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Uniforms should not be introduced in universities High cost because uniforms usually are made especially for an institution,so

it may cost more money since the design of the uniform was designed specially for the university. They may not have the same uniforms for other universities. Buying uniforms will just wasting money since uniforms just can be wear in universities and of course there will be no one willing to wear uniform in public. In addition, the uniform will just be wearing during their study life at university, lets say for 4 years. After they have graduated, they will not need the uniform anymore, thus this may lead to wasting money buying uniforms that they have to wear just for a short period of time. University students should just be wearing a formal clothes that can make them more comfortable compare to uniforms. They still can wear anything that they want as long as it is in formal clothes category. The concept is the same as wearing uniforms, it is just that students are able to choose what they want to wear, such as what colour or what types of clothes that make them feel more comfortable, unlike uniforms that need to be standardized among all students. This means that all students will look the same to each other and there will be no variety in dressing. This environment may look very dull and eventually may lead to low self esteem among university students. This is beacuse they will think that they are still school students and they may react and thinking like school students. Furthemore, university can also be sabotaged using uniforms since it represent the university. For instance, if a person suddenly create problem and that person is wearing uniforms, people may target that the person is from that university since he wear the university uniform. Thus, this may lead to negative thinking towards the university and the universitys image may ruined.

Disadvantages of a school uniform policy.

1) High Cost of School Uniforms- Uniforms are not cheap and this is a good reason to be against school uniforms. Because children are constantly growing, there is a captive market for new school clothes and manufacturers take advantage. However, large volume manufacturers are producing very cheap clothing for younger pupils at the moment so this argument against school uniforms may not stand up to too much scrutiny. 3) Freedom of Expression is stifled by School Uniforms- A uniform breeds uniformity. We need free thinking children to become the thinkers of tomorrow, not drones who will continue making the mistakes of pervious generations. When we argue against school uniforms we argue against an education system that seeks to produce workers and for an education system that seeks to produce enlightened fully rounded human beings. 4) School Uniforms do not cut down on bullying - No matter what you dress students in, they will always find a way to pass judgment upon their peers. The clothes are not the root cause of bullying and therefore the bullying will continue, regardless of dress policy. No matter what clothing rules apply, students will always find ways to pass judgment upon each other. 5) School Uniforms are not safe to wear. Traditionally almost all school uniforms for boys include a tie and this is an inherently dangerous item of clothing. As a schoolboy the

author of this article was personally endangered when his tie was trapped in a doorframe which resulted in his face being squeezed against a glass window in the door so hard that the glass smashed. For this reason alone the author is against school uniforms. 6)School Uniforms are a back-door form of selection. In February 2007 the british government issued new guidelines designed to stop headteachers insisting that specific suppliers be used by parents buying uniforms. This was not an attempt to stamp out corruption (see point 2 above) but a way of ensuring that equal access to primary education is maintained. Middle class parents can more easily afford uniforms and so were more likely to send their children to such schools than working class parents. Hence, the net result was a form of selection by uniform, where these schools gradually grow richer to the detriment of other local establishments. This goes against the principles of equal education for all.

Here are a few... 1. Makes it somewhat tougher for those that don't belong to slip in, or fit in, with the crowd because they are individual people with the same personality. 2. You have to go through a lot of trouble trying to find a uniform that fits you. 3. Have to recognize people by there face and personality, which make the student more social, and by their names 4. You can spend a lot of money buying a uniform 5. Once the students are out of that school, you just wasted money on buying a uniform they don't need anymore because they have moved on 6. It doesn't let kids express themselves and there personalities 7. No individuality 8. Discomfort, the students are not use to wearing the same type of clothes everyday until they are out of that school 9. Some students get tired and bored of wearing the same outfit everyday! 10. After the students are done with school, they have to re-adapt to wearing different clothes 11. Uniforms take away students freedom of expression and encroaching their personal rights 12. Having religious dress codes foisted(forced) on their non-religious or different-religion children 13. Having to force children to wear dress code and have it followed and respected 14. Students HATE dress code because they don't have any freedom to dress the way they want to 15. Dress code is dull and boring!