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GLOBAL SCHOOL OF FOREIGN TRADE MADURAI Rules and Regulations for Library

1. Before barrowing a book, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the book is

in good condition. If any damage is noticed, the student should bring it to the attention of the librarian at the time of borrowing.
2. Loss of library books should immediately report to the librarians. Any student/faculty

who loses borrowed books must replace them in original within two weeks of notice. 3. Users of the library are not allowed to bring their personal copies of books or notebooks inside the library. They are permitted to carry only loose sheets of paper.
4. Failure to return the books on time by either student or faculty will entail a fine of Rs.5

per book day up to a maximum of 5 days beyond which a heavy penalty will be imposed.
5. Upon return, the librarian will examine the book. Removal of papers, diagram,

disfiguring books, writing or scribbling on pages, etc., will entail payment of the cost of the book as well as the replacement of the damaged book in the library. 6. Books that can be borrowed can be reserved for use. When returned by a user, if the book has been reserved by another user, the latter is given preference for issue of the book. 7. Books may be renewed only on one occasion sequentially.
8. The decision of the management on all matters of lending shall be final.

9. The student using library should sign in and sign out the register.
10. Issue of books for home use Each student would be issued two books at a









issued maximum four books at a time for a maximum period of one fortnight.
11. Reference books, periodicals and news papers, should not be removed from the library on

any account. 12. Silence shall be strictly observed in the library.

13. Mobile phones are not allowed inside the Library. 14. Students are expected to be respectful of themselves, others, and the library surroundings.

15. Handle all library materials with care.

16. Leave the library in the same condition as it was when you entered. a. Please do return books to the appropriate racks after reading. b. Push in your chair when you leave a table. c. Put all materials away when you finish with them. 17. Students are not supposed to eat, drink or chew in the library.
18. Students are responsible for any books checked out in their names. 19. No one having the privilege of using the college library shall transfer books from one to

another or lend them to students. 20. Every borrower shall present himself/herself personally at the time of borrowing books.