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||O® bh¿rbhuva¡ sva¡ tatsaviturvareñya® bhargo devasya dhºmahi dhiyo yo na¡ pracoday³t ||

(May Almighty illuminate our intellect and inspire us towards the righteous path)
- Rigveda 3/62/10; Samveda 1462, Yajurveda 3/35, 22/9, 30/2, 36/3

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July-Aug, 2006 Abroad: Rs. 600.00
Date of Publication: 01.07. 2006

Awaken Your Indwelling Divinity

All sub-human life forms are born with specific instincts and usually live
within its confines right till the end. The Creator has endowed only the human
species with the faculty of freewill, based in the shadowy ego-self. Man has
mostly used this freewill for exploitation of other life-forms and disturbance
of the harmonies of Nature, instead of nurturing them, ignoring the nudgings
of his soul, which is latent within him and is a spark of the Supreme Soul. All
the potentialities and all the light of the individual soul are just reflections of
the Supreme Soul.

All the divine powers exist within the Supreme Soul. When Agni Dev gets
awakened hunger is felt, Varun Dev generates thirst for water. To each divine
power, a direction and a task are well assigned. To ensure that these divine
powers do not work at cross-purposes a proper control and balance is
maintained by the Supreme Soul which has merged Itself into the creation in
the form of individualized souls in the evolutionary process of consciousness.
It is thus that the fascinating, extraordinary human life came into existence in
the universe. From then on till date man has been like a living laboratory,
exercising his freewill for ill or good. Whenever he commits mistakes he gets
punished, and when he performs good deeds he is rewarded and given
greater responsibilities. Misdeeds result in sorrow, good deeds like
benevolence and righteousness result in happiness. This is the principle of
‘Karma’ – ‘As you sow so shall you reap.’

July-Aug 2006 3

01 Amrit Cintan
Awaken Your Indwelling Divinity......................................................................... 03

02 From Chief Editor’s Desk:

Guru Parva-The Ideal Way To Celebrate............................................................... 05

03 Vedic Solutions to Modern Problems:

Protection of the Ecosystem - II.......................................................................... 07

04 Art of Living – 3
Recognize the Value of Time.................................................................................. 12

05 Early Morning...................................................................................................... 14

06 Youth Column
Self-Expression should be Effective....................................................................... 17

07 The Service of the Saint......................................................................................... 19

08 Health Tips
Treatment and Preventive Care of the Eyes........................................................... 25

09 Science and Spirituality

Human Bioelectricity............................................................................................. 30

10 Companions in Solitude-7
The Hut in Solitude............................................................................................... 35

11 My Life: Its Legacy and Message-20

Visible Attainments of S³dhan³ (Siddhi)............................................................... 39

12 Who can be a True Visionary?............................................................................... 44

13 Amrit V³ñº
The Grandeur and Glory of Guru-Tatva -II........................................................... 46

4 July-Aug 2006
From Chief Editor's Desk
Guru Parva
The Ideal Way to Celebrate
Dr. Pranav Pandya
It is a rare phenomenon when a apparent life-sketch can be summed up in
revolutionary Spiritual Master (a Sadguru) few words:
incarnates in human form. Blessed is the age
Born on Ashwin Krishna Chaturdashi in 1911;
in which such an illumined soul assumes
given Yagyopveet – Mantra Deeksha at the
human embodiment and blessed are the
tender age of 8 years at Varanasi by
human beings who are privileged to totally
Mahamana Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya; was
offer themselves (soul-mind-body) to be his
revealed the purpose and mission of his
students, servitors and disciples. According
incarnation by his own immortal Gurusatta,
to Sant Kabir a Sadguru appears on the
who appeared in His Body of Light, before
darkened, depressed human scene like a
the 15 year old teenager in his Pooja-room
shaft of light. In our Sanatan- Vedic tradition,
in early hours of Basant Parva – January 18,
Yogeshwar Sri Krishna has been hailed as the
1926.The Divine Teacher also simultaneously
greatest of Sadgurus – ‘Krishnam vande
awakened, through Shaktipat, the young
jagadgurum’ – whose teachings condensed
teenager to his spiritual identity as an
in 700 verses of The Gita have been
Avatar-like emanation with a specific
universally acclaimed as the deepest, loftiest
mission. It is thus that Basant Parva of 1926
and the most integrative spiritual insights
became the foundation day of Gayatri
of all times and are as fresh and relevant for
Mission and Yug Nirman Yojana. On
individual and collective spiritual upliftment
completion of the assigned tasks of the
today as they were 5000 years ago, when
physical sheath, he withdrew into the
originally imparted to Arjuna.
Invisible Realm of Light on Gayatri Jayanti
Our own Gurudev’s life, work, teachings – June 2, 1990, to give manifold momentum
and mission have been in the tradition of to the realization of his Vision on Earth.
divine teachers of yore – Krishna, Buddha,
We the parijans, who are torchbearers of
Adishankar, Kabir, Ramakrishna
Gurusatta’s mission of Era Transformation,
Paramhans, etc. Although during his
have to properly understand and internalize
lifespan of nearly fourscore years he
the real significance of his incarnation. He
performed Avatar-like tasks in terms of
clearly saw and proclaimed that human
laying the foundation of an upward
consciousness was on the verge of an
paradigm shift in human consciousness, his

July-Aug 2006 5
imminent revolutionary transition into a new Sri Aurobindo has defined a Divine Teacher
Era – a paradigm shift from divisive thus in his synthesis of Yoga:
darkness into integrative Radiant Light; and
“Teaching, Example and Influence are the
for this to happen glad and ready
three instruments of the Guru. He will seek
cooperation of core groups of human souls
to awaken much more than Instruct. The
across the globe was essential. Our Gayatri
Example is much more powerful than
Pariwar is one such core group.
instruction. What will most stimulate
During the last two years of his sojourn on aspiration in others is the central fact of the
earth (1988-90) Gurudev had condensed the Realization within him governing his whole
essence of his teachings and mission in about life. Influence is still more important than
20 booklets (each of 32-40 pages) in Hindi. example – the power of his contact, of his
Some of these have since been translated into presence, of the nearness of his soul to the
English also. The main thrust of these soul of another. The greatest Master is much
divinely inspired words is to arouse less a teacher than a Presence, pouring the
‘Bhavsamvedana’ – an intuitive perception of divine consciousness and its constituting
inter-connectedness of all that exists – which light and power and purity and bliss into
in turn will spontaneously fill human hearts all who are receptive around him.”
with feelings of sharing and caring –
Such a Sadguru has been our Gurudev. Let
compassion and loving kindness. Two of
us prove ourselves his worthy children.
these booklets need special mention: ‘Satyug
ki wapsi’ and ‘Parivartan ke mahan kshan’. With Guru Poornima
and Shravani Parva Greetings,
Let us resolve on this Guru Parva to make
Lovingly and Prayerfully
intensive and extensive efforts during one-
month period between Guru Poornima (July
11) and Shravani Parva (August 9) to
distribute these booklets amongst as many
aspiring persons as we can and encourage
them to assimilate the teachings and ‘live
them’. This will be an ideal homage to
Gurudev on this Vyas Poornima.

A true Acharya (a noble teacher) is the one who teaches through his own
³charaña (conduct). It is not just sufficient for the distributor of true
knowledge to be good, he/she also has to be good in the eyes of others.
This authentic greatness of character is the true stamp of the excellence
of the Acharya
6 July-Aug 2006
Vedic Solutions to Modern Problems:
Protection of Ecosystem -II
T he Vedas preach “Âtmavat Sarva BhuteÌu”
— ‘Regard every being like your own self’.
The key feature of the approach of the Vedic
not been in use for a period of five years,
excepting in case of distress (3|9|32). Anyone
leasing, hiring, sharing or accepting
sages (rishis) in propounding this noble waterworks as a pledge, with the right to use
thought was to implant it in peoples’ hearts them, shall keep them in good condition
(emotional core) and minds by linking it with (3|9|36). Owners may give water to others in
deeper psychology. This, in the Vedic return for a share of the produce grown in
scriptures like the Smritis, Puranas and other the fields, parks or gardens (Arthashastra
ancient text is reflected in integrating the civil 3|9|35). In the absence of owners, either
and social duties with religious faith. charitable individuals or the people in village
acting together shall maintain waterworks
It is said in “Manusmriti” that – it is sinful to (3|10|3). No one will sell or mortgage,
cut green plants for fuel and the offender directly or indirectly, a pond or embankment
should be punished suitably (in the hell). built and long used as a charitable public
undertaking except when it is in ruins or has
Iódhanartham ïuÌkañam drumanamavap³tan³m, been abandoned (3|10|1|2).
Hinsausadhin³m..., uppataka® |
The earliest scholar to have commented on the
-Manu Smr.11|63 - 66 relationship of water ponds and trees is
Varahamihira who described the detailed
Reference to water ponds and plantation of technical instructions for the constructions of
trees around their embankments is also found water reservoirs in his famous work
in the scriptures. Dr. Pande[1] cites a wonderful Brahatsamhita (550 AD): Without the shade of
collection (on ethno-forestry) of excerpts from the trees on their sides, water reservoirs are
the ancient texts in this regard. Some of these not strong and attractive; therefore, one ought
are outlined below. to plant the gardens on the banks of the lakes
and ponds (55.1). More specifically the
The Arthashastra of Kautilya refers to the medicinally and nutritionally beneficial trees
ownership and management of the village are advised to be planted in these areas for
tanks in the following verses[1]: Waterworks multiple benefits of the inhabitants in the
such as reservoirs, embankments and tanks surrounding areas; these include Arjun
can be privately owned and the owner shall (Terminalia arjuna), Vata (Banyan, Ficus
be free to sell or mortgage them (3|9|33). The benghalensis), Aam (Mangifera indica), Peepal
ownership of the tanks shall lapse, if they had (Ficus religiosa), Nichul (Nauclea orientalis),

July-Aug 2006 7
Jambu (Syzygium cuminii), Vacha (Sweet Flag; conservation of natural resources and adept
Acorus calamus), Neep (Mitragyna parvifolia), Tal maintenance of the ecosystem:
(Borassus flabellifer), Ashok (Saraca asoka),
Madhuk (Madhuca indica), and Bakul 1. Medicinal plants/trees (vanauÌadhis)
(Mimusops elengi). and other vegetation (vanaspatis) are
personified as goddesses and deities and
The centrality of trees to survival and collectively invoked as the jungle goddess,
economic well-being created the need for their ‘Arañyani’, in the Vedas. This encourages
conservation, which was achieved through the caring, nurturing and protection of these trees
concept of sacredness. In the archaeological and plants as precious entities.
remains of the Harappan culture, it is clear that
even in the third or fourth millennia BC trees Peepal (Poplar leaved Fig Tree), Tulasi (the holy
were held in high esteem and were basil), Neem (Margosa tree), Vata (Banyan) etc,
worshipped. have been regarded sacred manifestations of
divine powers in the Vedas and Puranas and
The Vedic scriptures make explicit references there is a tradition of worshiping them because
as to how forests and other natural resources of their multiple boons for healthy survival of
are to be maintained along with best the animal kingdom. Peepal is known to absorb
utilization. Ecosystem sustainability in significantly high quantity of CO2 and thus
different forms has been an issue of releases equally high quantity of Oxygen.
development since ancient times. The great Tulasi releases large amounts of oxygen for
tradition of yagya (fire ritual) was adopted as most of the day-night; it is therefore also
an integral part of daily chores to purify the advocated as a religious custom to plant it in
environment, help healthy growth of gardens or in pots inside the house. Its leaves,
vegetation and preserve natural resources[2]. seeds, etc all are medicinal and used in the
The science of yagya and its relevance and cure of a large number of illnesses. Neem is
impact today, will be covered in separate series most effective natural disinfectant and anti-
of articles in this magazine. bacterial agent which also keeps the
atmosphere free of germs, insects and toxicity;
The attitude of respect towards earth as other herbs that are praised as worthy of
mother is widespread among the Indian worship in the scriptures for their enormous
society because of Vedic teachings. Robust and medicinal application and properties of natural
pragmatic principles were designed in the purification of atmosphere are Apamarg
Vedic scriptures as ‘religious norms’ or social (Prickly Chaff, Achyranthes aspera), Giloya
duties[3] in consonance with the psychological (Tinospora cordifolia), Jatamansi (Spikenard;
makeup of the Indian masses to ensure Nardostachys jatamansi) and Nagarmotha
wholehearted participation of the masses in (Nutgrass; Cyperus rotundus).
healthy sustenance of Nature with its rich
biodiversity and majestic beauty. For example, The scriptures preach that – “one who plants
the following illustrate it in the context of and looks after at least one of the trees of

8 July-Aug 2006
Peepal, Neem or Vata, and at least five of the of water reservoirs like lakes and ponds
edible fruit-plants like Orange, Pomegranate, because of which the latter are losing their
Mango, etc and plants/creep plants of green water carrying capacity by 1 to 2% every year.
vegetables will never face the hell”; “one who Just imagine if every Indian follows this norm
cuts a green tree/plants is a sinner”; “planting set by the ancestors, there would be multiple
of trees amounts to being blessed by good benefits of –– maintaining cleanliness (as now,
child(ren) in next birth”. along with mud one would also take out some
dirt) and capacity of the ponds; and balancing
2. The natural element of water is the soil availability in the ground. This,
worshiped as god Varuna and rivers as coupled with tree planting and forest-
manifestations of goddesses. The Smritis and conservation, will also reduce the amount of
Puranas further state – “One who gets a well soil-wastage.
of water / pond constructed for the use of
many others gets an opportunity to live in the 3. Animals and birds also play extremely
heavens”; “dirtying the rivers or ponds or important role in maintaining desired balance
their surroundings is a sin”. of the ecosystem. The Vedic sages had given
many of these and tinier creatures an
It is notable that the ancient Indian texts also honorable place; they described many of them
lay down guidelines for the construction and as manifestations of divine incarnations (e.g.
management of watersheds and rainwater Kachchap-avatar, Varah-avatar, Narshimh-
harvesting specific to the areas prone to avatar of Lord Vishnu); many of the animals/
droughts and to floods. Several methods of birds and tiny creatures are referred as the
efficient irrigation are also prescribed, which V³hans (mode of conveyance) of divine powers
are most economic and beneficial for the – e.g. Ox as v³han of Lord Shiva, mouse of
Indian villages and agriculture even now. Not Lord Ganesha, Owl of Goddess Lakshmi, etc.
only that, the down-to-earth approach of the
Vedic seers and saints suggested such simple Likewise the trees and the animals also
and easy-to-implement modes that make us contribute to the conservation of natural
wonder at their sagacious farsightedness. resources and also help the humans in several
ways. Cow is the best living example in this
For instance, one discipline stated here as regard. Right from her milk being complete
mandatory for one and all is — “One should food, the dung and urine of cow are also found
take out five spheres of soil from it, extremely useful as fuel, fertilizer,
proportional to the size of one’s body, before disinfectant, anti-radioactive agent, immuno-
bathing in a pond/water-pit”. This was to modulator, and/or therapeutic medicine.
maintain the depth of the latter. From a recent Cow is given a sacred place like the holy
geological survey, it is estimated that about Ganga in the Vedic scriptures. It is worshiped
16.4 tonnes per hectare of soil is being lost in and regarded as mother. This symbolizes the
India every year; about 21% of this flows into great culture of gratefulness to the cattle for
the seas and 10% gets deposited in the bottom all the help and benefits they offer to the

July-Aug 2006 9
humans and also teaches amicable co-existence (deep inside the earth); every 1 meter fall in
of the entire animal kingdom. water level amounts to extra 0.40 KW electrical
power to pump the water. The list of these
In the known history of earth’s existence for ‘familiar’ follies can continue to cover several
over 4500 million years, the existence of man pages.
has been only for 10 to 15 hundred thousands
years. Plants and trees have existed here much So where is the hope? No doubt, the
earlier, since 440 million years and have awareness is there and the issues of far-
rendered great help in generating the sighted, eco-friendly developmental policies
environment for the origin and expansion of at national and global levels have been
other life forms. Enormous varieties of discussed at length over the past decades.
creatures have also contributed and continue Several laws have also been enacted to ensure
to contribute towards maintenance of the cycle protection of the environment. But unless we
of nature and sustenance of life on the earth. all resolve to do something ourselves no
Most of us recognize and understand the power of heaven can help us. Small but
importance of their well-being for our own. determined measures need to be taken to
Still, many of our developmental projects, curtail our own needs that directly or
technological innovations and industrial indirectly consume nature’s resources without
globalization activities have been hazardous any regeneration and compensation.
to our ecosystem.
The scriptures teach us how to motivate the
It is the proverbial ‘folly of the wise’ that for masses without whose co-operation and
our comforts we have exploited the natural collective will, no law or policy could be
resources beyond all limits and thus successful on this front. Most importantly they
endangered the survival of our own future guide us how to lead an austere, self-reliant
generations. We have chosen to destroy our and fulfilling life with all round progress. It
environment and have invited toxicity all is high time we stop imitating the prevailing
around, with risks of dreaded diseases. It is culture of consumerism and pompous
ironical that we spend huge sums for all these showoff, refrain from the ‘colonial’ attitude
hazards! Look for example at the cost of of grabbing and exploiting nature and adopt
synthetic production of urea as fertilizer which the culture of simpler living. Furniture made
‘poisons’ the agricultural soil and the crops as of wrought iron or even plywood and waste
well; and in India alone we burn 5 tonnes of materials should be sufficient for our needs.
coal to prepare 1 metric ton of urea. In India, Cleanliness and Artistic decoration of a house
there were about 15 million bore-well motor can very well be managed by the family
pumps in 1999; the number is increasing at an members and local talents instead of
average rate of 500 thousands pumps per year. expensive, artificially glittering gadgets. Hard
This is a vicious cycle of high energy work and nature-friendly lifestyle is essential
consumption and diminished water stock: it for vigorous and happy life. We should also
reduces the water levels in the bore-wells contribute to preserving the ecosystem by

10 July-Aug 2006
participating in the concerned government or annul the environmental threats and also set
non-governmental projects. an example for the world to follow. The sapt-
krantis (seven-fold reformative and
As Dr. Pandey [1] writes – “Since local constructive programmes) of the Gayatri
knowledge systems in India are still being Pariwar are humble attempts along these lines
practiced among the masses, they can with the unique feature of awakening the
contribute to address the challenges of forest masses and motivating collective efforts
management, sustainable water through spiritual platform, without any
management, biodiversity conservation, and discrimination of faith, creed, caste or socio-
mitigation of global climate change. economic status.
Ecological consequences of climate change
require that we access all stocks of References:
knowledge for mitigation strategies”.
1.Pandey DN (1999): Ethnoforestry – Local
Indeed several NGOs are doing excellent Knowledge for Sustainable Forestry and Livelihood
works in this regard. Most successful are those Security. Online Edition, Asia Forest Network
whose efforts are at grass-root level and & Forestry Development Project, Rajasthan.
involve the local traditional knowledge and (www.infinityfoundation.com/mandala/
support; for example the “Tarun Bharat Sangh” t_es/t_es_pande_conserve.ht)
founded by Shri Rajendra Singh whose efforts
of reviving the tradition of earthen water 2.Saxena Mamta (2005): Air Quality Modelling
tanks (johads) have brought greenery in the and Non-Conventional Solutions to Environmental
deserted parts of Rajasthan. The success of the Problems With Reference to Vedic Science. Ph. D.
“Chipako Andolan” in protecting the forests Thesis (under progress), Dev Sanskriti
in the Tehri region of the Himalayas also University, Hardwar.
marks the power of common peoples’
collective endeavors. Ancient knowledge and 3.Pandey SK (2003): Ved-Puran: Jagrata
manpower are the golden keys available in Vaigyanika Gyana Ke Strota. (Compiled articles;
India, which should be utilized prudently to personal communication).

A man asked: “Who are the two gods who embellish life”? “Heart and
tongue”, came the reply. The next question was: “Who are the two
demons who destroy life”? “Heart and tongue”, was the reply again.
The cruelty and tenderness of heart make a person mean or great
respectively. Non-control over tongue leads to loss of health and
cooperation. Sweet and amiable speech, on the other hand, begets for a
man ample love and affection of others.

July-Aug 2006 11
Art of Living – 3
the Value of Time
Sam³na urve adhi sangatasa¡ sa® j³nate na yatante insentience-driven lethargy. The other reason
mithaste/ is our disorderly life-style and its concomitant
Tedav³na® na minanti vrat³nyamardhanto bad habits. Caught in this whirl, we have
vasubhiry³dam³n³¡ // become a perpetual loser of opportunities in
- Rigveda 7/76/5 life. In our dim and dumb stage of mind we
They gather at the one place and take decisions are not even cognizant of this loss, and if, on
with one mind. They do not act against one being reminded by somebody, we do take
another. Not shirking their duties, and living notice, it is of no purpose because by that time
in majesty, they do not break the decrees of it has become too late. The great poet-saint
gods. Tulsidas very aptly says: “Samaya ch¿ki puni
ka pachhitane, ka varÌa jab k—si sukh³ne”.

W e should know the value of time and

honour its sanctity. All the secrets of
life are encapsulated in this. Every instant,
Meaning: There is no point in repenting after
the time has passed. Of what use is rain when
the crop has died?
every moment is invaluable in itself, because
it brings with it unique opportunities for us. More or less the same is the plight of our lives.
One moment missed is one opportunity gone. Still we fail to imbibe this truth and do, or rather
Whatever that opportunity could have given do not, as is our wont. Latent urges of the
us, we are now completely deprived of that. unconscious, habits and sa®sk³rs have such a spell
Every moment is thus priceless, because it has over our consciousness that we just do not have
no equal, no substitute. What it is to bestow the sense to do the right thing at the right time,
on us can never be given to us again by any and opportunities keep skipping by us.
other moment. To grasp the unmatched
importance of time we should always bear in If change has to come, sit up right now, even
mind that it was a moment that gave us life. as you are reading these lines. Come out of
From that instant of birth till today, we have the stupor and wake up because the value
drifted in the stream of time formed by and significance of this moment, is more than
ceaseless drops of moments. all the past and future moments. It has
arrived bearing for you the golden gift of
It is another matter that in this drift we awakening. It has come to make you
practically remained unconscious and kept conscious of the sanctity of time and your
losing many things, missing the unending gifts own ordained duty. Do not let this moment
of time. If we go into its reasons, the lion’s pass in vain; do snatch benefit from it. Be
share of responsibility may be laid upon our firmly resolved this moment that you will

12 July-Aug 2006
swim like a champion swimmer in the key is that the life is our pious responsibility;
inexorable flow of time. He who determines we have to carry it out with full wakefulness.
the direction of his course, makes his own The third important point is that on every
paths, and with untiring endeavor break the birthday, when the exact time of our birth
hold of the strong current, is ultimately able arrives, we should prepare and adopt a
to reach the shore. work-plan for the next one year. Ensure that
the plan is framed in a way that it permits
There is a corpse-like state of existence too. fruitful utilization of every day and every
The corpse, too, drifts with the current, but moment. The fourth point is that this work-
being lifeless and senseless, is not in a position plan should assign due importance, with
to do anything. The waves toss and fling it proper time allocation, to all the dimensions
about at will. It has neither any goal nor the of life, viz. the body and health, intellectual
ability to reach it with proper utilization of and spiritual pursuits, family responsibilities,
time. But then, what can it do after all? A office work, studies, social obligations etc.
corpse, that it is! Let us pause and mull over Fifthly, this annual plan should have a break-
our situation. If we are being unable to make up of monthly, fortnightly and daily
right use of time, is the nature of our existence schedules, too.
any better?
The daily schedule would form our daily
Yugrishi Gurudev in his regular addresses to routine. The nature of this daily routine should
the parijans frequently emphasized the be that every day could be lived fully and in
importance of time. He would say that the its entirety. A rebirth every morning, every
other name of samaya (time) is K³la (the Law night, death – try to experiment with this
of Time), which is the controller of life in all intrinsic feeling every day. Time-wasting bad
respects and all aspects. He who does not habits, like casino, cinema, nightclubs and the
respect K³la is annihilated by K³la; he, who like should be driven out. Start today, this
follows its rules, has his glory immortalized moment. Do not make excuses for these urges,
by K³la. and your habitual laziness in the name of
recreation. For recreation, go for good and
The first key to the observance of the rules healthy pastimes. In this way, only by making
of K³la or Time is that we recognize the truth meaningful use of time can we be able to
that our life is floating in the great stream fashion a positively magnetic personality.
of time. Only by purposeful use of the
approaching moments and seconds and days
can we actualize life’s potential. The second

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past,
not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live
the present moment wisely and earnestly. -THE BUDDHA

July-Aug 2006 13
Early Morning
E ven though he had no job to go to, no
children to feed and get off to school, no
external reasons to get up early, it was
out of your being. You are more likely to carry
a robust mindfulness, an inner calmness and
balance of mind with you throughout the day,
Thoreau’s custom, for the time he lived at than had you just jumped out of bed and
Walden, to wake early in the morning and started it on the call of demands and
bathe in the pond at dawn. He did it for inner responsibilities, however pressing and
reasons, as a spiritual discipline in itself: “It important.
was a religious exercise, and one of the best
things I did.” The power of waking up early in the morning
is so great that it can have a profound effect
Benjamin Franklin also extolled the virtues of on a person’s life, even without formal
health, wealth and wisdom obtained from mindfulness practice. Just witnessing the
waking up early in his well-known adage on dawn each day is a wake-up call in itself.
the subject. But he didn’t mouth it; he
practiced too. But I find early morning a wondrous time for formal
meditation. No one else is up. The world’s rush
The virtues of getting up early have nothing to hasn’t launched itself yet. I get out of bed and
do with cramming more hours of busyness usually devote about an hour to being without
and industry into one’s day. Just the opposite. doing anything. After twenty-eight years, it
They stem from the stillness and solitude of hasn’t lost its allure. On occasion it is difficult
the hour, and the potential to use that time to to wake up and either my mind or my body
expand consciousness, to contemplate, to make resists. But part of the value is in doing it anyway,
time for being, for purposefully not doing any even if I don’t feel like it.
thing. The peacefulness, the darkness, the
dawn, the stillness – all contribute to making One of the principal virtues of a daily discipline
early morning a special time for mindfulness is an acquired transparency toward the
practice. appeals of transitory mood states. A
commitment to getting up early to meditate
Waking early has the added value of giving becomes independent of wanting or not
you a very real head start on the day. If you wanting to do so on any particular morning.
can begin your day with a firm foundation in The practice calls us to a higher standard – that of
mindfulness and inner peacefulness, then remembering the importance of wakefulness and the
when you do have to get going and start doing, ease with which we can slip into a pattern of
it is much more likely that the doing will flow automatic living which lacks awareness and

14 July-Aug 2006
sensitivity. Just waking up early to practice non- far from routine. Mindfulness is the very
doing is itself a tempering process. It generates opposite of routine.
enough heat to rearrange our atoms, gives us a new
and stronger crystal lattice of mind and body, a If you are reluctant to get up an hour earlier
lattice that keeps us honest and reminds us that than you ordinarily might, you can always try
there is far more to life than getting things done. half an hour, or fifteen minutes, or even five
minutes. It’s the spirit that counts. Even five
Discipline provides constancy, which is minutes of mindfulness practice in the
independent of what kind of a day you had morning can be valuable. And even five
yesterday and what kind of a day you minutes of sacrificed sleep is likely to put you
anticipate today. I especially try to make time in touch with just how attached we are to sleep,
for formal practice, if just for a few minutes, and therefore how much discipline and resolve
on days when momentous events happen, are required to carve out even that little time
happy or distressing, when my mind and the for ourselves to be awake without doing
circumstances are in turmoil, when there is lots anything. After all, the thinking mind always
to be done and feelings are running strong. has the very credible sounding excuse that
In this way, I am less likely to miss the inner since you will not be accomplishing anything
meaning of such moments, and I might even and there’s no real pressure to do it this
navigate through a bit better. morning, and perhaps real reasons not to, why
not catch the extra sleep which you know you
By grounding yourself in mindfulness early need now, and start tomorrow?
in the morning, you are reminding yourself
that things are always changing, that good To overcome such totally predictable
and bad things come and go, and that it is opposition from other corners of the mind,
possible to embody a perspective of constancy, you need to decide the night before that you
wisdom and inner peace as you face any are going to wake up, no matter what your
conditions that present themselves. Making thinking comes up with. This is the flavour of
the daily choice to wake up early to practice true intentionality and inner discipline. You
is an embodiment of this perspective. I do it simply because you committed to
sometimes speak of it as my ‘routine’, but it is yourself to do it, and do it at the appointed

In truth God is the only reality, there is no other. His name in itself is enough for us, for He is
one without a second. And yet, as within one pomegranate there are countless seeds, so within
the immeasurable reaches of His Being there are countless Saints. When our hearts are filled
with devotion we recognize that they too take a central place in our lives.
For my part, I can make Mirabai’s words my own, for they fit my case exactly:
“On the path to freedom two guides are mine:
The saint to bless without, Ram to dwell within”.
By the grace of God the blessing of the one rests upon my head, the place of the other is in my
heart. - VINOBA JI

July-Aug 2006 15
time, whether part of the mind feels it or not. Morning is when I am awake and there is a
After a while, the discipline becomes a part of dawn in me……We must learn to reawaken
you. It is simply the new way you choose to and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical
live. It is not a ‘should’, it doesn’t involve aids, but by infinite expectation of the dawn,
forcing yourself. Your values and your actions which does not forsake us in our soundest
have simply shifted. sleep. I know of no more encouraging fact than
the unquestionable ability of man to elevate
If you are not ready for that yet (or even if his life by conscious endeavor. It is something
you are), you can always use the very moment to be able to paint a particular picture or carve
of waking up, no matter what time it comes, a statue, and so to make a few objects beautiful;
as a moment of mindfulness, the very first of but it is far more glorious to carve and paint
the new day. Before you even move, try the very atmosphere and medium through
getting in touch with the fact that your breath which we look….. To affect the quality of the
is moving. Feel your body lying in bed; day, that is the highest of arts.
straighten out. Ask yourself “Am I awake
now? Do I know that the gift of a new day is -Dr Joan Kabat-Zinn
being given to me? Will I be awake for it?
What will happen today? Right now I don’t [Published with glad permission of the author. Dr. Joan
really know. Even as I think about what I Kabat-Zinn is the founder Director of the Stress
have to do, can I be open to this not Education Clinic of the University of Massachusetts.
knowing? Can I see today as an adventure? He is one of the most effective teachers of MIND-BODY
Can I see right now as filled with HEALING and MINDFULNESS MEDITATION in
possibilities?” USA. – Editor]

‘Life’ was cruising along its course in the direction of the rising sun. When at
one place she stopped and looked back, she was startled. An ominously dark
and ugly ‘shadow’ was following her silently. ‘Life’ shouted: ‘The cursed one!
Who are you? Why are you following me? Run away, leave me alone”.
‘Shadow’ at first kept mum but when she saw ‘Life’ getting scared, replied:
“Sister, I am your companion. I am walking alongwith you, and in the end
we both have to become one. Why fear me? Do you not know my name?
Well, listen then. I am ‘Death’ “. When ‘Life’ saw ‘Death’ close at her trail,
her fear knew no bounds; she began to tremble and fell unconscious. The inner
self sitting deep inside ‘Life’s’ bosom spoke out assuringly: “ Sister! Does
anyone get afraid of one’s own shadow? Only a thief does so. Are you a thief
that you are terrified so much? Develop your creative potential, think
positively”. Ever since then, the cycle of ‘Life’ and ‘Death’ is continuing
unchangingly. Now ‘Life’, unmindful of ‘Death’, keeps doing her work; she
has no fear.

16 July-Aug 2006
Youth Column
Self -Expression
should be Effective
Aïvin³ s³ragheña ma madhun³nkta ïubhaspatº improved and refined by the use of will power
Yath³ varchasvatº® v³cha® ³vad³ni jan³n anu. and by proper training. But for this, we will
- Atharvaveda 9/1/19 have to understand and evaluate ourselves
O the gods of light, Ashvini Devas! Endow afresh, watch our conduct, and resolve to root
me with the honey made by honeybees, so that out the bad habits, which have crept into our
I may speak to the people in a sweet and characters. Are we ready for this? Ask this
illuminating tongue. question of yourself repeatedly. If the answer
is in the affirmative, you can definitely express

S peech is the chief medium of expression.

It reveals the inherent qualities of the
personality. Behavioural skill, talent, and
yourself so effectively as to impress and even
overwhelm those whom you meet.

inner strengths – all find expression through For this, you will have first to keep close watch
it. But on the obverse side, the blemishes and on the bodily gestures and postures, which
weaknesses are also mirrored. For the wise, constitute what is called the body language.
even a short conversation is sufficient to assess How you walk and sit, what is your demeanor
the general qualitative level of a person. It when meeting any person etc. are some such
does not take long for the pettiness of the petty aspects, which need a fresh look. Walking
and the goodness of the good to come out with a drag or thump, shaking legs while
through this medium. sitting and many such common habits make
the personality unattractive or even repulsive.
But although the chief medium, speech is not Some people walk with the head bent down,
the only one; there are other agencies too, namely, some bite nails while sitting or twist fingers,
facial expressions, eye expressions, modes of some keep picking nose. These and other such
sitting and standing, gestures, and so on. They bad mannerisms show that the unconscious has
are all voices of the personality which many our personality and its expressions under its
times are able to communicate it fully even if thralldom. The sooner this condition is
the tongue is silent. The buoyancy of self-esteem, changed, the better.
the gleam of self-confidence, the listlessness of
self-contempt and the hesitations of latent When you walk, the gait should reflect
complexes – all these feelings and emotions elegance and assurance. Moving with
reveal themselves this way. measured pace and comfortable ease is a sign
of self-confidence. Similarly, while preparing
This expression of self is not an entirely to sit, it is not proper to drag the chair or seat.
unconscious or involuntary action. It can be After sitting down, do only that for which you

July-Aug 2006 17
are sitting there in the first place. Do not allow immediately after taking a seat and without
the involuntary actions of the unconscious to surveying the situation, or alternatively,
take a grip over you. Such finer points acquire taking so much time to take off that the time
greater significance when we go to meet is over. These defects are again the outward
somebody or present ourselves for interview. signs of the pressure of the unconscious. We
In such cases, permission should be sought should free ourselves from its hold.
before entering. If called in, you must not
forget the appropriate salutation or greeting. Whenever we meet somebody or go to a public
There should be, on these occasions, a hint of gathering, we should speak in a manner which
cheer and natural calmness on your face. A is in tune with the ambiance. Normal
tense expression shows lack of self- courtesies towards those present should be
confidence. observed. We should speak only when our
turn comes, or after obtaining due permission.
When you meet someone, meet affably and The matter should be presented methodically,
genially, regardless of the immediate situation point-wise, and supported by self-explanatory
you are in, i.e., even if you are busy or examples and proofs when required. Every
surrounded by problems. A conscious effort stage of the speech should reflect our inner
to generate such emotions within oneself helps assurance, but not arrogance. When someone
the growth of control over feelings, cool has to be contradicted, it should be done
assertiveness and bold self-confidence in life. politely, with due respect to the person
Also keep in mind that a dress mode concerned. The speech should be made in a
appropriate to the occasion enhances the comprehensible, polite, firm and controlled
effectiveness of self-expression. tone. Be it speech or conduct, the more it is
made free from the unconscious-driven
Now comes the turn of expression by the reflexes, the better. Only such achievers,
tongue. Often the mode of speaking, too, through their impressive personalities, assume
suffers from many faults of involuntary the mantle of true leadership in life and
mannerisms, e.g. idiosyncratic repetition of society.
particular words or phrases, speaking either
haltingly or too rapidly, launching into speech

For those who wish to climb the mountain of spiritual awareness, the
path is selfless work. For those who have attained the summit of union
with the Lord, the path is stillness and peace.

18 July-Aug 2006
Service of the Saint
The Satyagraha Ashram of the town. I read the speech, and it raised
all kinds of problems in my mind. I wrote to

D uring my boyhood I had already been

attracted by Bengal and the Himalayas,
and dreamed of going there. On the one hand
Bapu with my questions and received a very
good reply, so after some ten or fifteen days I
wrote again, raising some further points. Then
I was drawn to Bengal by the revolutionary came a postcard. ‘Questions about non-
spirit of Bande Mataram, while on the other violence,’ he wrote, ‘cannot be settled by
hand the path of spiritual quest led to the letters; the touch of life is needed. Come and
Himalayas. Kashi was on the way to both stay with me for a few days in the Ashram, so
places, and some good Karma had brought me that we can meet now and again.’ The idea
as far as that. In the event I went neither to that doubts could be set at rest by living
Bengal nor to the Himalayas; I went to rather than by talking was something that
Gandhiji, and found with him both the peace greatly appealed to me.
of the Himalayas and the revolutionary spirit
of Bengal. Peaceful revolution, revolutionary Along with the postcard came a copy of the
peace: the two streams united in him in a way Ashram rules which attracted me still more. I
that was altogether new. had never before encountered anything like
them in any institution. ‘The object of this
When I had reached Kashi the air had been Ashram, I read, ‘is service of our country in
full of a speech which Bapu had delivered at such ways as are consistent with the welfare
the Hindu University there. In it he had said of the world as a whole. We accept the
a great deal about non-violence, his main point following vows as needful to attain that
being that there could be no non-violence object.’ Then followed the eleven vows: truth,
without fearlessness. The violence of the non-violence, non-stealing, self-control, bodily
mind, shown in violent attitudes and feelings labour and so on. This struck me as very
was, he said, worse than open, physical surprising indeed. I had read a great deal of
violence. It follows from that that the most history, but I had never heard of vows being
important aspect of non-violence is inward regarded as necessary for national freedom.
non-violence, which is not possible without Such matters, I thought, are found in religious
fearlessness. In the same speech he had texts, in the Yoga Shastra, and for the guidance
referred critically to those Indian Princes who of devotees; but here is someone who insists
had come to the meeting decked out in all that they are necessary for national service too.
kinds of finery. This had all taken place a That was what drew me to Bapu. Here was a
month before I arrived, but it was still the talk man, I felt, who timed at one and the same

July-Aug 2006 19
time at both political freedom and spiritual He asked me some questions and from that
development. I was delighted. He had said time he occasionally asked me to say
‘Come’, and I went. something during the time of common prayer.
So life went on.
I alighted at Ahmedabad railway station on
June 7, 1916. I had not much luggage, so I put Bapu, it seems, had decided to take me in hand
it on my head and started out, asking my way and get me into shape, and later, when
as I went. I crossed Ellis Bridge and reached enquirers visited him at Sevagram, he would
the Ashram at Kochrab about eight in the ask: ‘Did you meet Vinoba? If not, you must
morning. Bapu was told that a new man had certainly do so.’ One of these friends was a
come, and sent word for me to meet him after well-known Indian revolutionary. As Bapu
I had taken my bath. I found him busy cutting suggested it he walked over to Paunar to see
vegetables. This too was something new; I had me. When he arrived, I was digging in the
never heard of any national leader who field. I happened to raise my head, and seeing
occupied himself with such a job, and the sight him standing there asked why he had come.
of it was a lesson in what was meant by bodily ‘Simply to have your darshan,’ he replied. What
labour. Bapu put a knife in my hand, and set could I say? He remained there for some time,
me to work at a job I had never done before. but said no more. Later he complained to
That was my first lesson, my ‘initiation’. Bapu: ‘What kind of a man did you send me
to see? He didn’t even speak to me!’ Bapu had
As we sat cutting the vegetables Bapu asked a shrewd idea of what had happened. ‘What
me some questions, and then said: ‘If you like was he doing?’ he asked. ‘Digging in the field?
this place, and want to spend your life in Then what is there to be angry about? Vinoba
service, I should be very glad to have you stay was working; how could he have talked to
here.’ Then he went on: ‘But you look very you then? My dear man, don’t, you know that
weak. It is true that those who seek self- if you want to meet someone you should first
knowledge are not usually physically robust, make an appointment?
but you look ill. Those who attain self-
knowledge never fall ill. That was my second That was how Bapu dealt with the visitor, but
lesson! I can never forget what Bapu said to the next time saw him he scolded me: ‘My dear
me then. fellow, when someone comes to see you, it’s
part of your Job to meet him and talk with
At twenty-one I was a very raw youth, and as him. In this way, little by little, Bapu moulded
my friends know, I had very little of what is me into shape; wild creature that I naturally
called polish or good manners. I hardly talked am, he tamed me, and as I sat at his feet he
to anyone; I busied myself in my work, or was transformed me from a barbarian into a
engrossed in study, meditation or reflection. servant of all. It was in his company that I
I had risen early one morning and was reciting began to hunger for service, that service which
an Upanishad in my room. Some of the others is now for me an instrument of worship,
heard me, and told Bapu that I knew Sanskrit. seeing the Lord in humanity.

20 July-Aug 2006
I don’t know whether Bapu ever tested me, sutra, the Vaishesik-sutra, and the Smriti of
but I certainly tested him, and if he had Yajnavalkya. That satisfied me, for I now felt
seemed to me to fall short in any way I would that I could go on with my studies, if I so
not have stayed. He kept me with him, in spite wished, independently of a teacher.
of all the failings which his scrutiny must have
revealed, but for my part would not have My other purpose was to improve my health.
remained if I had found anything wanting in The first step was to walk regularly ten or
his devotion to truth. I have seen reputed twelve miles a day. Next, I began to grind six
‘Mahatmas’ who regarded themselves as or eight kilos of grain every morning; and
liberated spirits, perfect beings; none of them finally I performed the yoga exercise called
had any attraction for me. But Bapu, who Surya-namaskar (salutation to the sun) three
always considered himself imperfect, hundred times a day. These physical activities
attracted me enormously. ‘I am still very far restored my health.
from perfect truth,’ he would say, and he had
a far greater influence on me than any of those I also thought carefully about my food. During
who claimed to have attained it. the first six months I took salt, but later gave it
up. I did not use spices at all, and took a vow
When I met Bapu, I was enchanted by the unity never to use them again. I lived for a month on
in him between the inward and the outward. bananas, limes and milk only, but found that
It was from him too that I learned the meaning that reduced my strength. In the end I settled
of Karma-yoga, the path of spiritual action. This for about three quarters of a kilo of milk, two
is spoken of in the Gita, of course, but it was chapatis (pancakes) of millet flour weighing about
personified in Bapu’s life; in him I saw it in a hundred and twenty grams, four or five
practical terms. The Gita has a description of bananas and (when it could be had) one lime
a Sthitaprajna, one who lives in steadfast fruit. I had no desire to eat anything merely
wisdom. To meet such time, studying the because it was tasty, but I felt uneasy that this
Upanishads, the Gita, the Brahma-sutra (with diet was rather costly. I was spending about
Shankaracharya’s commentary), and the Yoga eleven paisa a day, four paisa for the fruit, two
philosophy of Patanjali. I also read the Nyaya- for the flour, five for the milk.

Swami Vivekanand was taking a stroll along the banks of the Ganga near Vellur Matha
one evening. Sister Nivedita, Sharatchandra Chakravarti and a few others were also
accompanying him. While walking, some of them started discussing about the Divine
(Indian) Culture. Swami ji said, “The Divine Culture represents a harmonious blend
of s³dhan³ (purity and strength of character) and samvedan³ (loving, kind and
compassionate emotions). Lack in either of these would strike at the very roots of the
structure and aim of our culture. S³dhan³ without samvedan³ leads to arrogance.
And, samvedan³ sans s³dhan³ proves to be nothing more than sentimental
effervescence. A balanced cultivation of both generates what is essential for the
expression of divinity in humanity.

July-Aug 2006 21
One reason for choosing this diet was to months and the reading room got about four
maintain my health, the other was to keep the hundred books out of it.
eleven vows. I was away from the Ashram,
but I was nevertheless determined to follow During that year I also covered about four
its way of life. I not only kept the vow about hundred miles on foot, visiting four or five
‘tasty’ food, but also that of ‘non-possession’. districts of Maharashtra in order to extend my
I possessed only a very few things-a wooden knowledge. I saw some of the forts renowned
plate, a bowl, an Ashram Lota (brass vessel in history, such as Raigarh, Sinhagarh,
used as a mug), a pair of dhotis, a blanket and Torangarh. I also visited places associated
a few books. I had taken a vow not to wear a with the saints, mixed with people and
shirt, cap or coat, and I used only Indian hand- observed what was going on. I was specially
woven cloth and nothing of foreign make. This interested in some of the treasures of
meant that I was also keeping the vow of knowledge that were hidden away in people’s
swadeshi. I believe that I did also keep the houses, old books and manuscripts and so
three vows of truth, non-violence and forth. I enjoyed historical research, and
brahmacharya, so far as I understand them. especially examining documents of a spiritual
nature. I had a great advantage in being
Along with this personal discipline I took up comparatively unknown. I could do what Saint
some public service. I conducted a free class Tukaram describes: Center the heart, touch a
on the Gita for six students, taught them the man’s feet in humble reverence, and get from
whole text and explained the meaning. Four him his hidden treasure.’ Nowadays I get no
other students studied six chapters of chance to bend and touch anyone’s feet!
jnaneshwari with me and two more studied
nine of the Upanishads. I myself did not know While on this tour in Maharashtra I used to
Hindi well, but every day I read Hindi give talks on the Gita. I could not be said to
newspapers with my students and so did my have any real experience; I was only twenty-
share in popularizing Hindi in the Marathi- three, and only the Lord Krishna knows how
speaking areas of the country. far my understanding went. But I poured out
my inward feelings, becoming totally
In Wai I started ‘Vidyarthi Mandal’, a absorbed as though in a kind of repetitive
students’ club, and fifteen of the boys joined prayer. As water falls drop by drop on to the
with me in grinding grain, so as to earn some Shiva-linga, so do thoughts continually
money to equip a reading room. We charged repeated imprint themselves on the heart. In
people only one paisa for grinding two kilos that spirit I would give my talks; they were
of grain and the money so earned went to the an expression of my inner devotion to the Gita.
reading room. My fifteen volunteers were all
Brahmin boys in the High School, some of I never stayed more than three days at any
them very rich. Wai was an old-fashioned village. The first day I got to know the place
place and people thought we were fools, but and the people, and then at nine in the evening
nevertheless we carried on for about two I gave my talk, and if interest was shown I

22 July-Aug 2006
stayed two days more. It usually happened exactly a year to the day from the time I had
that on the first evening sixteen or twenty men left it.
and women would assemble, but I addressed
them as if they had been a thousand; the Bapu: an Abiding Presence
second day the number increased-two or three
hundred would come. Bapu loved and trusted me very much, and I
for my part had laid my whole being at his
At Tasgaon village I had to stay for a week; I feet; so long as he lived I simply carried on
was unable to wa1k because of an abscess on my work untroubled. Now however I wonder
my leg. On the first day, before it could be whether, if I had left the Ashram and joined
lanced, it gave me continuous pain. For those in the struggle a few years earlier, I might
seven days I sat on a bullock cart to give my perhaps have had the privilege of giving my
evening talks. I noticed with interest that as life for the cause before he did, even though I
soon as the crowd had gathered and I began might not have been able to extinguish the fire
speaking I no longer felt the pain, and only which consumed him. After he had been shot,
became conscious of it again when the people I had the feeling that at the least, if I had joined
had gone to their homes at the end of the talk. Bapu in his wider field of work when I was
During that enforced seven-day stay I spent released from jail in 1945, the fatal attack might
my time reading, and finished my study of have been made on me rather than on him, so
Shankaracharya’s commentary on the Brahma- that I might have stopped the bullets with my
sutras. own body.

In every village I would get in touch with the But, by God’s decree, things take their course.
young people and invite them for walks. I Gandhiji was killed by a man of unbalanced
would start very early, as soon as 1 had mind, and I got the bad news at Paunar two
bathed, and if I had company, as I usually did, hours later. At first, for a day or two, I
there were vigorous discussions. Occasionally remained calm; I am by nature slow to feel
I was alone, and spent the time in my own the impact even of such a blow as this. It came
thoughts, returning by eleven or twelve home to me two or three days later and I broke
o’clock. The days passed pleasantly, as I tried down. It was my duty to speak daily at the
to make known the principles of the evening prayer at Sevagram, and my tears
Satyagraha Ashram both by my words and overflowed as I spoke. ‘What, Vinoba,’ said
by my conduct. Waking or sleeping, even in one of the brothers present, ‘are you weeping
dreams, one prayer, one refrain, was always too?’ ‘Yes, brother,’ I replied. ‘I thank God
with me: may God accept my service, may this that He has given a heart even to me.’
body be an instrument of His will.
Nevertheless it was not Bapu’s death that set
I had told Bapu that I would come back in a my tears flowing. He had died, I believe, as it
year’s time, and I returned to the Ashram behoves any great man to die. I was upset
because I could not prevent my brother men

July-Aug 2006 23
from putting their faith in murder. When I
heard of Bapu’s death my immediate reaction
Once a yadava kin asked Sri Krishna
was: now he has become immortal. Time has
why he called Yudhishthir
only strengthened that conviction. When Bapu
was in the body, it took time to go and meet “Dharmaraj”. Bhagwan narrated an
him; now it takes no time at all. All I need do anecdote. During the Mahabharat War,
is close my eyes and I am with him. When he Yudhishthir used to leave for some place
was alive I buried myself in his work, and went in cognito every evening after the day’s
to talk with him only now and then. Now, I battle was over. The Pandavas were
talk with him all the time and feel his presence curious and followed him one day. They
near me. found that Yudhishthir nursed the
injured soldiers of both sides lying on
There are sages who strive through birth after
the battlefield. The puzzled Pandava
birth,’ wrote Tulsidas’ and yet at the moment
of death they do not have the name of Rama
brothers enquired of Yudhisthir why did
in mind.’ Not so with Gandhiji; his last words he, rather than giving rest to his battle-
were ‘He’ Rama; no devotee could have done weary body, spend the time in serving
more. When the last rites were performed the enemy side instead, and that too in
some of his ashes were immersed in the river disguise. Yudhishthir explained:
Dham at Paunar. As I stood that day on the “Among the wounded are both, the
banks of the Dham it was as though I were Kauravas and the Pandavas. Both are
witnessing a new birth. What I felt as I recited human beings. If I had gone under my
the Isopanishad cannot be put into words. The
real identity the Kauravas would neither
sages speak to us of the immense range of the
share their pain with me nor allow me
soul, the Self; we reverently accept their
teaching, but only on that day did it come
to tend them. The Pandava soldiers, too,
home to me as a reality .So long as a great would probably not accept any service
soul lives in the body his power is limited, from me. Lest I be deprived of this
but when he is released from the body his privilege of human service, I had to
power knows no bounds. resort to this camouflage”. Having
recounted this story, Sri Krishna
[Published with glad permission of Kalindi concluded: “Cultivating the spirit of
Behan, the original compiler in Hindi (and selfless service is the mark of true
translated into English by late Marjorie Sykes)
religion (dharma). He who renders such
of Vinobaji’s Memoirs titled ‘MOVED BY
LOVE’ of Brahmavidya Mandir, Pawnar
service and steadfastly adheres to the
(Wardha). – Editorial Team] noblest ideals of conduct is called
“Dharmaraj” and is always accorded the
highest place in the annals of nobility.

24 July-Aug 2006
Health Tips
Treatment and Preventive
Care of the Eyes
E yes are regarded as the most delicate
organs of the human body. Without these
there would be no difference between day and
Uìñ³bhitaptasya Jala
DurekÌañ³tswapnaviparyy³cca |

Prasakta Sanrodan Ïoka Kopa

night; there would be darkness everywhere. Kleï³bhigh³t³datimaithun³cca ||
It would be difficult even to move around and
Ïukt³ran³lmakulattham³ÌaniÌevañ³dvegavinigrah³cca |
do the routine things without eyesight.
Reading and writing become difficult if the Swed³drajodharmaniÌevañ³cca

eyesight is weakened. Thus, clear eyesight is Chardervigh³t³dwaman³tiyog³t ||

essential for a happy and progressive life in V³Ìpagrah³t S¿kÌmanirºkÌañancca Netre|

general. Negligence of necessary hygiene of Vik³r³ójanayanti Do̳¡ ||
the eyes, over-straining, infection, injuries and Meaning: Immediate use of cold water or
lack of care after minor problems are the bathing with it after returning from hot sun
common causes of diseases of eyes, many of or warm environment, excessive sleep in
which result in eventual loss of eyesight. daytime, lack of sleep in night, constant
attempt of seeing a distant object or similar
Like several other health hazards, stress and straining of eyes to see something blurred or
tensions are found to perturb the normal invisibly tiny, frequent crying, worrying,
functioning of the optical activities of the having tension, anger, and uncontrolled sex
nervous system thus hampering the healthy harm the health of the eyes. Apart from these,
vision. Anger, mental irritation, tension, constant use of horse beans, acidic and acerbic
frequent over-working on computers at substances like vinegar, etc, restraining the
continuous stretches of time, watching natural pressure of urination, stools or
television programmes for long hours, reading vomiting, forced control over tears, excessive
despite fatigue in eyes or without proper light, perspiration, excessive vomiting, smoking, etc
etc are among the common causes of straining increase the doshas of v³ta and give rise to
the optical nerves because of which myopia severe problems of eyesight and eye-sickness.
(narrow sightedness), or long sightedness and
other kinds of weakening of eyesight occur. In the “Vyadhisamuddeshiya” Chapter of
“Sutra Sthanam” sage Sushrut has classified
The following shlokas (no. 1|25-27) from the the etymology and medical nature of ailments
“Uttar Tantra” section of Vedic Treatise of eyes into seven categories and described
“Sushrut Samhita” of Ayurveda also cite these each of them, their causes, symptoms and
and some other common, but often ignored, therapeutic and preventive measures in detail.
causes of problems of the eyes:

July-Aug 2006 25
Modern science of medicine also specifies to help clear reading or short-range vision is
seven major causes or defects and related almost becoming natural in the 40+ age-group
kinds of diseases of the eyes. These are – (1) and so is the problem of cataract among the
Hereditary defects such as Albinism and Night elderly. What more! Even many of the primary
Blindness; (2) Inborn or congenital defects like school children are found having weak
– Ptosis (inability to open or hold up the eyesight; they can’t read what the teacher has
eyelids), unnatural cataract, absence or written on blackboard in their classrooms.
improper development of the starry sphere or Malnutrition, wrong eating habits and choice
pupil of the eye, or the eyeball; (3) Physical of food, artificial living style and haphazard
injuries of the eyes, or of any component of routine stand as principal factors responsible
the optical nervous system, injuries due to for this scenario. Air/water pollution adds to
over-straining or extreme climate (e.g. total the negative effects of varied severity and
or partial blindness, Hypermetropia or intensity of eyesight problems.
Myopia, are likely if one walks on ice, or on a
snow mountain for long hours without proper Uncomfortably tight clothing in the name of
protection); (4) Internal mechanical injuries fashion-fitness, abnormal control of urination
or disturbances such as Traumatic Cataract, and stool against the call of nature, sleeping
displacement of eye-lens etc; (5) Parasitic late in the night and getting up late, having
Diseases – ailments caused by viral and other stressful hectic day, smoking, working under
microbe-infections, including conjunctivitis; (6) artificial light, watching television at
(Bio) Chemical aberrations e.g. infection or continuous stretches, undisciplined sex and
mutations amounting to changes in blood genital infections and similar kinds of self-
biochemistry that would damage the delicate adopted follies invite a variety of health
tissues or nerves in the eyes or the optical hazards including the untimely weakening of
region and hence cause irreparable damage eyes and ophthalmic ailments. Though rarely,
and blindness; retinal membrane aberrations dental or oral infections and metabolic
in certain kinds of diabetes fall in this category; disorders also cause or support the latter.
Degenerative changes, e.g. those in the old age
also lead to similar negative effects; (7) New Most of us are aware of the fact that
unnatural growth – e.g. tumors in the eyes or deficiencies of certain vitamins, especially
eyelids, fibrous growth in eye-membranes, etc. those of vitamin A and D are harmful to
healthy eyesight. Some of us are cautious of
Even if our eyes are free of or protected from eating green leafy vegetables and nourishing
the above kinds of severe ailments, they need food items rich in these vitamins. However,
not necessarily be totally healthy. Very few few of us might take care to avoid eating stale
of us are seen having absolutely healthy eyes, food, or so called fast-food, spicy food, acerbic
with sharp and bright eyesight these days. and sour drinks, which lack in or counter the
Significantly large number of adults are seen essential healthy substances required in the
wearing spectacles or contact lenses because blood and as a result reduce or suppress
of myopia; having the plus numbered glasses healthy blood supply to the body organs. The

26 July-Aug 2006
delicate organs like the eyes are more
vulnerable to the ill effects of such unhealthy King Vikrant once lost his way in a
habits. jungle. A farmer gave him shelter and
treated him most hospitably. He did not
The tiny nerve-network inside the eye needs know who his guest was but at the time
regular and balanced supply of essential of departure the king gave him a token
(biochemical) and neurotransmission signals.
embossed with royal seal and said:
These also need proper rest and should not
“Whenever you are in trouble and need
be overstrained. Noting that there are no
physical exercises to counter the strain or
help, come unhesitatingly to the palace
wrong postures and modes of reading, writing with this”. The farmer was hard
and other works that require constant and working. He did not need any ex gratia
focused use of eyes, precaution and help, and with the passage of time the
prevention are the best ways of eye-care and memory of the incident faded away.
maintaining the healthy functioning of this
precious sense organ. Apart from being Once it so happened that the farmer
regular in our eating habits and timings and came upon bad days. He remembered
taking healthy nourishing and simple food, we
the old incident and arrived at the king’s
should also pay due attention to the hygiene
palace. The royal token was taken by
of our eyes. Eyes need to be washed and
cleaned properly with slightly cold water.
the guards to the king. The king was at
that time in his worship room. The
Yoga exercise of filling the mouth tight with farmer was called in there. He saw the
water to the level of inflating the cheeks and king himself praying to God for some
then sprinkling the water in the open eyes to favour.
wash them – is also very useful. The sprinkling
and washing of the eyes should be continued Now the farmer’s sense of self-respect
without blinking them till the water can be awoke. He thought: “Why ask any
easily held in the mouth; the water thrown
person for help when the help of
out after that will be warmer and would have
absorbed the excessive heat inside the eyes.
omnipotent God is available to all”? He
This exercise should be repeated two-three turned back to go. The king saw him,
times at a stretch in the morning soon after recognized him, and expressed his
brushing the teeth. The yoga-practice of jala- keenness to help him. The farmer said:
neti along with this exercise also gives a ‘O king! I had indeed come to ask for
soothing effect to the eyes apart from cleansing help, but now I will approach that very
the nose and the sinus region. We should Supreme Authority whom you too
also take care not to overstrain our eyes. invoke”. We all should always bear in
mind this cardinal truth.

July-Aug 2006 27
In case of weak eyesight without any vision types of ailments or defects of the eyeball,
ailment, infection or biochemical problem, thirteen types of those associated with the
Ayruveda guidelines advise washing the eyes white portion, nine of the joints of the eye,
in the morning by a triphal³-solution; this twenty-four of the retina, sixteen of the optical
solution is prepared by soaking dry triphala nerves and twenty seven of the
powder in slightly cold water the night before interconnecting organs that affect the visual
and then filtering it with the help of fine cloth. system. Thus ninety-four types of
This simple practice has excellent therapeutic malfunctions or injuries, aberrations or
effects if the triphala powder and its solution diseases are analyzed here. Whatever the
is prepared with fresh herbs under the cause may be, to what extent and with what
guidance of an authentic Ayurvedic expert. intensity these would manifest depend, as per
the Ayurvedic concept, upon the level and
As per its total approach to mind body system, state of the three doshas (tridoÌa) – v³ta, pitta
Ayurveda analyzes the above listed seven and kapha in an individual.
categories of the ailments of eyes together with
several other factors including the neural The “Srushut Samhita” (part 1|28) attributes
network functions, muscles and tissues ten of the major ailments, defects or disorders
associated with visual system and the other of the eyes or the visual system as a whole to
interconnected organs in the vicinity of the the v³ta doÌa; ten due to the pitta doÌa; thirteen
eyes for devising suitable therapeutic due to the kapha doÌa. Apart from these it also
measures that are free of all side-effects and specifies sixteen types as those due to
risks. The Ayurvedic medicinal scriptures on infections or biochemical aberrations in the
“Rasa Shastra” by Vagbhattacharya are blood, two due to congenital factors and
notable in this context. twenty-five because of the defects, weakness
or disorders of the neuronal network or brain
For example, the 23rd Chapter of the volume functions (the latter include paralysis, blood-
titled “Ras-Ratna” presents analysis of five

In course of their stroll in the garden, King Vikramaditya suddenly remarked to the
great poet Kalidas: “How creative and talented you are! You are a litterateur par
excellence. I wish God had given you a matching and beautiful body”. The satire was
not lost on the wise Kalidas. He did not say anything at that time. On return to the
palace, he ordered for two pots, one of clay and the other of gold. Both were filled with
water. After some time, Kalidas asked the king. “Now tell me sir, which of the two
waters is cooler”? “That of the clay pot”, replied Vikramaditya. A smiling Kalidas
then said: “Just as coolness does not depend on the pot’s outer shell, even so, talent is
unrelated to the physical appearance of the body. O King! One should look at the
inner gift, not the external wrapping. It is the beauty of the soul that is supreme.
Learning and greatness are linked with the soul, not the body”.

28 July-Aug 2006
coagulation, brain hemorrhage, etc). Notably, medicines inside the eyes in a manner similar
the ancient scriptures lay stress upon to putting collyrium or lamp-black.
improving and maintaining the vitality and
resistance (against diseases) and vigor of the In case of blood biochemistry related or
mind-body system to prevent all diseases and internal ailments, specific Ayurvedic
weaknesses including those of the eyes. Even medicines are also given orally in the form of
in case of accidents or epidemics, those having dry powder, decoction or tablets. However,
healthy immune system and elevated vital apart from all these, the ancient Ayurvedic
energy show fast recovery. Recent research method of yagya-based therapies is said to be
studies of modern medical science have also best and it can be used along with using any
recognized these facts. of the above mentioned Ayurvedic or modern
medications or modes of treatment. It is also
Depending upon the type and severity of the an easy and least expensive mode of
problem, the modern therapeutic modes for treatment provided the patient spends some
the eyes range from medicinal eye drops to time (say about forty-minutes or so, on an
major surgeries. According to the scriptural aveage).
guidelines of Ayurveda, the following types
of curative measures, if necessary in spite of The advantage of the yagya-based therapy is
sincere attempts by the patients for balancing that it is a unique kind of effective inhalation
the tridoÌa are prescribed: (1) Seka: sprinkle or therapy, which, with regular practice of few
drop a thin stream of medicinal water or weeks, begins to rectify (heal) the defects or
melted medicinal ghee (prepared with specific complexities at the level of nerves and neural
herbal or plant medicines) on or inside the functions as well and thus promises cure of
eyes. (2) Aïcotana: apply eye drops of specific even otherwise intractable diseases caused by
herbal/plant medicinal solution or finely aberrations or malfunctioning of the nervous
filtered and cooled decoction; fomentation system or in some brain-components. The
with lukewarm preparation of herbs/plant chanting of distinct mantras (Vedic Hymns) in
medicines knotted in a clean cloth- piece. (3) special rhythm also has majestic impact on
Piñú: Tying on the eyes a bandage containing patients’ psychology, resistance and vitality.
finely grinded paste of selected herbs/plant Its promising potential has also been verified
medicines. (4) Viólaka: Applying the paste or in some research and clinical experiments at
freshly prepared ointments of prescribed the Yagyopathy Lab of the Brahmavarchas
herbs/plant medicines on the eyelids and Research Centre of Shantikunj, Hardwar.
other outer parts of closed eyes. (5) Tarpaña:
Dipping the eyes for few moments in the [We are planning to bring out a special series
especially prepared herbal/plant medicinal in this magazine next year on yagyopathy
water. (6) PuÚap³ka: Applying the freshly (yagya-therapy) for different diseases,
prepared and cooled gel or syrup-like fine including those of the eyes. - Editor]
preparation of prescribed herbs/plant

July-Aug 2006 29
Science and Spirituality

Human Bioelectricity

E ach living being has its own specific

bioelectric field (Aura) around the body.
This bioelectric field also exerts its influence
from the cloth. Resting elbows on the arms of
chair, keep arms in an upright position with
the palms and fingers pressed together (as in
on the environment around the individual. traditional Indian salutation ‘Namastey). Now
Experienced yogis can learn much about an start rubbing both palms together vertically,
individual by sensing the bioelectric field in slowly in the beginning, then gradually
the proximity, without actually meeting the accelerate.
person. Psychometry is developed as a science
of “divining facts concerning an object or a A close observation will show a fog-like hazy
person associated with it by contact with or luminous emission emanating from the palms.
proximity to the object”. By way of The palms may also appear to glow with a
extrasensory perception of a bioelectric field, couple of sparks flying out of them. Edges of
a yogi can tell many secrets and facts without nails would particularly appear luminous.
physically coming in contact of a person, place
or an object. 2. Sensory Perception of Bioelectric
Magnetism: This experiment shows the
However, the existence of a bioelectric field bioelectric magnetism present in the body.
in human body does not necessarily require a
conceptualization, nor does it need scientific Be seated on a non-conducting chair placed
equipments. The experiments given hereunder on the insulated floor. Keep body-parts away
will satisfy the curiosity of the reader. from any conducting surface (walls, floor or
any other conducting body likely to leak the
1.Manifestation Against the Backdrop of a bioelectric charges from the body). Tightly
Dark Curtain: This simple experiment would press fingers of both hands together, leaving
demonstrate the presence of the invisible a little space between the palms. For about a
bioelectric field of the body. minute keep the hands pressed together in this
position. Now keeping the palms together, try
Keep one of the chairs facing the least to pull the fingers apart. The bioelectric
illuminated wall of the room and cover its back magnetism of the body would resist the effort
with the thick black cloth. Place a dimly lighted to separate them. A vibration will be felt in
wick lamp on the chair. The light should not the fingers.
be visible on the cloth from behind the chair.
Be seated on the second chair facing the back 3. Changing Taste of Water by Passing
of the first chair at a distance of about a foot Bioelectric Current: This experiment proves

30 July-Aug 2006
that bioelectricity flows through material Bioelectricity: The following experiment
objects coming in contact of the body, shows that by transmitting human
changing their physical and chemical bioelectricity, it is possible to delay the decay
properties. of organic matter after its “death”.

In one of the tumblers, insert the tips of your When a living being (animal or plant) “dies”,
fingers for about five minutes. While doing it begins to decay on account of gradual
so conceptualize that that the bioelectric leakage of residual bioelectric charge of its
current of your body is flowing through the body into the cosmic reservoir of bioelectricity.
tips of your fingers into water in the tumbler. The following experiment will show that it is
possible to replenish this loss of bioelectricity
Let some intelligent person (who had not been for some time with the help of human
watching this experiment) closely observe the bioelectric transmission.
color of water in the two tumblers and also
take a sip of water from both. The examiner Keeping one of the objects selected for the
would easily find a difference in the water experiment aside, look at the other intently at
kept in the two tumblers. brief intervals with the thought, that it is being
enlivened by your bioenergy flowing into it
4.Conductivity of Bioelectricity During through your sight. It will be found that, the
Physical Contact Between Animate Beings: other object kept aside had undergone normal
decay whereas that being subjected to the
This experiment proves that during physical experiment is retaining its freshness. (Greater
contact there is a passage of bioelectricity concentration is likely to dehydrate the object.)
between animate beings.
A woman in France had reportedly developed
Make the center of a table clearly visible by an unusual bioelectric field in her body. She
making a circular spot on it by the marking could prevent the decay of dead organic
pencil. Let the participants be seated around matter simply by looking at it. Besides
the table forming a circular chain by placing observing the effect on plants, flowers and
their hands in such a way, that palms and fruits, scientists verified this phenomenon by
fingers of each person rest on the back of experimenting with various types of other
those of the persons sitting on either side. Let objects like dead frogs, rabbits, fishes and
each individual concentrate their sight on the pigs. Microscopic examination too confirmed
spot in the center of the table. The flow of the absence of bacteria in the experimented
bioelectricity through their bodies will be felt objects for weeks together. Besides, whenever
as feeble tremors in their hands and other some decaying organic matter was brought to
parts of the body. this lady, she could destroy the bacteria
responsible for the decay within moments, by
5. Recharging The Bioelectrical Field of An gazing at the object.
Inanimate Organic Body by Human

July-Aug 2006 31
6.Telekinesis by Bioelectric Transmission: It impenetrable. On coming close to this fence,
is an interesting experiment demonstrating these will circumvent it as though it was built
the effect of bioelectric transmission on with hot sand.
dynamics of material objects. Even children
can carry out this experiment with amusing If such a fence were drawn around a worm, it
results. The effects are startling when there would find it difficult to come out of the
are a large number of persons performing this confined space. Even if it crosses it at great
experiment together. risk to its life; it would appear miserable while
moving through the confined space.
Let the experimenter be seated at a distance
of about three feet from the freely suspended In the great epic Ramayana, it is told that
needle and fix his gaze on the needle. (There Lakshman had drawn a similar fence (Lakshman
should not be any movement of air in the room Rekha) around Sita for her safety against the
to affect free movement of the needle.) While demon king Ravana. He dared not enter the
concentrating the sight on the needle, let the fence and abducted her when she crossed the
participant desire the needle to move fence for giving him alms.
sideways, backwards-forwards, clockwise or
anticlockwise. 8. Scanning a Bioelectric Field: Hands placed
on a sensitive photographic plate in a
After sometime the movements of the needle photographer’s dark room would produce x-
will be found ‘obeying‘ the intention of the ray like prints of their bioelectric field. Kirilian
participant. This experiment can also be photography has been used to obtain similar
performed by a large number of participants prints from plants.
holding suspended pendulums steadily in
their hands. 9. Producing a Bioelectric Shock: The
experimenter stands at a short distance behind
7. Building a Bioelectric Fence: Like an a person engrossed in some work and
electric fence constructed for protection, it is concentrates gaze on his spine or on the
possible for an individual having a strong exposed part of neck, with the intention to
bioelectric field to build an invisible bioelectric startle him by giving him a shock; by sending
fence for safeguard. Such a fence does not a bioelectric current through sight. However
permit an undesirable person to enter the deeply engrossed in work, the gaze will
safeguarded territory. distract the subject. The sight of the onlooker
will create an itching sensation on the part of
The following experiment will serve as an the body being looked at and the subject will
example. The experimenter draws a circle on turn his head back to look at the experimenter.
the ground with a marker, thinking that a
bioelectric fence is being built around the area. 10. Telepathy By Sending Bioelectric Thought
Ants and similar small worms having weak Currents: Let a person be seated before you
bioelectric fields will find this area in comfortably relaxed, in a calm state of mind.

32 July-Aug 2006
With the mind of the subject before you as
Rajarshi Purusottam Das Tandon
the target, concentrate on the forehead of the
subject with the thoughts desired to be sent was ill. An old friend of his went to
telepathically. The bioelectric waves carrying Prayag (Allahabad) to see him. In
the thoughts being projected will enter the the course of chatting, the Rajarshi
mind of the targeted person producing similar
thoughts there. With a little practice, in most
recounted an anecdote: “At one time,
cases, this experiment produces encouraging I was engaged in formulating a
results. However, where the subject has a model plan for reforming and
vacillating mind or is obstinate by nature, the
thoughts being transmitted may not be
guiding the Princes of Native States.
properly received. The purpose was to show that the
Indians can administer better than
Influence of Bioelectricity on Food Products:
the English. To execute this plan, I
Common man is hardly aware of the effect of joined service of Nabha State, but I
“internal purity” of food on mind. In one of could not succeed in my venture”.
his books, Prof. Leadbeater, the founder
“That was a good thing to happen”,
member of Theosophical Society, speaks about
the influence of subtle ingredients of food on quipped the friend. “That is exactly
human body. According to him, apart from what I was going to say”, continued
the digestive matter, the food matter also Rajarshi Tandon, “I failed because
carries with it certain subtle contents and our
bodies absorb these as well. We meticulously
of the English, and so I turned upon
take care of the external, physical cleanliness them with a vengeance and applied
of food, overlooking the fact, that its internal myself wholeheartedly to their
purity is much more necessary than its physical
expulsion from India. I was filled
with gratitude to God for my failure.
Food products subtly absorb thoughts/traits Had I been successful in Nabha, I
of persons handling these for long periods.
would most likely have continued in
(Repeated right or wrong thinking becomes a part
of habit, ultimately developing into a trait of the a rut. This failure opened for me new
person.) The imprints of these thoughts/traits doors to success and sadhana.”
on the edibles created by the bioelectric
transmissions of associated persons are carried
over to the mind of its consumer.
Such a positive and creative attitude
towards both success and failure
The “internal purity” of food is maximally marks one worthy of success.
affected by the morality and mental state (at

July-Aug 2006 33
the time of cooking) of its cook. Research tells displayed in glass showcases. Many
us that maximum discharge of human onlookers feel tempted, but for some reason
bioelectricity takes place through the tips of or the other, do not, or cannot, purchase
fingers. Foodstuff repeatedly touched by bare these articles. Little children and
hands and fingers cannot remain unaffected individuals, who cannot afford to buy these,
by the good or bad traits of the cook. It is particularly watch these edibles with a
true, that that while heating, many such craving. Bioelectric charges of such
internal impurities are removed. Nevertheless suppressed desires of many persons continue
heating does not purify the food in totality. to accumulate on these food items, making
them unworthy of consumption. Whatever
Physical contact is not the only factor be their nutritional value, repeated
responsible for the internal impurity of food. consumption of commercial products so
Thoughts are waves of bioelectric current. As displayed makes one sick. For this very
such, these are also propagated through sight reason a natural food is considered more
while looking at things. (Hypnotists and beneficial for health than a processed food
mesmerists utilize this property of transmission of handled by many persons and displayed in
thoughts. The famous saying ‘ Love at first sight‘ a showcase.
too illustrates this phenomenon.)
Being prepared with loving thoughts and care,
Food is man’s favorite subject. Food products a simple, inexpensive ordinary food prepared
easily attract man. When one casts a glance and served by family members is much more
on the edibles kept on the plate of a neighbor, nutritious and satisfying than the cookies and
the thoughts of the onlooker are also delicacies acquired from a departmental store.
transmitted to these edibles. Food served The great Hindu epics Ramayana and
reluctantly or by a person in an unhappy state Mahabharata narrate the incidents of Lord Ram
of mind would certainly have negative effect and Krishna accepting simple edibles offered
on the eater. The same is true of the foodstuff by the poor, turning down invitations by
forcibly snatched from somebody, or kings. When Ram greatly appreciated the
consumed alone in the company of several jungle berries offered by Shabari and Krishna
onlookers, and of the food earned by unfair praised the preparation of leafy- vegetables
means. served by Vidur, they did not do so merely
to honor their hosts. They knew that the love
In market places, sometimes sweets and and devotion of their hosts had enhanced the
cookies and other delicious edibles are internal purity of the food manifold.

Socyatam Yatyasilena Vidvesenapavitratam |

Intelligence and knowledge, without morality and modesty, get vitiated by jealousy
and hatred, leading to misery.

34 July-Aug 2006
Companions in Solitude – 9
The Hut
in Solitude
S ilence prevails all around this hut. The
nature is still. Silence of the solitude is
unnerving. The day passed off and the night
disturbance in that room, but solitude exerted
pressure on the mind. When I was released
after a month my body was pale like a ripe
arrived. Due to strangeness of the mango. I felt dizzy, while standing.
surroundings, sleep was eluding me. The fear
was not due to ferocious animals, thieves, Since solitude was uncomfortable every part
snakes or evil spirits, but loneliness. The body of the brain was engaged in proving the
had no work except turning from side to side. futility and demerits thereof. In fact brain
The brain was also idle and devoid of any works like a loyal servant. According to the
work. So the old habit of musing started its mood of the mind it gathers and presents a
process. Why fear arises in loneliness? mountain of proofs, evidences, logic, reason,
thoughts and examples. To judge what is right
An answer sprouted from within. Man is a and what is wrong is the job of the
part of Samashti (The totality of universe). It discriminating mind. The duty of the brain is
is Samashti that has nourished him. Like fish only to present necessary materials to justify
which is blended with the element of water the stand taken by the mind.
can survive only in water, man can also be
happy and comfortable only in the society due The brain now began to think like a
to his being the part of Samashti, being a spark philosopher. The selfish people think only of
of the vast expanse of consciousness. In themselves, only about the profit and loss to
loneliness the connection with the society is self. They consider none to be their own. So
snapped, with the result that his inner growth they remain deprived of the joy of community.
is arrested. The uneasiness due to this Their conscience is asleep and devoid of any
deficiency can be the reason for fear. noble feelings. There arose in my imagination,
the examples of some persons who had
The imagination went still further. It brought everything by way of riches, wealth and
forth many memories of loneliness and many earthly means of comfort; but due to their self-
instances of having suffered in loneliness. centered outlook they had nobody to call their
Those instances had no trace of happiness; it own. All of them were neurotically unhappy.
was simply passing the time somehow in
boredom. The memory of the loneliness in the The flow of fantasy was going fast in its chosen
condemned prisoner’s dark cell of solitary direction and it seemed that it was bent upon
confinement where I was put during the days proving that solitude was not only futile but
of freedom struggle surfaced. There was no harmful and troublesome, too. Personal

July-Aug 2006 35
inclination would then stress its point i.e. why transformed into a noble one. Now the brain
to pursue this folly? Why not live among the began to work in the direction of finding the
society and grab and gain what one could? utility, necessity and importance of solitude.

The discriminating intelligence sensed the Slowly the night began to pass. Getting bored
wayward flow of the mind and said, “If due to not feeling sleepy I came out of the hut
solitude is that worthless, why would the and saw Ganga, flowing fast as if it was
Rishis, Sadhaks, devotees, aspirants, thinkers, impatient to meet her beloved, the Sea. Blocks
and scientists go after it? Why do they seek of stones tried to stop her on the way, but she
it? If solitude has no importance why is it crossed the hurdles and went past them.
sought after for attainment of Samadhi (The state Though her watery body was getting
of Super-consciousness -Self realization)? Why wounded all over, she was neither
is solitude considered essential for self-study, complaining nor getting disappointed. She
introspection, penance, concentration etc.?” hardly took any note of these obstacles. She
was not at all scared of darkness or loneliness.
Suddenly the flow of fantasy that was Her longing for the Lord of her heart did not
speeding ahead to prove solitude to be let her worry about all these matters. Deeply
harmful stopped, as does a horse when the engrossed in the thoughts of the beloved, she
reins are pulled in. Faith said, “The inspiration moved on singing the song of love, renouncing
of Sadhana in solitude cannot be misleading”. the comfort of sleep and rest.
Devotion told, “The power that has put me
on this path cannot guide me astray”. The The moon had reached overhead. Its numerous
conscience said, “Soul comes alone, and goes reflections were glittering on the waves of
alone. It weeps, sitting alone in the jail of this Ganga, as if Brahm (The Almighty) was
body. Does it feel uneasy in this solitude that revealing the secret of Its Maya in the visible
is already destined. Sun moves alone and so form by showing one Brahm becoming many
does the moon. The wind flows alone. Do they by entering into numerous bodies. The scene
feel any discomfort in this?” was very fascinating. Coming out of the hut, I
went over to the bank and sat on a block of
Thoughts can be checkmated by counter- rock and began to see the sight attentively.
thoughts. This psychological principle was Within a short while I felt sleepy and slept
proved here. The thoughts that seemed to be there on the rock itself.
strong a little while ago crumbled like a house
of cards. The counter-thoughts defeated them. It seemed to me, that the course of water got
Spiritual masters, therefore, teach us the transformed into a lotus-like beautiful celestial
importance of chasing away evil thoughts by maiden. In that posture of supernatural
noble thoughts. Evil thoughts, however strong calmness and ocean-like gentleness it seemed
they may be, can be nullified by noble counter- that all the purity of earth had been collected
thoughts. I directly experienced in that lonely and filled up in one human body for her to
night, how a faulty conviction can be appear in. Without pausing she came over to

36 July-Aug 2006
a block of rock nearby. To me it appeared that feelings with theirs you will feel that all of
it was happening in reality. The divine maiden them are your soulkins.”
began to say something in her sweet voice in
very calm and gentle words. I began to hear The sleep was broken as soon as I turned the
it attentively as if hypnotized. She said, “Oh side. I got up hurriedly and looked all around.
Soul in the human body! Don’t consider The divine maiden has vanished into the
yourself alone in this thick forest. With open invisible. It seemed as if she had merged
eyes, look around and see that it is you herself back in this stream. She might have
yourself who is living through every thing you been transformed back into the course of
see around. Don’t confine yourself to the water. The words spoken in human language
conception that you are limited to the body were not there to he heard. But the same
of a human being. In this vast creation, man is message was echoed in the gurgling sound of
not everything. Why feel loneliness where water. The physical ears could not hear them,
human companions are not present? Other but the soul was still understanding it,
living creatures are as dear to The Creator as perceiving it.
man. Then why don’t you consider them your
brothers? Why don’t you establish intimacy Was I awake or in dreams? Was it reality or
with them? Why don’t you make them your an illusion? Were they my own thoughts or a
colleagues? In this solitude there is no human divine message? I was confused. I opened the
being, but there are innumerable living eyes and moved my hands over the head. I
creatures here. Souls in many forms like birds tried to find out that which was seen and
and animals, flies and insects, plants and trees heard a little while ago, but was unable to find
live here in this mountain forest. All these it and was getting no clue either.
souls have feelings and emotions. If you are
able to develop a sense of kinship between By then I saw many reflections of the moon
your soul and that of these supposedly soulless gliding over the waves that were coming
creatures, you will feel a sense of self- together from all sides and appeared to be
fulfillment. telling something with a smile. When I tried
to hear their message the tiny child-like
The divine maiden of heavenly beauty reflections began telling:- “See so many of us
continued without pause, “God has given moons are here to play with you, to smile and
intelligence to man, but the poor guy could laugh with you. Won’t you take us as your
not make use of it for gaining real happiness. companions? Are we not good pals? Man, you
He misused this divine boon for self- have come from the selfish world of yours
gratification. He, who deserved to be where only those who would serve your
acclaimed as the noblest of God’s creation, has interests, are dear to you and all others are
become a creature to be pitied upon instead. aliens. Isn’t it the way of your world? Leave
On the other hand other creatures on earth it and learn the ways of our world here. Here
may have only very little intelligence, but once there is no such complication. There is no
you try to emphatically synchronize your distinction like they and we. There is no

July-Aug 2006 37
selfishness. All are our own. We believe that Many tiny moons were dancing with the
our own super-soul dwells in all. You too learn waves. It seemed like the dance of Krishna
to feel this way. Then, with so many of us here and Gopis said to have taken place at
you won’t feel alone. You have come to Vrindavan. The waves were the ‘Gopis’ and
perform some Sadhana (dedicated spiritual the moon played Krishna’s role - A Krishna
pursuit) here, isn’t it ? Don’t you see this Ganga with each Gopi. What a wonderful dance
engaged in Sadhana? Engrossed in love how was being seen by the eyes? Mind was
single-mindedly she is heading forward to immersed in joy. The inner conscience was
meet her beloved. No hurdles on the way can asking me, “Look, see the glimpse of the
stop her. Does she care to look at the darkness Supreme Beloved. One soul is dancing in
or loneliness? Does she get deflected from her each body like the one moon dancing on all
aim even for a moment? If you want to adopt the waves.
the path of Sadhana, then you too have to adopt
this way. When your soul, too, will start moving The whole night passed. Reddish radiance
fast to get to its own beloved (The Supreme Soul) of the dawn began to appear in the eastern
like Ganga, how can the crowds of people attract horizon. What was seen was simply
you, or the solitude frighten you? If you want wonderful. The fear of solitude disappeared.
to stay on the shores of Ganga, dear Sadhak, you Legs slowly pulled me towards the hut. Now
learn Ganga’s Sadhana of love too.” it was light of loneliness that filled the mind.

Impressed by the renunciation of a saint, a king, too, received dikï³ (spiritual

initiation) from him. Many thousands had already been initiated by the saint.
Seeing their king, too, among the initiates, the subjects went to him and said:
“Great king, now you are our gurubhai; so do not demand tax from us”. Caught
on the horns of a dilemma, the king remitted their tax dues. Consequently, the
treasury began to deplete fast. The whole system went into disorder. People
stopped doing any work and started living off the stored money. The king was
very perturbed at this situation and sought his guru’s advice.
The guru, after hearing the full details of the king’s plight said: “If the spirit of
dikï³ is not implemented in actual conduct, it remains meaningless. Besides
being an initiated disciple and king, you should also be pragmatic. Those whom
you consider your gurubhai are all lazy shirkers. You must run your administration
in accordance with the rules and regulations of good governance, otherwise you,
too, will be a sinner like them and also be guilty of bringing about the impending
anarchy “. The king began to rule with firmness. The new order, with well-oiled
coordination, soon put the wheels of administration back on the rails.

38 July-Aug 2006
My Life: Its Legacy and Message – 20
Visible Attainments of SÂDHANÂ (Siddhi
[Autobiography of P¿ jya Gurudev, continued from the previous issue]

A ccumulation of worldly possessions and

riches is automatically reflected in a
person’s nature, attitude and conduct. A
the currency notes. It is foolish on the part of
the common people that they are unable to
distinguish siddhis of the spiritual plane from
healthy person looks strong and beautiful. mere jugglery and miraculous stunts. It is
Affluent persons are full of pomp and show. essential to understand the fundamental
Intelligence of a man is reflected in his speech, difference between the life style, morality and
conduct and behaviour. In the same way, daily routine of a siddha puruÌa (saint) and those
when spiritual treasure is amassed, its impact who are mere jugglers or acrobats.
becomes apparent. S³dhan³ is bound to result
in siddhi, which means extraordinary S³dhan³ which leads to siddhi, means
achievements. Even ordinary persons attain undertaking specific tasks which are related
success by dint of their industriousness and to the overall welfare of mankind and which
resources but the success attained in the are so great and extensive that a person cannot
spiritual field is exemplary and unique and it accomplish them single-handedly through his
cannot be attained by solitary efforts of an ego- own strength and efforts. Still, there are
centered person. people who have enough courage, who go
ahead and ultimately accomplish aims, which
It is a matter of deep lament that spirituality initially appeared to be unattainable. In due
has been degenerated to the level of jugglery course they get people’s participation also.
by quacks and people mistake mere conjurer’s Spiritually awakened souls move ahead even
tricks as proofs of spiritual attainments. An in the absence of resources and cooperation
acrobat displays his acrobatic feats so that and believe in rowing alone their boat across
people may be dazzled, amazed and surprised. the river with self-confidence and faith in God.
He thus gets tumultuous applause and earns Ordinary people have a different mentality.
money. But none of these feats fulfills the They undertake a work only after they are
purpose of doing any public good. It is simply convinced of getting resources and others’
a means to earn a livelihood. There are several cooperation.
persons amongst the so-called saints who, by
showing such magical stunts, strut about as Siddha (spiritually evolved) persons engaged
persons of great spiritual attainment. Simple in S³dhan³ have been accomplishing great
people are often heard having been cheated tasks. This is the miracle of their siddhi. To
by some persons by raising a hand in the air initiate the movement for Independence,
and producing cardamom, sweetmeats etc., or Samarth Guru Ramdas inspired a Maratha boy
professing to possess the power of doubling and placed him at the forefront. Buddha

July-Aug 2006 39
launched a worldwide ethical awakening it in fulfilling timely needs. The work was
movement to eradicate corruption and spread started. It appeared as if everything was pre-
it throughout Asia. Saty³graha movement planned. Several persons in the beginning
started by Gandhi with the help of a handful termed it as sheer madness and misadventure
of persons, by preparing salt at Dhurasana, but when all these efforts started bearing fruit
spread throughout the country. Everybody they conceded that it was the siddhi of s³dhan³.
knows how extensive and successful was the All these ‘acts of madness’ are summed up
Bh¿d³n movement which was started all alone below:
by Vinoba. Scouting, Red Cross and similar
other movements were initially started on 1. Taking a pledge at the age of 15 to
small scales and steadily spread worldwide. perform twenty-four G³yatrº Mah³puraïcarañas
Vanasthali Balika Vidyapeeth of Rajasthan, along with several self-imposed restraints for
Baba Amte’s Seva Sadan for persons suffering twenty four years and fulfilling it without
from leprosy are shining examples of such faltering.
works. There have been several instances
where availability of expertise, resources and 2. By way of P¿rñ³huti, a Sahastra-kundº yajóa
cooperation were almost negligible in the was performed at Mathura in 1958 in which
beginning but, by the sheer strength of will four lakh G³yatrº s³dhaks were invited and all
of the pioneer, the momentum of the of them attended. Arrangements were made
movement was kept up and the work for their stay, food etc. for five days free of
continued moving forward with whatever charge. A huge yajóaï³l³ stage and pand³l were
resources and cooperation were available. erected and seven temporary townships,
Thus, behind the fulfillment of righteous within a radius of seven miles, were set up.
purposes one can have a glimpse of the process Lakhs of rupees were spent without begging
of attainment of siddhi by s³dhan³. a single paisa and the whole function was
celebrated smoothly without any interruption
One will not be disappointed if he wants to or disorder.
find out siddhis attained by me as a result of
s³dhan³. In the beginning people termed it as 3. Ancestral property was sold and a grand
foolhardiness and warned me that I would be building of G³yatrº Tapobh¿mi was built at
laughed at and ridiculed but I had unflinching Mathura. Later, it developed into a huge
faith in God who had inspired me to take up centre of ethical, moral and spiritual
that work in hand. Determination to do work education of the masses through the help
for public good and firm faith that divine help voluntarily given by the people, for which
would back it up provided me the needed no appeal was made.
strength of perseverance to carry on in the face
of all obstacles. 4. Akhand Jyoti magazine is being published
regularly since 1937 without accepting any
When the energy of s³dhan³ was matured in advertisements. The weekly ‘Harijan’
the form of siddhi it was decided to channelize published by Gandhiji had to be discontinued

40 July-Aug 2006
when it became nonviable. At present∗ one and 9. 2,400 Prajó³pºÚhas and 12000 Prajó³
half lakh copies of Akhand Jyoti are being sansth³ns have been established for moral,
published and each issue is being read by intellectual and social rejuvenation and
several persons. Its readers are not less than revitalization. Efforts are being made to spread
a million. yug³ntariya cetn³ amongst migrants of Indian
origin in seventy-five foreign countries.
5. Ancient spiritual and religious literature
has been translated into Hindi and 10. A new centre has been established for the
absolutely low-priced books incorporating in-depth study of various languages and
spiritual principles applicable in practical life cultures of the world so that the message of
have been published in large numbers. Some the advent of the New Golden Era could be
of them have also been translated into other brought home to the people of the world at
Indian languages. These books have large. For the present, publicity squads are
enlightened millions of people who have being deputed in jeeps to Hindi, Gujarati,
read them. Oriya, and Marathi speaking regions, but they
will soon be sent to all parts of the country to
6. G³yatrº Pariw³r has been established which strengthen the roots of righteousness,
is spearheading (a) Prajó³ abhiy³n (movement enlightenment and unity.
for refining public mind) and (b) Yug Nirm³n
Yojan³ for the growth of righteous tendencies 11. Publicity is being done through the
and attitudes in the society. medium of tape recorders and slide projectors.
It will now be done by video films also.
7. Regular training is being imparted
according to prescribed curriculum to Yug-ïilpº 12. The message of Prajó³ abhiy³n is being
prajó³-putras in regular camps in self- spread through folders in many languages for
development and development of the society. creating an awareness of the emerging new
Sadhana camps of ten days each are being held higher consciousness in humanity.
for G³yatrº s³dhaks, free of cost.
13. Four volumes of Prajó³ Pur³ña have been
8. Brahmavarchas Research Institute has published. Efforts are afoot to publish them
been established to conduct research for in other languages; and its tapes are also being
integration of science and spirituality. High- prepared. Through the medium of stories and
level research on Yagyopathy and the great tales in Prajó³ Pur³ña an effort has been made
power of G³yatrº mantra are being conducted to provide guidance to the common masses
here. The work of conducting new research for meeting the day-to-day challenges and
on the ancient science of medicinal herbs problems of present day life righteously,
initiated by Charak RiÌi has also been taken boldly and wisely.
up. The broken links of the ancient
astronomical science are also being discovered 14. Not less than 1000 guests, pilgrims and
anew. trainees are in residence at Shantikunj at one

July-Aug 2006 41
time. They are provided free board and established between the members and the
lodging. They return after taking prasad with organization. This is the secret behind the
a deepened faith in and respect for the success of this mission.
mission’s activities.
No other organization has as many selfless,
15. Many persons come to G³yatrº Tirtha, trusted and contented workers of great
Shantikunj and perform anusthan sadhana. This calibre as are found here. Everyone
has helped them in their inner self-growth, in associated with this organization has tested
getting rid of evil tendencies and moulding it and firmly believes that the soul of a
their lives in accordance with perennial br³hmaña is luminously at work here.
principles of truth. These positive orientations Millions of people had abandoned their
in their personalities have been scientifically homes and had become the disciples,
verified at the Brahmavarchas Research parivr³jaks of Buddha. Those who
Institute. participated in Gandhi’s saty³grah did not
ask for any remuneration. Similarly Prajó³
It can be well imagined how much labour, abhiy³n is the rare example of an
concentration, manpower and resources organization in which thousands of highly
must have been needed to accomplish so qualified full-time workers are working for
huge a task. The fact is that the invisible the mission merely on food and clothes.
power of only one individual has been in
operation for accomplishment of all these It is indeed a unique miracle wrought by the
stupendous tasks. The method of begging divine energy of siddhi, through which so
money or raising funds through much money, manpower, resources and
contributions was never adopted. spontaneous cooperation of people at large
Everybody knows what pressures and are flowing to the mission.
persuasions are required to be used in
collecting money these days. But here, I had to go to the Himalayas a number of
everything has been done voluntarily on the times in the past on the direction of my
basis of cooperation. This is the only mission Gurudev for performing s³dhan³ in solitude.
which functions on the basis of individual People link these journeys with something
contribution of ten paisa in jó³n-ghat and a miraculous. They believe that the Himalayas
handful of food grains in dharma-ghat per are the abode of miracle-performing beings
day by the devotees. Everybody who and realized souls. In fact, I had to go to the
contributes this insignificant amount feels a Himalayas to become more introvert. The
sense of belonging to the institution, which exterior life of a person is dominated by outer
is functioning by his help and cooperation. events but his inner life is influenced by
The organizers are also ever cautious to feelings and sentiments. An illumined mind
spend every paisa after careful and a loving heart constitute spirituality .The
consideration. Thus, an intimate relationship rat race for gratification of desires and
of cordiality and of close affinity is amassing of material objects is materialism.

42 July-Aug 2006
Since I have dedicated my whole life to
demonstrate life-affirming spirituality, while The monkeys of Kashi are
outwardly leading a normal worldly life, it
considered very wicked. There is
became essential for me to occasionally retire
into solitude with a view to nullify any an anecdote connected with them
influence of materialism on the exterior life. which was often recounted by
An effort was made during my ajó³tv³s
(living in solitude in an unknown place) in
Swami Vivekanand. He would
the Himalayas to bring the soul as close to say: “Once I was going to a place
God as possible. The most important aim was in Kashi. The area on the way was
the cultivation of elevated, sublime feelings
and sentiments, which do not need the infested with monkeys who were
support of persons, resources and favourable quite notorious for tormenting the
circumstances. In whatever circumstances
passers-by. They behaved in the
one may be placed, the mental make-up has
to be so moulded that it may be possible to same way with me too, as they
visualize the deeper reality beneath the presumably, did not like my
facade of superficial phenomenon. It is then
that one feels immense joy and bliss and is
intrusion into their territory.
able to see and visualize the presence of God With shrill shrieks they descended
upon me and started biting at my
Those who have an occasion to read my legs. It seemed impossible to get
book ‘Companions in Solitude’ (Suns³n-ke- rid of them. I fled the place, but
Sahacar) must have understood how one can
have the experience of Sat, Cit and Ânanda
alas! The more I ran, the more the
by living a divinely inspired life. This is also wicked monkeys would chase and
a siddhi. I always remain deeply absorbed bite me. Suddenly, an unfamiliar
in happiness and bliss like God living in
Heaven, although apparently I am leading voice rang in my ears: “Do not
an ordinary life of the world. . run away, confront. I halted in
my tracks, stood erect resolutely
and uttered a severe scolding. The

The year of writing this biography (around monkeys, taken aback, ran away”.
Life has its share of adversities and
challenges. We all have to face
them boldly and squarely.

July-Aug 2006 43
Who can be a
True Visionary ?
Daivº® dhiya® man³mahe sum—úk³mabhiÌtaye dense rain-bearing clouds. In other words,
Varchodh³® yajóav³hasa œ sutºrth³ no asadvaïe. only he who can dare to dream of a glorious
- Yajurveda 4/11 future cutting through the forbidding pall of
dense darkness of hopelessness can be a true
We aspire for the divine intellect, which gives joyous
visionary. This requires an integration of a
illumination and ensures completion of the yajóa.
bold and imaginative mind and a subtle
May that intellect be in our possession!
discriminative faculty. Indeed, we all have
an imaginative mind and indulge in fantasies

T o be a visionary is to acquire the ability

to look far ahead into time and glimpse
the future. This ability is a gift of that divine
all the time. Sometimes, in our world of
imaginations we become a billionaire,
sometimes a record breaker in academic
intellect which assesses its potentials and
pursuits, another times a famous scientist or
weaves a dream around it. This very dream
even the Prime Minister of the country. The
is the goal of our life; it charts our paths and
highly fertile mindscape is always a
takes us in the right direction. In those who
kaleidoscope of colourful imaginations.
have this ambition, a unique capability
develops. They are able to perform such
The reason behind such a state of mental
deeds, as others cannot even imagine. Their
jumble is that our imagination is not tempered
vision acquires the power to penetrate the mist
with the subtle power of discrimination. Only
of the present and perceive the future clearly.
when the two faculties are harmonized do
they create a composite and focused dream –
If you feel an urge to become someone like
a dream which is not a vent for repressed and
this, it is just natural. In fact, absence of such
unfulfilled desires but a correct reflection of
a feeling would be a cause of worry because
the dormant divine qualities within. An
that would be a sign of inertness. If there is
illustration of this may be found in the life of
any hint of this inertness, get rid of it, and
the President of India, Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.
take steps in the direction of becoming a
Once a child enquired of him whether he had
visionary. For this, the first thing to do is to
read the Mahabharat. The President replied in
cherish lofty aims and ideals. What should
the affirmative. The child asked again who
be the type of these ideals may be gleaned
among its many characters appealed to him
from the sayings of Gurudev. According to
the most. Everybody knows that the multi-
him, only he is a believer who can clearly
dimensional characters of the great epic reflect
visualize the dazzling sun of a summer noon
almost the entire spectrum of human nature.
in a dark and stormy night sky filled with
The President, who understood the

44 July-Aug 2006
quintessence of the Mahabharat replied that he but failure gives him disappointment. With a
was very much impressed with the character warrior, however, it is not so. His very motto
of Vidur. “Why?” was the next query of the is “a soldier never quits till death”. Valiant
child. The President explained: “Because struggle and super-human bravery in spite of
Vidur opposed the wrongs of those in numerous wounds – this is the message of the
authority and dared to raise his voice of life of a great warrior.
dissent when all other stalwarts like Pitamah
Bhisma, Acharya Drona and Karna had The third step is that of the ruler. This is
surrendered themselves to the whims of the the stage when we have realized our vision
persons in power”. This reply of the President of life, have actualized the dream we saw.
subsumed his own dream, which was the All that we had desired, all that we had
product of an imaginative mind and subtle cherished is now in the palm of our hand.
discriminative knowledge – the dream of Life is at its apogee; now there is only to
sculpting his own character in the mould of savour this experience. But the one
Mahatma Vidur. Let us ask ourselves whether attendant problem, invariably found at this
we can dream such sublime dreams? We must stage, is that after having reached here
dream of being the best, the noblest, the most people become egoist. Lest we become one,
sublime, and never allow petty thoughts and there is the fourth and last step – the step of
ideas to dominate the mind. Whatever we a great man. Like a true saint, we should
want to become – a scientist, an officer, or an share our glories and accomplishments with
artist – we should add one more aspect to that, others. We should go to those who need
and that is cultivation of the noblest character. us. We should reach out to every door and
every home, and help them, too, to realize
To realize this exalted dream, four steps need their dreams. May their lives, too, be
be taken. The first is the step of a runner. It permeated with fragrance, may spring
means that you should have the energy and breeze come to their lives too – this should
spirit of a runner who is committed and be our prayer of LOVE IN ACTION.
determined to show his skill and ability. The
second step is that of a warrior. It is generally
observed that a player feels elated at success,

Noted Hindi poet Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’ once cautioned an upcoming scholar
in his field – “Do you know what human life without noble ideals is? It is like a
boat without a boatman or whose boatman is fast asleep. Also remember that the
ocean of life is full of treacherous tides and storms. Thus, devoid of high ideals, the
boat of life is bound to flounder and sink in the turbulent waters of this illusory

July-Aug 2006 45
Amrit Vani

The Grandeur and Glory of Guru-Tatva -II

(Translation of a discourse in Hindi on “Guru-tatva Kº Mahim³ Aur Garim³” Delivered by Rev. Gurudev
Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya on Guru Purnima, 1981 -Continued from previous issue)

T he history of the world testifies that it is

a handful of eminent personalities who
shaped the fate of any society or nation in a
ideals. It induces new strength and radiance
in his personality and makes him worthy of
divine grace and virtues. The ïakti of Sri
given period of time. For example, if you Ramkrishna Paramhans was bestowed upon
remove the great saints, sages, reformers, Vivekanand because the latter deserved it; or,
patriotic leaders and other great personalities in other words, because his personality had
from the history of India, what will remain that magnetism to attract the divine force. The
there? saints, the siddhas, bless the devotees and
disciples according to their worthiness.
Our precious heritage and glorious history,
which we feel so proud of, is in fact the history Ïraddh³ – to the extent of total surrender (of
of the jewels of personalities. They might not self-identity) before the noble Guru is the main
have been learned or talented people, but such criteria for the disciple’s spiritual elevation.
was the radiance of their character, the aura The lives of the noble gurus – great rishis, sages
of their personalities, that mighty crowns and and saints themselves stand as testimonies of
sparkling treasures and magnificent talents absolute ïraddh³ in divine disciplines and
were voluntarily offered at their feet. Their ideals. My divine Guru (angelic rishi from the
nobility could rule over the hearts of the Himalayas) had beatified my life on the
masses. Our divine culture, our majestic glory, auspicious Vasant Panchami day in 1926. If you
our crowing history, our lovable nation is a find any siddhi in me, it is all because of my
creation, a gift, of the angelic personalities like ïraddh³, my unconditional dedication to the
– the Rishis of Vedic Age, Lord Buddha, King noble ideals and duties set before me by
Harishchandra, Adi Shankaracharya, Mahatma him…. Every breath of mine, every moment
Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand, etc. of my life is devoted to his work.

I was telling you that ïraddh³ is the source of If you have come here with an aspiration for
inculcation of divine virtues in the personality. divine blessings or some siddhis, I must tell you
Ïraddh³ means unflinching faith, intrinsic belief that you first refine your personality, because
in and devotion for divine ideals and virtues. this is an essential prerequisite for spiritual
The inner force of ïraddh³ makes one so firm progress. And ïraddh³ gives perennial support,
and strong from within that nothing can enlightenment and strength to march along
perturb him from the chosen path of high this path. Ïraddh³ can transform a stone-idol

46 July-Aug 2006
into a guru, into a manifestation of God. You challenges, hardships and adversities to
must have heard of the story of Ekalavya in uphold the high ideals, altruistic duties and
Mahabharat. He had mastered archery under virtuous values. This is how ïraddh³ leads to
the ‘guidance’ of the idol of Guru attainment of supernormal potentials (siddhis).
Dronacharya. It was his ïraddh³ in I have experienced it myself. Let me tell you
Dronacharya that enabled his rigorous humbly that it is the miracle of my ïraddh³ for
training on his own as perfect as though he divine disciplines and ideals, that no one has
had had live guidance from Guru gone back ‘empty-handed’ from here. It is the
Dronacharya, in spite of the fact that they lived power of ïraddh³ that has infused the
far away from each other… beatitudeous light of supreme divine force of
Mother Gayatri in me. My Guru had guided
It was the ïraddh³ of Sri Ramkrishna me to adopt rigorous tapa with devout
Paramhans that invoked the divine power of disciplines for twenty-four years. Such were
Goddess Mahakali in Her idol enshrined in the ascetic disciplines of self-restraint that
the Dakshineshwar temple. It was the same looking at my diet, my mother was driven to
Mahakali Idol before whom Vivekanand used tears, she herself did not eat a single morsel
to forget that he had come to pray for a job, of any sweet during that long duration. It was
for the wellbeing of his family and what not; my ïraddh³ that provided all the courage and
such was the sublime force of Mahakali strength to march ahead along the chosen path
awakened by the ïraddh³ of his guru that all of s³dhan³, despite several adversities,
his worldly worries were wiped out from his challenges and testing moments on personal,
memory and he used to pray only for pure familial and social fronts of my life. This is
knowledge and devotion. Uncountable how my Gayatri Mantra (japa) became so
number of devotees might have worshiped beatifying and miraculously powerful.
Lord Krishna, but it was only because of
Mirabai’s absolute ïraddh³ that Sri Krishna had If you want something from me, you will also
turned deadly poison into an ineffective drink; have to make some efforts, bear some burden.
dreaded snake into a flower garland. You I can’t give you anything you don’t deserve,
might have seen five idols of Omnipotent because it will hamper your own (soul)
Goddess Gayatri enshrined at the major elevation. I care for your all-round welfare
centers of our mission. These are not ordinary and therefore advise and guide you to follow
idols, which anyone can buy from a good certain disciplines, earnestly perform your
sculpture. Dedicated s³dhan³s have been duties and sincerely adopt the path of s³dhan³.
performed here with deep ïraddh³ before the Samarth Guru Ramdas had tested Shivaji on
pr³ña pratiÌÚh³ (spiritual sacrament of several occasions and bestowed on him
enshrinement). enormous power to make this disciple of his a
Maratha King of immortal glory only after he
Needless to say that the real test of one’s had passed the tests. Once he asked Shivaji to
ïraddh³ lies in how readily one sacrifices one’s get fresh milk of a Lioness. He created a
worldly interests, comforts, etc, and faces the Lioness in the nearby forest by his spiritual

July-Aug 2006 47
powers. Shivaji was firm in his devotion to human being could also have negative
the Guru and unflinching in his obedience; he qualities; but ïraddh³ is (or should be, by
put his own life at stake and brought the milk definition) focussed upon the positive ones,
of this Lioness, which was the only one he on virtuous tendencies only. If your ïraddh³ is
found, feeding her cubs in that forest. Similar true, your Guru would become a source of
was the case of King Dilip. Guru Vashishtha inspiration for your elevation.
appeared before this disciple in the form a
panther and attacked the cows of his Ashram, If you regard me as your Guru, then sincerely
which he had asked Dilip to take care of. Dilip practice to engage your mind and
offered himself to the panther to save the consciousness in nurturing thoughts and
cows. That very moment Guru Vashishtha feelings of virtuous tendencies, good qualities,
appeared in his original form and blessed this divine sentiments whenever and wherever
worthy disciple with divine knowledge. you remember me or see my picture. This is
an excellent practice, which would gradually
Ïraddh³ cultivates the seeds of devout awaken your Super-Consciousness. My picture
dedication and devotion in the disciple. It or memory would only be a symbol required
means firm establishment in the inner mind for focussing your ïraddh³.
of feeling of sacrifice for great ideals, moral
principles and values. It is said that – “Bh³vo The action of a disciple devoting his ïraddh³
Hi Vidyate Dev³ Tasm³t Bh³vo Hi K³rañam”; to the Guru results in corresponding effects
meaning – God appears in the purity and depth of many-fold grandeur. A disciple had deep
of the sentiments (of ïraddh³). There is only ïraddh³ for his guru. He even used to worship
one ‘fee’ (essential prerequisite) of finding this guru and collect the water after washing
God or divine grace and siddhis, and that is – the latter’s feet. He used to distribute this
ïraddh³ for the Guru, for the Inner Light of oblation water as “prashaad” to the patients
the soul. Guru is said to be Brahma; that suffering from different kinds of ailments.
implies that our Super Consciousness is our Amazingly, people used to get relief from
Guru. My existence is fully devoted to that. their pains and sufferings from this ‘magical’
water. Slowly, the news reached the guru
Guru is referred in our scriptures as the trinity himself; so he began to wash his own feet and
God – Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh; which means proudly distribute the water to treat the
that Guru represents the Light, the divine patients and other aspirants. But the water did
force of the Omniscient God. Its light in our no magic. So, you see! It was not the water,
inner self inspires in us every enlightened rather the ‘sublime effect’ of the disciple’s
sentiment or thought, every noble action, and ïraddh³ that worked in the first case. Whereas
condemns every wrongdoing, every vice of in the second case there was only the water;
ours. Ïraddh³ is a sublime medium of how will it have any effect?
awakening this indwelling Guru. To
whomsoever your ïraddh³ is devoted that Ïraddh³ is the life-force of spirituality; it is the
person or object is your Guru. Note that, a backbone of spiritual endeavors. Be that

48 July-Aug 2006
simple devotional practice or a rigorous phase of incarnation for Kaliyug took place
s³dhan³, every effort is nothing more than any about twenty-five hundred years ago, in the
other activity if the devotee lacks in ïraddh³. form of Lord Buddha. Buddha’s incarnation,
There is no possibility of spiritual attainments as the name indicates, was for enlightenment
without ïraddh³. The level, depth and focus of of intellect. The successive phases of divine
your ïraddh³ reflect your intrinsic character transformation of this era (Kaliyug) have
and spirituality. If you have respect for your resulted in enlightenment of specific realms
own being, for your inner self, then you are of the subtle world to make possible the
indeed what your ïraddh³ is for yourself. complete manifestation in the last phase. This
Contrary would be the case if you don’t have time the incarnation is not going to be in any
any ïraddh³ for your own being; for your own human form. The light of God is going to be
life. So you must set some value system for manifested as the grace of Ritambhar³ Pragy³
your self and refine and test yourself for in the minds and hearts of the people to
elevation of your ïraddh³ (for yourself and for remove the “crisis of faith”.
higher ideals). As I have repeatedly told you,
a noble guru will bless his disciple according Ritambhar³ Pragy³ (spiritually enlightened
to the latter’s ïraddh³ in his own devotion and pure intellect endowed with divine ïraddh³)
for the values and disciplines prescribed by is the power of Gayatri. That is why I refer
the guru. Her as Yug Shakti (the divine force of
transformation of the era). Gayatri is not only
All that I could do – right from completing the Goddess worshiped in India. It is a
the s³dhan³ of Gayatri Mahapurscharans, universal force. Its grace is going to spread
translating the entire Vedic Literature, writing across the globe. Its revolutionary flow has
of several thousand books, to the launching begun with the Vichar Kranti Abhiyan of our
of Yug Nirman Yojna, organization of global mission. The microfilm of the new world order
Gayatri Pariwar and the establishment of five and the brighter era ahead is encoded in the
main centers and twenty-four hundred Gayatri Mantra. This is the mantra for all
Shaktipeethas, etc – is because of the grace of human beings. The seed of sublime
my Guru. It happened because I surrendered transmutation of mind and heart is hidden in
myself to his directions (kariÌye vachana® tava); it. If you have faith in this mantra then,
to perform the duties and the tasks assigned together with doing Gayatri S³dhan³, you
by my noble Guru. should also march along with me in the Yug
Nirman Yojana to usher in the New Era (Sat
I would also like to inform you all that the Yug). I can visualize the dawn of the New
dawn of God’s new incarnation is already on Era. In this respect, I call myself a “cock”. The
the horizon. As you know, divine incarnations cocks crow in the early hours of the morning
descend on this earth to eliminate the evils before sunrise and inform the world about the
and adversities of that time and to initiate the advent of dawn. I am also likewise attempting
revival of divine order. Their manifestations to awaken you all and the entire world at
occur as per the needs of the times. The first these moments of grand transformation.

July-Aug 2006 49
The Brahmvidy³ (the eternal, cosmic
knowledge) of Gayatri is to be disseminated The sage’s hut was on the outskirts
around the world. I need your cooperation in of the village. Almost every
this gigantic task. The Rameshwaram Bridge
was built and the Gowardhan Mountain was evening, the villagers came there
lifted by collective efforts of devoted souls, and listened to the sage’s religious
without any tools or resources. God has
discourse. When the time would
bestowed that opportunity upon all of you.
Divine Will for transformation of the era will come for evening prayers, some
not wait for your cooperation; it will be naughty youngsters from the
accomplished as per the Divine Plan. But, if
you don’t awaken and bear your share of village would descend upon the
responsibilities, there will remain nothing but hut and convert the place into a
repentance for you if you miss the chance. You
noisy chat-house. From time to
may begin with self-refinement and offer your
altruistic contribution in the form of your time they would tease the sage and
efforts, talents, time, labor, or other resources, take pot-shots at him. This routine
as per your capability. Your tiny but
determined and devoted effort in this
continued for some months, but
direction would be your Guru-Dakshina (an not once did the rishi showed
expression of the disciple’s ïraddha for the
anger or irritation. Indeed, he
Guru) today.
would often participate in their
I want you to present your Guru-Dakshina to me tittle-tattle and laugh with them.
by dissemination of the divine knowledge of
Gayatri to every house, every person. I have
When, even after prolonged
the ‘medicine’ to cure the faith-crisis, the vices efforts, the boys failed to make him
and worries; you just become the tools to ‘inject’
angry, they felt remorseful. They
this medicine in people’s minds and hearts. I
have the Light, you become the torch-bearers begged his forgiveness and asked:
to illuminate the world. I hope your ïraddha will “Mahatman (great soul)! We
inspire and enable you to devote yourselves to
this assignment given by the Yug Devata.
deliberately tried to tease and vex
you. But not even once did you
I wish you all the best. May the Almighty bless get annoyed or lose temper”. The
you all with ïraddha that will ensure your
spiritual well-being and elevation. Let us pray sage replied: “Son, if I had got
for the welfare and enlightenment of all angry myself, how could have I
taught you anything?”

50 July-Aug 2006

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