea king. But because somehow or other, they're hearing about Ka, there is some pious r esultant action. That's a fact.

So vat sva-kath ka puya-ravaa-krtana [SB 1.2.17]. If we engage ourselves... cepted this process, simply hearing... That is the accepted process, ravaam, ravaa kr anam. So Caitanya Mahprabhu also accepted this process. Sthne sthit ruti-gat tanu-v hi. He refused so many other processes of self-realization, beginning from varrama-d harma, jna-mira-bhakti, karma-mira-bhakti, karma-tyga. He, not rejected; he said, "It is external. If you know something more, speak," when He was talking with Rmnanda Rya. So when Rmnanda Rya quoted a passage from rmad-Bhgavatam which wa s spoken by d Brahm: jne praysam udapsya namanta eva jvanti san-mukharit bhavadya-vrtm sthne sthit ruti-gat tanu-v-manobhir ye pryao 'jita jito 'py asi tais tri-lokym So Caitanya Mahprabhu accepted that people should be given chance, some way or ot her, to hear about Ka. That's all. These meetings are arranged, these sakrtana partie s are arranged... We are sending our men throughout the whole world simply to gi ve them some chance to hear about Ka. This is the process. And it is actually happe ning very effective. Simply. When I was coming here, I was in Manila. What is called? Devotees: Manila. Prabhupda: Manila. Yes. Manila, in Philippines. So this Manila, Philippines, they eat dogs. But still they gave very patient hearing to ka-kath. My last meeting was

in a big hotel. Our Sudm Vipra Gosvm Mahrja arranged it, and it was very successful m eting. All full of young men. And they came to hear about Ka. And they responded ve ry nicely. They purchased books, they danced, they chanted. So this Ka consciousnes s movement is progressing only on this basis: vat sva-kath ka [SB 1.2.17]. Just hance to hear about Ka. We are not bribing them. I have not bribed all these Americ an and European boys to become Ka conscious. I have no money. I, when I went to Ame rica, I had only seven dolla rs. One h our's expenditure in New York. You see. S o there is no question of bribing them. But they heard about Ka. I was reading Bhag avad-gt on the street, on the store, in the park, and chanting. They heard, and th ey came to me. They became attracted. Why? Because it is said here, hdy anta-stha. Within the heart, hy abhadri... People are suffering because they have got so many dirty things within the heart . The most important dirty thing are the modes of material nature. Sattva-gua, ta mo-gua... Sattva-gua is also not dirty, but it is mixed with dirty things. And raj o-gua, tamo-gua is purely dirty. Rajo-gua, tamo-gua is purely dirty. Here, our intel ligence is also dirty, because it is mixed up with these modes of material natur e. In the material life, the int..., we are using our intelligence... Everyone i s using, or..., his intelligence, how to become happy. The whole world is going on, working so hard. There is intelligence, certainly. But that is dirty intelli gence. That is dirty intelligence. Dirty intelli...

What kind of dirty intelligence? That is described in the Bhagavad-gt: duktina. Kt. ans very expert, kt. Kt. One who is expert, he's called kt. But here the word has bee added: dus. Dukt. Duktin. Just like one who has discovered the atomic bomb. It has r equired very nice brain. Unless the scientist is very intelligent, kt, how he coul d discover such dangerous weapon? So there is intelligence, undoubtedly. But the intelligence has been wrongly used. Duktina. They have discovered something to kil l man. But they could discover something which will save man. But that is not po ssible. That is Ka consciousness movementwhich will save man. You can discover somet hing to kill man, but you cannot discover something which will save man. That is Ka consciousness. And it is very easy. Simply by giving some time to hear about Ka. s soon as one sincerely hears about Ka...

Ka is situated in everyone's heart. vara sarva-bhtn hd-dee arjuna tihati [Bg. oth are living together within the heart as friends. Ka is so sincere friend that H e's trying always to take me back again, back to home, back to Godhead. That is His business. But I am denying, "No, Sir, I shall remain as hog. I shall be happ y by eating stool." Ka says, "No, give up this business." Sarva-dharmn parityajya mm eka araa vraja [Bg. 18.66]. "I'll give you protection." "No, Sir, I'll eat meat, I s hall eat the stool. I have got very good facility for sex life without any discr imination." There are so many so-called... I don't wish to discuss, but sex life is so strong that they cannot give up even in so-called devotional life. So thi s is dirty things. Actually it is very dirty. But one can give it up if one is v ery strongly under the shelter of Ka. yad-avadhi mama ceta ka-padravinde nava-nava-rasa-dhmany udyata rantum st tad-avadhi bata nr-sagame smaryamne bhavati mukha-vikra suhu nihvana ca

Ymuncrya says. If one... Ka is Madana-mohana. If one is attracted, actually, by Ka a cannot kill him. Ka will save. So the... Actually, the dirty thing is our..., thi s sex desire. Sex desire increases our attachment for this world. pusa striy mithun-bhvam eta tayor mitho hdaya-granthim hu ato gha-ketra-sutpta-vittair janasya moho 'yam aha mameti [SB 5.5.8]

Everything is there, rmad-Bhgavatam. The ultimate knowledge to understand everythin g. Unfortunately, they speak on rmad-Bhgavatam, but not scrutinizingly, pointing ou t what are the defects in our life. They want to enjoy another type of sense gra tification. Anyway, we do not wish to discuss. But actually, if we want to get r id of all dirty things from our heart, we must hear scrutinizingly about Ka. This i s the prescription given here. vat sva-kath ka puya-ravaa-krtana [SB 1.2.17 rstand, it doesn't matter. You simply give vibration, hear the vibration. Just l ike we are doing. What, in European countries and American countries, they'll un derstand? But we are sending in every important street. In New York we are sendi ng in the Fifth Ave nue, the most important street in the world. Fifth Avenue, N ew York, we are chanting. We have seen pictures in our Back to Godhead. They are chanting. In London, the most important street, Oxford Street, we send our men. In Melbourne, they're, they're now arresting. I do not know what is the positio n now. But they are prepared. These boys and girls, so nice that they're arreste d sometimes. Just like Kazi was torturing Caitanya Mahprabhu's party. Of course, now, civilized world, there is no such torturing, but our men are, very often th ey are arrested and put into jail also. But still, they go. They go every day. N ow in London, the police has become disgusted. They don't, do not arrest anymore . Yes. So I say that if you are arrested, why you should be sorry? You go in the jail and chant Hare Ka. That's all. So that others will get the opportunity to hea r about Ka.

So this is our propaganda. Ka consciousness movement means we are giving chance to people to hear about Ka. vat sva-kath ka puya-ravaa-krtana [SB 1.2.17]. in India also. But we have got better field of activities outside India, I tell you, frankly. I am very much encouraged. Because the, we get very good response quickly. And they become immediately attached to Ka, as you see the samples here. T hey have given up, on account of their attachment to Ka, they have given up all the ir nonsense, or abhadri. Abhadri. Abhadri. This, the principle abhadri means illici , intoxication, meat-eating, and gambling. These are the four pillars of abhadr&7 751;i. So by Ka consciousness, Ka helps. vatm... When Ka sees that "This man, ity's now sincere to hear about Me," He helps. Hdi... Because He's there. You hav en't got to find out somewhere else. You haven't got to go to Himalaya to find H im. He's here. Hdy anta-stho hi. So He's also within. And my all dirty things are also within. So as soon as He sees... I am also within. As soon as He sees that "This living entity's now little serious about hearing about Me," He helps. Hdy a nta-stho hy abhadri vidhunoti. He helps you. I cannot get out of these dirty things by my own endeavor. That is not possible. But Ka helps. As soon as we are little s erious to hear about Ka, He helps.

Buddhi-yoga dadmi ta yena mm upaynti te. Ka says. Here, it is indirectly said that . And in the Bhagavad-gt Ka directly says, "Yes. I give him such intelligence so that he may come back to home, back to Godhead." Yena mm upaynti te. To whom? Te satata-y uktn bhajat prti-prvakam [Bg. 10.10]. One who is twenty-four hours engaged in the lo g service of the Lord, and satata-yukt... Satata means twenty-four hours. Not off icially. Of course, by official, one may gradually come to the position of satat a-yuktnm. Bhajat prti-prvakam. With faith and love, if one is engaged in the service f the Lord, then Ka says, buddhi-yoga dadmi tam. There are two things, buddhi and bud dhi-yogam. Buddhi, ordinary buddhi, intelligence, that is dirty. But when it is yogam... Yogam means connected with Ka. It is called buddhi-yogam.

So we require buddhi-yogam. Not buddhi. If we simply use our buddhi, intelligenc e, then we continue to become duktina. Buddhi's there, but it is utilized in a misd irected way. That is called duktina. Therefore we must engage our buddhi... Because buddhi is the immediate step before we realize self. First our conception is in driyi, these senses. Indriyi pary hur indriyebhya para mana [Bg. 3.42]. We give v importance to the senses. The bodily concept of life means to give importance to sense enjoyment. That's all. This is bodily concept of life. So indriyi pary hu. The are very important. Those who are bodily, in bodily concept of life, they are a

ddicted to sense gratification. Indriyi pary hur indriyebhya para mana [Bg. 3.42]. hose who are little advanced more, they are addicted to the mental speculation. The so-called jns, mental speculation. Manasas tu par buddhi. Then again you come to the platform of intelligence. Intelligence, and when the intelligence is purifie d, hdy anta-stho hy abhadri, purified, simply by hearing about Ka, then immediately are raised to the platform of spiritual life. This is the process. So, vat sva-kath ka puya-ravaa-krtana hdy anta-stho hy abhadri vidhunoti suht satm [SB 1.2.17]

He is very intimate friend of the sdhus, of the devotees. He is everyone's friend . Suhda sarva-bhtnm [Bg. 5.29]. He's everyone's friend. God, Ka, He's everyone's fr but He's a special friend for the devotees. That is stated in the Bhagavad-gt. He says, samo 'ha sarva-bhteu na me dveyo 'sti na priya ye bhajanti tu m bhakty mayi te teu cpy aham [Bg. 9.29] Priya teu te mayi: because He's God, He's kind to everyone; without His kindness, we cannot live for a moment. That is a fact. But if one becomes a devotee, He gi ves special protection. Kaunteya pratijnhi na me bhakta praayati [Bg. 9.31]. So there fore this human form of life is a special prerogative for the living entity, and if we take advantage of it and simply try to hear about Ka, then our life is succe ssful. Thank you very much. (end) http://krishnaonline.com.br/Srimad-Bhagavatam%201.2.17_Vrndavana_28_10_72.html

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