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no 2 Hot Seat

Ss play in pairs. Ss1 says a word. Ss2 remembers as many associated words from the topic area as possible Ss play in pairs. Ss write anagrams for each other, then exchange anagrams. Ss play in pairs. They each draw a grid10 squares by 10 squares. S1 and S2 choose different topic areas and write words onto the grid. Then fill up the rest of the grids with letters Write three or four words on the board. Ss must circle the odd-one. T. draws on the board a rectangle surrounded by five bubbles. Ss copy this onto a piece of paper. T. writes a topic area in the rectangle. Ss write words related to the topic in the rectangle. T. sticks the flashcards on the board and writes a number next to each one. T. says the flashcards words. Ss tell the corresponding number. Ss repeat the words. They can repeat the words in different ways. Class is splitted in different teams. Get a member from each team to sit on the chair, facing their team-mates. Have a list of vocabulary items, then write clearly a word on the board. Ss have to describe this word to their team mate who is in the hot seat. The first student to guess the word wins a point for their team T. prepares taboo cards by writing the target word at the top and three words that Ss arent allowed to use. A sentence is whispered around the Ss. The last student to receive the message either says it aloud or writes it on the board. ( can work with teams) Valid reason for speaking. Example: to hide objects in a bag.

Taboo Telephone Wires or Chinese Whispers SpeakingReal language Kims game

Show objects to the children. Remove one without them seeing which one and then once again show the tray. They have to find which object is missing. Sounds like Ss have their eyes closed while teacher says the words. In pairs they try to write the words T. has said. Routines and Talking about habits (miming routines); Matching word cards and flash cards Habits flashcards Bang!! Write words on pieces of paper and fold them in half. Add few cards that say BANG. S picks a card, read or draw it; if S draw a Bang , they yell Bang! Bingo Can be played with numbers, letters, pictures, words. Board T. puts the whole alphabet on the blackboard in a scramble of letters; T. builds words. Scramble


Covering someone elses lesson

1. Hangman; 2. Pass the clap ( you tap the hand of the person sitting next to you); 3. Word review: sit a child with their backs to the board, write a word on the board and the teams have to describe or mime the word to #1 4. Chinese whispers: with the class in two teams; the team to finish first gets a bonus point if the end word is the same as the word you began the game with;


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